Autumn dry day to the summer Cordyceps

Autumn dry day to the summer Cordyceps

After experiencing Fu Xia, entering the autumn season, the climate of Liqiu changed from hot to cool, and the period from the yang to the yin, so people should choose to prevent dampness and not greasy.The product, Cordyceps sinensis can regulate the body’s immunity, respiratory system, liver and lung function, in order to achieve the effect of autumn health.

  Improving human immunity “Spring sleepy autumn lacks” is a familiar phrase. When entering the autumn, the human body often feels tired and tired, and if you do not pay attention to nursed back to health, it will increase the burden on people in winter.

Cordyceps sinensis can effectively improve human immunity.

Modern science has shown that Cordyceps contains mainly components such as cordyceps, cordycepic acid, adenosine and polysaccharides.

Cordyceps sinensis can inhibit the growth of Streptococcus, Rhinobacteria, Bacillus anthracis and other pathogens, and is an anti-cancer active substance, which has a good regulation effect on the human endocrine system and nervous system; Cordyceps smash can stimulate B lymphocytes, antibodiesThe production of the body to enhance the immune function of the body; Cordyceps binary is an immunomodulator, which can enhance the body’s resistance to viruses and parasites.

At the beginning of the autumn, Cordyceps sinensis can effectively regulate the body’s immunity, improve the body’s quality, and help you survive the health of the autumn.

  After adjusting the respiratory system, the weather gradually turns cold. The temperature in the morning and evening is low, and the body’s metabolism is declining. If you don’t pay attention to the cold, it will cause cold and cough. In severe cases, bronchitis, pneumonia and even high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases will occur.

Therefore, pay attention to adjusting the respiratory system to prevent physical discomfort.

Cordyceps sinensis can expand the bronchus, relieve asthma, and prevent phlegm.

Modern pharmacology shows that Cordyceps sinensis has obvious dilating effect on the bronchus. After dilating the bronchus, it is enough to guide the transfer of the respiratory tract and relieve symptoms such as dyspnea.

Cordyceps sinensis cures chronic chronic respiratory discomfort for lung deficiency, kidney deficiency or lung and kidney deficiency.

Cordyceps also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects. Therefore, when the respiratory system is infected with bacteria and infected, Cordyceps can inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate inflammation, thus effectively alleviating chronic bronchitis and bronchitis.

At the beginning of autumn, Cordyceps sinensis can effectively regulate the respiratory system and prevent respiratory diseases.

  Regulating liver and lung function, vertical Qiuqi dry, easy to hurt the body fluid, Pingbu, so it is appropriate to nourish the liver and lungs.

According to research, Cordycepin and Cordyceps can enhance the phagocytic function of hepatocytes. Cordycepic acid, SOD and vitamin E can all resist liver tissue fibrosis, anti-oxidation and peroxidation, and enhance the immune function of Cordyceps to detoxify the liver.Enhanced to effectively protect liver cells.

According to the “Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China” records: “The Cordyceps sinensis supplements the lungs and kidneys, stop bleeding and phlegm.

For long-term cough and asthma, labor and hemoptysis, impotence and nocturnal emission, waist and knee pain.

“It can be seen that Cordyceps sinensis can replenish lungs, clear lungs and lungs, and promote, accelerate the metabolism of lung cells, repair damaged lung tissue, generate new lung tissue, restore bronchial tone and vital capacity, and thus be effectiveRepair lung damage.

Cordyceps sinensis can protect the liver and raise the lungs, and it can be used as a benefit for you during the autumn.