Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Core Tip: In the hot summer, about 10% of people will have emotional, psychological and behavioral abnormalities, especially in the elderly.

Therefore, medical health experts remind middle-aged and elderly people – to prevent emotional disorders in the summer.

  The middle-aged and elderly people with summer affective disorder mainly have the following symptoms: 1. Emotional irritability, confusion of thinking, irritability, and good temper, often arguing over some small things and accounting.

The patient feels hot and dry, his mind is unclear, he can’t calmly think about problems and forgetfulness.

  2, low mood, lack of interest, indifference to people and things around, lack of enthusiasm.

The mood is better in the morning and worse in the afternoon and evening.

  3, the behavior is weird, patients often stubbornly repeat some behavioral actions, such as repeated washing, washing hands, bathing, and even others to do this; otherwise they will lose their temper, do not eat, do not sleep.

  Summer emotional disorders in middle-aged and elderly people are mainly caused by high temperature, sweating, lack of sleep, and improper diet.

Because, in the summer heat, the elderly sleep late in the night, poor appetite, eating less, plus sweating, the body’s calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron and other absorption metabolism disorders, affecting the brain nervous systemFunctional activity; robes produce abnormalities such as mood, mood and behavior.

  Medical experts have found that when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the sunshine time is too long, the emotional disorder of the middle-aged and elderly people increases significantly.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to nap during the summer to supplement their sleep time; when the temperature is high, they will not exercise vigorously to prevent physical exertion; scientific diet, supplement water and sodium salt to prevent absorption of metabolic disorders.