What to do for women with back pain?

Pressing the middle point can help soothe

What to do for women with back pain?
Pressing the middle point can help soothe

The waist bears all the pressure on the upper body of the human body. Excessive force, excessive exertion, external force collision, etc., may cause damage to the lumbar tissue and even cause dislocation of the small joints.Will cause injury and back injury, making back pain more painful.

  In order to relieve the body from back pain, OLs must first learn to learn the correct sitting posture, and then do not sit for a long time, it is best to get up every 1-2 hours.

So what is the correct posture?

  In a comfortable sitting position, ensure that the upper arm is parallel to the spine, lift slightly at the alignment, the elbows should be at a right angle, and the chest should be close to the back of the chair.

It is best to put a cushion so that the back can be slightly bent so that when tired, the body will not shrink into a ball, which can minimize its burden.

  When doing housework, pay attention to protecting the waist, especially when carrying heavy objects, it is best to share the weight to the legs, otherwise it is easy to damage the lumbar spine.

People who rarely exercise usually should be active before doing housework, so as to avoid injury caused by housework, and choose suitable clothes and tools.

  Do not place your clothes on the ground or in a low place when washing clothes. It is better to put them on a stool or a place where you do n’t need to bend down. This can reduce the forward leaning of the waist and reduce the burden on the waist. When mopping the floor and using a vacuum cleanerAdjust the length of the handle so that the elbow is slightly bent when it is held, and the main shaft is slightly bent to avoid the burden of bending over for a long time. When wiping the table and chair, it is better to squat down or sit while rubbing. Avoid bending over and rubbing.; When moving heavy objects, bend your knees slightly to bring the object closer to the body, which can reduce the burden on the waist and reduce the possibility of waist loss; pay attention to activities when cooking, and do not keep the same standing position.

  Doing these preventive work can help women to a large extent to prevent pain caused by low back injuries.

What if I have back pain?

In addition to timely medical treatment, you can also try Chinese medicine massage.

  ”The Magic of the Body” tells us that to prevent and treat low back pain, you can press the middle point.

  The Weizhong point is the main point for treating low back pain. It is located at the back of the knee joint, that is, at the popliteal fossa, and the midpoint of the transverse popliteal fossa when the leg is flexed.

The Weizhong acupoint is the acupuncture point of the bladder meridian of the sun. From the head to the foot, the bladder meridians have two branches passing through the waist and finally meet at the acupoint of the meridian.It has the function of treating complications such as acute low back pain.

Rubbing the middle point of the committee hard, or pricking blood and cupping at this point, it has the effects of relieving muscles and collaterals, dissipating blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and detoxifying.

The middle point of the massage committee can alleviate back pain in women. Quickly take acupuncture points: prone position, bend the knee slightly, and immediately show the obvious biceps femoris tendon and semitendinosus tendon behind the thigh. In the middle, there is an arterial pulsation.