Chengdu: Tianyi Yoga Studio

Chengdu: Tianyi Yoga Studio

Founded in 2004, Tianyi Yoga has established the Tianyi Yoga headquarters in Chengdu, Sichuan. With excellent teachers, effective courses, and natural environments, Tianyi Yoga has promoted many pure yoga projects such as Hatha Yoga and Flow Yoga nationwide.

  Introduction to the club: Founder Wu Jie, inspired by the profound and profound yoga culture of ancient India, established Tianyi Yoga Headquarters in Chengdu, Sichuan. With excellent teachers, effective courses and natural environments, he promoted pure yoga projects nationwide: HaHis yoga, flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, slimming yoga, health yoga, white-collar yoga, parent-child yoga, men’s yoga, high-temperature yoga and other professional yoga projects have become a set of yoga fitness, yoga chain joining, yoga training certification, yoga products inAn integrated yoga chain.

  Tianyi Yoga (China) is known for its authentic and mature teaching system and strong teaching team.

Honorary consultant (vedantin ping luo) has been teaching in the Mysore Patanji ___ Astanga Professional Yoga Club (Ten years of teaching in India) for ten years.


(Slyengar) Approved Astanga Professional Yoga Instructor.

Holder of International Sivananda vedanta center “yogasiromani” yogi qualification certificate.

He is also the Dean of the California Yoga Academy and a member of the American Yoga Federation Board. He also teaches at the Health Care and Physical Education Course at St. Nicholas Los Angeles Branch School of California State University. He is not only an educator, but alsoThe master of yoga and the doctor of yoga, the yoga practitioners trained by him have spread all over the world. He is known in the yoga world for his advanced yoga accomplishments, outstanding teaching, and natural image of a yoga person.

His operational experience in yoga will surely guarantee the systematic and distance pursuit of Tianyi Yoga (China) in teaching.

  Under the protection of the entire teaching system and teachers, the training of Tianyi Yoga (China) has a high reputation in China.

Since its inception, Tianyi Yoga (China) has successfully conducted primary, intermediate, and advanced yoga training courses in accordance with the concept of “promoting the culture of yoga”, and has sent hundreds of professional yoga instructors to the country.

Both ordinary scholars and yoga instructors have said that they have obtained true yoga enlightenment at Tianyi Yoga.

All scholars who have completed the training of Tianyi Yoga will receive the 200ryts International Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher Certificate submitted by Tianyi Yoga (China).

  In 2004, Tianyi Yoga faced a large number of people who love yoga. Its mass positioning provides a good platform for entrepreneurs who can easily enjoy distance yoga practice and have a yoga dream.

Tianyi Yoga’s first franchise Emei store opened in August 2004. After more than three years of franchise practice summary, a comprehensive chain franchise system has been established.

This will greatly increase the scale and stable development of the Tianyi Yoga (China) franchise business and ensure the success of the franchisee.

  At present, Tianyi Yoga (China) has become one of the well-known companies in the field of yoga in China, and is working hard to create a well-known brand in the field of yoga.

  Contact information: Consulting service: 028-85082148 Fax: 028-85082148 Complaint suggestion: 028-80925559 Join cooperation: 15328077206 7 * 24-hour franchise phone: 13350006131 Headquarters address: 326 Shuangnan Road, Chengdu Shuangnan Business Center 708-710