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“Be careful of slippery roads!If it’s planted in the hands of the rural people,That’s funny。”

a while,Two more villagers came,Walked to Populus and them,ask:“You guys are also looking for antiques?There are some old things in my house,Uploaded by Zu,Do you want to see?”
Hu Yang and others looked at each other,Feel a little uncomfortable,Kind of weird!
but,Since it’s here, it’s all here,May as well follow。But always feel,This is not normal,Instead, it’s like falling into a trap weaved by others。
The reason for this feeling,Because I didn’t have the initiative,As if being led by the nose,Will definitely make people wary,Even uncomfortable。
There is a kind reminder from the audience in the live broadcast room:“Hu Ge,Be careful!Now some rural people are very unreasonable,You are in other people’s territory,Maybe a strong buy and sell,What can you do?”
“Used to travel,Just tried this situation,Don’t buy it。”
“Sure!People are looking for more than ten or twenty people in the village to surround you,Do you give money?”
“Is there such a thing?”
“How not?My friend and I drove to the snow area last time,Drive the car to the grass while resting。The herders say we destroy their grassland,Demand compensation of 500 yuan。Speak the truth,Five hundred yuan I didn’t care,Just feel aggrieved,Suddenly lost a good impression on the snow area。”
“Not to mention snow area,Remember the new*Cut the cake?Anyway, I was disgusted that time。”
“Ugh!can only say,There is such a situation everywhere,Ruined everyone’s goodwill towards a place,Those guys really damn,They ruined the reputation of many tourist attractions。”
Of course Populus will cheer up,have to say,Delivered,Often makes people think twice。
The two villagers took Populus euphratica into the village,Still chatting。
Hua Zi asked:“Big brother,How do you know we collect antiques?”
The person leading the way laughed:“Our village,Except for my own villagers,And construction workers,Other strangers are not here to find antiques,What is it?Tell you!There is an old house in our village,The message itself was released by us,You say how do we know?”

His injury healed,This mind became active again,Just thinking of a way to leave here,Back to Dahua Country,Look at the current situation of Dahua Country。

Although the four elders have been sending good news for him,But Xia Chenglong didn’t see himself with his own eyes,Still a bit wrongIof。
And at this moment,A message comes,Completely disturbed Xia Chenglong。
On this afternoon, the four elders came to Xia Chenglong’s room with a sad face,Found him。
When Xia Chenglong saw the four elders like this,There was an ominous premonition in my heart at that time,He glanced at the Fourth Elder,There was a little doubt and incomprehension in the eyes:“what happened?Is there any problem??”
The Fourth Elder shook his head helplessly,Sighed softly,Turned his head and took a look at Xia Chenglong,And then said leisurely:
“Now the war in Dahua is a bit tight,I don’t know where a force suddenly emerged,There are actually three powerhouses in this force,They are naturally unlikely to try to contemplate the opponents of the powerhouse,and so…”
The fourth elder stopped here suddenly,Raise your head faintly,Take a look at Xia Chenglong,At this moment, when he heard the Fourth Elder say so,There was a sudden tightness in my heart at that time:“No way,I want to go back!”
The Fourth Elder heard Xia Chenglong say this,A look of worry crossed his eyes,At this moment he sighed leisurely:“It’s not that I won’t let you go back,But this thing is a bit complicated,If you go back now,I am afraid…”
“I’m afraid what?Now Dahua Country has become like this,How can you tell me to stay here at ease,say no more,I must go back this time!”
The fourth elder sighed heavily when he said this,Turned his head and took a look at Xia Chenglong,Then he said to himself leisurely there:“Actually, I didn’t tell you to go back,The key is if you go back now,I’m afraid I really can’t!”
Xia Chenglong turned his head,Glanced at the four elders:“how?It’s no good for you to talk now, right??Not going to let me go back?”
The Fourth Elder heard what Xia Chenglong said,I shook my head and waved at him:“This is not,You are free now,After understanding this matter,The Law Enforcement Hall will never restrict you anymore,But you should not get out。”
Xia Chenglong said that,I was very curious and turned my head,Took a look at him,Then asked very puzzled:“why?”
The Fourth Elder sighed quietly:“Hey,Because there seems to be another seal strengthened at that barrier,And it was sealed from outside,At that enchantment,It’s hard to get out,As a result, there is another seal,It’s probably more difficult to get out。”
Xia Chenglong heard the Fourth Elder say so,At that time, it also showed a solemn meaning,He never thought that this matter would turn into this situation now。

Nicholas·Malinkov certainly would not admit that we did it because we were poor,The country is almost unable to allocate sufficient funds for this project,In order not to make a noise in the world“A simultaneous project,The foreigners have served for several years,The internal ones have not yet been delivered to the army”’S joke,We decided to do this,He said to Chen Geng:“The reason for this,The main reason is that the Soviets attached great importance to relations with China,Secondly,After careful measurement,we discover……We are sure,The two aircraft that passed the primary election,The gap in technical level should be said to be between the first and second,This way,It means that we both spent twice as much money to do the same thing,From a cost perspective,This is very uneconomical……”

Is it economical?!
Nicholas·Here’s what Malinkov said,Chen Geng’s heart is already clear,React instantly:The fundamental reason is that Lao Maozi lacks money,They want to empty the glove white wolf in the next time,I don’t have to spend a penny myself,You can get a third-generation jet advanced trainer at the world’s advanced level,It can even make money for the Soviet Union。
But even so,Chen Geng didn’t think it was just a bad thing,He nodded immediately:“But in this case,Comrade Malinkov,Sukhoi Design Bureau、Mikoyan Design Bureau、What is the attitude of Mia Sishev Design Bureau and Yakovlev Design Bureau??”
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Nicholas·Malinkov cares about Sukhoi Design Bureau、Mikoyan Design Bureau、The attitude of Mia Sishev Design Bureau and Yakovlev Design Bureau??He said immediately:“Four design bureaus,Let us coordinate。”
A little bit,Nicholas·Malinkov went on to say:“But Mr. Fernandez,In view of this time a new partner has joined in,The previously agreed cooperation model requires substantial adjustments、Many places also need to be renegotiated,I suggest you come to Moscow at the right time,What do you think?”
“of course,”After so many new variables appeared,The previously agreed cooperation model is indeed inappropriate,Chen Geng happily agreed:“Let me take a look at my schedule……How about a week later?”
One week?Nicholas·Malinkov nodded hurriedly:“no problem,Of course, no problem,No matter when you come,Are our most welcome guests。”
“You are too kind,”Speaking of which,Chen Geng gave a slight meal,Then said:“Oh,correct,One more thing,I want you to help。”
“You say。”
“Is such that,RightAI-25TLAfter evaluating the relevant information of the engine,Our expert told me,AI—25TLIs a very good engine,But considering the needs of our future development,We also need a maximum thrust22.5Thousand oregano30Engine between a thousand ox,and so,Could you please invite the gentlemen of the Ivchenko Design Bureau toAI-25TLEngine-based,Under the condition that most parts and technologies are interoperable,Make a big facelift engine?”

“What to do then?Soften him to us?If it annoys him, then put on our little shoes?”

The discussion among several people was very intense。Obviously there are only four people,It happened to be the same as the Nine Nations Conference。Qin Feng could not laugh or cry while watching。
But in comparison,These people are indeed much more rational than the blasting members of a team。At the very least, you will not be too extreme。of course,The abduction of him does have the style of a blasting mercenary group。Fortunately, they did not confiscated Qin Feng’s mobile phones and communication equipment。
Just come to this place on the border,I want people from China to come over“Rescue”I’m afraid it’s too late。
And at this moment,Their phone rang again。In fact, it has been shaking before,It’s just that Qin Feng was tied up,So no time to answer。
Now he doesn’t care about so much,Just answered the call。
“Hey,Qin Feng, are you okay??I heard Muzi said that you were kidnapped by the blasting mercenary group。How is it now?We may not be able to support you。”Jiang Hao said anxiously。
nonsense,This is no longer in the territory,I can’t help you。In this case, only troops can be dispatched。But when the Chinese army came out,Siam and Myanmar would definitely not do this。
Once there is a collision,Is likely to cause international disputes。Jiang Hao certainly has no such right,Can’t even mobilize the army。So I can only report this incident。
But Jiang Chao told his brother Jiang Hao not to act rashly。Before, the special team found the southern palace chief Duan Xiaolou and Qin Feng discussed about the Golden Triangle area.。
And now that Qin Feng is brought here, he should have his own plans。So from Jiang Chao’s perspective,That is to watch the changes first。If it doesn’t help,They can also contact the special forces in the Golden Triangle area to help by the way。
“rest assured,Nothing!I just told you I might stay here for a while。Anyway you don’t have to worry,I am safe,Then if someone else asks,Just tell them I’m okay。”
Qin Feng couldn’t help but sighed。At first, I felt that Muzi’s newspaper team was good at collecting information。But now even if the other party knows he was kidnapped,But couldn’t do anything,Can’t stop。He just knew,Reporters are not enough,It also needs the cooperation of a strong team。
Obviously when Muzi knew about Qin Feng’s situation
I have already notified Jiang Hao to the Detective Bureau,But after Jiang Hao mobilized the agents, he still failed to catch up with this group.。
I don’t even have the ability to intercept at all。At least Qin Feng was blindfolded,I didn’t feel any pause in the car。It seems that I changed the car once in the middle,I don’t know if it’s to get rid of the agent’s power。
In a word,If these people call it gangsters,Their modus operandi is quite mature。If you let them kidnap an important person,It must be possible for them to solve the problem without any effort。
Qin Feng is so angry and funny thinking of here。

As a result, Ge Xiaolun had a brain damage,Smashed everyone down,If it wasn’t for Xin Zhao to turn the tide,,I can’t say they have to drink water,Or suffer a little bit。

Thought of here,There is no one to help him。
“All right,Questions about Ge Xiaolun,Let’s talk about it when we finish the 50,000 meters,Always in this sea,Everyone is not so comfortable, right!”crucial moment,Or Qiangwei opened her mouth to help Ge Xiaolun。
Since Qiangwei has spoken like this,The others looked at each other,Then just silently start to swim forward。
Ge Xiaolun looked at Qiangwei,The tears almost came out,He feels Qiangwei still loves herself,otherwise,I won’t speak for myself at this time。
“rose,thank you,I……”
What Ge Xiaolun didn’t expect was,Qiangwei just glanced at him,Then turn around and start swimming,I didn’t mean to talk to him at all。
At this time, Ge Xiaolun’s brain is about to twitch,what’s up,Didn’t this Qiangwei just speak for herself?。Why don’t you ignore yourself?,Still said she likes others,Is it Xin Zhao。
have to say,As a faithful licking dog,Ge Xiaolun still has some intuition。
But he was thinking in the wrong direction,Nowadays, a monster named river crab appears in online novels,Even if Xin Zhao wants to take the Crystal Palace route,Also consider your own safety。
If you are caught by the river crab,,Xin Zhao designated as the fate of entering the palace。
In order not to enter the palace,Xin Zhao feels to be a loyal and dedicated man,Actually pretty good。
As for why Qiangwei is doing this to Ge Xiaolun,Of course, I was hesitating,If Ge Xiaolun is more manly,More responsibility,Qiangwei shouldn’t hesitate so much。
But Ge Xiaolun dare not even express his love,Should she be a girl to take the initiative?!
I’m afraid this is too much。
I moved my mind that is not too developed,Ge Xiaolun realized that he still didn’t expect any results,I can only train first。
Xin Zhao has been swimming around everyone,It can be considered as an escort for them。
of course,Mainly for beauties,The gene of Cheng Yaowen is the heart of the earth,Can create a small island in the sea,And Liu Chuang is the power of killing gods,Have such a powerful force,It won’t die easily。
Only Qilin and Rui Mengmeng,Is the main goal of Xin Zhao。

Wang Shuai thinks he is wrong on this point,Abao is different from him!

A Bao doesn’t hesitate,So he decided that the basis for Abao to cherish his life no longer exists,He thought Abao would not go to extremes if he had a little money left,but,Obviously what Abao needs‘At least how much money is left’Standard,Not the same as he estimated。
Leopard pulls out the knife,When Wang Shuai saw the blood on the knife drop,A Bao did not hesitate to pierce again、And Wang Shuai instinctively tried to parry,but,Blocked,His reaction speed has dropped。
So this knife,It stuck on Wang Shuai again。
Chapter Two Hundred and Four end
The knife that pierced Wang Shuai’s body was pulled out again,Stabbed again under the wave of Abao!
A group of more than 30 people who helped Abao slashed with swords.,The Baiduhao people behind Wang Shuai were full of confidence at first,But when facing the machete,,The people in front dare not parry,Subconscious retreat,So the people behind can’t move forward。
This retreat,There is no chance to rush forward。
A series of knives hit several people,The man who was hit by the knife retreated in fear and desperately、Turn around and run away,What counterattack,What to get out of position、The problem of leaving room for the companions behind to wield weapons, etc.,No one remembers!
A row of people in a row,The first few rows were all messed up in an instant。
Even if the people behind want to do something,But was blocked by people who backed up and turned around,Can’t open,Instead, he was slashed for nothing,Can’t force it,Can only retreat。

“Political resources,”Chen Geng said:“Wells Fargo must provide me with some of their political resources in Congress。”

An established financial giant like Wells Fargo Bank with a long history,Whether in the local or in Congress,Have powerful political resources,Even quite a few senators、Members of the House of Representatives are in the position with their support,The congressmen who have a good relationship with them are even more unaware,you can say so,Every U.S. banking giant has unfathomable political power in U.S. politics。
Although Chen Geng is also very rich,But when it comes to influence in politics,It’s totally incomparable with the old fox who has worked for many years like Wells Fargo,And political influence,Not that you can get it if you have money,Money is only a prerequisite,With this premise,Still need a lot of hard work——You Fernandez·Chen has money to get a senator“Favor”?Do not make jokes,Every member of Congress is an old fox who has come to the fore after years of political struggle,You rushed to find it,It’s strange that people didn’t treat you as a political opponent,There must also be a referral from a suitable referrer,This kind of thing,Not even a broker,What a broker can do,Just a specific thing,Or,On the matter。
Kelly·Hicks also understand,Although she feels a little embarrassed,But nodded:“Let me try,”I think my answer is difficult to satisfy the boss,Kelly·Hicks hurriedly added:“Wells Fargo has a hard time now,I think there should be hope。”
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First626chapter I won’t lose any money
Introduce his political resources to Chen Geng,Such a big thing,John·Tostedt certainly didn’t dare to make decisions casually,But anyway,For Wells Fargo, only Fernandez·Chen Ken’s offer is a good thing,John·Tostedt Jean Kelly·Hicks tells Chen Geng:He can’t do this,But he will immediately submit to the directors,And give back as soon as possible。
For this answer from Wells Fargo,Chen Geng is not surprised,Such a big thing,It would be a hell if Wells Fargo could give an answer right away。
“You want to run for state assembly?”Looking at Alex in front of me·Goodrich,Chen Geng feels that his brain is not enough:You have done a good job by the Mayor of Detroit,More than a year,Why are you planning to pat your butt and leave??
“Mr,You know,My goal is to become a senator,”Facing the puzzled eyes of his own big benefactor,Alex·Goodrich explained seriously:“I know it’s hard,But the mayor of Detroit is just my first step,After having a good starting point,I intend to demonstrate my ability on a higher level,In addition……”
Speaking of which,Alex·Goodrich lowered his voice:“I discussed this with Willis,He is ready to run for the next mayor of Detroit,As long as I can get your support,I think he has a great chance of success in the campaign。”
Willis,Willis·Debuscher,Alex·Goodrich’s main competitor when running for mayor of Detroit,After losing the election, Alex·Goodrich’s invitation to serve as deputy mayor of Detroit,He has done well these years。

“in this way,It’s good。”

Xu Xian in white said with a smile,then,Voice turn,Then said。
“The human race and the monster race have been grieving for a long time,Terran Demon Slayer,Demons ravage the world,This has been going on for many years,however,Humans have a limited life span,Even the master has a profound Dharma practice now,It’s hard to turn the tide,Because the Yaozu’s life span is too long。”
“but,Master knows where the human race is stronger than the monster race?”
Fahai listened to Xu Xian in white,Look down and think for a long time,Solemnly say。
“Dr. Xu wants to talk about inheritance?”
“Not bad,It is the inheritance,Although the human life is short,but,It is precisely because generations come from the inheritance of blood,In order to make the human race occupy the orthodox,Yaozu can only jump out and make chaos from time to time。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,Human life span is short,but,The hatred from blood has been passed down from generation to generation,This is where Human Race is better than Monster Race。
“The master is a Buddhist monk,The future will definitely become a Buddha,but,After becoming a Buddha?But can still set foot in the world at will?Can’t,Because of the constraints of the fairy Buddha。”
“but,It’s different if the master has children。”
“As long as the master becomes a Buddha,Leave offspring,Let the grandmaster’s children inherit the master’s ambition,Demon Slayer,Then,As long as the demons in the world are immortal,The master’s heirs will pass on the master’s ambition from generation to generation。”
“Buddhist rules and disciplines,To put it bluntly, it’s just restraining itself,Don’t be contaminated with the lusts of the world,It’s useless to practice,but,The master should have seen through the world by now,Heart as Bodhi。”
“How can you be afraid of being contaminated with these beautiful erotic desires?Or,The master’s ambition is not to kill demons,But to live forever,Jing Song Sutra,Immortal?”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,Watching after every sentence,Fahai’s expression is solemn,in fact,to be honest,The words of Xu Xian in white are sophistry,but,Fahai’s experience and knowledge is not as good as Xu Xianduo in white,Will naturally enter the language trap of Xu Xian in white。

If they really did something to Xia Chenglong before,,I’m afraid I will be killed by the opponent in an instant,This is definitely not a joke。

“Haha,Really ashamed,Today’s things need the help of heroes who bother previous lives,Really ashamed!”The old man smiled when he saw Mr. Bai。
Xia Chenglong did not expect,Bai Laohui really appears。
“Since it’s a matter of eliminating demons,Then I didn’t say it before,I’m not incomparable,Originally for them。”
Mr. Bai was not cynical when he was not with Xia Chenglong at this moment,But a chivalrous spirit,Standing between heaven and earth and cannot be swung away。
Tell the truth,This is the first time Xia Chenglong sees this old Bai,Strong and unshakable,Worthy of everyone’s admiration。
“Ashamed ashamed,It’s just that there are few talents in this North Sea area,I have to trouble you,Still hope forgive me。”The old man said sorry again。
Chapter 538 Responsibility and mission
for sure,The old gentleman in front of you is also asking about the existence above the gods,Two people ask the gods and the figures enter the peak of the holy,Even if it is placed in the middle domain, it is considered a good power,
The Dark Demon in the North Sea,It is estimated that this is the most powerful,So they can gather here。
A meeting arranged by heaven,Appear in a certain plot,Naturally a little excited。
Mr. Bai still has something to tell Xia Chenglong:“brat,Nice to meet you,Just a little regret,We met in different times,Otherwise everyone can be friends。”
“old man,You don’t need to be so sensational,We just use each other。”
Xia Chenglong’s way of answering the conversation is a bit special。
They are mentors and disciples who met accidentally,The same brother who has experienced life and death。
“Hahaha,Also,Don’t you want to know my origin?”Mr. Bai raised his eyebrows,“The answer will be found in the spirit orb in your body,If you still want to use me,You can go see afterwards。”

The probe looks at Zhu Ziqing,But found that his boss looked sluggishly in the other direction。

Such a look,Shirley is shopping,I found it in the eyes of other men,I’ve long been used to this。But my boss is surrounded by top beauties like Mo Mo,What kind of woman is worthy of the attention of the three men??
Shirley couldn’t help but follow the eyes of a few people to find the source,Watched for a long time,But they found that the ultimate goal of their eyes was to fall on the position of the city management office。
Is there a beauty everywhere?Shirley thought,But in her memory,The staff with urban management armbands should be big guys.!
Dare not urge his boss,Shirley had to turn off the fire,Get off again。
Noticed that Shirley got off the car,The three of Xiang Chen and Zhu Ziqing cast their eyes on her for a moment。
“I said that except for all of you Chinese,Doesn’t everyone know metaphysics??”
Xiang Chen’s eyes fell on the city management office not far away,The question in the mouth is no delay。
“This can only be said to be a coincidence!We are national civil servants,Believe in science。”
When answering,Zhu Ziqing didn’t look at Xiang Chen,His eyes are also on the city management office not far away,Refuse to move。
“Shall we get together and have a look,It seems that there is nothing wrong,But why do I always feel that I am dazzled,How could Ding Sheng……”
Single.Have not finished,Suddenly what was thrown out in the city management office,The man who went in not long ago was also pushed out by several city officials。
This time Xiang Chen and the three of them stopped talking。Chinese face,There are still some shaved beards on the face,The important thing is that he is missing an arm,But one arm is missing, but he still has the right skillswww.yunxian.Healthy,One person pushes four or five city managers without letting down……