China @ 四川 | "The Breeze" in the "Mind" – Sichuan Tianfu New District retired military personnel actively participate in volunteer services

  Xinhuanet Chengdu, July 16 (Reporter Zhang Chaoqun) Night’s wind rolled with a rush of rain, playing in the shed, street, ditch, also playing in the Sichuan Tianfu New District retired military "blast" emergency rescue team commander Wu Dazhen’s black rain On: "The drainage ditch in the community is blocked by the dead leaves. There is a stream of water. For less than 5 minutes," the "blast" emergency rescue team in the nearby community is coming to put the blocking ditch. Dredger.

In the "Qixi eight" flood control critical period, the patrols such as almost every rainy night will be carried out in the Nanho Community in Wan’an Street, Tianfu New District, Sichuan Province. Wu Dawei told reporters that "Sichuan summer will have sustained rainfall, according to practice, our emergency rescue volunteer service team generally organizes team members to handle each drainage trench in the community in the first two weeks before the flood season.

At the time of rainstorm, the emergency rescue team will batch the group in the community flood prevention inspection.

"The wind is born".

Wu Daxie’s retired military "blast" emergency rescue team is the public welfare volunteer team initiated by the Sichuan Tianfu New District Retired Military Affairs Bureau.

The team has absorbed nearly 30 retired military volunteers, with their excessive will quality and efficient persons, almost can deal with all kinds of urgent difficulties in communities.

  The Tianfu New District Detailed Military Affairs donated the necessary equipment facilities for the "blast" emergency rescue team, in the community flood control key point, the rescue team arranged in a sandbag, shovel and other materials in advance. After the flood season, the team members of the rescue team regularly opened the "Safety Work Club" weekly, and there were plans to organize flood prevention and rescue work.

"In late July, we will also mobilize residents of the community to carry out safety popularization education during the flood season, and earnestly solve problems for the people.

"Wu Dawei said. In addition to the" blast "emergency rescue team, Sichuan Tianfu New District also explores the construction of" District – Street – Village (Community) "retired military volunteer service team three-level work system, established 9 retired military street volunteers, 20 Village (Community) Volunteer Service Team, and help different retired military volunteers clearly positioned according to the communities and team members, forming a volunteer service advantage complementarity, more comprehensive security and professionalism, and professionalism, and playing a retired soldier. The heat is a real thing for the residents. (End).