There were changes in the end.

There were changes in the end.

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  [Main Fund]The GEM plunged, the capital staged a big retreat, and there was a change in the end. These stocks were robbed by the main source: Data treasure original Xie Yilan Electronics industry’s main fund has the largest net capital.

  On February 26, the Shanghai Index fell 0.

83%, the ChiNext Index plunged 4.

66%, the main funds net 471 throughout the day.

6.9 billion yuan, the fund has been in a net replacement state for 4 consecutive trading days.

Among them, the main small and medium-sized board net replacement of 144.

With a net capital of $ 8.2 billion, GEM’s main funds can be 114.

6.8 billion, the main fund of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituents net replacement 113.

6.1 billion yuan.

  Among the 28 first-level industries to which Shen Wan belongs, the industries with the highest increase rate today are architectural decoration and real estate, with an increase rate of 3.

91%, 2.


The industries with the largest declines were electronics and computers, with a decline of 6.

71%, 4.


  In terms of industry capital flow, today there were 6 major industry net inflows of capital. The scale of the main capital inflows of the construction and decoration industry ranked first, with a net inflow of funds throughout the day10.

9.4 billion yuan, followed by the real estate industry, with a net inflow of funds of 4.

300 million yuan.

  There are 22 industries with the main net income of funds. The net income of the main funds of the electronics industry ranks first in scale, and the net use of funds is 145 throughout the day.

8.4 billion, followed by the pharmaceutical and biological industry, with a net worth of 54.

3.7 billion yuan.

  The net inflow of stocks exceeding 100 million yuan today saw an average increase of more than 5%. Looking at the stocks, a total of 23 stocks had a net inflow of more than 100 million yuan in main funds, and a net inflow of NetSuite Technology’s 3 main funds.

With a net inflow of US $ 0.9 billion, China Netcom followed closely with China Unicom, with net inflows of 2 throughout the day.

8.7 billion, 2.

700 million; the net inflow of funds throughout the day also allows new hopes, such as China Communications Construction.

  In terms of leading performance, stocks with net inflow of funds exceeding 100 million yuan increased by an average of 5 today.

39%, outperformed the broader market. The daily limit was Kaiying Network (right protection), China Metallurgical, Gaohong and so on.

The stocks with resistance to decline have four-dimensional maps, etc., with declines of 4 respectively.


  From the perspective of the industry, among the stocks allowed by the above-mentioned net inflow of funds, the industries that ranked first were communications, construction and decoration, and computer industries. There were 5, 4, and 3 listed stocks.

  The net net of main funds allows individual stocks to be replaced by BOE A’s main net funds.

3.5 billion US dollars, the largest net funds; followed by TCL Technology, Central shares, the net cash was 9 respectively.

0.8 billion, 8.

9.9 billion yuan.

  Late-stage funds rushed to raise these stocks. Late-stage main funds were a net replacement of 143.

2.8 billion, of which the small and medium board can be 33.

9.6 billion, GEM suffered 31.8.3 billion yuan.

  From the data of the capital flows of individual stocks, there were two stocks with net inflows of more than 50 million at the end of the year. The total net inflows of funds at the end of two stocks, such as NavInfo, Liyuan Information, and Shanghai Electric Power Co.

3.5 billion, 0.

7.6 billion, 0.

4.9 billion; BOE A, San’an Optoelectronics, Zhaoyi Innovation and other stocks totaled the largest net amount of funds in late trading.

  STAR Semiconductor closed on February 26 before the continuous inflow of main funds. A total of 32 stocks continued to have a net inflow of main funds for more than 5 trading days. The largest number of consecutive inflows was StarSemiconductor, which has 14 consecutive shares.Net inflows on the trading day; the number of consecutive days of net inflows is Dalian Shengya, Rockchip, 深圳桑拿网 etc., and the main funds flowed into 13 consecutive days and 12 consecutive days.

  In terms of overall performance, during the continuous inflow of main funds, there were a total of 31 individual stocks that increased, including Star Semiconductor, Rockchip, Xiangdian, etc., which increased by 279.

83%, 214.

09%, 77.


The leading decliners were Yinglian, with declines of 4 respectively.


During the period of continuous capital inflows into the stocks, the ratio of performance to the Shanghai index gradually increased, and 28 outperformed the broader market.

  In terms of performance, the main funds have continuously flowed into the stocks. Four stocks have announced the annual report performance report. The higher net profit growth is Taoli Bread, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, an increase of 6.

37%, 5.


A total of 18 announcements of last year’s results were announced. Looking at the types of performance announcements, there were 6 advances and 2 earnings.

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