CBA synthesis: Liaoning defeated Ningbo Guangzhou Likin Xinjiang

Original title: CBA synthesis: Liaoning defeated Ningbo Guangzhou Likin Xinjiang 2nd, 2021-2022 China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) Regular Eighth rounds continue to compete.

Liaoning men’s basketball team New foreign aid Ferg welcomes the first show, although he has not reached the best state only 11 points, but the Liaoning men’s basketball team will overcome Ningbo team at 99:70. During the game, the Guangzhou men’s basketball team defeated the Xinjiang team at 123: 105, and gains four consecutive victories. The Liaoning men’s basketball team came to the new army of the past, until the end of the first half, established a leading advantage. Zhao Jiwei debuted in the second quarter to clarify the Liaoning team’s attack, led the team to play a small climax of a wave of 22:12, and took the lead in half a day at 54:42. In the second half, Ningbo team once again made the Liaoning team’s substitute lineup, but Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Tanglin and other main force, once again helped Liaoning to steadily, and won the game at 99:70.

  In another game, the Guangzhou team completed the new Xinjiang team that lacked a small Salawood in the unfavorable situation.

Chen Yingjun, the first success of the Guangzhou team, is Chen Yingjun, and he also sent 15 assists while getting 28 points.

Guo Kai also got 19 points and 17 rebounded large "two pairs" data. In the Xinjiang, Ai Murti has been the highest 24 points, and Qi Lin got 20 points and 10 rebounds.

  On the 3rd, the eighth round of the CBA League will usher in the last two games, and Shanghai for a long time will be against the Qingdao team, Beijing Holdings will face the impact of Zhejiang Guangsha. (Xinhua News Agency Zhang Yifei) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.