The best choice for low-power sunscreen beauty OL

The best choice for low-power sunscreen beauty OL

Do not think that the ultraviolet rays in the room are gentler than the outside.

Ultraviolet rays are diffused into the office, and the damage to the skin is not reduced.

In other words, the office OL sitting in the office does not absorb less ultraviolet light than the field OL traveling outside.

Therefore, sunscreen is also one of the homework OL’s negligible homework OL sunscreen tips: However, OL does not need sunscreen with a high SPF index.

Because the SPF index is a multiple of the time that the skin resists UVB blocking, the skin of the average yellow person can resist blocking the sun for an average of 15 minutes.

So it’s not that the index increases, the better the sun protection effect.

If you want to perfect your own sunscreen work, it is best to replace the sunscreen with a low multiple and apply it multiple times.

1. M & B Suntan Water-Locking Lotion has a high-efficiency sunscreen effect, which can prevent UVAUVB from damaging the skin. It also has moisturizing and whitening, and resists oxidation.


hzh {display: none; }  FANCL防晒隔离乳 FANCL防晒隔离乳12号全方位为肌肤筑起高密度及高效反射防晒圈,全面阻挡UVA及UVB。It is usually mild and suitable for temporary (6 months or older) and fragile skin.

Contains continuous moisturizing, anti-oxidant and skin care ingredients, making it creamy and smooth, keeping skin healthy and healthy.

  BOBBIBROWN Isolating Sunscreen BOBBIBROWN Isolating Sunscreen is a light and oil-free sunscreen formula that can resist UVA, UVB and ultraviolet rays at the same time.

Vitamin E and chamomile formula are more rich in moisturizing and moisturizing functions.

Suitable for all skin types.

  Avene’s refreshing sunscreen Avene’s new patented MPI technology and stable organic sunscreen ingredients prevent sun damage to the skin.

More adequate Avene spring water has soothing, anti-irritant effects, and is transparent, transparent and light, suitable for application and more comfortable to use.

Fragrance-free, pigment-free, water- and sweat-resistant, non-shine, and acne-free formula.

  Yves Rocher YvesRocher Whitening Protective Milky Emulsion Cover provides a hydrating powdery texture throughout the day. SPF25 formula provides long-lasting protection against UV rays.

Protect, whiten, moisturize in one step.

Dryness, dullness and other problems are effectively improved. The skin is not afraid of sunlight, and the skin is hydrated and smooth to make the skin look brighter and fairer.

  Biotherm Deep Sea Source Extraction Whitening Cream Isolation Cream Biotherm’s professional word-of-mouth star products have received numerous praises since the day of birth, and they have been consecutive winners of major beauty awards.

Newly upgraded in 2009, 5 new colors to meet the needs of different skin tones, repair and polish, instantly brighten skin tone, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin found its own perfect color.