2 stunts to go to decree farewell

2 stunts to go to decree farewell

The decree lines are two lines that extend down the side of the nose, which is one of the skin problems that is very easy for people to age.

Now, not only the older MMs have decree patterns, but some young MMs also have decree patterns.

How to prevent and eliminate decree lines?

The following editors recommend some methods and daily attention points to help everyone go to the law.

  Decrees cause magic that interferes with age, and its appearance can give people the feeling of rapid aging.

If you want to keep your youth and stay young, you must find ways to prevent and eliminate the decree.

Decree lines can be prevented or even eliminated through some simple treatments and attention to daily, skincare habits.

  One of the tricks to remove the decree pattern: Raise the massage method to gently press your hands for two seconds, extend the circle 10 times, and then circle inward 10 times.

It works well when applying cream.

Keep doing it, and it will be effective in about 30 days.

  Coup two: prepare items with hot and cold peppermint care method: hot and cold towels, 10 drops of peppermint oil.

  Nursing steps: stepl: put two cold water basins and one hot water basin, put a towel in each basin, the temperature of the hot water is about 50 seconds;Extend and apply the face for 2 minutes; step3: After the skin becomes red, apply a layer of peppermint oil; step4: wipe off this layer of oil after 15 minutes, then boil it with a cold towel for 2 minutes.

Do care twice a week.

This keeps the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and lubricity, thus preventing wrinkles.

  Removal of the decree lines Tips1: When washing your face daily, massage the shoulders in a circular manner. Pay attention to the road gently.

Otherwise, not only the desired effect will not be achieved, but a lot of wrinkles will appear directly on the ends.

  Tips2: When sleeping, lie on your back and not on your side.

Lying on your back will not make the facial muscles tense, but you will see a lot of wrinkles on your side. When you sleep, you can look in the mirror to see if these two methods cause wrinkles.

  Tip3: Pay attention to the moisture of the nose to the corner of the mouth.

If it is a mixed-type oily skin type, you cannot use moisturizing milk.

  You can use a cream and massage to remove the wrinkles.