Four nursing methods for bacterial vaginitis

Four nursing methods for bacterial vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is mainly caused by vaginal Gartner vaginitis, mainly manifested by increased vaginal secretions, thin or homogeneous or thin paste, grayish or grayish yellow, with fishy smell, with lightDegree itching.

How to care for patients with bacterial vaginosis?

Here are four references to the introduction of bacterial vaginosis.

4 big care methods for bacterial vaginitis How to care for bacterial vaginosis?

There are the following points: 1. Mental health The positive and optimistic mental state is an excellent way to resist disease. On weekdays, you should learn to decompress properly, learn to talk, and don’t squeeze bad emotions, so as not to provide opportunities for the disease.

2, diet care eat more antioxidant foods, help to enhance the body’s immunity, anti-infection, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and trace elements zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, etc. are antioxidants; there are grapes, bell peppersFoods such as bitter gourd, tomatoes and broccoli, as well as herbs such as turmeric and ginkgo, contain bioflavonoids, lycopene, etc., which have a very strong antioxidant effect.

Eat more cinnamon and garlic juice as a seasoning to fight infection and kill Candida albicans that cause urinary tract infections.

3, exercise care to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, more sun, aerobic exercise, etc., can reduce the chance of bacterial infection and growth.

4, health care pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry; pH4 weak acid formula female care solution is more suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Wash your underwear frequently, do not share bath towels, bath tubs, and do not wear nylon or similar underwear. Bath towels and underwear that have been used during illness should be boiled and disinfected.

Tips: For patients with bacterial vaginitis, don’t be afraid, do daily nursing work, plus drug treatment will be good, I wish you a healthy recovery soon!