Month: February 2022

The first digital government public open day citizen shouted "very shock"

Text / Tu Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Li Huikun correspondent Sui Zheng Xuan "did not expect" "very shocking" … This is the most expressed experience in the Guangzhou Digital Government’s public opening day. From November 16th to 18th, in the third day, Guangzhou held the first digital government public opening day event, 81 people were invited to visit Guangzhou 12345 government service convenience hotline traffic, Guangzhou Government Service Center and Guangzhou Smart City Operation Center , Close contact with the digital government building work scene, personally feel the intelligence, speed and temperature of the public. The first stop 12345 government service hotline traffic center "Tibet" in the mysterious team "Hello, here is 12345, what can I help you?" On the 16th, the Guangzhou Digital Government Public Opening Day is in Guangzhou 12345 The government service convenience hotline kicked off, 30 citizens were invited to the hotline traffic center to visit and experience, close contact with this usual only smell their voice, do not see their people’s "mysterious" team. Guangzhou 12345 government service convenience hotline is the "No. 1 answer, there is a" hotline service system "created by Guangzhou, and has been integrated with 11 districts of the city, and 89 non-emergency government lines in 40 municipalities. From January to October this year, the hotline service has accumulated more than 20 million pieces, and the upload is up again. The reporter saw that the convenience hotline is divided into a comprehensive queue, the land urban management provident fund queue, the labor security queue, the public security queue, the five major queues of the consumer rights queue, each attendant has a computer, after wearing a headset, attending the phone, if it is If you can answer policy-based policy, the operator will use professional knowledge. If it is a complaint suggestion class, the attendant will transfer to the appropriate department according to the situation.

The voice recognition assistant on the screen will automatically transcribe the conversation into text and form a work order. In addition, the center also builds a hotline data sharing platform, which can see the attendance in real time, and all types of matters answer data.

The interpretator also demonstrates the characteristics and operational points of "Guangzhou 12345" WeChat public account, including self-service orders, intelligent query assistants, and "elder version" intimate service, causing many people’s interest, everyone picks up mobile phones, personally Experience the service entry is more intuitive, the service is warmer, the self-service order is more convenient, and the knowledge will be more intelligent "hotline service on the fingertips".

Ms. Wang said that after visiting, the original 12345 each other is behind the "sharp" information technology in support, hotline big data analysis makes social governance more accurate, I hope that Guangzhou continues to promote digital government construction, make digital technology applications Better benefit the public.

The second station municipal government service center feels the speed and temperature of the wisdom of the government. The Government Service Center visits the experience and deeply feels the speed and temperature of Guangzhou government service.

At the scene, the public has visited the "Visiting" service operation process of "reception comprehensive acceptance, background classification approval, unified window export" in the country, in the country, as well as "no visiting approval" services in the epidemic . Many people have had to come to the center of "Government Wisdom Xiaoxuan". This is a new generation of information technology using 5G, setting up a "cloud window", forming a "cloud sitting" team, providing a platform for enterprises and masses to remote interactive guided government services. The office and the masses can consult and apply for local and national government service matters in the "cloud window" in any outlets, and implement the business cross-level and cross-regional one-stop. It is understood that in recent years, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Service Center relies on 5G, artificial intelligence, remote video and other new technologies, promoting government service standardization, intelligence, integrated development. From January to October this year, the municipal government service hall fused through the online line, and the integrated service business volume is 10,000 yuan, which is a year-on-year increase.

Through corporate agent service room, 5G video conference, online multi-party synergies, the city-level agent service team provides 3443 Agency services for 1073 engineering construction projects of 760 companies, involving approximately 171.4 billion yuan in annual investment. The third station Smart City Operation Center "City Brain" One Net Management City "is very shocking!" Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu, visited the Guangzhou City Smart City Operation, I couldn’t help but sigh. On the 18th, as the last stop of the Guangzhou Digital Government Public Open Day, 26 people went into the Guangzhou Smart City Operation Center, and unveiled the mysterious veil of the "Sui Zhi Tube" urban operation under the leadership.

Guangzhou Smart City Operation Center covers an area of ??about 3,000 square meters and officially launched in August this year.

The reporter saw that the most eye-catching LED big screen in the center seems to have a high-tech full "cockpit", which is connected to 35 directors, 11 districts, and a total of 115 business systems, combining aggregation emergency management, urban management, The business environment, people’s livelihood services and other domain urban governance data exceed 3.6 billion, the construction of "people, enterprises, land, things, and politics" five urban basic elements, forming more than 2,800 urban signs of data, and built more than 20 applications Theme, more than 100 application scenarios. "’Shuixi’ City Operation Management Center is like a digital Guangzhou city, sitting in this’ cockpit, you can know urban dynamics.

"The explanator demonstrates that in the" traffic operation "module, you can monitor the traffic of the train information, people structure, flow trends and quick pick-up area of ??Guangzhou South Railway Station in real time.

Xing Weihai, a head of the "Sui Zhi Tube" operation management group, introduced the reporter, "Sui Zhi Tube" assumed the five functions of the command, dispatch, disposal, supervision and decision-making compared to the digital intelligence system of various functional departments.

"Some incidents are not a single department can solve, ‘Shui Tube’ creation of Guangzhou special application scenarios, full-dimensional cracking urban comprehensive management problems, built into a synthetic governance of mud trucks, three anti-comprehensive command dispatches, major holiday topics, etc. Cross-level cross-domain comprehensive application scenarios, realization of real-time monitoring, rapid warning, and active prevention of operating conditions in key areas such as urban transport, infrastructure, public safety, ecological environment, and social economy.

"Mr. Lu is one of the invited visitors, and the work is related to data operations. He said that" Sui Zhi "massive data is beyond his imagination." This is hard to do, and Guangzhou can manage it. Thin, then in place, as a public, I feel very peaceful, because I have seen the scene of government management, I have more confident in the future development of Guangzhou! ".

These 20 years, China and the world win – win (Wanghai Building)

Original title: These 20 years, China and the world win – win (Wanghai Tower) this year is China Joining the World Trade Organization for 20 years.

General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly pointed out: "Since the joining the World Trade Organization, China has continued to expand its opening, activating the spring tide of China’s development, and also activates a pool of spring water in the world economy.

"On December 11, 2001, after 15 years of difficult negotiations, China officially became the 143th member of the WTO. At that moment, domestic and foreign fierce, but there were many doubts and 忐忑. Some people are worried." Wolf is coming: Will the relevant industries will suffer a top-level disaster? Can the instance mechanism adapt to the requirements of multilateral trade rules? Does China question: Does China keep your commitment? Can the world benefit? Fully Certificate, take the initiative to go through the wind and rain in the sea, see the world, although the water, encounter a swing, but in the swimming in the swimming in the swimming, achieve a win-win situation in China and the world. These 20 years, China is comprehensive Performing the commitment of the entry, adheres to the opening and promoting reform, and continuously improve the socialist market economic system, and constructs legal system that meets the rules of multilateral trade, more than 2,300 laws and regulations are cleaned up, and the local government has cleared more than 190,000 pieces, covering trade, investment and Intellectual property protection and other aspects.

At the same time, China has effectively fulfilled the company and service open commitment, the stability, transparency, and predictability of the external open policy. In 20 years, China’s tariff sum level is reduced to%, lower than%, and has a wide open service market. It has continued to decrease the foreign admission threshold. Intellectual property protection is constantly increasing. pattern. For 20 years, China firmly supports multilateral trading system. As one of the three major functions of the WTO, the dispute settlement mechanism has played an important role in ensuring international trade predictability and maintaining the stability of multilateral trade system.

Since China has entered the WTO, I actively respond to the case of the case, respect and carefully implement the WTO ruling, made the adjustment of the World Trade Rules, there is no case of the respondent to apply for retaliation; on the other hand, through the initiative, to curb a few WTO Organizational members’ unfair practices have maintained their own trade interests and the authority of WTO rules.

More than this, from actively promoting trade investment liberalization to deep participation in trade policy review, from full supporting developing countries into multilateral trade systems to resolutely oppose singleism and protectionism … China firmly complies with and maintains World Trade Rules, comprehensive Participate in the WTO work, to make a Chinese audio to jointly improve global economic governance, and propose Chinese programs.

In this regard, the WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell praised that in the past 20 years, China has become a "important and active member" in the WTO, which is an important promoter of the WTO side negotiations.

  In these 20 years, China seizes opportunities and economic development pressing "fast forward", GDP increases from trillion yuan to trillion, accounting for the world’s proportion to%; the export volume of goods increased by 7 times, accounting for the world’s proportion to%, The world is the first; the service export is increased from 324.3 billion yuan to 1935.7 billion yuan, an increase of 5 times; using foreign capital accounts for the world’s proportion to 15%, the first place in developing countries … A item that causes the world to be amazed, From the Chinese people, they bury their heads under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, tenacious struggles, from the power of China’s pressures, and continuously deepen reforms, and also from China to actively strengthen international cooperation, practice mutual benefit and win-win.

  For 20 years, China took the initiative to benefit the world. Observe China’s development, to see what China has achieved, but also to see how many contributions to the world.

In 20 years, China’s annual annual contribution rate of global economic growth is close to 30%, and the import of goods is 6 times; the 97% tax payment to 42 least developed countries provides free tariffs, which has become the largest export market in the least developed countries. 25% of the least developed countries; continuously provide more public products for the international community, actively promoting the construction of "one belt all the way", holds international events such as enlightenment, labor conference, and FOS … China Join WTO It has developed himself and also benefits the world. In particular, the current economic globalization encounters the anti-current, the WTO as the core of the multilateral trade system frequently shocks, the world economy is in the uncertainty "fog", the more "power source" and "stabilizer" of the world economy growth The more we value, China’s maintenance and practice of truly multilateralism, gaining more and more WTO members.

  Standing on the new starting point, China’s open door will not be closed, the more you will only get. Unwavering advancement promotes high levels, sharing market opportunities with the world, maintaining real multilateralism, supporting the necessary reform of WTO, making it more in line with 164 members of the overall interests, China will continue to build human fate in the WTO stage Huacai movement of the Community. (The author is the representative of China’s resident WTO, the ambassador of the special rules) (Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, Wan Peng).

The 89-year-old retired professor and how to win the lawsuit and all win a claim of more than 700,000 yuan.

Collect me more than 100 articles to the database, but also spread through the computer, mobile phone, not only don’t tell me, readers include my own download and pay, I never got a penny fee.

89-year-old Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Zhao Dexin, chose to defend the right to rights, and all more than 100 papers in the Chinese Zhiwang, and all the lawsuits, all win more, accumulated more than 700,000 yuan. Is the old professor really care about this fee? Of course not; 100% winning? Of course, not.

Zhao Dexin’s elderly chooses to fight the lawsuit, and the bad breath of the academic community is to challenge the agency that damages the rights of themselves. The teacher of this rights protection is good, and it has established a model for other scholars. The paper and academic achievements have been infringed and have long been used to, and network infringement is also open secret.

Discover the views, data, most scholars complained about the infringers, as well as the entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire point.

The reason why they have adopted some institutions is nothing more than that although these institutions are not learning, they have become an important force affecting the academic community.

From the master’s degree to doctoral student, you must go to graduate; from ordinary teachers to professor, we must have a certain number of papers published in the corresponding level of publications.

And these publications have long been reached with relevant agencies. Once the publishing is included, the article is included in a certain website to be a must-have a certain turnover in the academic circle. I don’t want to be income, or if I want a draft fee, I will encounter Professor Zhao Dexin and the same ending after I have finished the lawsuit in China: Log in to the Chinese Knowledge Network Search System, retrieve the Zhao Dexin’s paper on journals, and the results are 0.

In fact, the relevant agencies are the psychology of scholars, using long-term status to form in the collation of journal papers, and will be clear. Conversely, scholars’ intentions have contributed to the relevant institutions: I have to pay for your paper to download.

A paper written by Zhao Dexin has published the "Research on China ‘s Economic History", which is included in China.

In the current period, "China ‘s Economic History Research" has such a statement: this journal has joined "China Academic Journal (CD Edition)", China Journal Network, Copyright Use Fee and Revival.

If the author does not agree with the article, please note when you are written, this journal will do properly. However, the court believes that the explanation of the journal does not have the effectiveness of the information network distribution rights. The Beijing Intellectual Property Court also stated in the second trial. The journal approving the documentation is not enough to prove the right to authorize the authorization of the information network involved in the case information network from the author.

Similar statements of other journals, how to legally act, do not speak.

Zhao Dexin has successful rights, reminding the relevant journal databases to pay more attention to intellectual property protection, but also adding a bottom gas for other scholars. However, the old professor is retired, and it is not afraid. It is not afraid. The young scholar dares to call the privilege.

Prevention and control of children’s fat must be updated with homive concept and habits

Original title: Prevention and control of child fat must be updated with homogeneous concepts and habits. Recently, a research suggest that "China’s small students to prevent obesity integrated intervention measures: a randomized clinical trial" research suggests through health education and ensuring that children have per day for 1 hour of physical exercise every day, monthly BMI (physical quality index) detects and records through mobile apps, feedback, through a set of schools, family-participation, integrated measures, can effectively interfere with children’s obesity.

With the reduction in absolute poor, obesity has become a universal issue.

The State Council Information Office released in December 2020 (2020) "show that my country’s adult residents have more than 50%, and children aged 6 to 17 years old are close to 20%, and children under 6 years old have reached 10 %.

"China’s obesity report" shows that the risk of hypertension in hypertension in fat, obesity is a normal body weight.

The risk of diabetes during adulthood is a normal weight child. The risk of metabolic syndrome in the child’s period to adult period continues to obese, is a multiplication of weight continued to last.

In modern society, personal health is increasingly becoming public affairs. Because personal health has issued a problem, it is necessary to occupy the corresponding public financial expenditure, even if you restore healthy costs, the process still takes a lot of public health resources. This is the reason for obesity problems in all countries of the world become focus on social attention.

The production of obesity has a large extent, there is a factor of cognition and self-discipline. There is no common sense to the body, there is no understanding, there is no self-made force to the food temptation, which is a personality factor that produces obesity and the concept of healthy concept. Therefore, obese problems, not just physical problems, is a psychological issue.

For obesity social cognition, it will form a slogable pressure that causes "self-defending" psychological recognition, which makes it social difficult, aggravated obese people’s adolescence and personality defects, severe people will be in adolescence After the gathering disorder, it is incompatible with social qualifications, causing social problems. Solve the problem of childhood obesity, need multiple cooperation.

From a social perspective, the food environment is an important part of obesity.

Earlier studies have shown that the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing area of ??children with fat, because children are increasingly exposed to low-cost processing, these foods tend to high salt, high sugar, high fat, Nutrition monotonous.

In response to this phenomenon, some countries have developed relevant regulations, prohibiting the delivery of unhealthy children’s food advertisements, in some schools, prohibiting automakers from selling puffed food, sugar beverage. China’s CDC has also compiled the "Children’s Snack Consumption Guide", divided into three levels of children’s snacks into "proper edible" and "limited eating" and "restriction edible", guiding parents more scientific to buy snacks. From the perspective of family and school, updating the concept of hife and raising habits are more practical but also need to pay more difficult efforts. For example, some parents believe that children’s overweight is healthy performance, in order to express their love for children, give children more than normal needed food; some parents think 100% no added fresh juice is rich in vitamin, but In fact, its sugar content is even higher than cola; some parents reducing the child’s sports activities in order to avoid child injury, and intentionally avoid strong sense of confrontation, such as hiking, football, basketball, etc.

The concept of these misplaced needs to be twisted in time.

Have to say, chubby children holding potato chips or candy, smile, great, seemingly happy scenes.

However, for the long-term health of the child, such a scene is still less than. (Author: Zhang Wei) (Editor: Ding Yuanhe (intern), Li Yihuan) Share more people to see.

The UK’s 9 climate activities were sentenced to help: despise the court banquet

Local Time October 25, UK, London, England, climbing traffic blocked by the police, was carried away from Overseas Network November 17th, the British Nine climate activities have launched a blockage to demonstrate and in violation of the demonstration.Time was sentenced to imprisonment by the British court on Wednesday (17th).According to Reuters, nine British radical environmental organizations "insaneting British" (InsulateBritain) have been sentenced to three to six months of imprisonment of three to six months, respectively.Their age is 20 or 58 years old.

"Insulation British" British Traffic Minister Shapshapps said that each highway and main roads have to prevent people from hindering the prohibition of roads."Anyone who brings trouble to the driver may face the disaster of jail." Overseas screen copyright work, no authorization must not reprint: Hou Xingchuan, Wang Xiaoyu.

The fourth generation of Ya Jiahua Hainan Chuangyi Store listed 288,900

The fourth generation of Jiahua engine. The fourth generation of Jiahua applied Kia to the future SmartStream power system, "fish and bear paw", engine, match 8AT gearbox, maximum power up to 233PS, maximum torque 353N · m, not only brings strong power and More stable, smooth driving experience, 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption is only.

In addition, there is also a comfortable, economic, sports, intelligent driving mode to meet the needs of users.

Ultra high safety guard users travel, high-level configuration establishment of industry benchmarks. The fourth generation Jiahua is equipped with the leading L2 +-level smart driving assistance system with the same level, with a front anti-collision auxiliary (FCA), blind zone anti-collision assist (BCA), highway driving assistance (HDA), side rear image (BVM), Hand cross-collision assistance (RCCA), a number of cutting-edge driving assistance systems such as Navigation Intelligent Cruise Control (NSCC), all-round escorts users. It is worth mentioning that the fourth generation of Jiahua "low-equipped luxury", the whole system is standardized with LED headlight sunlight combined taillight, 7 airbag, SBW knob electronic shift, double inch large screen, " KiaConnect "Intelligent Network, NSCC Navigation Adaptive Cruise, Intelligent Slip Double Side Electric Sliding Door, Intelligent Electric Tail, Deluxe Electric Double Day Window, etc., bring VIP-like exclusive value experience .

Under the guidance of the "Newkia" global strategy, Dongfeng Yueda Kia is a "user-centered", uses more forward-looking technology, better quality products, more value-sensing experience, constantly creates value, satisfied, let consumption Constantly discover new jars. The fourth generation Jiahua has a 300,000-level high-end MPV market with the core advantages of global quality, fashionable, comfortable space, intelligent technology. Bring each other to enjoy each other and enjoy the audience experience of love.

(Hainan Chuang Yiguang) (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing Let more people see the client download.

Some Chinese students hit the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester to strongly condemn atrocities

  According to the news released by the Chinese Consulate General No. 27, the Chinese, recently, several Chinese students hit in Sheffield.The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester strongly condemned the atrocities of Chinese students, giving a condolences to victims. The Chinese Society and the Overseas Chinese also gave timely aid and help for victims.Consul General, the principal of Sheffield, urged the school to take decisive measures with the policeman to take the law of the criminals, and effectively protect the personal safety of my study abroad.It is reported that the police have arrested a suspect, and the school quickly arranged specialists to assist in the victim.

At present, I am harmful to my classmates.The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester said highly concerned about the progress of the case and will continue to be closely related to the school and the police, and resolutely safeguard my personal safety and legal rights.

(Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Shen Wenzu: Adhere to the creation of the people to better meet the people’s expectations for civilized cities

Original title: Adhere to the creation of the people to better meet the people’s expectations for civilized cities (Rong Yong Jiang Yu) On October 16th, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the city’s Civilized City Leading Group, Shen Wenzu dispatched Drum Tower The Civilization of District Civilization. He emphasized that in accordance with the goal of creating people’s satisfaction with the municipal party committee and municipal government, he continuously improves the level of urban refined management and the ability to serve the people, and focusing on the people. Difficulties, continuously enhance the masses’ satisfaction satisfaction with the creation of work. Ninghai Road Street Gulin Community New Times Civilization Practice Station introduced housekeeping services, volunteer services, children’s hosted services, and better meet the needs of community mass.

Shen Wenzu went into practice stations, and staff, volunteers exchanged, and learned in detail the situation of service work.

He pointed out that we must give full play to the characteristics of the new era civilization practice station to contact the grassroots community. Combine "I have practical things for the masses", with temperature, with the feelings of the people to serve the people, to guide the old party members of the community, retired teachers, etc. People participate in volunteer services and civilized creation work, mobilize more social power to join, form a good atmosphere to participate in the creation. Shen Wenzu also came to the Shanxi Road farmer’s market, in detail the market supply, food safety management, etc., check the traffic order, parking order and public toilet cleaning.

He asked, continuously improved the level of urban refined management, combined with key work such as back street alleys, urban cleaning and other key tasks, and be good at discovering and solving the problems around the people.

It is necessary to focus on the public, improve the level of intelligent traffic management, and timely according to the weather, morning and evening, holiday congestion, etc., and improve the road smoothness. It is necessary to give full play to the role of patriotic education base, carry out young pioneers, group members, party members’ red educational activities, and constantly improve the cultural literacy.

To combine the old community renovation work and 12345 complaint hotline, combing a group of people reflecting strong people’s livelihood issues, forming a list of tasks, and doing things in the style of the night, doing things to do a good job of rectification, and do a good job of creation for the people, and create Huimin. He emphasized that the Gulou District should continue to play the characteristics of the party building, adhere to the party building lead, let the party construction work play an important role in all aspects of the civilized city, and create the work of the party members and cadres in the whole region, winning the civilized model Battle. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

The six departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly invadage to cultivate manufacturing quality companies

Original title: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the promotion of the cultivation of manufacturing quality Enterprise People’s Network Beijing July 3 The manufacturing individual champion enterprises, the industrial chain-specific enterprises, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the State-owned Assets Supervision, the SAST, and the "Guidance Opinions on Accelerating the Development and Development of Manufacturing Quality Enterprises" (Hereinafter referred to as "Guidance"), the overall requirements of the cultivation and development of quality enterprises will be proposed to build a high-quality enterprise gradient cultivation pattern, and improve 10 guidelines such as high-quality enterprises independent innovation.

In recent years, the number of high-quality enterprises in my country has increased, but there is a gap between the quality, influence capabilities of enterprises, etc.

Data show that in 2020, there were 133 500 companies in my country (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), ranked first in the world, but the average operating income, profits were only 81%,% in the United States. The world’s top 500 brand is the fourth, behind the United States, France and Japan.

The person in charge of the Industrial Policy and Regulatory Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that companies are the implementation subject of industrial chain and supply chain, of which quality companies are leading geese and armed forces.

Accelerate the development of manufacturing high-quality enterprises represented by specializing a new "small giant" enterprise, manufacturing single champion enterprise, industrial chain, industrial chain, is an inevitable requirement for stimulating market subjectivity, promoting high quality development of manufacturing, is to prevent Emiviation of risk hazards and enhance industrial chain supply chain autonomic control. "Guidance Opinions", build gradient cultivation patterns, promote all kinds of companies from small, and weakness, drive increase. Strive to 2025, the gradient cultivation pattern is basically formed, and the development of thousands of "small giants" enterprises, thousands of single champion enterprises and a large number of leading companies.

At present, the situation at home and abroad is severe and complicated. The new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes accelerates evolution. The influence of new coronal pneumonia is wide and far-reaching, and the economic globalization encounters a reversal, and the uncertainty of instability has increased significantly. All kinds of enterprises have faced new problems. . In this regard, "Guiding Opinions" from supporting the company’s own strength to make six task initiatives: First, strengthen national science and technology innovation resources to support and open the company, guide companies to participate more and more participation in related projects, Improve independent innovation capabilities.

The second is to guide enterprises to participate in manufacturing strong chain make-ups, condense the government, enterprise cooperation, and jointly guarantee the safety and stability of industry chain supply chain.

The third is to grasp the direction of development and guide the company to develop in high-end, intelligent, and green.

The fourth is to build large enterprises and SME cooperation platforms, promote large enterprises and SMEs in collaboration.

The fifth is to guide enterprises to strengthen management innovation, shaping corporate culture, promoting entrepreneurship, engineers spirit and craftsmen, and continuously enhance their soft strength through cultural construction.

Sixth, encourage enterprises to strengthen cooperation with foreign opening and fully use two markets in international and domestic resources, and support the development of enterprises. It is important to emphasize that "Guidance Opinions" focus on the development of high-quality enterprises to lead the industry chain upstream enterprises, especially in independent innovation, strong chain, fusion development, etc., proposing high-quality enterprises to form an innovative consortium or technology The Innovation Alliance conducts collaborative innovation and encourages pilot enterprises to carry out new and downstream open resources. (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Shangdian County Housing and Construction Bureau (Civil Defense Office) launched a free blood donation activities

Recently, the Shangdian County Housing and Construction Bureau (Civil Defense Office) launched the "School of Scholars and Misi Delivery, I’m going to donate the blood donation activities."At the event, the blood donation personnel are busy in accordance with the process registration, filled in the form, medical examination, blood collection, and medical staff, and the staff will help, to guide, serve, and the atmosphere is warm, and the order is well.Everyone has said that no blood donation is not only the embodiment of being responsible, but also the process of improving self-value, donating blood to contribute to the society."This is my third blood donation, can help others, and give the child an example, tell him to be a person who has a responsibility, responsibility, and contribution to society!" Chen Rongbin, who said, "said Chen Rongbin.

(Zhang Wei) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai Shi).