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And when Venerable Dong Lan was talking with his junior,His other subordinate‘Sodaho’But also talking to people in reality。

“Yi Jihou、Hou Qihou,How are you two thinking。”Suodahou at this moment has not had the calmness and demeanor that he had when meeting with Li Ming,On the contrary he has a hideous expression on his face。
“Sodaho!”Yi Jihou with gray-brown wings looks a little embarrassed:“That is the descendant of the Lord of Dragon Walk,Those benefits。。。Just give up,Anyway, ordinary immortals take care of us,Strictly speaking, we did not involve。”
“Your kid is too simple,Look at his posture,Didn’t plan to show up at the party。I guess he is planning to do it here once‘Cleaning’,If we do nothing,Even if I won’t be executed in the future,At least go to Star Prison。”
Mention of Star Hell,The other two Fenghou couldn’t help but shiver。
“Say again,I don’t want you two to kill him。。。Just trying to teach him a lesson。。Let him know that you can’t destroy it easily‘order’—Otherwise it will really die。”
Yi Jiehou and Lun Qihou looked at each other,Compared to sodahou,They both attacked and retreated together。Without too much consideration,They faintly think that Suodahou’s words are quite reasonable。
“Three tops who returned from outside the field‘Lord of the World’,An immortal god,And his own strength is also comparable to the master-level genius of the world secret realm‘Your Highness’Myself。。。We will arrange for people to deal with the three world master guards and‘Your Highness Urus’Myself,but,Just scare,No assassination。。”Kuang Qihou nodded and said:“Sodaho,That Lei Jiahou has to be handed to you。”
“rest assured,no problem。”Suodahou promised very happily:“Lei Jiahou, I will deal with it myself,You can send your men to deal with those world masters。Remember those world masters,Strength is not easy。”
“rest assured,We will send immortality to deal with them!”
“But you,Don’t reveal your identity!”
Waiting to send away Yi Jihou and Lun Qihou,Suodahou’s face changed again。
“Two idiots,How can an assassination be undead—Just who will die?!”At the moment, only indifference and calm remain on Suodahou’s face,A faint green light flashed in my eyes。“Don’t you want war?The outstanding descendant of the Lord of Dragon Travel died at the hands of a strong man who was connected with the monster race,See if there will be a fierce war。”
“A bunch of idiots。。。”

Just a few breaths,The three of them got six full black armors。

Simultaneously,The fighting situation has also fallen into a stalemate,Was there a god who was killed and fell to the ground?。
Although the gods of Blood Heburg are well prepared,Strength is not bad,But after all, the number is less than that of the Stormy Castle and the Elf Castle.,The strongest is pinned again。If you are close to fighting at the same time,The special combo armor can’t work,Gradually falling。
Although the Lord Blood Heborg is still encouraging resistance,But apparently no longer supported。
suddenly,Wright’s spiritual knowledge swept an incredible scene。
A long vine that looked like a plant flew out of the hand of the butler of the storm castle,And then hit the bloody castle—-Cuiwu, the Lord of Rainstorm Castle by his side。
Although this blow was a soft weapon,But fierce and domineering,Distorted and fluctuating space around Longvine,At the same time, it has the flexibility of soft weapons,Without warning, he turned a corner and hit Cui Wu in the head。
With this fierce blow,Cui Wu has an incredible face,At the same time, a white-robed Cuiwu flew out of his body—Another clone of him。However, his strong clone of the Lord God of War fell in just one blow。And the clone of Baipao,To be exact, the deity of the sanctuary,But a trace of aftermath from the battle of a group of middle gods around,Annihilated。
“Dead leaves,what are you doing!”Elf leader Kasdi furious,Not just for the task,Cui Wu is still his good friend,Intersected for tens of millions of years。Friends are only the deity and this god clone,Two clones have fallen,It’s really dead。
However, when Cassidy attacked the Butler of Dead Leaves,,A thunder spear stopped him。
The Lord of the Blood He Castle has separated two major clones,One big clone is the previous clone of Destroy God,Has the strength close to the six-star spirit,In the face of the siege of the six powerhouses, they can barely support。And the other is the clone of Thunder God who just appeared,Hand spear,In terms of strength, it is close to the avatar of Destroy God。Two clones join forces,Confront the five strong,Not weak at all。
“Damn!”Almost all the gods who participated in the assessment, including Wright, cursed,At the same time pull back。
The Lord of Stormy Castle is dead,What are they doing so hard?,They are for elf assessment,Instead of having friendship with Rainstorm Castle,Of course not to die hard。Some even plan to slip away,The mission must have failed anyway。
however,The battle has also reversed,With the backwater of dead leaves,There are two high-ranking gods and twelve middle-ranking counter-attacks in the guards of Rainstorm Castle,Colleagues before the attack。
Just three breaths,The gods of the bloody castle have gained an absolute advantage。The guards of Rainstorm Castle partly turned back,Mostly Fallen。
And the elves,Several high-level gods and elves often face crises,Outstanding life-saving ability,Just the fallen one,Nearly 30% of the gods who participated in the elves test died,The rest, including Wright and his party, ran away。
The two sides face off far away。

“classmates,And everyone who is watching the live broadcast online,Hello!I am the host and commentator Sakata-kun,Although some people always say that my mouth smells,But actually my operation is very good!”

“All the audience friends,Hello everyone!I am the host of the e-sports moment column Missing sauce,Today as a guest commentator,I look forward to watching the exciting game with everyone!”
Haruno Sakura took out a piece of paper and began to say:“Let me announce first,National E-Sports Center‘Glory Gun’Organized by the Project University Department,As a Jingnan City in the first round of the National College Student E-Sports League Qualifier‘City Derby’,The winner of this game will directly advance to the top 16 of the province to participate in the next round of competition,The loser is eliminated。Special thanks to the sponsors of the competition——Longlin Industrial Group、Yuanhang Technology Co., Ltd.、Dayushawang Network Media Center、Silly Dasao Communication University Catering Department……Thanks to all the above sponsors for their strong support to this event!”
“Then,Let me introduce the format of the first round of qualifiers——Taken in this gameBO3Competition system,That is, the first team to win two games in three games will directly win!Adopted in the first game‘Grab point mode’,Adopted in the second round‘Kill mode’,Adopted in the third round‘Blast mode’。However, according to the strength gap between the two teams,Should not be dragged into the third game……If the flower team can win,I will eat the microphone live!”Sakata-kun set one before the gameFlag,This is his usual style。
“Players of the current two teams,All ready to be in place,The game is about to start!Let us follow the countdown,Enter the competitive world of the Gun of Glory together!”Miss Jiangdao。
“Audience friend,We see the first game‘Grab point mode’The game map is randomly refreshed‘street fighting’map!The feature of this map is that there are many buildings,Complex street environment,The last extremely difficult map。”Haruno Sakura Road
“‘Grab point mode’As the name implies, it is to seize the stronghold on the map as much as possible!We watch the big map,‘street fighting’Has been refreshed5Locations in different locations!For both sides of the game,15Minutes later,The side with more strongholds,Win!It is worth noting that,If one party occupies all the strongholds on the map at the same time,The game ends early!”Sakata-kun explained the victory conditions to the audience。
“In addition,‘Grab point mode’There is an interesting rule,Once you occupy a stronghold,One man must be left to defend!The rest can compete for the next stronghold……In other words,The side with more strongholds will always face the pressure of playing more with less!”Missing sauce added。
“the following,Let’s turn the screen to the game on the field。”
at this time,Flower team5A team member refreshed in the birth point of a private house。
“President,How to play this game mode?”Cao Anna asked with her eyes wide open。
“Cough!I said it before,Call me in the team‘team leader’!This mode,You just keep following me!Don’t get lost!Our team has three breakups,Has an absolute advantage in grab points!”Feng Xichuan Road。
“Ok!President!”Anna Cao picked up a brand newM4A1,And grabbed a lot of rifle bullets。
“President?What to do if you leave Songxiao?”Zhang Song asked。
“Li Gexiao go with the team first,If you occupy a stronghold,He is the first one to guard!”Feng Xichuan Conductor。

A sudden stop by Xia Jianmeng,The head of the motorcycle is less than one meter away from the woman,He couldn’t help but frown,Asked angrily:“What do you wanna do?

“Yo!Isn’t this Mr. Xia??We met,You take me a ride”This woman said,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Has jumped into the back seat of the motorcycle。
Xia Jian was taken aback,I just remembered,Indeed seen,At the restaurant。
“Chen Xiaoju,what do you mean?You come down”Wang Youcai chased me,Reaching out and pulling Chen Xiaoju sitting behind Xia Jian。
Chen Xiaoju panic,Just grabbed Xia Jian’s waist,Still shouting provocatively:“I won’t go down,What can you do to me?”
Hey!What has become of this,I encountered something like this when I went out。Chen Xiaoju’s big breasts pressed tightly against Xia Jian’s back,Her hands are tight,Wang Youcai has spent a lot of effort,Didn’t get her down。
Xia Jian said unhappily:“You go down,I have something,Don’t waste my time here”
“President Xia,Just help out!Anyway,We also have a fate,As long as you take me to Pingyang Town,I’ll leave immediately,Never bother you,This ghost place,I don’t want to stay for a moment“Chen Xiaoju said,I used my hands again。
Someone passing by in the village,Then stopped and watched the excitement,This makes Xia Jian embarrassed,He shouted to Wang Youcai:“Get your woman down“
“Don’t move me!You cowhide king,There is no bullshit dime,Still want to marry my old mother,I’ll go back and break up with you“Chen Xiaoju didn’t wait for Wang Youcai to approach again,He started to swear。
A man who can’t do it has a temper,The muscles on Wang Youcai’s face twitched twice,He said to Xia Jian in a little embarrassment:“What trouble you,Take her to Pingyang Town Bus Station!”
Although they are at odds,But after all living in a village,Xia Jian is not good at dismissing his face,Moreover,This Chen Xiaoju is like a piece of gum,I want to drive her down,Not easy。
But Xia Jian changed his mind,What kind of words does he run with other women?,Besides, this Chen Xiaoju is not a good product,In case some monster moth comes out halfway,He jumped into the Yellow River and can’t tell。

However, Leiyun Pengdiao’s eyes changed,Wright doesn’t know how to look at people’s winks,But it saw anger in its eyes、despair、Beg、Relief and determination。

But how does Wright understand the wink of Lei Yun Pengdiao。Lei Yun Pengdiao’s momentum suddenly changed。
Chapter 23 Eggs
As if before the rain,Wright noticed that dark clouds suddenly appeared over this area.。A feeling of depression and danger suddenly came to my heart,As if a disaster is approaching。
Leiyun Pengsiao seems to have given up defense,Hold up a proud head,Long howl“Tweeted~~~!”
The pair of wings on the back of the Leiyun Peng Carving bloomed with blue-purple lightning rays。Echo this,There is a flash of thunder among the dark clouds in the sky,Something seems to be brewing。
in vain,Struck by a flash of lightning,Cleave dozens of iron-winged fire ants into coke,Exposed,And soon was covered by the swarm of ants。
But this lightning is only the first,Soon thousands of thunder snakes fell from the sky,The violent roar resounded。The iron-winged fire ant colony was fatally hit。
Wright’s face full of horror,Fortunately, I quickly discovered that the scope of this magic did not affect here,“This is forbidden magic‘Thunder Destroy the World’?wrong,That taboo magic can only be performed by the Magister of Sanctuary,and‘Thunder Destroy the World’Thousands of lightning power ranges are much larger than this,But even so,This trick is also far more than ninth level magic‘Thunder hell’Up,Even if the Sanctuary Magister performs‘Thunder hell’It can’t be so scary!I can’t imagine that a ninth-level monster can perform such terrible moves,This is beyond the level of the ninth-level magician。Really deserves to be the most mysterious Leiyun Peng carving,It seems that this Leiyun Peng Eagle will win!”Wright thought of this,I planned to slip away early,If you don’t leave, wait until Leiyun Pengsiao recovers,Maybe I just cleaned myself up,I am far from the opponent of Leiyun Pengdiao。
suddenly,Wright recalled the glance of Lei Yun Pengdiao,Stop,Closer look。
Thousands of thunder and lightning fell from the sky,Madly destroyed everything in that area——Also including the Thunder Cloud Peng Sculpture!
When the lightning burns the iron-winged fire ants into coke,And slapped Leiyun Pengdiao mercilessly!Just a few moments,Leiyun Pengshou has suffered more damage than the previous iron-winged fire ants inflicted on her.,This is when the Thunder Cloud Pengshou is a Thunder Beast that is resistant to thunder and lightning.!
Most of the pale golden feathers have become scorched black,Even so, she still guarded the area under her body.,Bow down,Tighten the whole body,Let the thunder and lightning strike you。A pair of wings that seem to be full of thunder power is also dim,Feathers fall one by one。
“Kaka”From the body,Wright mobile sight。One,Yep,One head is fat and strong,Giant iron-winged fire ants with huge egg-laying organs in the back,Or the iron-winged fire ant mother is wailing in pain。It was set on fire by dozens of lightning,Under the violent thunder and lightning one after another,The defense of the eighth level of monsters just makes it more painful to die,Soon it was wiped out under the power of thunder and lightning。
Lei Yunpeng carved his head weakly,Looked through the branches to Wright。
In an instant Wright understood what she meant,“Let me save her baby?”
Wright sighed,Even though I haven’t seen what Lei Yunpeng carving is protecting,But he is already 90% sure。

Tossing on the road for more than an hour,I finally arrived at the company dormitory,Li Tianchou’s heart picked up again。Fortunately, just handed in at noon,Nobody in the dormitory corridor。Sandou sent everyone to the door of the dormitory all the way,And went to work,Wang Juan didn’t hold it。

Once in the door,A scent of sweat hits your face,The unique taste of male dormitory。Aunt and sister-in-law do not dislike,It made Li Tianchou a big blush。
“Daqi lives in this shop,I live below。The other two colleagues went home for the New Year,No one else。You have lived here this time,Save money on finding a hotel。I moved to other colleagues’ dormitory two days ago,Do not worry。”Li Tianchou put down his luggage,Pointing to your own upper pavement。
“Damn,How embarrassed,Doesn’t this cause you a big trouble?”Wang Juan is very sad。
“No trouble,Many colleagues go home during the New Year,There are vacant shops in other dormitories。”Li Tianchou quickly explained。
“correct,My brother is too ridiculous?We are all here,Why can’t you see him?”Cui Minmin is very unhappy and complaining,Wang Juan also looked at Li Tianchou with a little puzzled。
Chapter Eleven The suspect is dead
Li Tianchou secretly cried out,What should come,I can’t hide it。He made up his mind to swallow and spit、Cleared his throat and said:“sister in law,Listen to me,Just now at the station,Aren’t we rushing back??So I didn’t have time to make it clear。Daqi……Daqi actually got hurt,Still in the hospital……”
“Say what?Daqi is injured?Hurt?Not serious?”Auntie’s faces changed suddenly。
“Nothing serious,It needs to be observed in the hospital for a while。”Li Tianchou bites his head。
“Which hospital?No way,We are going to see him soon!You said earlier,Otherwise, we’ll go straight to the hospital。”Wang Juanteng stood up,There is already unconcealed anger on his face。
Li Tianchou regretted wanting to pump his mouth,Just avoiding the serious and lightly talking nonsense,I expected to temporarily stabilize the two aunts,But I didn’t expect it to be like this,See how I clean up this mess。“Hey,Sister-in-law, don’t get excited。Go to the hospital now,People are not allowed to visit,Better eat something first,Rest awhile。”
“Why not let the visitation,We are family members。”Wang Juan didn’t listen to persuasion at all,“I said big brother,Because you are a great friend,I’m not in a hurry。But now I have to go to the hospital。Tell me which one it is?Going right now。Otherwise, I’ll go to the leader to ask。”Wang Juan said,I walked to the door and opened the door。

Wei Kai walked out of the office,Waited outside for less than five minutes,Sun Yaohua walked out of it。

“Law protector Dai Yun wants to see you,More me!”
Sun Yaohua took Wei Kai on the elevator and didn’t go down,But go straight to the top floor,There is a helicopter parked above。
Wei Kai followed on the helicopter,The plane headed east all the way out to sea,More than ten minutes later I saw lights shining on the sea in the distance,It’s a lighthouse when I fly closer。
“This island is a family property in the dunya,If it’s not for the law protector who wants to see you,I have no chance to come here。”
Wei Kaisuan saw the power of the hidden family,Although not showing up in the dunya,But there are their shadows everywhere。
The helicopter landed at a manor on the island,In front is a garden like a maze。
“Go,Elder Dai Yun is waiting for you inside。”
Wei Kaicai walked into the garden,A cloud of white mist rises all around,Can’t see,He is on guard。
Suddenly an old voice sounded in front:“You are Wei Kai!”
“Listen to the voice and see that he is less than ten meters away from me,I can’t feel his presence,The people of the hermit family really should not be underestimated!”Wei Kai is secretly scared。
“Yes,I am Wei Kai!”
“You want us to help you kill a 9th-rank master,Why should we promise you,Give me a reason!”
“Just rely on me!”
“By you?”
“Yes,If you help me kill this person,I let your Dai family send one year!”
Wei Kai said loudly:“Your hidden family cannot easily appear in the duny world。But i am different,I am a man of the world,Have my help,Your Dai family can occupy more resources in the world!”
“it is good!”
A book of bamboo slips flew out of the white mist and fell into Wei Kai’s hands。

“Guo Yingdong is interesting。”

Zhang Haibao said to Zhu Huiwei:“I haven’t opened the box to see what’s inside for decades,Some of the spirit of our generation!”
Zhu Huiwei also nodded and said:“There are really few people who still keep their promises in this era!”
Chen Xiu asked curiously:“What’s in your box?”
Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei looked at each other,Or Zhang Haibao said:“You’ll know later。”
Chen Xiu knows what Zhang Haibao doesn’t want to say,Absolutely tight-lipped like a bottle,If you ask yourself, there will be no results。
I’m not asking too much now,It was the closing ceremony on the plane。
It took more than three hours to fly from Saigon to O Island,When the plane landed at Australia Island Airport,It’s already past 12 o’clock in the evening。
As soon as the three of them left the airport, there were more than ten luxury cars waiting outside。
Chen Xiu is not surprised。
Both Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao have lived for hundreds of years,To talk about financial resources,They are the real richest man。
The so-called 100 richest people on the rich list are actually a joke!
“The two of us still have some things to do,During this time you can do your own business。”Zhu Huiwei said to Chen Xiu。
Zhang Haibao also said:“Now that you know about Guo Yingdong and others,See you at Guo Yingdong’s house in three days。I’ll have to go out after that time,You are ready to pay my favor!”
“Travel?”Chen Xiu asked:“Where to go?”
“Xiangxi、Centipede Ridge。”

Lao Yan was anxious,“You said it was easy,How can this group of ground snakes be friendly??The most feared is revenge in secret,That is simply impossible to guard against。Now you make things big,Spread both hands,Speaking better than singing,How do we stay here in the future?”

Li Tianchou understands that Lao Yan is timid,But I am very disgusted that he will always‘Something big’Hang on,It looks like the sky is falling,Don’t give Lao Yan a bit cruel,I’m afraid this person will always waver,Thought of here,He sneered,“You think you don’t clean them up,You will be in peace?What about the earth snake?He has to keep me in the nest if he meets us,Otherwise I have to skin cramps。”
These harsh words frightened Lao Yan,He stared at this young man,I don’t seem to know,It took a long time to point out Li Tianchou,“you,you,You kid, I’m afraid you’re going to cause a catastrophe。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One Gang fight
“Yan Tou,If you get into trouble,I carry it alone,It doesn’t matter to everyone。”Li Tianchou raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Defa,“We talked about this a few times,I don’t want to be wordy。You have your concerns,I understand,But let the big guy live like this,Can’t do it。”
Li Tianchou’s words are soft and thorny,Very shameless,Lao Yan was completely speechless,He was so angry that he was going to leave,Suddenly heard the noise outside the iron gate。I haven’t realized what is going on,Just heard“咣,咣”The sound of slamming the door is mixed with screaming。
“People inside open the door。”
“Numbly open the door,Let our people go。”
“Grassy,Seed out。”
Lao Yan’s face turned pale,“You look,Take a look,What am i talking about?I’m here, right??How can this be done……Damn!”He rubbed his hands in anxious circles。
The workers are also a bit blind,Everyone looks solemn,I don’t know how many people came outside,The excitement of the victory just now disappeared without a trace。
And the green shirt youths are so happy,Hope for the stars,Hoping for the moon,I finally came to my own person。The swelling just now got worse,Must return ten times。You numb mud legs,Dare to go to heaven with a stick,I really thought I was home,See how to clean up you。These people are triumphant,Dreaming,But his face still looks like a grandson,Dare not show it。
There are also ecstatic,That’s Li Desheng,Shy with a rotten persimmon face,He laughed。Li Tianchou just ignored him,Was beaten up by a few angry workers,Fortunately, the big bear opened in time,Otherwise, the half life is gone。
Li Tianchou is very calm now,Can’t help being calm,He understands that the workers around him are watching him,Comrade Yan can’t count on it anymore,Since I picked it out by myself,And it has reached this level,It makes no sense to shrink your head halfway。There is probably the bald brother Bin from outside,I don’t have to look for it myself。
He stretched out,Very beautifully picking a thick wooden stick beside him,Looked at the workers around,Suddenly serious,“Everyone listen to me,There must be an end to this matter today,Otherwise these people will never end。There are many brothers who have been bullied,So my idea is very simple,Disabled them,Willing,Do it with me。Unwilling,Don’t watch the excitement here,Hurry back,Eyeless。”
Although Li Tianchou’s words did not have impassioned speeches,But many people feel very imposing,Big Bear soon、More than a dozen people headed by Er Kun, each carrying a guy, stood beside Li Tianchou,Second Artillery、Monkey and others hesitated,Also stand here。Li Tianchou makes a rough calculation,Most of the workers present followed,This also refreshed his spirit。
“You guys put down guys,Why is this?Why?what……Hey,All crazy,crazy。”Yan Defa yelled,But then I collapsed a bit。
“The broken door in our north is screwed on with iron wire,Deaf ear decoration。When they rushed in,You follow me,The strength in the hand is well controlled,Don’t hit the head。”Li Tianchou looked at the crumbling iron gate,Ordered everyone。He suddenly remembered the scene when he and Peng Weihua were preparing to rush out in the underground casino,Can’t help but sigh。