Month: January 2022

The World Table Tennis Championship harassing Chinese players will only reflect the ridiculousness of racial discrimination.

  Recently, in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships held in Houston, Chinese players, Liang Jingkun, who had a racial discrimination, a harassment and attack with racial discrimination.

It is worthy of that Liang Jingkun did not play due to the harassment of someone else, but defeated the opponent with excellent performance, and then affected the flag logo on the jersey.

  After the incident, the International Table Tennis Union announced that it is strongly opposed to all forms of racism, and it is never tolerable to cooperate closely with the local organizing committee to resolutely prevent such incidents in the game.

The relevant statement is shown. On the LED screen next to the game No. 1 venue, the words "International Table Tennietice against Race" are already in English.

  As a organizational organization of the World Table Tennis, the strict state of the International Table Tennis Union is not only the maintenance of the world-class event good order, and it is also in the spirit of sports sports in the table tennis. For people who love table tennis, this move is the determination to oppose racism and pursue equality unity.

  Resolutely oppose all forms of racial discrimination, not only a matter of table tennis, but also become the consciousness and consensus of the entire sports world.

In the "Olympic Charter" of the Olympic Sports Development, in addition to the Olympic spirit into mutual understanding, friendship, unity and fair competition, it is clearly non-discrimination against race, skin color gender.

In the football community, since 2002, the International Football Council will hold International Football Anti-Discrimination every year to improve the awareness of anti-discrimination in the world.

"Don’t say to race discrimination," has become a practice in international football events.

  Many star athletes have worked hard in various forms in various forms in various forms, and the flag is clearly defined and the flag is clearly defined by racism. In the face of racial discrimination, Liang Jingkun showed calm, confident, generous chest and temperament in the World Table Tennis competition, using excellent way of proves that racist thoughts ridiculous, showing the competitive style of Chinese athletes.

  In addition to competitive sports events, racial discrimination is widely related to the international community, and its mechanism and political, economic, regional culture are closely related.

Eliminate racial discrimination, eliminate racism, and should be the direction of human society work together.

Opposing racial discrimination, echoes all human common value of pursuing fairness and justice, and is also an important scale for inspection of social civilization.

  Put racist behavior out of sports events, in addition to keeping sports spirit to be purely, allowing sports as "world language" sports activities to better across national and nationalities, geographies and culture, and impact positive impact on people’s concepts, Break the inherent zone and prejudice. In this sense, athletes in each country can become the "propaganda ambassador" against racism, and they have a full-time understanding and respect, and encounter, encouraging the sudden provocation. With the restraint, it can make racial discrimination behavior.

  In the process of international sports exchange and cooperation, this "unharitable" scene is just a meaningful "episode".

It is impossible to block the Chinese athlete to participate in the world contest, will only reflect racial discrimination. Chinese athletes will have to communicate with a broad cardiagy and first-class competitive state and world communication, and put equal exchanges between all countries.

The harsh noise of racism will end the smoke.

The battle of the German election ends

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, September 27 (International Observation) German Elections End Group Pavilion Opened Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Yuan, a Federal House, published in the early morning of the 27th (Parliament Next Media) Election Preliminary Volunteer Show, Social Democrat (The Socialist Party) leads with a weak advantage, the current prime Minister Merkel is ranked second. Analysts pointed out that the negotiations negotiations after the last election 4 years ago have lasted nearly half a year, and the party’s tickets have been more dispersed in this election, and the clutch negotiations may be short.

The future probability will be jointly organized by the three parties, the Socialmid Party and the Alliance Party will compete for the leadership of the group.

The two major parties compensate in accordance with the German election rules, and the proportion of a political parties in the General Conference of the Federal House, which is determined by the party in the federal House election; the ticket is not less than 5% is the party to enter the federal One of the conditions of the House. A political party or political party alliance should stabilize and need to get over half of the seats at the Federal House. The German Federal House Election was held on the 26th, and 47 parties were selected. The initial votes of the German Federal Election Committee show that the Socialmid Party receives% of the votes, and the acceptance rate of the Alliance party is%. Previously, the remaining four political parties in the Federal House – Green Party, the Liberal Democratic Party (Self-Party), Germany Choosing Party, Left-wing Party Votes are%,%,%,%, and the remaining political parties have lower votes. The formal results will be announced after a few days, but it will not have too much gap with preliminary results.

Since the Socialmid Party has previously expressed unwilling to jointly real with the Alliance Party, in accordance with the above preliminary results, any part of the two major elements will not reach half a seat, so the future is likely to add two big party. The small party jointly ruling.

Who can pull to two small parties in the two small party to reach half a seat, who can dominate the group. The Socialmid Party Prime Minister’s candidate is a speech after the election, and the Socialist Party has harvested "great success". German voters are seeking to change, hoping that he has served as the next prime minister. The League Party Prime Minister’s candidate said that the difference between the two major party votes is small, and he will work hard to form a cabinet led by the League Party.

A variety of combinations may be three-party joint reappearance of the Alliance Party and the SPC Party, and it is a political situation that has never been seen after World War II. Since other political parties are reluctant to choose party cooperation with the right-wing populist party Germany, the left-wing party may lose the eligibility of the Federal House due to the event of 5% of the ticket rate, and therefore, from the current situation, the socialist party, the Green Party, Self-Party Combination and Alliance Party, Green Party, and Self-Party Combination are the most promising group portability.

German media habits According to the representative color naming of different political parties, the Socialmid Party, the Alliance Party, the Green Party, and the self-owner party representatives are red, black, green, yellow, so these two combinations are called "traffic lights" (red green light " ) Combination and "Jamaica" (Jamaica flag color is black and green).

The difficulty of "traffic lights" combination hall is that the three parties have increased their domestic taxation, and there is a big difference in financial zero deficit policies.

The difficulty of "Jamaica" combination hall is that the division of the Union Party and the Self-Ministry of the Communist Party has fallen in immigrants and energy policies, and they have failed in the resort in four years ago. Other theoretical portfolios and the "big joint" of the SPC and the Alliance Party, as well as the "German" combination of the Alliance Party, the Socialmid Party, and the Self-Denby Party (Black Black Black Black). However, these situations require compromise between the two major parties, only if the efforts of their respective leading groups fail to fail.

Mi Xia El Muritz, Germany, said that the initial count of preliminary bills currently announced that each party needs to negotiate and make a compromise around more topics, and the resort is expected to be short. The Merkel Era ended that although the current Prime Minister Merkel did not participate in this general election, she will continue to serve as the Prime Minister until the new cabinet. In 16 years, Merkel left a deep brand in Germany and European political altar.

The Ninth Shaanxi Provincial Art Decision Start Ceremony was held in Baoji

Original title: The Ninth Shaanxi Provincial Art Countdown Starting Ceremony held this newspaper (Reporter Alpine) September 16th, the ninth Shaanxi Provincial Art Decoction Starting Ceremony was held in Baoji City Culture and Art Center Square. The 9th Shaanxi Provincial Art Festival is hosted by the Provincial People’s Government, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, and the Baoji Municipal Government will be organized from October 15th to November 15th.

There will be 53 drama participation in the province to participate in the "Wenhua Award", 82 people and artistic works, "Star Awards", 445 books and painting photography works participate in the province’s art calligraphy photography.

  At present, the preparations for Baoji City have been basically ready. New Baoji Grand Theater, Qianyang Grand Theater, Baoji Art Museum, Transformed Baoji Workers Culture Palace, etc. 7 field museum is about to be bought; from the famous screenwriter Tang Dong Curative, Beijing Dance Academy Professor Zhang Jianmin, with Baoji City Art Theater as a class The opening ceremony of the arranging drama "bronze" in the near future; 27 key activities such as carefully planned mass culture, boutique performances, cultural integration, economic and trade exchanges; urban beautification, greening, brightization engineering results; Multi-platform, full media propaganda work is fully launched.

  At the launching ceremony, the volunteer representative read the proposal, calling on volunteers to actively participate in the national volunteer service activities, and strive to be the most beautiful volunteers. Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall is the flag of Duishan County, Qianyang County, and Fengxian, Qiao County, Qianyang County, and Fengxian County, Qianyang County.

After the ceremony, the excellent mass literary programs from Chongqing, Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi and other places have conducted a wonderful performance. Baoji’s major scenic spots organized the tourism promotion promotion activities, and gave tourism Huimin card to Baoji citizens.

(Editor: Gu Yan, Wu Yue).

Our province carries out the optimization of government procurement business environment

  This newspaper Taiyuan November 12 (Reporter Ma Yongliang) The Provincial Finance Department has issued a notice in recent days, and decided to carry out special actions for optimized business environment in the field of government procurement.

Require the provincial competent budget units, each city will summarize the self-examination and rectification and rectification situation before November 30, will be taken out from December 1.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Finance said that the actions aim to further deepen the "venting service" reform, continuously optimize the government’s purchase business environment, comprehensively clean up the invisible barriers and the clearing of government procurement, and clear the provisions and practices of fair competition, and protect all kinds of markets. The principal is equal to the rights of government procurement activities, building a unified open, competitive government procurement market system.

  The investment content mainly includes: implement differential treatment or discrimination treatment for suppliers, organizational forms, equity structures, or investor countries such as suppliers; setting or changing the threshold, restricting suppliers to participate in government procurement activities; The tendency of procurement needs, with unreasonable conditions to implement differential treatment or discrimination; request suppliers to carry out unnecessary registration, registration, registration, filing, qualification audit, etc., restrict or prevent procurement agencies, suppliers Enter the local government procurement market; illegal setup products, suppliers and other alternative libraries, directory libraries, qualifications; request suppliers to purchase designated software, not timely, effective, completely release or provide procurement project information, setting no law Regulations, filing, regulatory, punishment, fees and other matters; "Do not support, do not cooperate, negative treatment; new official rational old account refuses to pay various accounts payable; violation charge or change to receive bid deposit, performance margin, warranty, etc. After the acceptance or warranty is expirable, it is not timely payment according to the contract shall be refunded by the contract shall be refunded. (Editor: Wen Wen, Ma Yunmei).

Qinghai technical transaction active in the first three quarters

  This newspaper Xining November 16th (Reporter Jia Fengfeng) reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department: Qinghai technical transactions active in the first three quarters, the total number of technical transactions has grown steadily, of which the new energy and efficient energy-saving sector contract turnover has exceeded 20 million yuan., Accounting for the total turnover.Since this year, Qinghai has vigorously promoted large-scale wind power, photovoltaic base construction, concentrated on desert Gobi desert, concentrated on multiple energy construction projects, and the development of new energy industries in Qinghai has been strong, driving a series of effective extensionChain strength chain measures have gradually formed more competitive industrial clusters to promote flourishing in Qinghai green industry.(Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shandong deepens the reform of college budget allocation system

Original title: Shandong deepening college budget granting system reform report learned from Shandong Provincial Department of Finance that in accordance with the provincial party committee, provincial government science and education reform, the provincial level continues to deepen the reform of undergraduate college budget granting system, strengthen policy guidance and supporting synergy, and push The Development of Colleges and Universities in Colleges and Universities. Establish three "one-third" allocation mechanism, so that the budget allocation is optimized by the "Student Quota + Project" 2D management model to adjust the three-dimensional policy framework of "basic + performance + competitive project", and incorporate scientific innovation income into the performance system and Give a higher weight, establishing "innovation performance, better, and gets all the time". Grasp the key to the two reforms, that is, reform financial management methods and improve funds.

The Provincial Department of Education is a special assessment of financial management and financial funding to use performance special assessment for 40 provincial education department. It is proposed that 37 reform supporting measures recommendations, research and formulate special opinions, guide colleges and universities to transform development, improve business performance, improve finance Management, speed up the integration of school.

  Promote a supporting policy upgrade to implement universities donated income financial matching policies.

Since the implementation of the reform, the policy linkage catalytic superimposed effects, last year, colleges and universities have received social cooperation and donation for income billions, an increase of 70% over the previous year. In order to promote the continued improvement of multi-channel fundraising capacity, further optimize policy design, upgrade a single donation income to multi-channel income proportional to multi-channel revenue, focus on the transfer of transformation of college results transfer, and better promote school The school, enterprises, "mutual feeding" integration development. (Editor: Snow, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shaanxi "Tattose" "War" is incorrect

  The core reading is minimized, and Shaanxi introduces relevant measures to ensure the reproduction of enterprises, and focus on solving the problem of poor labor rework; build online sales platforms, cadres to help sell, let the poor people do not commit difficult; fully use informationization , Intelligent means, convene online investment chambers, attracting projects, pulling the poor, and strives to achieve the "war" "war" two incorrect. "This loan is really rainy, snow in the snow!" Just get a 2.8 million yuan entrepreneurial loan guaranteed by Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province, thank you. Changhong Plastic Color Printing Co. An urgent manner, a large number of plastic packaging companies in a production mask. "During the anti-hypogacy, I especially want to do this list, but there is no capital purchase of raw materials.

"After the Fengxiang County People’s Social Security Bureau understands, immediately start the audit process.

  Epidemic prevention is not easy to produce it. Since March, the challenges of new crown pneumonia have been facing, Shaanxi Province has vigorously promoted completion of compound production, and strives to achieve the "double victory" of the war.

  Playing a combination of boxing to solve the problem of the poverty mass of the masses coming to people, it is a dilemma facing many complex companies.

A few days ago, a factory in Xianyang Dan County production water purifier parts seeking "work" is thirsty, the local government will pick up the source, contact around 50 people to apply, after training, "can understand the urgentity, there is People enterprises will ‘live’! "The person in charge of the factory said. Reduce rent, ensure that enterprise employees return, "100 people bag hundred enterprises", to all major enterprises "one-on-one" to help staff … Shaanxi provides a replenishment of enterprises to recover production, ferry, and work, and promote income. A set of stable policy portfolies in "free, slow, returning, replenish, delay, business, and expansion". Tongchuan Yaozhou District concentrated eight key projects, with a total investment of 5.7 billion yuan, and promoted the company’s complex production.

Danfeng County, Shangluo, continued to deepen the "100-person bag hundred enterprises" activities, establish key enterprises to dispatch the liaison system, strengthen the classification and guidance, strictly implement the stations and tax reduction and tax reduction policy, and use a special fund for the province and city to strive for credit Fund support help industrial companies have traveled.

In order to help the family and enterprises in the middle and low-income housing, Xi’an will reduce the urban two-level security housing rent, which is tentatively rented from February 1st to April 30th, 2020. In addition, Xi’an market sexy reduction enterprise pension, unemployment, work injury insurance unit payment.

  "The current most important thing is to find out the needs of poverty, follow up to analyze the influence of the epidemic to the poverty reduction, and focus on solving the problem of going out the workmanship, production development and product backlog, poverty alleviation project.

The Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Shaanxi Province said.

One of the very important measures is to "protect the escort" for poor labor by "point-to-point" one-stop transfer. Teaching introduction, there are currently 71% of the poverty population returning to the Spring Festival in Shaanxi Province.

The province’s organizational charter, special 24 columns, 2,886 specials, accumulating 10,000 people to return to Zhejiang and other places, including 10,000 people. According to statistics, there are currently 10,000 poverty labor in Shaanxi public welfare post.

More than 1,200 projects in Shaanxi Construction Workers Group (open) workers, complex (open) Number of employed workers.

Since March, Shaanxi Province organizes 610,000 poor people from workers, accounting for the proportion of poverty labor in Spring Festival, increased by 71%, increased by 1 time; 999 poverty alleviation workshops, the proportion of complex control is increased by%, increased by 3 times The photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station management public welfare posts have thousands of people, and the number of people receiving the number of employment has increased by 10,000 people. Online belt goods to help poor household sales channel "Lao Wu’s 460 out of column chicken, hard to raise big sale, circle to eat rice at home!" March 2, Xi’an Gaoling District Poverty Alleviation Office Li Bin received a help Help phone of Wang Shaobo of the army. The phone is ringing and immediately present.

Gaoling District quickly forms a help group, understands the poor resource sales, integrating resources, builds online sales platform, helps the coach personally platform sales, offline the Volunteers Guo Junjie unified shipments. Only 3 days, 460 out of the column chicken all sold, the establishment of the streets of Ma Bei Village in Yanzhen Street, a poor, a house, a family, a breath.

  Li Bin said: "In order to help the poor housewise sales channel like the old Wu, the Poverty Alleviation Office in Gaoling District launched an initiative to the community, and launched a ‘to subscribe to poor domestic livestock products, helping to take off the poverty to attack" action, and appeal to the community to offer A love, use actual purchase action to take off the strength of poverty in the whole district.

"After completing the work, we ship more than 20,000 single kiwifruit every day.

Wang Hongyan, the relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Xianyun Sangkang Technology Co., Ltd., said that most of the kiwifruits sold in the local poor people in Wugong County, the village collective economic organization, with a poor and tired head enterprise (cooperative) planting.

Last year, the county kiwi production was nearly 100,000 tons, driving more than 80,000 people, and increasingly increasing more than 7,000 yuan, the sales of kiwifruit were pushed to the resolving the county.

But affected by the epidemic, the kiwifruit sales should be good during the Spring Festival.

  What difficulties have been difficult to solve, through the village, micro-business, e-commerce platform, and villagers can sell kiwi to a thousand miles away.

From February 6, 20 large backbone e-commerce companies in the county have fully completed their replenishment.

"We basically have more than 80,000 parcels every day." Wang Shaohua, the head of Zhongtong Wugong Sort, introduced.

A total of more than 3 million single sales of agricultural products in February were doubled than the same period last year. There are more than 100 express cars every day, full of all kinds of agricultural products from martial arts to all parts of the country. "Shangluo slabs grow in the hinterland of Qinling … I hope that the netizens of netizens will pick up the order!" Liu Qingmin, director of the agricultural rural bureau of Shangluo City, facing the online live shots, promoting the majority of netizens, walnuts, konjac and other Shangluo specialty agricultural products.

This "anti-disease farmer" network live broadcast attracted Wan Netizen online watch. According to platform statistics, the live broadcast period of 20 tons of fresh chestnuts, 7836 bag jujube clutch walnuts were booked by netizens, the full number of online orders were 8,100 orders, the turnover reached 10,000 yuan, the original unbalanced instant agricultural product became online best-selling product. In order to solve the problem of "selling difficulties" in agricultural products, Shaanxi currently recognizes 735 poverty alleviation products, and the product is worth more than 3 billion yuan, speeding up Apple, kiwifruit, etc., inventory falls to 43%. The literary says: "For the smooth production and sales channel, build consumer poverty alleviation supply and demand docking platform, Shaanxi will further standardize the recognition of poverty alleviation products, focus on expanding the poor household income channel, consolidating the poverty results.

"The development of the investment industry in the clouds ensures that the poverty" "I came to Yan’an many times, every time I came to the ‘home trine’, Yan’an’s excellent investment environment and powerful service security made me very relieved. "CHEN Wei, General Manager, Singapore Na Yang Co., Ltd., said. He repayd the company and Yan’an High-tech Zone Management Committee signed a comprehensive investment of Quanyang Environmental Protection Materials Production Base Project, total investment billion yuan. In order to ensure investment promotion During the epidemic prevention and control period, it is not allowed to remove the line, Yan’an City integrated investment information release, fully uses informationization, intelligent means, opened the "New Merchants, online investment, intelligent investment".

On the morning of March 11, Yan’an City held a centralized signing ceremony of "Dream Yan’an · Online Investment". After signing on the "screen panel" on behalf of the "screen panel", Yan’an City identified the investment promotion projects of 15 enterprises in Singapore and Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Guangdong and other places, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

  Xi’an Jingkai District recently held the "cloud signing" activities of the investment promotion project "cloud sign" in the special form of network connection.

Just an hour, 20 total investment Dales of 100 million projects were "cross-screen" landed. 20 projects of this signature, 1 billion yuan project, 3 billion projects, 300 million yuan.

Xianyang City uses online video form to hold an investment program cloud signing ceremony, and 44 projects in the contract shall be included in the industrial sector of electronic display, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, and new building materials, and introduce source of live water for high quality development. Ankang City Government also held a network investment promotion meeting, in the online live broadcast of online platforms such as Ankang TV Station, China Mobile "Yuntun" and other network platforms, a total of 14 contracts, total investment of 2.1 billion yuan, covering equipment manufacturing, Selenium selenium, plush toys, biomedicine and other fields. "As of now, through the new model of online investment, Shaanxi Province only poverty alleviation industry projects, it will enroll 34, total investment is about 100 million yuan. Other investment promotions have been promoted to the leading and starting of all parts of the country, and enhanced. After the poverty alleviation industry, it is expected to drive more than 160,000 documentation, poverty, and realize in the ground.


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