12-hour strengthening training, "The whole country can" reconnaissance trolers

Recently, a detachment of a detachment of the Armed Police First Mobile Corps actively explored practices, in accordance with the basic method of "topic tactical tactical belt technology, technical band", and strictly organized the reconnaissance team to fully launch 12 hours to strengthen training, and further set up the training of the training.

In the training, the guide group is difficult to set the training conditions, the situation is not set, and there is no plan, and the script does not leave the script. All kinds are temporarily released by the guide Participation officers and soldiers surrounded the preparations, reconnaissance class (group) anti-robbery, reconnaissance equipment operation, hand (step) gun fast shooting, field reload, 10 kilometers of armed off-road, building climbing, limit tires, 12 vehicles, etc. The course is carried out. When the officers and men in the face of the burst of the guide group, they were calm, in danger, flexible use of weekdays, carefully and scientifically disposed of the training, with accurate password, excellent technology, good psychological quality and A rigorous style, get praise from the guide group, and achieve excellent results. "In the future, the battlefield has developed in multi-level stereo, multi-dimensional, all-weather direction, which puts higher capabilities and skills for the first-line combatants.

Usually training, we must focus on the ability of ‘Multi-Can’ concept, grasp professional training, train multi-faced hands in battlefield, and improve the compensation of the troops. "Ni Zigsen, Scout Science, said. This strengthening training highlights the intensive training application, challenging, inspection and confrontation, and doing all the way. Wu Shuang, chief of the department, said that the fight will be hard, and the training is to be realistic. The actual training will not be a simple "warm homework". "We are going to be aiming at the future battlefield, find the weak link, research solution Difficulty problem, with training short boards as springboard, strong quality, fight, practice, win the winning and winning.

"(Photo report: Liu Xiaobo Ma Limited Zhu Guangming Zhou Jing).