Winter foot bath and health

Winter foot bath and health

A folk proverb says: “Washing your feet in the spring, the sun is lifted off; washing your feet in the summer, you can get rid of the dampness; washing your feet in the fall, moisturizing your intestines; washing your feet in the winter, Dantian is warm.

“Trivial Records” cloud: “Foot is the bottom of the person, wash once a night.

Lu You, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, also has a foot bath poem that says “the old man is not going back to farming and mulberry, and the chickens and dolphins are not forgotten. Washing his feet and going to bed is fast, and his body is gradually declining the soup.” It can be seen that washing feet is only a good way to treat diseases.It is also an important means for health promotion and longevity.

  The foot is also called the “second heart”. In the autumn and winter seasons, the ground temperature is low, the feet are far from the heart, the blood flow is slow, and the feet are easily cold, which causes the temperature of the upper respiratory tract and abdominal cavity to decrease, which weakens people’s resistance and causes the respiratory tract.Infection, gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases, if you can adhere to foot bath, heat can stimulate the rich nerve endings of the feet, reflect to the cerebral cortex, to promote blood circulation throughout the body, adjust the functions of tissues and organs, so as to warm the feet and completely prevent diseaseTherapeutic effect.

After foot bath, massage Yongquan, Chengshan, Zusanli and other points with both hands alternately to enhance the effect of foot bath.

  The author used the following foot bath recipes: 20 grams of cinnamon sticks, ephedra, cricket live, 15 grams each of solitary live, safflower, asarum, 10 grams each of artemisia syringae, fry the juice from the top, pour it into a basin, cash in an appropriate amount of warm water, and put both feetImmerse. After the temperature of the water drops, mix it with hot water appropriately. Wash and knead until the water is added above the joints, your feet are warm, and your skin becomes red. Once a night, each dose can be used for 3 days.

  Foot bath can alleviate and eliminate the pathological abnormalities of local capillaries, improve the blood circulation of tissues, eliminate the inflammation, sensitivity, and swelling of airway tissues, and make the airway unobstructed, thereby preventing the effects of colds, coughs, and stomachaches.

After the elderly people take a foot bath, their sleep is stable, their appetite increases, and their symptoms such as dizziness and limb numbness disappear.

Those who are interested may wish to give it a try.