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He whispered to himself,Strode to Shimu’s bedside,I found that the woman’s eyes have been tracking his movement。

Time twilight,I really woke up。
Zheng Ye didn’t know whether he was surprised or happy,More perhaps still at a loss,Standing by her bed and want to ask,But summed up a few times and don’t know what to ask。
He kept thinking about what to do if Shiguluo wakes up,This hasn’t come up with a result yet,It’s so unexpected come true。
Shi Muluo’s face is calm,The whole person seems to be pressed the slow forward button,Blinking looks very laborious,It even takes more than two seconds。
Zheng Ye tried his best to calm down,Must stay calm now,But now that this is the case,Take one step and see one step。
He quickly called Qi Xianwei,Notify the doctor instead,Wait for everything to be arranged,So I settled down and sat on the edge of the bed,Try to talk to her slowly。
“Can you hear me?”He attached,Ask as gently as possible。
“Then you can’t tell?”
“Do you remember what happened before?”
“then you……”

Is Director Ma waiting for him here??Who is she?Just when Xia Jianzheng felt puzzled,The inner bathroom door opened at this time,I saw Ma Xiaoli walking out wearing a short mini skirt。

Under the package of clothes fit,This woman in her thirties exudes a charming breath from top to bottom,Especially her tall chest,And a slightly cocked butt,Xia Jian is almost fascinated。
“Thank you, Mr. Xia, for being rewarded for this meal”Ma Xiaoli smiled,Walked over with a charming figure,She sat down next to Xia Jian without restraint。Xia Jian didn’t smile,Didn’t talk much。
A faint fragrance on the woman’s body instantly puffed her nose,Xia Jian couldn’t help but sucked hard。
Ma Xiaoli added some water to Xia Jian’s tea cup,She asked with a smile:“Xia always feels strange,We just met,I will invite you to dinner,It feels a bit conspiring”
“Hahahaha!Director Ma can really laugh,You look so beautiful,How many men want to invite you to dinner,Maybe not please,It’s my glory to sit with you,To say something wrong,In turn, this sentence should still make sense”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Ma Xiaoli smiled slightly,Suddenly became amorous,She said softly:“President Xia is not only young,And the pharaoh’s way in business,I don’t know how to praise in this Fengyue field?”
“Hahahaha!Director Ma is really a man of temperament,Talk straight,Two or three sentences straight to the topic。As the saying goes,four cardinal vices,But I only lack this color”Xia Jian was holding a tea cup and suddenly laughed and said。
Ma Xiaoli raised her pink finger,He lightly nodded on Xia Jian’s forehead and said:“You are bad”
Faced with such a sultry woman,Xia Jianqiang presses on which impulse in his heart,If you don’t feel anything at all about Ma Xiaoli’s every move,What a lie。It’s men who have this impulse,But Xia Jian knew,They only met once,And she is Qiangdong’s sales director,Are all the salesmen like this??
Ma Xiaoli saw Xia Jian’s mouth with joy,But actually sitting still,She felt dull for a while,So he called out the door:“Waiter,Serve”
Maybe it’s the reason for being prepared,Three to five minutes,A large table of seafood is on the table,What made Xia Jian gasp,There are also two bottles of liquor on the table。
Xia Jian couldn’t help asking softly:“Director Ma,Is there someone else coming?”
“will not,I will treat you alone tonight,Has nothing to do with the company,If Mr. Xia can afford it, call me Sister Ma,Stop one bite of Director Ma,Sounds awkward”Ma Xiaoli said,Greeting Xia Jian to the dinner table。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Good sister Ma,Since you invited me to this meal in your own name,There is really no need to be polite between us,You call me Xiaoxia”
“Okay Xiaoxia,Today’s lunch is awkward,So we have to let go and have a drink tonight。I know all of you Northwestern men can drink,You can’t tell me,Can’t you!”By Ma Xiaoli,A weird smile appeared on his face。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Can’t men say that I can’t?So i say i can,Sister Ma should be relieved now!”Two people laughing,They were filled with white wine。
Chopsticks did not move,This wine will dry up first。Xia Jian knows,A woman like Ma Xiaoli,Drinking volume should be very good,One is her personality,The second is the nature of her work。Business,Inseparable from social dinner,Without this wine at the dinner, it’s meaningless。
The two drank three cups in a row,Only then moved the chopsticks。Ma Xiaoli pointed at which shrimps and crabs on the table,Very proud to say:“This thing is delicious,And the nutritional value is very high,Especially you men,I should eat more shrimp”
Ma Xiaoli said,She couldn’t help but laugh first,Some things don’t make sense,Can only be regarded as a joke,But Ma Xiaoli smiled like that,The meaning of this has changed。

Looking at Guo Meili with a little sweat on his face,Xia Jian stood up a little unbearable,I stretched out my hand and shook it:“Nothing,We just arrived”

“He Bujian,Why don’t you give Mr. Xia tea,You are really”Guo Meili complained sharply。
He Juan smiled and said:“He is really the boss of the group?”Look at her disbelief,Xia Jian is a little angry。
Guo Meili glared at her and said:“Is it fake,I think you are stupid,Mr. Xia troubles us to go to the third floor,Come to our office for a cup of tea,Then let’s talk about official business”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“I will look at your account first,Then let’s go have tea”Xia Jian was upset with He Juan,Want to find something to do for her,Otherwise, she really didn’t know that Lord Ma would have three eyes。
Guo Meili smiled awkwardly:“can,what would you like,Let her provide”After speaking, he made tea for Xia Jian and Heiwa in person.。
Xia Jian took a seat in the big swivel chair“Show me the ledger from last month”Xia Jian’s voice is cold,Sounds a bit hairy。
Kejuan,His face changed slightly:“Sorry Mr. Xia,This last month’s ledger has not yet been completed,Can you take a look at other ledgers first”
“What’s the date?Your ledger for last month hasn’t been completed yet”Xia Jian asked sharply,He finally found a vent,This woman is a bit too much,Been in for so long,Not even a glass of water。
He Juan lowered her arrogant head,Whispered:“Staff changes in the finance department last month,So it was a delay,But we can make up soon”
Guo Meili was unhappy when she saw Xia Jian,Came over with a cup of tea,Said with a smile:“Mr. Xia first have a cup of tea,As for their poor work,I will deal with her,Don’t be angry”
I had noodles for lunch,I was really thirsty at this time,Xia Jian just accept it,He took the tea cup in Guo Meili’s hand,Smiled slightly:“This tea thing,How can I let Mr. Guo,Just ask someone to come in”
Guo Meili shook her head and said:“People nowadays,The secretary is always so-so,Uneasy,You come with me”Guo Meili said,He Juan with his head down,Two of them went out。
They just went out,The little girl who brought them in just now walked in and made tea for them both,Xia Jian gestured to Heiwa,Heiwa, who understood her heart, stood up immediately,Went out,And closed the door from the outside。

When Xia Jian went in,Three people have slept inside,His seat happens to be in the lower bunk,Put the salute under the bed,Xia Jian saw that everyone was sleeping,Inconvenience,So I lay down quietly。My boy,This soft sleeper,It’s even wider than the hard sleeper,This is the power of RMB,Xia Jian was shocked from the bottom of his heart。

In confusion,Xia Jian slowly fell asleep,He woke up due to a urgency,Soft sleeper,Snoring ups and downs,It seems everyone is sleeping。
Xia Jian walked out gently,By the faint light on the aisle,He looked at the watch,Found that it was more than one o’clock midnight,I slept deep enough。
Walk to the toilet door,Just about to reach out,A sleepy female conductor walked over:“The toilet here is broken,Deactivate,Go to the hard sleeper next door!”The female clerk finished,And left without looking back。
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,Follow the instructions of the female queue,Walk to the hard sleeper。at this time,Plus a sleeping car,So there is no one in the aisle,Plus bang bang bang bang,Continuous sound of railroad tracks,Sounds a little scary。Latest and fastest update
At the junction of the two cars,The door of the aisle is closed,Xia Jian pushed,A woman’s voice came from the crack in the door:“Bulk goods、Second goods,Now this point,Just start,Come out this time,Don’t give me another shame”
“Oh sister!It’s all our bad luck,If you don’t sit in a soft sleeper in the VIP room,,We killed him,Maybe it’s a fat sheep”
“All right,I said let you go up and seduce him,But you just talked about it when it came to the car,Ok now!People sit in a soft sleeper,This door is closed,In which room,We don’t know anymore”
The voice of two women again,They talked one by one。
The door just opened a small gap,Xia Jianyi heard this,Immediately retired,I didn’t expect to pee myself,I heard such news,What makes him even more incredible is,These three women,It turned out to be the three women in the VIP room,And listen to it,But also to kill him?
Hey!Everyone has no grievances,Meet again for the first time,Why are you killing me?Just when Xia Jianzheng was puzzled,The door banged,Three women are gone。
Xia Jian through the glass door,Watched again,Make sure these three people are the three women who deliberately looked for things among the VIPs.,What are they going to do?Why did you kill him?Xia Jian’s brain suddenly flashed,He finally understood,So they are thieves,Steal money,Slaughter him is the same。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but enjoy,Thought,I blame you for being blind,I just want to provoke someone like me,I want to see tonight,How did you harm people?

“it is good!What I want is your words“Xia Jian left after talking。

Mu Rong Si thought up and said:“I was drinking with my sister the other day,Not drunk at all“Xia Jian didn’t know why Mu Rong Sisi wanted to say this to him,But he still believed what she said。
Since it has entered winter,Although the sun is big,But the cold wind blowing still makes people feel extremely cold。Xia Jian wore a black hat on his head,I also put a big mask on my mouth,Then there is a white scarf around my neck。
When he rode a Yamaha through the streets of Pingdu,Attracted the envy of many people。Especially which girls,There is a strange brilliance in his eyes。
Pingyang Town is not too far from Pingdu City,Because there are fewer vehicles on the road,Plus Xia Jian rode the car so fast,So it didn’t take much time,He has stood in the town government compound of Pingyang Town。
Couple of office girls,I saw such a cool handsome guy in the yard,They all put their heads out,Xia Jian is a little bit embarrassed。
Secretary Wang came out with a water glass,He laughed:“Oh, mayor Xia!Your outfit is too trendy,Makes the girl in our office uneasy at work“
“Really? Secretary Wang?I’ll change it,This affects how bad the work is”Xia Jian haha and went upstairs,Go to Mayor Zhao。
Mayor Zhao greeted him early when he heard the voice,Xia Jian walked over,Shook hands with him,And entered Mayor Zhao’s office。So Ouyang Hong has arrived early,She is sitting on the sofa drinking tea。
“and also!Are you looking for a girlfriend in our town government?!Made it so cool”Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Can’t help but smile and say。
Xia Jian sat by the stove,So I took off the hat, scarf and mask。He smiled and said:“Riding a motorcycle in such a big wind,Not well equipped,Will freeze to death”
“Where’s your big run?”Ouyang Hong smiled and asked。
Xia Jian turned on the stove and roasted it:“Mr. Guo returned to his hometown,Bring many things,I asked Han Juan to take her back。Moreover,It’s time to ride this bike out,The idle time is a bit long”
When he talked to Ouyang Hong,Mayor Zhao has made Xia Jian a cup of steaming tea,Xia Jian took it and took a sip,said laughingly:“Let’s drink tea and work,Warm up around the stove”
“OK!The weather this year seems extremely cold”Ouyang Hong said and sat over。
Mayor Zhao took a pen and a notebook and sat down。Of the three of them, Ouyang Hong is the mayor,Xia Jian is an honorary mayor anyway,Only him mayor Zhao,Is the food and clothing supervisor of the people in Pingyang Town。So he is most concerned about Pingyang Town。
“Let’s talk about the fruit industry base first,And the planting of peppercorns in spring next year”Mayor Zhao sat down,Go straight to the topic。

Why the formations such as the Little Thousand Ancestor Divine Array can make the ancestral god and the world realm powerful?

first,Gather the power of the ancestors,Bring the world gods close to the world in pure power。
Second come,The formation itself has the effect of releasing force into the void,Can make 90% or even more of the attack drop into the void,The rest is peacefully shared by hundreds of thousands of ancestor gods。
But the entire void within this large array is suffering from Li Ming’s void,The effect of unloading force into the void is not working—At least the level of the ancestral god formation,Can’t get rid of Li Ming’s chaos!
“This。。。Is this person a great power in the world??”Po Yanying’s face changed drastically。
An ancestral god comparable to the world?That’s too rare,Much rarer than the peak of the world。
He doesn’t think what he encountered is such a wicked existence。
instead,Disguise identity,More likely。
If it is really a world。。。A large array of hundreds of ancestors,Able to fight against the great power of the world,But very reluctant。
Generally speaking,It’s a big formation formed by three hundred ancestor gods,In order to truly fight undefeated against the weakest world。
Xiaoqianzu God Array。。。Instead, it overwhelmed the weakest end of the world。
“senior,senior,Forgive me, senior!”Peryan heart oozes,Outgoing Voice,But his voice was directly suppressed by Li Ming’s control,Can not be transmitted at all。
First29chapter The killing under Duobaoshan(under)
First29chapter The killing under Duobaoshan(under)


Chapter nine hundred and forty nine Evoked past
The shadows grow taller,After a few steps, I came to the side of Li Tianzhi lying quietly,The black unicorn creeps next to him, motionless,In the deep pit not far away,Craftsmen and coolies are still busy coming in and out like ants。
Looking at the huge pit in front of me,The black shadow mumbled vaguely,Then I cast my eyes on that extremely lonely,A huge stone pillar,That is the eight-sided purple gold mace,Sombra recognizes this thing,There is a hot light in the eyes,But it fades soon,Completely covered by another emotion。
Zijin mace is certainly a good thing,But this is not his purpose today,Sombra once again turned his gaze to Li Tianzhi,Looking at the big scary hole in his chest,Can’t help but be moved,In front of my eyes there was another light trail that shattered the sky,So he looked around subconsciously and vigilantly,Mountain breeze,The towering mountains are like a sleeping behemoth under the tranquil moonlight,Quiet abnormal。
The black shadow laughed at himself,The magic soldier clasped in his hand retracted back into his cuff,Actually before entering the valley,His divine sense has carefully explored the radius of the underground palace tens of miles,Except for Li Tianzhi、Black unicorn、The suppressed Panmang、And the other three monsters,No other magical powers,He just can’t understand,Where did that terrifying arrow come from?
“Why do fellow Taoists come?”Suddenly a misty voice came from under the ruins,Reverberating in the consciousness of the shadows。
“Coming because of fellow Taoists。”Sombra responded,He knows that the suppressed guys below are powerful,So the attitude is quite respectful。
“You are a friend of ghosts?”
“I come from the place of weeping blood。”
“Not bad。”Black Shadow frowned slightly,Seems to dislike the other person’s repeated emphasis on the word ghost。
“The devil is dead。”
“You can’t save you?”
“Can’t be,Will not save。”
Panmang is silent under the ground,It understands the situation of ghosts,The Land of Weeping Blood and Demon Abyss have always been rivals,I have always believed that the creatures of the Demon Abyss are aliens from the Demon World,So often conflict,Finally developed into the years of war,Countless casualties。
Pan Mang and Demon King befriend,But rarely deal with the guys in the Bloodshed,Because this race is too evil and arrogant,Also difficult to deal with,Even if it is recognized as the recognized first strongest ghost king, they don’t take it seriously.,In fact,The various races of ghosts are not willing to provoke the blood,The place of weeping blood is a place that everyone is afraid to avoid。

Li Tianchou was in a daze,The other party’s words are like knocking cymbals in the ear,The sound waves penetrated the last blue space in his mind like a sharp sword,This place is regarded as forbidden by him,Treasured his experience、Memories of the fairy world and the gods,Only Li Xiucheng’s golden body has fallen asleep in it。

Since the real path to awakening started,Li Tianchou sealed the blue space,Even the white highlands are expanding wildly in the gods,It’s hard to affect this very inconspicuous little place,It’s like a light blue bubble,Wandering in the most unexpected position,But more often I stay quiet in the corner。
after that,Li Tianchou’s further awakening,Simply send the small world-based celestial body into the depths of the void,Let it fend for itself,I thought I had a complete break with the mortal world,But I didn’t expect the young man to chisel out this space with a word。
Countless dusty debris hits,Make Li Tianchou suddenly faint and stiff,He just feels the collar is tight,The body floated up involuntarily,Still conscious last glance,It was the young man who carried him and the big guy and plunged into the chaotic world。
Click,a bolt from the blue,Then the clouds came,In an instant it enveloped the mountains and Daze,The world is dim,The pouring rain followed,Mixed with lightning and thunder,After a long drought, the mainland finally ushered in a rare heavy rain。
A small figure got up from the mud,This is a teenager,The face mold is not fully opened yet,But the small body already has tendons,At this time he was hurt all over,There is a big blood hole on the forehead,Pull diagonally from the left to the brow bone on the right,Almost cut the right eye,That is the mark left by Arasawa Gator on his body,Although he is trembling all over,But now that I stood up,I don’t want to fall down。
Juvenile has difficulty identifying directions,But looking up, the world is dark,Plus the rain cover,Can’t see anything specific,Daze is rising,The boy knew that staying here would be drowned,So struggling to move forward。
Just keep going,After all, I can get out of Daze,This is the only choice a teenager can make to survive,Alaska is endless,Is the most dangerous area on the mainland,Especially after the start of the disaster year,The area of Arasawa has expanded again,I don’t know where the head is。
Arasawa is not exactly a swamp,But it’s more complicated than an ordinary swamp,There are countless beasts hidden in it,A little bad luck is a thorny road,Encountered most ordinary beasts still have room for maneuver to save their lives,But if you run into a wild beast with wild blood,,Then die more and live less。
The boy only has a broken knife of unknown material in his hand,Just killed the Arazawa Gator in a fight,I also took care of a fire-tailed jackal lying in the dark waiting for an opportunity,Already exhausted,Fortunately, I didn’t suffer too much injury,But the wound left on his forehead by the crocodile left his heart lingering。
Muddy of Arasawa,Extremely difficult,There are swamp traps everywhere,Can instantly engulf a sturdy wild bullfighting bull,Even in the dry season with fine weather,It’s hard to distinguish these traps,Besides, it’s the season of pouring rain,So every step of the boy’s step is very hard,Fortunately, the rain is heavy,Many fierce beasts don’t know where to hide,It can be regarded as a ray of life for the teenager in this dangerous environment。
May be lucky,Maybe it’s the youth’s perseverance that touched God,Until the wind stops and the rain rests,A teenager never stepped on that terrible trap,But he saw a wild boar not far from him fell into a trap,Disappear without a trace without a trace of struggle。
Don’t know how far,The boy was lucky enough to meet a high slope,Although the area is small,But enough to take a rest,The only danger is that the high slopes are crowded with all kinds of beasts.,In front of the mighty power of nature,These wild guys seem to be much better。
There is water everywhere in the desert at this time,Bottomless in many places,The high slope has become a lonely island in the flood,If you want to get rid of the cold and the danger of falling into a trap at any time,The young man has to invest in another dangerous place,He didn’t hesitate,And after exhausting his remaining strength, he chopped off the heads of two wasteland black wolves.,The beasts successfully accepted him。
The teenager sits with his hands on the knife,Seems to be violent at any time,At this time, he is no different from other beasts that avoid the flood,In fact, the boy has no strength at all,I just keep repeating the weird words in my head,“adhere to,Then insist,You will see the light。”

People in the mainland,Just down the plane,Then transfer the train,Add a few hours of long distance。

I have spit it for a while.。
There is another month of the 28th Super Food God Competition.,Steven·Weeks‘Bullout’Dongshan will start again,Has been rated as the annual gourmet character,Get a qualification。
Steven·Hardship and other opportunities,Save a snow shame,Defeat the traitor Tang Niu‘Big happiness’Catering chain,Will come back to all things。
How to defeat Tang Niu,Steven·Zhou Xi wants a lot,First of all,He wants to learn to cook。
Because Tang Niu is the 10th Five-Year Graduates of China Cooking Training College,Reasonable,This school became Stephen·Preferred。
Who is adverse,Bulls for a long time,It’s hard to get a destination.,But I found that there is no Chinese cooking training in the mountains.。
Vitably,Stephen, who is angry, can’t do it.·Zhou complained about the phone“Do you have a mistake?,I am so fast that I have a hometown.,How can I have a joke with you?,Asked a lot of people,No, no。”
“No reason?!”
Opposite,Black old goose head is refused“Big silly old girl’s mother’s son working in travel agency,He said that there must be a Chinese cooking training college,You have to find it really,It is better to come back first.。”
Goose head is Steven·Temple Street, which is encountered after Zhou,I am not very friendly when I see it.,Steven·Zhou Huan Don,According to his own words,Fortunately, desperately protect the face,Handsome appearance is only saved。
In this case where you don’t know,Steven·Weekly with savvy mind,Convince Goose head to become a business partner,Jointed to sell the peebeles。
Be on board,You can’t expect their words that are all the words that Guan Ye said.,But you can believe that they have swept their vows in front of the God of Wealth.。
Goose head is this situation,Stephen·Zhou earned a pot full of full,Big gold chain small watch,Steven·A big brother on Monday,One of the grandfather。
At least in Stephen·Week before bankruptcy,His loyalty is undoubted。
but,Reference phone content,Goose head people,Skull goose,Not very smart。
“Big brother,I am hurry.!”
Listening to the goose head,Steven·Zygotic point vomiting blood,Hell’s long-distance bus,Really bless。
Moreover,Hong Kong Island also has a piece of‘Double knife turkey’,The honor of this big sister,Steven·Zhou only look at it,I have no secular desire.。
He also knows that the turkey is once a beautiful woman.,Still his mad,Destruction is only because of maintaining his leaflet,Love can be said to be heated,Nai……
Really too ugly!
Steven·Zhou Mi Mi Amitabha,Interesting soul is fun,Unfortunately, he has suddenly,I only love beautiful women in life,Never look at the ugly girl,If there is any trick,Crotch。
Think of this,Steven·Monday,Turkey is a good woman,If you are not young,Room,He doesn’t mind and become a male and female friends.。
so,Everyone is still a brother.!
Be complained,Steven·Zhou Yunguang,I saw a white shirt in the tea booth.。
Have more handsome,Describe with a realistic method,Women see that they will not be close to their legs。
Steven·Week does not move,The heart is silently compared.,The horror found that he was sitting on the sky.,I smringed the world hero。
Continent is worthy of people,Just pick a passerby drinking tea,The value is catching up with him.。
The cheer in the white shirt is naturally Liao Wenjie,There are still no filters at this time.+Beautiful effect,Plus the long handsome, give it to the country.,Leading him with a sharp sword in hand,I can’t find a playing.。

First hug,Xia Jian took the opportunity to grab a hand on Guo Meili’s chest。Make Guo Meili laugh,Pushed Xia Jian away:“No form,Not afraid of others seeing”

“See you see!What is this”Xia Jian said,He opened the door,He called the waiter,Ordered a good bottle of red wine。He feels just after the new year,There is no wine for dinner, it seems that something is missing。
Guo Meili has a happy smile,She asked softly:“How are the uncle and aunt’s new year??You are at home this year,They must be so happy”
“Ok!Dad is very proud。Zhao Hong alone,I called her over,The year we spent together,It’s really lively,But think carefully,I soak in the wine every day“Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。He smiles very relaxed。
Guo Meili said with a flat mouth:“Humph!Accompanied by beautiful women,Drunk,That’s natural“When Guo Meili said this,Has a sour taste。
Xia Jian poured red wine,Asked while smiling:“How is uncle and auntie??You go home to celebrate the new year,They are not still happy”
“Okay!It’s the same thing anyway。We have a lot of New Year events in the countryside,There are many rules,It should be the same everywhere。So i come early,Want to stay here for two days,Go to Pingdu”Guo Meili said,Raised the wine glass and bowed to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Take a good rest here today,Go to the group tomorrow,See if there is no place to connect with work,On the eighth day of the eighth day, I have to go to Pingdu anyway”
“I think so too,I’m afraid it’s not easy to ride on the eighth day!I have been thinking about this issue”Guo Meili took a sip of red wine,Whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“If you can’t, let Zhang Sangui drive you there,Work is important anyway。That person has to go earlier,Arrived before work in Pingdu City,It would be better,What do you say?”Xia Jian asked Guo Meilidao in a discussing tone。
Guo Meili smiled calmly and said:“Of course this is fine,Actually that’s what I think,I’m just afraid you won’t agree,So I dare not really answer“This is the characteristic of Xia Jian’s life,Although what kind of relationship does he have with these women,In terms of work,Always one is one,Won’t give anyone special care。
A bottle of red wine,A table of good dishes,Both of them were eaten up。Although it was Guo Meili’s treat,But when Xia Jian paid the bill, he still rushed to pay,Because he is the boss after all,One month’s salary is several times that of others。
Once in the hotel room,Xia Jian hugged Guo Meili,The two were immediately entangled。They kissed crazy,The clothes on my body fell to the ground like snowflakes。