Comprehensive construction of a well-off society in Suzhou, a speech, a speech of Xia Weidong, held in Suzhou

  Followering the historical context of Jiangsu Xiaoyang practices, the great cause of comprehensive well-off is vivid and confident from the strategic concept. Let us be proud and confident.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Party, according to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Jiangsu has strongly promoted the comprehensive and well-off construction of the high-level comprehensive and well-off, and always practices in-depth study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping as the main line. Adhere to the "high level" "comprehensive" as the base point, the international developed area, according to the main contradiction of the society, to solve the problem of economic imbalance, especially the comprehensive and well-low-ascending goals and the people’s expectations, " The construction of the housing conditions of Northern Northern China have been improved, and the comprehensive small-way replenishment of the short board is strong, and the continuous investigation to solve a series of major initiatives such as highlighting people’s livelihood, effectively promoting the quality and level of comprehensive well-off, and has continued to improve the new journey of modernization. Completely pointed out that Suzhou is both the pen of our well-off Hong Kong, and it is also a beautiful window to show the world of socialist modernization. The General Secretary of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party inspected Jiangsu to give us a new major mission of "striving for the speech rate, striving to do demonstration, walking in the forefront".

From comprehensive well-off to modernization, the central government has always been highly hoped.

These two phases are both "coherent continues" on the time node, and it is also a "strategic upgrade" in the development phase, and it is a "update" of the development level. We have in-depth study to implement the spirit of the important speech of Xi Jinping inspected the important speech of Jiangsu, and this is the main agreement, the general proposition, the general requirements, planning "14th Five-Year Plan" and even longer, and guides all the earthquan to explore all the Yang Yang, The modern path of the characteristics showing the new model of Jiangsu’s "strong rich and beautiful" modernization.