Coal-fired power generation network electricity price reform "full moon" has new changes?

  Not long ago, domestic coal, power supply and demand continued to be tightened, and there was a restricted production in some areas.

In order to alleviate the tensions of coal-electricity supply and demand, on October 12th, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Further Deepening the Marketization Reform" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), and the electricity price reform takes a big step.

  At present, "Notice" has been issued for 1 month, how is the electricity price of each place? Is the power supply tightening effect? This reporter conducted an interview. How to reform? In order to release all coal-fired power generation, the price of the electricity price is stored in an orderly, and the planned electricity has been plagued in the coal-electricity industry for a long time. Especially when the coal price increases, the contradiction is more protrude. In 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Formation Mechanism of Coal – fired Power Generation Network", will implement multi-year coal-fired power pole net targeting mechanism, changed to the base price + up and down market, the market, electricity price, coal-fired power generation By participating in the electricity market transaction, it is priced by the market.

Base price + up and down the implementation of the market-oriented electricity price mechanism, it is strongly promoted the process of electricity market, and more than 70% of the coal-fired power generation of more than 70% of the coal-fired power generation is formed through market transactions.

The Director of the Division of the National Development and Reform Commission said. However, with new changes in the global energy industry, there have been fluctuations in domestic coal and electricity supply in China. September of energy production in September, September 24, the National Bureau of Statistics, 5,000 cards, 5,000 cards, 4500 large card power coal comprehensive transactions, 1079 yuan per ton, 980 yuan and 857 yuan, than 8 On the 27th, 194,182 yuan and 151 yuan respectively. Coal prices rise, power generation enterprise coal costs, etc., the power supply is in a state of tension. In this context, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice", which proposed to further deepen the reform of the coal-fired power generation network price, and establish a market-based electricity price mechanism that can rise. This round of coal-fired power generation Internet power supply market is reform, focusing on Wan Jin Song introduced that the reform focused on two ordered release. On the side of the power generation, all the coal-fired power generation power supplies is released in an orderly manner.

The reform, clearly promoted the remaining 30% of the coal-fired power generation, and will further drive other categories of power generation power generation to enter the market, laying a solid foundation for the total discharge of the electricity on the Internet. On the side of the electricity, unstartted to install the electricity price. Previously, approximately 44% of the industrial and commercial electricity consumption had been involved in the market. This reform, clearly puts forward the orderly promotion of industrial and commercial users to enter the electricity market, according to market prices, and cancel the sales of business catalogs. Among the industrial and commercial users of the market, the industrial and commercial users of 10 kV and above have a large electricity, and the market conditions are good. All enter the market; other industrial and commercial users must enter as soon as possible. At that time, the sales of directory sales only retain residents, agricultural categories, and basically realize it.

  In terms of trading prices, it takes a big step, and the coal-fired power market transaction price floating range is from the current upper float, no more than 15% of the lower floating in principle, no more than 20%. What is good? Most provinces topped the coal power generation network electricity price, alleviate the operation of power generation enterprises, guide the low-carbon transformation of electricity enterprises, 1 month, how is the performance of the electricity price of each place? The reporter learned that there are more than 20 provinces have adjusted the marketing mechanism of local coal-fired power generation network according to the "Notice", and some areas have organized electricity transactions after reform of this round of electricity prices.

  After the reform started only 3 days, Shandong Province completed the first transaction after the marketing reform of the coal-fired power generation network on October 15, the transaction power was more than 100 million kilowatts, and the average price of the transaction was more than the reference price. Jiangsu Province has also completed the listing transaction for the first time on October 15, and organized the second electricity transaction on October 25, and the transaction price reached a 20% upper limit of the benchmark price of 100 million kilowatts.

  The reporter combed discovered that the provinces of adjusting the electricity price were adjusted.

  According to November 2021, the results of the sales of electricity, the sales of electricity, and the company’s agent purchased electricity transactions were 212,7465 megawatts. When transaction electricity yuan / megawatts, according to the coal-fired basis in Anhui Province Dollars / megawatts calculated, the electricity price is up to 20%.

  The coal-fired power supply net price is floating, and the enthusiasm of the power plant is mobilized. The price is relatively high in the previous period, and the company is in the state of loss and power generation.

The person in charge of a coal-fired power generation enterprise in Shandong Province said that after the marketing of electricity price of coal-fired power generation, the local coal-fired power generation transaction price has been more up, which can effectively alleviate the operational pressure of power generation enterprises. So, as a buyer, how to use electric companies to see this electricity price reform? Most electrical companies are willing to bear the corresponding cost.

Mr. Zhou, the head of Zhangjiagang, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, told reporters that the previous limit is delayed, and there is a large loss.

This reform has improved the electricity price of coal-fired power generation to some extent, we value the production cost of the company, but we value the order as scheduled, and the electricity bills can also be accepted.

  Improve the electricity price of coal-fired power generation also releases the signal of the wrong peak.

Lin Nan, a project contract company, a project contract company, told reporters that there is no significant difference in electricity price, and the power supply is also in a state of stable.

Shanghai adopted Feng Valley electricity price mechanism.

In the case of electricity price reform, in the future, in the future, in the previous phase, the construction period is less tense, we will consider the avoidance of high peak electricity, select night construction, etc. to reduce electricity cost. The reporter noted that the "Notice" proposed to expand the floating range of the transaction price of the coal-fired power generation market, but the high-energy-energy market transaction price is not limited by the floating 20%.

The high-energy industry is disorderly development, which will increase the pressure of electricity, which is not conducive to the development of green low carbon transformation.

Wan Jin Song said, so that it is conducive to guiding the high-energy energy market transaction price, which can more fully control power generation cost, inhibit unreasonable power consumption, and improve power supply and demand.

At the same time, it is conducive to promoting high-energy consumption enterprises to increase technology transformation investment, improve energy utilization efficiency, and promote industrial structure transformation and upgrading. What is the meaning? Short-term, to ensure power safety and stable supply; long-term, it will promote high-quality development electricity price reforms in the power industry, which is an important step in relieving the current coal and electricity supply and demand. At the same time, while promoting electricity price reform, coal guarantees, stable coal prices, etc., provide a solid guarantee for electricity safety and stability. The relevant person in charge of the National Energy Group told reporters that in terms of supply, Shen Dong coal supermine can produce 40,000 tons of coal, about 100 million yuan. In October, the Group’s self-production coal accumulated 50.64 million tons, a year-on-year increase of%. Guo Xingsong, director of China Huadian Production Technology Department, told reporters that as of now, China’s electric coal motor unit growth rate increased, higher than the total power generation growth rate and national power generation. The data released by the National Development and Reform Commission has shown that with the continuous growth of coal production and the rapid increase in electric coal loading, the power plant has continued to be greater than coal from coal from November, and the inventory increase is 1.6 million tons. On November 10, the national electric power plant has once again exceeded 8 million tons, reaching 10,000 tons; coal is more than 200,000 tons of coal, and the electric plant has reached 100 million tons. It can be used for more than 21 days. improve. Coal prices are tending to be smooth.

At the meeting, recently held in China Coal Trading Association, more than 10 major coal enterprises have made the initiative to reduce the prices of 5500 large card pits of the main origin to 1,000 yuan per ton.

The National Development and Reform Commission disclosed that from the market monitoring situation, since the end of October, the national pit mouth, port coal prices have fallen sharply.

  Take measures, the supply and electricity is achieved.

The relevant person in charge of the State Grid said that the current national power network management regional electric supply and demand situation restores the normal state, and the supply of electric coal has increased significantly.

The company’s operating area electric coal inventory has rebounded to 99.32 million tons, and the electric coal can be used to rise to 20 days. As of 6, on November 6, in addition to individual provinces, local periods of high energy consumption and high-pollution enterprises, the whole network is close to clear. In a short term, the electricity price reform provides an effective guarantee for power safety and stable supply with other administration. Long-term, what is the practical significance of the electricity price reform? Wang Yao, director of the coal industry of the Industrial Securities Economy and the Financial Research Institute, China is moving towards carbon Damu, carbon neutralization, and electricity price should also be reflected under low carbon transition. With the optimization and upgrading of my country’s industrial structure, the new power supply system and the electricity price system need to be advanced.

  Wan Jin Song believes that in the long run, the reform will accelerate the development of electricity long-term transactions, spot markets and auxiliary service markets, and promote high quality development in the power industry.

At the same time, this round of electrical changes will support the construction of new power systems, service energy green and low-carbon transformation, and play an important role in accelerating the reform of the reform of the issuance, electricity-selling, and the reform of the sales, electricity-based system.