Archaeological discovered the earliest waterfield of Chengdu Plain

This newspaper Chengdu June 7th (Reporter Song Haoxin) 7th, Sichuan Chengdu Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute announced the latest archaeological results of the new Jinbaojun site – archaeological personnel in the archaeological excavation of 2020-2021, found the earliest rice in Chengdu Plain Field, providing precious information for people to understand the prehistoric rice planting of Chengdu Plains.

The Ruins of the Baodun Ancient City in Xinjin District, Chengdu are a prehistoric city site in the upper reaches of my country. It is also a source of rice in Chengdu Plain.

Tang Yu, deputy station, deputy station, deputy station, a deputy station of Chengdu Cultural Relics, Introduction At the place of the slope, the slope remains, there are thousands of treasures of the treasures and dozens of stones, and found that the Buds used to use the carbonized bamboo sheets used by the building components while discovered the remains of the Puddow. It was previously founded by plant archaeological, and the carbonized rice, scorpion, millet and other plants before the plant were found, and the proportion of rice and millet were analyzed by different relics, scorpion. Lord, partial millet, and alone, collecting wild peas, coix seed plants as supplements.

China @ 四川 | China Northwest Corner: There is a village called Shenzhan

  Xinhua News Agency, July 23, July 23: China Northwest Corner: There is a village called Shen Zhen Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Tianhu, Chen Yu Chengdu July, the sun is like fire.

However, the northwestern corner of the three provinces of Chuangang, the three provinces of Chuan, and the "Shutaoyuan" of the Sichuan Plateau, the "Shutaoyuan" of the Sichuan-Shi Taoyuan, which is sought after by netizens. It is another drunk scenery: smoke from a hundred years Tibetan The ancient people rose, the snow mountain grass is white clouds, and the mountains are hitting the river, the yak and the plum deer are chasing the grassland in the flowers … July 5, the Zhizhi Township Village (drone photo).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Tianhu took the July 5th shot of the Zhenzu Village (drone photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Tianhu photo of the plum deer in the village of Chali Township, Aba County (photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yu photo "God", in Ando Tibetan is "the place where the gods live".

Shenzhan Village is 2900 meters above sea level, with average annual temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, back to the alpine pasture, and is looking forward to the end of the river.

It is far away from the hustle and bustle, the people are simple, the scenery, the simple and natural environment is perfectly integrated with modern civilization. "The Red Army Chang Qianzhi climbed the snow-sorghum to the grass, the anti-Japanese army, stationed in the village, rescued the people, and the military grain.

"Head felt hat, wearing down jacket, said a sini Mandari Tourism, Tibetan Tibetan Tibet, Tibet, Summer, Dong, taking the god Village, such as several families.

  In the rain, it is quiet, peaceful, and clean is the first impression of the Zhenzu Village.

The air is also as if it is just cleaned, and the people are heartbroken.

A hidden house, a house, facing the dense forest, situated on a blooming pasture.

Gently knock on the door of the Tibetan masses, 48-year-old Latong led the reporter to visit his home.

He told reporters that in 2017, he sold the 367 yak at home, with more than 2 million yuan, with half of the money to build a reputation, and start the inn.

In the second year, the inn income exceeded 150,000 yuan, coupled with sale specialty products income of more than 70,000 yuan, his family’s four people have exceeded 220,000 yuan. Under him led, more than 10 herdsmen sold the cattle down the hills, cracked the problem of excessive grazing to the ecological environment to the ecological environment.

  The wife and their hidden restaurants of the villagers of Charli Village, Charli Township, Aba County (photographing on July 5). Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yucao is located in the Sichuan Apa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province in recent years to actively develop a domain tourism, and Shenzu Village will benefit from government support. The village has been transformed into the road, and the electric cable has been built, and the parking lot is built … This is only 57 households, through the formation of ecological tourism cooperatives, ecological yak farms, etc., the villagers are gradually specialized, and the village is growing. The aquaculture industry has also developed rapidly under the driving industry, and a new number of farmers and herdsmen have gradually grown, and the goal is successfully achieved.

Since 2014, the Village has received approximately 420,000 tourists, and the total tourism income is nearly 200 million yuan. Last year, the per capita net income of 16120 yuan in the village was 18120 yuan, and Shenzu Village became a famous ecological civilization demonstration village.

  The stretch arm bridge in the Village of Chali Township, Aba County (photo).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yu took a local unique stretch arm bridge, and the tributary of the Arco river was slowly flowing from the village, and the definition boundaries were drawn in the forest and grass.

The fences of the fence, the plum deer that is leisurely eating grass is looking up from time to time, as if guests come from afar. On July 5, a Tibetan villagers walked in the village of Charlie Township, Aba County.

Xinhua News Agency, Chen Wei, July 5, tourists from Chengdu play in Charli Township, Aba County.

Xinhua News Agency, Chen Wei, took pictures of Charli Township, Charlie Township (drone photos) in Aba County, July 5.

Xinhua News Agency, Chen Tianhu photo "Quickly see it, it seems to have a total of 15!" The executive tourist Aba County Committee Propaganda Minister Gao Guangping saw the rapid "expansion of the plum deer" is excited.

He said that the Sichuan Plateau is one of the main habitats of my country’s wild plum deer, the improvement in the ecological environment of the upstream of the Yellow River in the Yangtze River, so that wild plum deer is frequent here, and ultimately "settle in the house". On July 5th, the Shenzi Village Passenger Park (drone photograph) in Charli Township (drone photo) was taken (drone photo). Xinhua News Agency, Chen Tianhu photo "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, used in our aba to stick it!" Gao Guangping said proudly. (over).

Commercial and residential use apartment water, electricity, gas, warm execution non-resident price

  Tianjin Northern Network News: "Politics Zero Distance" column network people Han ** Message: Households who have purchased in Nanhu Huijingyuan, Wuqing District, Tianjin, basically personal live or according to residential rent, now carry out commercial water, commercial electricity(Resale electric), merchant warm, the cost of household households is too high.Wuqing District Government Reply: Through the investigation, you purchased in Nanhu Huijingyuan, Wuqing District Nanhu Huijingyuan, which belongs to commercial real estate development project.According to relevant policies, commercial land projects (subject to real estate registration certificates) use water, electricity, gas, and use warmth to perform non-resident prices.

  At present, the city has not issued policies for commercial and residential apartment hydropower and temperate remedies, such as issuing relevant adjustment policies, we will announce to the public in time.(Jin Yun Journalist Zhou Tingting).

2020 Guangzhou Auto Show 丨 Guangqi Yan Merk Onafhankelijke Guangqi Deze release toonde "Hard Core" -operatie

Zhang Yueyai, General Manager van Guangqi Chuanqi, zei dat de specialisatiedienst van Chuanqi wordt weerspiegeld in verschillende aspecten: eerst, Guangqi Chuanqi cre?erde eerst "Geniet van de serviceauto", in het land, meer dan 8.000 volledige modellen, de auto wordt gebruikt voor de auto voor de Eigenaar om een ??afspraakauto of onderhoud te maken; de tweede is om de "gouden driehoekstrategie" los te laten, met het plan "e-time actie" als aanwijzer, realiseer de toegevoegde waarde, wetenschappelijke en technologische toegevoegde waarde en de toegevoegde waarde en de toegevoegde waarde naar de drie belangrijkste secties van de dienst; "E 祺 – 传 合 合人 合人" Fission Communication System, ontwikkelen en verzamelen privé-domeinstroom.

Praten over de transformatie en het upgraden van onafhankelijke merken, gelooft Feng Xingya dat de verwachte auto’s symbolisch zijn, de auto van vandaag is ge?volueerd tot een gepersonaliseerd product, duizenden gezinnen binnengekomen. Daarachter is de bevrijding van idee?n. Naast de kenmerken van nobele sfeer, zijn jonge consumenten bereid meer aandacht te besteden aan de vitaliteit en personalisatie van de auto, en zichzelf erkenning achtervolgen. Daarom moet Chuanqi-merk worden verjongd, om te veranderen, en geleidelijk te veranderen "interessante, kwaliteit, pro" kernmerkwaarde.

Bovendien zal "Guangqi Yan" dienen als een hoog-end intelligent elektrisch voertuigmerk van Gac Ena, en een nieuw logo inschakelen. Op dit moment werd Guangqi Yan officieel een zelfbezittend voertuigmerk met Guangqi Chuanqi.

Gu Huinan, General Manager, Guangqi Energy, zei dat Guangqi Yan zich aan technologische innovatie houdt, met een reeks toonaangevende innovatieresultaten en unieke marketingservicemodellen en winnende marktherkenning, en in gebruikers het beeld van "Advanced, Fun, Trendy , niet slecht "is gevormd. Toekomst, Guangqi Yan zal de missie schieten van de continue high-endisatie van het merk, volledig bevordering van de innovatiewijziging van R & D, intelligentie, industri?le keten, marketingdienstmodel en organisatiecultuur, verdiepen de technologie-innovatie van 0 tot 1 en gaat verder Bouw producten en service van wereldklasse en draag bij aan de wijsheid van Guangqi Yan om "toekomstige intelligente reisecologie" en "duurzame energie-ecologie" te bouwen.

De drie nieuwe auto’s stuurden een sterke onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingssterkte en weinig pittige, met een raceful-big-slip … bij de Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangqi Chuanqi bracht het nieuwe model van de code naar Empow55, wat betekent dat de GPMA-architectuur de upgrades van de GPMA-architectuur de 55 ervaring heeft Heb een ontspannen, gelukkig gebracht en hebben sportwagentemament voor jonge consumenten.

Het automatische rijsysteem uitgerust met vlaggenschipniveaus, de full-scene one-button externe parkeergelegenheid en de geheugenparkeerfunctie, Gac EA, luidde ook de eerste in de wereld. Interne spraakbesturing Schietvideo, 5G Light Speed ??Second Car Video-app vrijgegeven, waardoor EAN Y een jonge "slimme entertainment woonkamer worden.

Daarnaast bracht Guangqi Group ook een nieuwe intelligente mobiele ruimte-Mocha Moca, die door traditionele auto-ontwikkeling, productie-, verkoop- en bedrijfsfilosofie, integratie-hardware, software en ecologie, onderhouden, die traditionele cognitie onderhoudt, de auto opnieuw gedefinieerd.

Wu Jian, Dean Of Gac Research Institute, zei dat het Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute bleef dwingen, bijna 30 miljard yuan investeert, werkte productontwikkeling.

In de toekomst zal het Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute op een nauwkeurige positionering streven, aandacht besteden aan de voorkeuren van de Z-generatie, gebruik een groot aantal intelligente netwerktechnologie in de nieuwe energieauto, laat het leuker zijn, jong, intelligent, meer verbeeldingskracht voor latere producten.. De nieuwe trend van het rijden, Guangzhou Automobile Group zal de ontwikkeling van onafhankelijke merken blijven verdiepen en meer kracht bijdragen voor de ontwikkeling van de automobielindustrie van China.

Beijing newly added 5 cases of Beijing-related local confirmed cases and 1 case infection infected people in Pingfeng Taiwan Haidian

People’s Network Beijing October 24 (Pool Dream) This afternoon, Beijing held an epidemic prevention and control of the 246th routine press conference. Pang Xing, deputy director of Beijing CDC, introduced Beijing, China added 5 cases of Beijing-related local new crown pneumonia confirmed cases and 1 case of asymptomatic infection.

At 12th to 24th, October, 5 cases of newly related local new crown pneumonia were confirmed by 5 cases of new crown, and 1 case-related local new coronary pneumonia was unsatisfactory infection.

A diagnosis case 1: An exciting Changping District Hongfuyuan Community, a close contact with a diagnosed case that has not been reported on October 22. On October 23, the nucleic acid detection results are positive, and have been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, and clinical is light. Regarding cases 2: Recently, Changping District Hongfuyuan Community, a close contact with a diagnosed case that has not been reported on October 22.

On October 23, the nucleic acid test results are positive, and have been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, clinical is common.

Credentia Medic 3: Recently, Changping District Hongfuyuan Community, a close contact with a diagnosed case that has not been reported on October 22.

On October 23, the nucleic acid test results are positive, and have been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, clinical is common.

Regarding cases 4: An exclusive area of ??Xiliyuan, Fengtai District, from October 10 to visit Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi and Shanxi and other places, returning to Beijing on October 21. On October 24, the nucleic acid test results are positive, and have been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, clinical is common.

Casual diagnosis 5: The existing Haidian District Furong Community, the trip is consistent with diagnosis cases.

On October 24, the nucleic acid test results are positive, and have been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, clinical is common. Silent infection: Another Shuhai Garden, Fengtai District, focusing on the close contact with confirmed cases on October 19.

On October 23, the nucleic acid test results are positive, and has been transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., October 24 is diagnosed as invisible infections. At present, epidemiological surveys, laboratory testing and close contact perspectives are being tracked, and the relevant regions will be taken step by step by step by step to manage all kinds of risk groups. Introduction to Pang Xing, Beijing CDC confirmed the total genome sequencing results of Changping District aggregated epidemic confirmed cases, the epidemic virus is Delta strain. The sequence alignment shows that the epidemic virus is highly homologous to the recent viral height of the case in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc. Spread branch.

The infected person in this epidemic is based on the 55-year-old and above, both directly or indirectly related to Inner Mongolia tourism. Most cases of viral load is high, and the speed of communication is fast, wide range of wavefackers, and the variety of venues. Among the 8 people playing cards, 5 were diagnosed. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

De kleurrijke Liaocheng-mensen! Draag bij aan de Olympische Spelen in Beijing Winter om door te gaan met de "staande post" Liaocheng-kerel om het hoogtepunt te verwelkomen

  Peking 2022 Winter Olympische Spelen Gesloten, Video Korte film "Warme Snowflake" Recensies Warme momenten van de Olympische Winterspelen Vrijwilligers Oprechte service, Betaal hulde aan de kracht. Kijkend naar deze scène was ik op het toneel van het seizoen en mijn ogen flitsten.

  De vrijwilligerswerklocatie van Jihou Feng was in het National Stadium, waar de Olympische Spelen in Beijing 2022, de openings- en sluitingsceremonie van de Olympische Winter gehandicapt.

Als professionele vrijwilliger van de collant moeten hij en zijn kleine partners sterker professioneel en service gericht hebben. Bij het communiceren met de Media-verslaggevers vond Jihou Feng dat er veel mensen waren die hebben deelgenomen aan de Olympische Olympische Spelen van 2008. Ze beschouwen zichzelf als oude vrienden en zeiden herhaaldelijk dat ze erg blij zijn om opnieuw te bezoeken. Ji Hou zei dat elke keer dat ik dit hoorde, ik me erg trots op mijn hart voel.

  Hij herinnert zich duidelijk dat er een fotograaf is van het zuidelijk halfrond. Zijn land is een tropische moesson, dit is zijn eerste gevoel in de winter.

In het geval van ernstige situatie in de wereldwijde epidemische situatie, kunnen de Olympische Spelen van Peking Winter worden gehouden zoals gepland om hem verrast te maken. Na het komen naar Beijing, laat het intieme en enthousiasme van de verschillende faciliteiten, hem niet koud voelen.

Het is opgewonden en meer wordt erkend en verplaatst. Ji Hou zei: Dit maakt hem diep, maar laat hem ook de Olympische Geest uit een andere hoek begrijpen. De Olympische Geest is niet alleen op het spel. Er zijn nog steeds veel verhalen erachter. Ji Houfeng zei echter opnieuw dat hij een grote bijeenkomst als Winter Olympics diende, hij is diepgaand, iedereen die eraan deelneemt, is kritisch en onmisbaar.

In het werk hebben we te veel werknemers gezien die in de gewone positie hebben toegewezen, en iedereen die met succes bijdraagt ??voor de Olympische Winterspelen, is respect waard. Bijdragen aan een dunne kracht, het verspreiden van liefde en warmte naar de wereld, ik ben zeer vereerd te trots.

Jihou Feng zei dat Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics met succes is ge?indigd. Nu is iedereen vol enthousiasme en verwachting tot de Olympische Olympische Spelen in de winter. Ze zullen zich strikt willen vragen, actief deelnemen aan vrijwilligersdiensten in de winter gehandicapt. Medio oktober 2021 ontving Jihou Feng een zeer waardige zegen.

Dat is een papieren kennisgeving van de Beijing Film Academy. Hij werd in de Beijing Film Academy gebracht en bleef zijn favoriete fotografie bestuderen. Ji Houfeng is een Breezy Liao City Guy, praat over zijn groei, en zijn toespraak zit vol dankbaarheid en warmte van zijn ouders. In vergelijking met hoge vereisten voor culturele cursussen, waarderen ouders de vorm van het karakter en de teelt van uitgebreide kwaliteit.

Ze respecteren mijn persoonlijke keuze en hobby’s, dus dit begraven een gewenst zaad voor mijn latere professionele keuze en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Zoeken, deze verstandige jonge man, helemaal, helemaal, achter de zorg, metgezel, ondersteuning en begrip van het gezin. Ji Houfeng eerlijk gezegd is de impact van zijn vader verreikend.

Eén ding onder de indruk van het groeiproces is dat wanneer de 5.12 Wenchuan-aardbeving in 2008, de Vader en zijn kameraden naar het rampgebied kwamen om te redden. Op dat moment werkte de vader in het openbare veiligheidsbrandbestrijdingsteam, 44 mensen met hem . De kameraden gingen voor het eerst naar het aardbeving-getroffen gebied. Hoewel ik de seismische rampverlichting bestudeerde, wist ik dat toen het land in gevaar was, mijn vader een rolmodel opgericht met praktische acties. Tegenwoordig is de vader van Jihou Feng overgedragen van de brandweer naar de afdeling openbare veiligheid.

In feite, terwijl de Zoon een vrijwilligerswerk is voor de Olympische Winterspelen, is hij ook stabiel met de sociale zekerheid tijdens de Olympische Winterspelen. Omdat ik niet naar huis kan gaan voor het Spring Festival, praatte mijn vader en zoon om te chatten met Wechat, en vaak een halve grap, vecht de broers, de vader en de zoon, de vader en de zoon zijn in de weg, dragen bij aan de Olympische Winterspelen . Bron: Liaocheng Evening Nieuws [Verwezenlijk Editor: XU Wei].

98-year-old Huang Yongyu out of the new book: Poetry collection "smile" to include more than 150 poems

Recently, the writer publisher published a new poem full of "smile" for the 98-year-old Huang Yongyu, and included Huang Yongyu’s more than 150 poems that were created since 1947, and full of emotions that were full of emotions of nearly a century life experience. In front of the reader. Huang Yong Yu personally draws the inside and outside of the cover, the title is written, and read it aloud. In July this year, Mr. Huang Yuxi ushered in the 98th birthday.

On the eve of birthday, Huang Yongyu wrote a short poetic preamble for preparing for the new poems "见 集" that is about to pay.

Standing on the side of the 98-year-old life looks back to the road, one will not worry, and it is a big book that has been wisdom and courage. Many people say that Huang Yongyu is the last 00 after 00.

He is a contemporary art multi-faceted hand, Chinese painting, oil painting, print, comic, woodcut, sculpture, extensive, deep cultivating art field, he never gives himself limited, with the same enthusiasm, stay in the literature "These melancholy debris" "along the Senna River to the Green Cui" "The scenery under the sun" "The old man of my old man", "The Slee Hand of the River", etc., so far for many readers.

This "smile" is like a leaf boating, let people follow Huang Yongyu’s brush strokes, roaming his life’s literary long river, is also his magnificent people. Inside, there is a love of the people, such as the friendship of the flesh, there is fearless defending of justice, there is a scent of ugly, and there is a lot of people who live and splash, this is also the feeling of the feelings of the poet. Pure, clean, love. In 1953, Huang Yongyu’s wife returned to Beijing from Hong Kong and began the teaching career of the Painting Department of the Central American Institute.

The wind of the times is in an emergency.

He has been in the eyes of the people who are warm and humiliated. "Wife, don’t cry from the farm" (1970), "Chicken is also a three-year rural labor" (1971), "it is her best! "(1974)," Tiananmen Meat "(1976) has the poems of the stark era.

Huang Yongyu, a clear, poetry, read, readers, read well. The poetry is clear, love is love, hampered, for those who brought people to the disaster, his verse is a knife, a gun; people who are helpless in bitter sea, his verse is silent understanding and Consolation; for those kind people, he loves and pity.

In the process of publishing the poem, Huang Yongyu also founded a "one-year-old tour" manuscript written in the 16th year of the year in dozens of pounds of the notebook. This poem was 1972. Next to the last sentence, there is a red pen to write a father and self-satisfaction, and the song will sing to death.

He added another sentence to the mother to talk to the little girl.

Huang Yongyu wrote a lot of intersection deep little friends in his book "older old man than my old man". This time, there is also their figure in "smile", such as the poems of Paul Angel, "Lotus said, I am floating on the water. "If you write to Mr. Ba Jin," Who ", there is precious understanding of the poem. In 1982, the poet wrote "Chair of Wang Xiangxi" and mourning the hero of the same town.

Huang Yongyu’s poem is still full of humor and childlike.

The "Skiring" also included the new poem "Spring" written in 2021: Spring is coming, the big tree began to bud / fortunately, they don’t laugh / or there is noisy during the day. Huang Yongyu’s literary wind is inadvertent, and it is free and easy, and it is wisdom, and frankly.

Humorous, funny and spicy completed wonderful integration. Read this poem, don’t need to sit in danger, open when you are idle, and you can meet with this until true old friend.

Here, there is no need to deliberately find what philosophy and significance. This is a pure, sincere, simple, frank, unbearable life, which makes people believe that people can choose the integrity and adversity. good.

(Original title: 98-year-old Huang Yongyu published poems to laugh) Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Wang Yunfluction: U028.

65 "Sanitatiestation", Jilin Oil Company, China

China Petrochemical Jilin Petroleum Company is op de lijst van Sinopec Jilin Petroleum-tak als klant, voor de massa’s als een belangrijk onderdeel van "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s", teamleden brengen team naar het basisonderzoek van het basisstation, om een ??vragenlijst uit te voeren, begrijpend de behoeften, verbeteren en verbeteren van de kwaliteit van de service.

In de enquête bleek dat de sanitaire voorzieningen elke dag hard werken, de zomer warm, de winter koud, zou in staat moeten zijn om een ??aantal handige diensten te bieden voor sanitaire werknemers om stedelijke constructie in praktische acties te ondersteunen.De Partijcommissie van het bedrijf heeft besloten 65-sites te selecteren om een ??"sanitaire station" te maken om een ??"sanitaire station" te cre?ren, magnetron, ventilator, tafel en stoel en andere faciliteiten toe te voegen en het warme rijst, tijdelijke rust, hete rijst, de opladen van de mobiele telefoon, voor sanitaire voorzieningen. Wachten op diensten om te oefenen "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s" met praktische acties.

Vanaf het einde van juli voltooide de eerste batch van 65 "sanitaire stations" de vermelding, die vrij open was voor sanitaire werknemers.

Beijing 2022 college entrance examination registration launched the candidate selected grade test department must pass the qualified examination

Original title: Beijing 2022 college entrance examination registration today launched this newspaper (Reporter Wu Wenjuan) 2022 General College Entrance Examination was officially launched today.Beijing Education Examination Institute recently released "Beijing 2022 college entrance examination registration related issues".It is clearly suggested that 2022 college entrance examination registration includes online submission applications, online fill in personal information and payment and registration qualifications to confirm three stages.

At the same time, the Beijing Education Examination Institute clearly stated that when the examinations and the previous candidates were selected by the study of the academic level grade exam, the selected report had to be approved through the qualification examination of the academic level.

  Beijing Youth Daily reported that in 2022, the general college entrance examination registration includes online submission applications, online fill in personal information and pays three stages in the registration qualification site. The online submission of the registration application is from 8:18 to 4:00 on November 1st, 2021 (the employee of the migrant workers) is submitted to the registration application at 17:00 to 13:00 on October 12, 2021); Candidates who registered the first instance of the candidates were filed at 8:00 to 11:00 on November 8th, 2021; the time confirmed by the registration qualifications was arranged by the universities of each district before November 20th. Candidates were completed When you file a personal information and payment online, pay attention to the registration arrangement of the registration qualification on the online notice and confirm the on-site confirmation. Candidates have completed the above three phases and enriminates to Beijing 2022 College Admissions Examination. Beijing will implement the "3 + 3" form in Beijing next year. Among them, there are three entrance examination exam subjects for language, mathematics, foreign language, candidates who participate in undergraduate admissions must also apply for colleges and universities (professional) requirements and their own specialty, from ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry, 6 high school levels Self-choice of 3 entrance exams in the grade sexual examination subject. Undergraduate admission candidates total scores by language, mathematics, foreign language 3, the 3-degree level level level test subject score (according to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the level of the college entrance examination) The notification of the means "Requires grades after converting). Takenote English I heard that the exam is arranged twice a year. The first test was conducted on December 11, 2021, and the second test was carried out in March 2022.

Take test English listening, speaking, full score is 50 points, take two listening, the highest score and written test results, the integrated English subject score is included in the college entrance examination. Other foreign language (non-English) language exams use national volume, listening test one year, full score is 30 points, take two listening tests, the highest score and written test results, form a foreign language subject, 2022 The test time is based on the Ministry of Education. The first exam for the foreign language (non-English) listening is generally arranged on January 8th, the second exam is scheduled on June 8. Beijing Education Examination Institute reminded that when the examinations and previous candidates are selected for the study of the academic level level test, the selected report must have passed the qualification examination of the academic level (2019 and previous test results must not be less than C grade In the Beijing-foreign high school, candidates must be applied through the Beijing Academic Level Quality Examination. According to reports, the college entrance examination will be collected, and some of the caregiver qualifications will be collected, including: martyrs; the retired soldiers who have awarded honorary titles or above during the service period (formerly large military zone) or above; return abroad, overseas Chinese children , Paying attention to the children; Taiwan provinces (including Taiwan household registration) candidates; the retired soldiers of independent employment; the candidates who exited the active service of the troops; people with disabled people; 5A-level young volunteers. From the frontier, mountains, pastoral, ethnic minorities, in the high school education stage, in the high-level secondary education stage, must fill in the application form when confirming the application form and submit the relevant proof. Other care types are provided by the relevant departments, and are not collected when registering in the college entrance examination.

  Doubt: When the online application is applied, the high school level level level examination and choice of high school levels will not be applied through the qualified examination of the academic level, can you apply for? A: You can not be applied.

Candidates can sign up at 12:00 to 12:00 on November 8th, 2021, and the Quality High School Quality Examination in January 2022 will be adopted from February 28th to March 4th, 2022. The college entrance examination registration unit applies for the selection of academic level grade examination.

  Q: How do you apply for the high-middle school level test (will test) high school high school high school examination (will test) A: Beijing-foreign high school will study candidates to apply for high-middle school level exam (will be examined) the results of the Beijing Education Examination Institute. Candidates must log in to the Beijing Education Examination Hospital "High School Entrance Examination" column on November 4th, 2021, 12:30 to November 4, 2021. The grades of the provincial, autonomous region, high school high school level of the province, autonomous region, and municipalities directly under the Central Mediums of Uppering the original, and the executive certificate of the competent department of the authorities. Candidates who have been borrowed by the provinces and cities certified by excessive provincial grades, no need to handle the results of the results.

  Q: How does the candidate in the field will sign up? A: Entrance to the candidates and the high school in Beijing will be consistent with the candidates.

In the field, the students who read the current candidates should first study the post-senior graduates certificate and ideological and morality (including: student name, document number, gender, for graduation, graduation time, the graduation of the school, the school principal Sign up and cover the school’s school chapter). Materials that need to be carried during the registration qualification include: (1) Original and photocopy of the account book; (2) Original and photocopy of the identity document; (3) The proof of the school offers the proof of the school and the ideological and moral assessment. Please consult the region of the area where the account is located. Q: Do you need to participate in the college entrance examination registration? A: Need.

All candidates who participate in the nationwide colleges and universities enrollment must complete the college entrance examination, including the guaranteed life, the high-employment, the students and sports training, martial arts and national traditional sports students. If you only participate in "Higher Vocational Independent Enrollment", you can choose the "single test" exam type and select "Do not participate in public cultural courses". Text / Our reporter Wu Wenjuan (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share more people see.