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Xia Jianchong smiled slightly,Then nodded,He is sure that what Hu Huiru said is correct。

at this time,The waiter ordered all the dishes,Opened a bottle of red wine and returned it。Close the door of the box,This becomes a two-person world。
Hu Huiru poured two glasses of red wine,She picked up the glass,Touched Xia Jian lightly,Then took a sip,Smack her pretty mouth。Just whispered:“Later I thought there was a play between you and Qin Xiaomin,It seems you are still sane”
Xia Jian heard from Hu Huiru’s words,His engagement with Qin Xiaomin,It seems she still doesn’t know。But this is really the case,They ordered fast,It’s over soon,This matter has not been announced to the public。
“Ah!You also think that Qin Xiaomin and I have no future?”Xia Jian took a sip of red wine,I feel a little unhappy。As soon as outsiders know this,Everyone will definitely think that he was kicked by Qin Xiaomin。Because the person who proposed to divorce,It’s Qin Xiaomin。
Hu Huiru nodded and said:“We are people on two roads,If you want to combine,There will be a lot of unexpected troubles,So i think you are right”
The two slowly drank red wine,Tasting authentic Northwestern cuisine。Xia Jian raised his head,Secretly glanced at this woman who can’t be forgotten by a man。He really can’t guess why Hu Huiru wants to talk to him about these things。
“President Xia!We have dealt with each other for many years,Although many unpleasant things happened during the period,But i think,You can still make friends。in my heart,Treated you as a friend,So there are some things I can’t leave”Hu Huiru is very emotional。
There is not a saying called crocodile tears。It probably means that when the crocodile is crying,Will think about eating people,So what Xia Jian did to Hu Huiru,I’m sure。
Xia Jian glanced at Hu Huiru,Did not speak,But added some red wine to her glass。Hu Huiru raised her glass and took a sip and said:“I have figured out a lot of things recently,No matter what people do,There must be a destination。Getting married is a home,So we can’t get out of this circle”
“Ah!Mr. Hu means he wants to get married?”Xia Jian deliberately asked。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“Have a younger sister,Looks almost exactly like me。We go out,Everyone thought we were twins。I like my sister very much,So I want to find her a very good man”
“President Hu!You can really joke。Your sister is naturally good,Do you still have to come to Zhang Luo??Moreover,Arranged marriages are not popular now”Xia Jian drinking red wine,Said disapprovingly。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“wrong!About my sister,I see more important than my own business,So I think there is no wrong person,She would have the same opinion”
“Oh!I don’t understand what you mean。Are you trying to introduce me to your sister?!”Xia Jian said,Can’t help laughing。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Talk to smart people,It’s a lot easier。You are right,I just want you to be my brother-in-law,Can help me in Dongsheng Group in the future”
“President Hu!You are a big joke。Even if your sister can listen to you,But you can’t be so hasty!”Xia Jian was talking and laughing,I picked up my chopsticks and ate。
Hu Huiru glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I didn’t do it hastily,First of all, my examination of you is not a matter of overnight。As long as you can see me,Then you can definitely see my sister”
When Hu Huiru said this,,A face of tenderness。Xia Jian looked at Hu Huiru a little moving,It’s really hard to refuse her。
The two did not speak anymore,But quietly tasting red wine。It’s a pity that a bottle of red wine is for two people like them who drink a lot,Soon reached the bottom。

Hu Yongchang lay tiredly on the sofa,Feeling weak!

Fang Yu flew over with a silver needle!
Suddenly,Hu Yongchang became very energetic!
“I am……”
Hu Yongchang regained his spirit,The previous illusion,Gone!
“You were calculated!”
Fang Yu Shen said。
Hu Yongchang seems to have thought of something,Feeling splitting headache。
He thought it was good to talk to each other,As everyone knows, it is still calculated。
Think of those things,He feels very uncomfortable!
“Don’t try to think back!You have been poisoned……only,You can’t feel it yourself!”Fang Yu shook his head。
“Doctor Fang……You want to save me!”
Hu Yongchang said painfully。
That feeling,Really uncomfortable!
“save you?May be difficult……”
Fang Yu looked at Hu Yongchang,Hesitant。
“Is it troublesome?What medicine is still lacking?what would you like,I can give it to you……”Hu Yongchang said,Fainted。
At this moment,Fang Yu withdrew the silver needle。

“Moer,Tell me about my newly refined phalanx and sell it!”Li Ming ordered。

‘Moer’,Not a normal practitioner,It’s an insect beast bred by Li Ming。
《Nine Solutions》,This is the method that takes a long time to cultivate before it can produce results,Since Li Ming’s reincarnation got the Chaos Monument,Now there are about five million years。
This time is not long,But it also allowed Li Ming to cultivate a group of worms with the strength of true gods.。
‘Moer’Is one of the most promising ones,The strength of the body now can be called a half-step ancestor god,And the shape is similar to the human form,Li Ming often sends it to buy or sell some treasures。
of course,Li Ming won’t give it too many treasures or chaotic spirits,If it’s really a big treasure,Maybe someone will be tempted。
Although this is in the city of the eternal world,It is impossible for Tianqiongzong to absolutely prohibit fighting in the city.。
to be exact,Tianqiongzong absolutely protects those shops under the protection of formation prohibition,And the cave house that Li Ming rented。
on the street,Assassinate,Although killing will cause Tianqiongzong’s dissatisfaction,But not absolutely forbidden。
of course,‘Moer’There are some killer moves left by Li Ming,And Li Ming’s reputation is also faintly spread。
Let Mo’er buy and sell the market,There won’t be any special precious things,So no one has ever intercepted。
“Humph!”Li Ming’s second soul stopped to enlighten。
Just now I felt like letting insects run errands for themselves,A lot easier。
Hind feet,I sensed the wave of the life-saving treasures I gave to the insects。
moment—Li Ming’s mind spreads over。
On the street where the buy-back formation is being sold,Half-human half-bird worm‘Moer’Flying crazy ahead,And behind him,A shadow of the mountains surrounded by the sea firmly suppressed a god and demon。
That ancestor,Wearing black armor,Use magical powers to transform eight arms,Each arm firmly holds a short stick,Show a very domineering stick method,The power of stick law increases,Bombard the phantom。
“Just an ancestral god,Not the world,Should be a stronger ancestral god!”Li Ming sneered,The nine avatars gather into one body,At the same time, the Ten Thousand Realm Form Robe followed his body and flew out,Turn into a big array to follow。
On the long street,Practitioners saw half-step ancestral god-level insects flying in front,But behind is an ancestor god chasing and killing,But was suppressed,Have avoided。

“Ha ha,Please come here to prove the old speculation,to be honest,I just want to know the role of these nameplates。”

Sure enough,The old man’s plot is not simple,Although Li Tianzhen can’t beat Dayan,But I won’t be forced to submit,He took a deep breath,“What if Lee is not willing?”
Dayan was taken aback,But not too surprised,It’s just that there are so many helplessness and regrets in the eyes,Think about it,“The old man understands the concerns of fellow Taoists,Or else,The old man will tell you about the temple first,after that,Fellow Daoists decide whether to sense the nameplate?”
“Isn’t it all the same?”The old man makes a fuss about the order,The conditions have not changed at all,Li Tianzhen shook his head flatly。
Dayan wry smile,“Daoists have not yet listened to the lecture,How do you know whether to agree or not?So old, let you take another step,If fellow daoists are willing to help,Return the soil in the round bowl,And the aging guarantee,There is no evil in this matter,Also has no effect on all gods and demons in the temple,Fellow Daoist think again?”
“No need。”Li Tianzhen still refused。
“Old age plus two conditions,One,Gift materials to daoists to activate the soil,Second,The old promised to ally with Daoists,As long as we don’t violate the rules of the mountain guard,The enemy of the Taoist friend is the enemy of the old,Friends of Taoist friends are old friends,how is it?”
“Fellow Daoists think too much。”Li Tianzhen didn’t expect this old man to have supernatural powers,It’s so reluctant to entangle people,Really annoying。
“Is it possible that fellow Taoists don’t want to know the true secret of the destruction of the heavens?!”Dayan seems to be pressed,Sleeve flick,Gave a big cold snort。
Li Tianzhen can no longer shake his head this time,I’m not really afraid of threats,But the last sentence is fatal to him,In the fierce ideological struggle, it would be great if Li Xiucheng was there at this moment.,At least analyze the credibility of the other party’s sentence,The old man had a vague understanding of the destruction of the heavens before,Now that I have mastered the secret,Inconsistency,Put out this ecstasy,The picture is very big,But isn’t he just looking for the truth about the destruction of the heavens??
“You make it clear first,What do you want to prove on the nameplate?”
“Prove that you can open the square box after sensing the nameplate。”
“Since this square box is sealed by great mana,How can i open?”
“This is the old puzzle。”Dayan suddenly hesitates,“In fact, the seal of this box is not based on mana,The old guessed that it should rely on the material and nameplate of the box。”
“What do you say?”

Hurry open the film,Recently, browse the patientCT,It is indeed indeed at the location of the radiology doctor.,Probably see a high-density film like a needle in the middle of the esophagus。

In fact, this high-density is not small.,Easy to find。But the emergency doctor just stayed next to the machine is concerned about whether there is any aortic dissection,Is there a pulmonary embolism?,Hosted the case of esophageal cavity。
This also confirms the sentence.,You are amateur,People are eating this bowl of rice。
The emergency doctor quickly called the warm,ask,Recall carefully,Have you eaten fish when you eat in the teahouse?,Eat chicken, etc.,Bone,Do you have?Is there a happiness??
Mrs. Zhong is now,A little hesitation,Say no.,I just didn’t some fish meat chicken。
Emergency doctor is somewhat disappointment。
But there is a fish in the first two days.,Mrs. Zhong made a sentence。
Emergency doctor is overwanging,Asked if there is a case where there is a stabbed injury?
Some,Mrs. Zhong nodded,Said that I still had a big meal to put my bones.。
Emergency doctor does not say two words,Directly rush back to the rescue room,Mr. Yin,Is there this situation?,Mr. Zhong is still a chest pain,Full face,Morphology,Sweating doesn’t seem so much。He replied to the issue of the emergency doctor,Yes,At that time, there was a fish bone to throat,But I went a few o’clock in the back.。
Ghost!Where is this bone?!
This is clearly in the esophagus.!
And this is very likely to cause your chest pain.!
Then why didn’t you don’t have a pain before?,Talent is talented when you eat today.?Everyone can’t understand。
That day may be a fish bone just a little bit of esophageal mucosa.,Not fall,May be further topped by your food today.,It’s deeper,So even more painful,Dramatic pain is possible to cause shock。Emergency doctor。
Implement the liquid now,At the same time, some drugs that improve blood pressure。
ICUDoctors come,Cardiologists have also come。After understanding the situation,The medical doctor will go back.,It is indeed unlike myocardial infarction.,There were no obvious discovery before and after several times.,Two myocardial enzymes、Calcin protein is negative。Not a disease。
Do you want to go directly to the five officials or gastroscopy?Under endoscopic, take it out。Everyone deliberately。
FirstICU,Stabilize a little more inner mirror,How about it?Emergency doctor said。
Later, I called back the digestive medicine doctor.,This fish bone may be the position of the fish bone card in the esophagus,It is necessary to make a gastroscope to take it out.,The tweezers of the ENT are not long enough.。Everyone discusses one,I feel that this operation is still too high in the inner mirror room.,After all, the patient now has low blood pressure.,Although the blood pressure is better after using the drug.,But after all, there is a problem.。
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And in case this bones are in the blood vessels.,When you pull out, you may cause a big bleeding.。Although this possibility is not high,Therefore。The returns of the radiologists have eaten the pills for everyone.,Look on the film,The possibility of taking the bone to the major artery is almost zero。
But still go to the anesthesiology,Whitewater is a gastroscope exploration。Anesthesiology,If you really have low blood pressure or bleeding,Simple in operation。In order to ensure safety,Surgeon。
Anesthesiologist successfully touched Mr. Zhong。
Strange,The high-graphic shadow seen on that film is gone.?Where is the bone??It is clear that the film is displayed in the esophagus.。But the doctor in the inner mirror room repeatedly saw the esophagus,I haven’t seen my bones.,Judging only a small blood mass。
It is a deeper penetrating tube wall.?If this is the case,That’s bad。A lot of blood vessels outside。But it’s not reasonable.,I haven’t eaten this time.,How can I get a deeper?。
Will it be yourself?Go to the stomach?Next to anesthesiologist。
This possibility,I also hope that。
So the mirror continues to push,Enter the stomach。Inside the stomach、Stomach,Really bad。To find such a small bone like this,Although it is not a sea,It is not simple things.。

Just follow,Rationally submerged sensibility,It became a horror of sweat!

The dead heart,Obviously, he can’t stand the conflict of the Chu Deirers.……And panic。
“guest、Official officer……in……Please!”Small two somewhere,However, the transfer is higher than usual.。
Even Chu Deirers can imagine,Guests in the first floor,Now the water is straight.——certainly,I hope that there is no frivolous wavy butterfly.,This is a kind look forward to Chu Deirers.。
“Are you living here with a man who is surnamed?That one,I want him next to the room.。”It is possible to make Ba Lingbirds even then no longer open the sound.。
Leave everyone to hear,I am painful in my heart.“Saten”at the same time,No one dares to swear。
After all, ordinary people will not take,And the land that will be touched is good、Jianghu Green Forest is also,Hear“Saten、Brought”,Where else is else?
That is, my heart is awkward.!
“This……Guest officer is not enough,That guest officer……Aid……Cough,The little is said that the room next to him,Has been occupied,or……”This small two is clearly dedicated to、Unveiled the heart of the slag。
“I want him next to the room.,Is there any relationship with someone else??”Nice voice,Talking about terrible words。
And the sound of the wooden board sounded at this time,It seems that she has already paid upstairs.。
“Official officer,and many more,You……”
Chu Deirers can’t hide,I quickly finished it.,After the special belt on the salted fish jar,After all, I just comforted myself.。
After three, after the courage,Chu deer finally launched the door,Look in the direction of the stairs。
I saw that she was still a red dress.,Gorgeous like on the stage,Not suitable for going to the street,Especially also barefoot a pair of white feet,At this point, step on the step on some greasy old wooden stairs.,But not see whit stains。
“you……”Chu Demen just wants to open。
Suddenly the door of the inn flashed in a white dress,Obviously it is back.。
“Some people have to enter,Don’t understand the wild head of the rules?This is no wonder that the red feet are。”Pity star replaced,That can be cold to the bottom of the heart。
Chu Deiren suddenly a few big heads……
Before the Chu Deirers also asked the pity,Because cultivation is different,Her perception is faster than《Ming Yucheng》Eight-story sister,but“Within a hundred feet,Flying flower deciduous”But there is no problem。
And the sound of just a red woman is so big.,I am afraid that it is a few hundred feet.,This immediately rushed back……
First floor,Look at the white woman at the door,Take a look at the woman who is on the building.,Hate a time hate tooth itchy。
This is like a city,Guests with tears,I can’t replace a surname,And Chu Deirers only want to be like them.,Quiet food……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 547 Meet
One red and white two beautiful figure,Also in the inn,at this moment,Everyone seems to“Red and white”Have a new understanding。
Chu Dee’s eyes fast,Empty……
Will look like five three thick,At first, it is green forest.,Also secretly sneaked with a table with a pity star and a woman in the woman,Smash,The wine is a few people.!
“What look?Eye beads dig it out!”Chu Deman cold channel。
Several big men saw the Chu Deirers,After you, I’m going down.,One by one,Yingso leave。
and“Kill chicken monkeys”Later,Other guests have also left……
Even the shopkeeper and small two,Also low, go to the backyard——This is in the Dajiang Lake,It belongs to the store“training”。
Chu Deirens have no way,Otherwise, if you are pity and suspected people who are suspected.,I am afraid that I am afraid of blood into the river.。
Unfortunately, Jianghu Zhongmong、People with eye-catching people,Today’s incident,Probably Chu Deirers have to add a few pseudonyms!
“Moon,When did you come back?”Chu Deirers said that they want to turn them directly from the railings.,And pity。

When it is facing Zhao Wu:“Your old problem has been changed.,Watching beauty will not walk,Don’t even have your own life.?

Not soon, thank you for your brothers.。”
Zhao Wuji was broken by Zheng Tiancheng, and did not feel embarrassed to steal Sun Yaru with high white snow.,After all, he is not a day and two days.。
“Hey-hey,Is this not a habit??”
“Thank you, Li Brothers, never remember the little person.,Just, what is the disease??”
Zhao said that when I asked this,I still have some uncomfortable in my heart.,Li Hui Feng can play,But to say that I can cure the disease.,He is not very confident.,After all, people who treat diseases in Chinese medicine are older.,It is an apprentice with Li Hui’s solemnous.。
Li Hui naturally also seen the doubts on Zhao Wuyi.。
Originally he felt dissatisfied with Zhao,It’s so questioning now.,I can’t find the opportunity to refuse,I didn’t expect the other party but I took the initiative to send such a chance to come over.。
“Didn’t I tell you before??
What disease will go to the hospital tomorrow, check it out.,This is still seen in the face of Zheng Xiong, I remind you.,Save you a life,If you have time,You are afraid of being completely destroyed.。”
Chapter 325 Chapter Di Hall
Li Hui’s words let Zhao have a meaning,Take it easy to get angry,But thinking that Li Hui has just played it.,And from Zheng Tian Chengdu is unwilling to provoke,He could not help but only sulking。
Zheng Tiancheng also saw that Li Hui’s attitude is,On the side of Zhao’s very good brother who played with himself,On the side of Li Hui Feng, he is not willing to have a sin to become the existence of enemies.。
It’s hard to do it in the middle of it.。
“Hey-hey,Li brothers,Li Ge,How do you say that two sentences are angry??
Zhao’s helpless is my very good brother,You help me to see it.,The price is good,Don’t use him,I came out。”
Zhao Wuji saw that Zheng Tian became the look of his laugh in weekdays.,He is more feeling。
“Lao Zheng,we”After that, I haven’t finished it.,Zheng Tiancheng directly glanced at him:“you shut up,Since Li brother can say that you are very serious,You are not far from death.,do you know?”
Zheng Tiancheng’s words let Zhao are helpless directly.。
He never thought of himself will die.,I have never thought about myself.,But by Zheng Tiancheng said this.,He is suddenly afraid of being afraid.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect Zheng Tiancheng, will do so for Zhao.。
“Hey,Brothers,Tomorrow, you let him go to the hospital to see it.,I can’t see it and come to me.,I promise to treat it,This is the head office.?”
Li Xiang’s pine mouth made Zheng Tiancheng in his heart.,He is really afraid that Li Hui is not treated.。
After all, he feels that people who can be more medical expectations may be true.。
“Hey-hey,That’s more thanks.,I will call you.,I will follow the old Zhao first.。”
Li Hui naturally knows what Zheng Tiancheng is said.,I just nodded。
He is also remembered during the day.。
Zhao Wuji was pulled away by Zheng Tiancheng,I am still disdainful to Li Hui Feng.,He didn’t understand how a rural kid became causing.。
“Lao Zheng,If I am afraid he is because he can play,Are you afraid that he is because?
I feel that he should be more than you.,Aphony,He is more than you,In addition to playing him, it is not as good as you.。”
“What do you know?
You just saw the surface,He can be so simple,Anyway, tomorrow, you quickly go to the hospital to check it.,At that time you know how much he is。”
For Zheng Tiancheng, three five times alert,Let Zhao have a lot of cautious。
the other side,Gao Bai Xue and Sun Yaru are all drinking blush。
“Let it go,Let’s go to Die,That kind of place, I haven’t been there yet.,Today, there is a big guy to protect,How can I have to see it?。”
Li Huihe saw the high white snow’s red-roof face,Frown:“Are you OK?

Forget it,Don’t want so much,He should enjoy this rare happiness。What if this little woman changes her mind??

“Korean Poems,What do you mean by holding me so tight?”Ji Yunfeng knows her mind and wants to tease her。
Yu Shi didn’t answer him immediately,Let her go after she has enjoyed enough,Lower your head and say:“I remember someone asked me a question,Let me not rush to answer him,Think again,Can I think about it now??”
Listen to her,Ji Yunfeng remembered many days ago,Their conversation at home,This girl’s reflection arc is too long, right,Only remembered to answer him。
“what do you mean……You promised to be my girlfriend?”Ji Yunfeng felt that all his limbs and hundreds of skeletons were covered by sudden excitement and excitement,Even speaking with vibrato。
Yu Shi thought she was cold,Hug him again,Warm each other’s bodies,Drive away the chill brought by heavy rain and hail。
She didn’t answer,But her actions have said everything。
not far away,Ji Yunfeng’s two subordinates are gossiping,Shout:“Together,Together!”
Ji Yunfeng has the feeling of flowering iron trees,Been single for a few years,He finally has a girlfriend,Still so beautiful、so cute,The girl who makes him feel safe。
Yes,The black belt three-section Korean poem made him feel safe!
The rain and hail are big and urgent,But it stopped very quickly。
Got in the car,Ji Yunfeng got a towel to help Yushi wipe her hair,I wiped the rain and ice on myself again。
Although it’s not the first time I saw a man like this,But Ji Yunfeng’s good figure still makes Yu Shi a little shy。

“Don’t be afraid,I’m treating her,It’s this bruise that doesn’t come up and makes her eyes blind,I can’t hear my ears,If you don’t believe me, ask her,See if it improves”Xia Jian smiled and said to Li Dongmin。

“Min!who is he?I can see you,I can hear what you are saying”The old man suddenly spoke。
First0879chapter Countryside
There is nothing strange in the world,Xia Jian, this is true learning,Chinese medicine in the true sense。
Li Dongmin looked at Xia Jian,And then looked at her mother-in-law,She asked in surprise:“You can see it?Can hear us too,is not it?Don’t lie to me!”
“Not very clear,But you can get an idea,I can hear you clearly“Li Dongmin’s mother-in-law is shaking,Said with a little disbelief。
Li Xiaomin cried with joy,She said many thanks to Xia Jian。I can see that she is very happy。Xia Jian sees his medical skills,Two stitches can heal the eyes of a blind old man。Of course he is also very happy,He smiled and said to Li Dongmin:“Don’t be happy,Make lunch soon!“
“Oh!Correct,It’s time to make lunch,what do you want to eat?“Li Dongmin looked at Xia Jian’s eyes,One more worship。
Xia Jian thought for a while,Just said casually:“Then make noodles!I like noodles“
“Ok!“Dongmin responded,Happily ran into the kitchen。Li Dongmin’s mother-in-law is happily holding a cane,Walked out of the courtyard with one shaking step,It looks like she wants to go for a walk。
Looking at the old man happy,Xia Jian smiled and said to Li Dongmin:“Your mother-in-law is free,Also freed you,Otherwise, in addition to work every day,It’s really tiring to take care of her“
Li Dongmin rubbed the dough,Said with a smile:“I don’t know how to thank you!I didn’t expect to be in this deep mountain,To meet a noble person like you“
Xia Jian leaned against the door frame of the kitchen,Two eyes are fixed on Li Dongmin’s chest, the two plump balls up and down。Li Dongmin may have discovered Xia Jian’s actions,She didn’t turn back to speak,But kneading the dough more vigorously,Her chest surged for a while。
Had lunch,Li Dongmin asked Xia Jian tentatively:“Are you leaving this afternoon?“
“how?Are you driving me away?“Xia Jian asked rhetorically。
Li Dongmin shook his head and said:“Of course not。I haven’t visited guests for over a year,It’s so hard to have someone so capable of you,I think you can stay a few more days“
“How about this!You take me out for a while,I look at your home,What kind of cash crops are suitable for growing,Otherwise continue like this,Will always be poor“Xia Jian smiled sweetly at Li Dongmin。
Li Dongmin lowered his head a little shy and said:“You are so nice,I will take you there“After that, she ran back to the east room and told her mother-in-law a few words,And led Xia Jian out of the gate,And then locked the door from the outside。
Xia Jian understands her mind,Because his big run stopped in the yard,This woman is also very careful,She will reduce unnecessary trouble。

At this time,His phone rang。Xia Jianyi couldn’t help but his eyes lit up,He quickly connected the phone。Xiong Lan’s beautiful voice came from the phone:“Mayor Xia!Hear from Yongqiang that someone from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to you this morning,Did someone see me misunderstood when I paid you back yesterday??”

“Sister Xiong!I haven’t been the mayor for long,I didn’t even get in touch with someone giving me money。They came to investigate me this morning,I think it should be yesterday。Because in time,Motivation analysis,Yesterday you were most likely to pay me back”Xia Jian said very politely。
Xiong Lan paused on the phone and asked:“What’s the situation now?”
“The people they investigated said I was reported,Said I took bribes。I quarreled with them on impulse,And they don’t make it clear,Just that they have evidence。Now all back,I guess it’s not over”Xia Jianchang exhaled,Tell Nenglan the situation again。
Xiong Lan smiled and said:“Mayor Xia!If they are really investigating yesterday,Don’t worry,I will come out to prove it to you。and also,If they take you to the city,You just need to dial my phone,Someone will speak for you then”Xiong Lan finished,Hung up。
Secretary Wang saw Xia Jian’s face with a smile,He feels better。At this moment, Tong Jie and Niu Li walked in,These two smart women didn’t ask anything。
“Mayor Tong,Secretary Wang and I are going to the city,You two ask the driver to go to Liziwan Village、Hejiaping Village,And Shangxiagou Village,Learn from the side a demand situation of the villagers for the shuttle bus,Investigate the approximate range of fares that the villagers can accept。
Tong Jie responded,I greeted Niu Li,When the two are about to leave,Secretary Wang laughed and said:“how do you know,We two are going to the city?“
His voice just fell,The phone rang。Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“Mayor Chen’s phone!You will know if what I said is true or false“
Secretary Wang who answered the phone shook his head helplessly and said:“He told us to go to the city hall to see him,I didn’t expect him to guess exactly。I just can’t figure it out,It was originally something out of nothing,Why is it so big?“
“There are too many things you don’t understand,Let’s go!I’ll know when I go“Xia Jian was talking to Secretary Wang,And sent a message to Xiong Lan,It probably means that I was called to the city government by Mayor Chen。
Xiong Lan immediately replied to the message“Don’t worry,Wait till you send me a message“
Xia Jian installed the phone,So he greeted Secretary Wang on his big run,Drove quickly towards the city government。He is the only recruiting mayor in the city who drove to the city government。