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Took a look at Aunt Zhang beside me,When Han Yuxiang looked towards Xiangchen,Eyes are almost blinking and blind,But Xiang Chen seems to have not seen it。

Holding his head in pain,Xiang Chen remembered that he was lying on the table before falling asleep,As for why I fell asleep on the ground,Puzzled。
Fail to blink,Wei Wei, who was a little embarrassed into anger, picked it up directly,Open the door and send Xiang Chen out,If there is no bang,This scene will be perfect。
“Girl,You can’t do this!”
At the age of Aunt Zhang, the nanny naturally knows that Xiang Chen hasn’t woken up yet,It’s just that the Korean language hinders face,I am ashamed to help the young man named Xiang Chen in front of me。
Smiling and persuading Korean Xiang to go and see how Xiang Chen is,After all, people with too much alcohol have seen the scene of falling asleep in one second.。
Pushed by the nanny Zhang,Korean Xiangcai opened the door,Xiang Chen’s head came in。
“Officer Han,I haven’t worn shoes yet!”
Xiang Chen’s facial expressions are a bit rich,Han Yuxiang look carefully,It is easy to find that there is a small bruise on Xiang Chen’s face,It should have been hit when I pushed it out just now……
Say goodbye to Aunt Zhang and grandma,As for the sleeping father,Tell Aunt You Zhang after he wakes up!
“All right,You are also a man anyway,I’m so squeamish with a little injury,As for!Didn’t I promise to take you home?!”
Sitting in the car,Guilty Han Yuxiang decided to act as a driver to send Xiangchen home,It’s just her words of comfort,It’s just passable。

Old lady just about to speak,A bunch of people hula in,The two are busy clearing the table,Serve rice,It’s over。

Go back to your house after dinner,Yang Weiguo asked her:“How is your second brother-in-law?”
Tao Zhenzhen said it again,Yang Weiguo also regrets him,“He didn’t go back to the mountain,Why are you so careless……”He sighed a few times,Low channel:“We can’t help if we are too busy,I have more than ten dollars here,You can give it to the second sister!”
Tao Zhen looked at him in surprise。
Before he gave her two dollars, she was moved,Yang Weiguo without separation,She knows exactly what situation is in the Yang family,I’m afraid he has saved the money secretly in more than 20 years,Just give it to her without saying anything,She felt a bit appropriate,Kind of hot,A little surprised,Somewhat puzzled……
Five flavors,Don’t know what to say?
I thought he was careful before,Not man,But now she feels a bit ashamed and upset about her defamation of his belly。
This man is indeed much better than she expected。
unfortunately,They met at the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong way,If you wait for her to enter the university,Meet such a person,She might really be moved slowly and have a somewhat different feeling!
“no need,”She sincerely thanked him,Then say,“My second sister still has some money,I’ll think of a solution later。”
Policy changes slowly over the years,She can help her second sister find ways to earn money and improve her family。
The most difficult thing is these years。
Yang Weiguo put the money away,Hesitated:“I want to discuss something with you。”
She casually said:“What can you say?”

However, this is the case。

Xia Chenglong is a little melancholy,The Howling Sky Sword that has absorbed the violent energy seems to be out of his control,After this guy absorbed the blood essence,A lot of mania。
“come back!”
Lu Ying’er frowned,Try to call her sword back,But obviously not。
“I’ll try!”
Old Lu stepped forward,Looks like waving his arms randomly,In fact, go out with a strong force,Go straight to the two swords。
He actually failed!
In his dignified question, the power of the gods does not work on the two swords,How can this be?
However, this is the case,Thank you again。
What should we do now?
Xiaotianjian has begun to fully control the black sword,The aura surrounding the black sword is directly captured by the Xiaotian sword。
The big blood spirit tornado is getting bigger and bigger,At the same time, the aura it emits will become bigger。
“Give me back。”
“Be careful!”
Anxiously, Lu Ying’er went straight to the blood pool,I thought that the special black fire alone would be able to withstand the blood here,It’s so naive。
But the woman has already shot,When the body flying in the air came to the blood pool,He slammed the sword around the blood tornado。
Just touched tornado,The strength of the eighth rank entering the holy realm was directly bounced away,The blood spirit tornado hasn’t been damaged at all。
This situation makes people speechless。

Chapter Four Hundred and Nineteen Turn around

The SARS epidemic began to break out across the country,All public entertainment venues have been suspended,School closure,And all the entertainment venues、Including Internet cafes were also forcibly closed,Business prohibited。
Masks and vinegar in the supermarket are out of stock,There are even fewer pedestrians on the street,City buses become veritable empty buses,Many people would rather walk than take a car。
As long as citizens with fever symptoms,Were quickly isolated,The vast number of medical staff showed a very heroic side,Bravely insist on fighting on the front line of epidemic control。
Schools are generally closed,And the key control area like Internet cafe,It is absolutely banned for business。The whole society fell into a temporary panic。
And in another virtual online world,Also changes with the real world,A series of eye-popping chain reactions occurred。
The legend of Blue Moon once all the rage,Actually completely yellow!Almost disappeared,Out of the sight of netizens。
The sudden appearance of SARS,The national Internet cafe market channel won by Lingsheng lobby company has become a big joke,Fully interprets the metaphysics that people are not as good as heaven。
The Blue Moon Legend’s previous series of revision operations,Cause the loss of a large number of civilian players,Only left in the gameRMBPlayer,And when these bigRMBSmall and mediumRMBAfter the player runs away,The gaming experience becomes dull。
Many districts have become ghost clothes,There are only a few big ones leftRMBPlayers are still wandering。
And they also lost the motivation to continue to recharge,Rather than show off in a game that no audience appreciates,Why not play a single game。
Many people start to miss the original legend at the beginning,That only requires recharge card and monthly card,Everyone is on the same starting line,There are many ways to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the original legend。
Whether it’s the fun of bursting out small top equipment,Or being chased down a few streets,Then call a ticket for the fun of the little brother and the people desperately,Are much more interesting than the accelerated ghost suit。
however,Fortunately,The legendary world has not disappeared,Because there are blood legends who are sticking to the original game features。
and so,A large number of players return,They rediscovered the blood legend server,Start the game experience。
The ancients have clouds,Don’t suffer from lack and unevenness,The game players of the blood legend have felt this relative fairness,So I stayed willingly,Create this virtual world and legendary country together。
And the facts prove again,Games played,Good game!
Those who are used to top-up consumption in the Blue Moon LegendRMBPlayer,And gradually returned to the legend of blood,They began to be restricted by the rules of the game,Try to spend money to solve the problem,For example, ask real people to level up。
But the premise of all this,The world of this game is relatively fair,Has a massive player base,Will become more attractive。

Actually they don’t have much brains,Just because the situation is better than human,My life is in the hands of others,I have to cooperate with this mouthpiece king。

But this way,Daming Song panicked,Said quickly:“What is there to think about!Our Dragon Snake Gang and Aoki Club are not in harmony,It’s normal to trouble you。but,I won’t dare anymore,Really!”
Daming Song saw the opponent’s eyes,Quickly added with a guilty conscience。
Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled,Tao:“wrong!The wooden knives have already appeared just now,He is in the jungle maze。If let him know,You moved the Aoki Club,You say you guys can still live?This is obviously someone who wants to harm you!”
“Who is anxious to explain,Is the one who will harm you!”Lu Menglin also added。
At once,All the Dragon Snake Gang present understand,They showed skeptical eyes,And turned his gaze to Daming Ken’s body。
Think carefully,Daming Song’s behavior today is indeed particularly suspicious。
The hunting of Chiyue Canyon was originally a major event in Bairimen City,Most gangs will participate,Who dares to sabotage at this time,Will definitely become a target,Song Ming Song
Provoking Aokikai along the way,Too abnormal!
Could it be,It’s like what the mouth-gunner said,He has another purpose,Is stirring emotions on both sides?In secret?
Daming Song’s face changed slightly,He didn’t expect that his true intentions would be discovered by this mouth-gun king。
The other party has only seen two sides of himself,Can actually understand people’s hearts,This man’s wits are terrible too!
“misunderstanding,All misunderstandings!”Daming Song smiled bitterly,Shook his head。
“misunderstanding?So why are you nervous?Your fists are pinched and loose,The light pattern power in the body just showed signs of condensation,Then took the initiative to disperse。Explain that you want to take a risk,Just feel unsure,Just gave up this tempting idea,Am i wrong?”

Master Ye Tian frowned,Twisting forward,Physical burst,Pinch your fingers again,It’s another toughness,Poke Xu Xiaohu’s chest。

Xu Xiaohu suddenly raised his knees,Lightning kick out of the calf,Like a sharp blade out of its sheath,Unavoidable,It turned out to be a lose-lose style of play。
Ye Tian flashed slightly,Avoided the opponent’s kick,Turn palm into grasp,Suddenly put Xu Xiaohu’s arm。
Arm like a bridge,Every mountain crosses the mountain,Wading in water。
This is the bridge hand kung fu in Wing Chun,A palm catch,Forearm folded in,Rely on mastery,Use leverage,Can easily break the opponent’s arm。
Xu Xiaohu was grabbed by Master Ye Tian,Not surprised but happy,With the remaining arm,Hugged Master Ye Tian。
This hug,Shocked the audience。
Because this action is too weird,A complete suicide attack。
Between the sparks,Master Ye Tian has no choice,Can only rely on boxing moves that have been tempered thousands of times,Use the bridge hand,Break the opponent’s arm。
Chuckle!Xu Xiaohu’s left arm snapped,Joint dislocation,This is the result without exception。
however,But he grinned at the cost of an arm injury,Successfully suppressed Master Ye Tian’s shoulder。
This scene is too weird,Xu Xiaohu seems to feel no pain,Let your arm dislocate,Then in the moment when Master Ye Tian was suppressed,With a vicious head hammer,Hit Master Ye Tian’s forehead hard。
boom!The two heads slammed together,Made a toothy crash。
This bump is too cruel,Master Yip was caught off guard,My eyes suddenly turned black。
He is old after all,Just a few bursts of physical strength,Already consumed a lot,Now hit by the opponent with a head hammer,Almost dizzy under this collision。
Under crisis,Master Ye Tian is indeed a master of martial arts,Double punch,Wing Chun,Xu Xiaohu’s chest in boxing continuously。
This series of attacks,Like a storm,Hit Xu Xiaohu’s knees soft,Involuntarily leaning back,Until it fell to the ground。

“Oh!”There was a boo in the crowd,That’s the sound of exclamation。

“Miss Mingzi,Are you going with this man?To live in a big city?”A young queen blushing,Can’t help but yell。
This remark,The ordinary people present cast their gazes on Lu Menglin one after another.,Looked at him curiously。
Rao is the thick skin of Lu Menglin,I can’t help but smile slyly。
Faced with such a harsh question,Kasuga Hako didn’t refuse,I just gave everyone a sweet smile。
“thank you all,I’m
To say goodbye to everyone!As a parting gift,The things in the shop can be taken away。”Kasuga Mingko said with a smile,Her eyebrows curled up with a smile,Like two thin meniscus。
The neighbours in the neighbourhood let out the cheers of Ula,Then happily began to choose the hardware objects they were interested in。
“Miss Mingzi is such a good person!I wish you happiness!”
“Sister Mingzi,You must be happy!”
“Woo!Sister Ming is getting married,I am so sad.Put down the shovel!Obviously I saw it first!”
“Miss Mingzi married to the big city,I’ll be city people from now on,Can live a good life!”
“She is good at picking men!The guy beside,Super handsome,You can see the rich!”
“of course,Miss Mingzi’s vision,How can there be a difference!”
Neighbors in the neighborhood are saying blessings,While picking things that I can use,And Lu Menglin also noticed a small detail,That is, each of them only picked one item as a separate gift,No one takes more things。
Explain that these most ordinary people in town,Are actually very nice people!
After Meiko Kasuga and the neighbors in the neighborhood earnestly parted,A bit shy on his face,Gently pull Lu Menglin’s arm,The two walked out of the hardware grocery store together。
I have eaten tofu ice cream long ago,Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu who were embarrassed to come in hiding outside the door opened their eyes wide.,I looked hard at the teacher and the master of Songzheng school,The faces of the two little guys showed great admiration。
The teacher is too awesome!It’s worthy of being the top ten in the world!Just a fight,I abducted such a beautiful and fierce girl?

“Ningning,Our son Zhou is an adultNYears old,I won’t do anything more than a brain,Your eldest lady should put her heart in her belly。”

Sun Ningning blinked,This is not that nor is it,What is it that makes refreshing Yiyi hesitating,I can’t guess?
“Yiyi,you,Isn’t it someone who has a crush on??”
Chapter Ninety Six Willow troubles
The voice has not fallen,Sun Ningning opened a big smile,“I say Yiyi,If you really like someone,Then go after it boldly,With your charm,Not yet caught?”
Yang Liu did not refute,Looks like she guessed it right,Asked with interest,But willows are lacking,Sun Ningning’s heart sank,Could it be because of her life experience?
Quiet in the house,Sun Ningning looked at her with sympathy,Yangliu saw that she wanted something wrong,Left hand in right hand,Make a pause gesture,“Stop and stop!Nothing,Don’t think about it。”
Sun Ningning patted his heart in fear,She really thought so just now,On the condition of willow,Finding a quality man is no problem,But the problem lies in her life,Few people don’t care about this,Even my own oil bottle,Better than her。
Willow sighed long,Come to Ningning,I asked her to help her think through,Don’t say it,How could she know her distress?
So I told the whole story,And put Lu Xin’s weird smile,Also said it,“Ningning,I didn’t know Huo Yunhe would like Yangliu,What do you think I do now?”
“What do you mean?”Sun Ningning didn’t understand what she was upset about,“Who is Lu Yao?Who is willow?Are they two women??”
“The makeup you helped me that day,Really scary,And your clothes,Where did you find it?I can’t accept it myself,How can he accept?But now,right now……”
“Now you fall in love with him again?”Sun Ningning thinks differently from her,Yangliu’s dress that day was really different,If a man likes her,Then he is also after her family background。
Such a man,Can’t say he’s bad,I can only say that he is not capable,Not worthy of Yiyi,Go straight out。
Huo Yunhe now,Make her admire,“Whether it is Lu Yao,Still willow,All the same woman,Romantic couple playing now,All like role playing,You can explain it like this?So old-fashioned,Where did you come across?”
cosplay?Willow froze,Yes,If Huo Yunhe is unhappy,Then she said it was a role play,If he doesn’t accept,That means he is narrow,No tolerant。

In addition,This matter has been exposed through the live broadcast room,Netizens supervise,I believe the management of Confucian Temple will also give an explanation.?

In fact,Hu Yang guessed right,This old man has a good status in Suzhou,Ran into this kind of thing,Should be in a bad mood,It is estimated to be traced to the end。
Finished,Hu Yang bowed to the old man,And then take everyone out of here,Officially started the treasure hunt。
The Wenwan Market in the Confucian Temple is relatively free and open,Many stalls,Both sides of the trail,Wait under the shade,All the stall owners take up positions,Spread a piece of cloth,Swing up the household items,Just waited。
Yuzi told Hu Yang and others,By contrast,The Wenwan market in China is more concise。
In their japan,There is also an antique market,But the market is already very regulated,Seldom can set up a stall like this。Listening to the voice of bargaining,In fact, for those who visit antiques,Prefer this atmosphere。
“and,We japan,There are also many fakes,I heard that many are purchased from China。”柰子 revealed。
When she was in japan,I also go to the flea market。but,Her appraisal skills are average,Seldom find good things,Basically find something you like,Then don’t care about its authenticity。Too much care,Life becomes boring。
Someone shouted in the live broadcast room6,China’s high imitation,It is estimated that the world is famous。
but,Thus,Also give some foreigners a bad impression,I feel that China is a big copycat country。
but in fact,Early development of each country,Can’t do without the cottage。Just talk about Japan!Are there few cottages??Copycat medicines in India,It even made drug dealers around the world gritted their teeth。
now,Southeast Asia,Also started copying Chinese products,Including music etc.。
Hu Yang smiled:“As long as it is an antique market,There is no fake。Europe and America,Like to play technology fraud。these years,They used advanced technology to create rare cultural relics from various countries,Not uncommon,The content is still relatively high,It is difficult to verify the authenticity。
but,They forged China’s national treasure,Often overturned。Mainly I don’t understand Chinese culture,Made some low-level mistakes。In the eyes of experienced players,It’s easy to find loopholes。”

“what?How can you do this!Shameless!This is an undeclared war!Who allowed you to put the picture on the Internet?Too much!I’m going to your uncle!”Wei Xiaoxing is full of excitement,This series of sprays,I just swear directly。

“Yes!What is the difference between you and sneak shots?shameless!”Cao Wen also yelled out of anger。
For a time,The teachers and students of Beibu University are filled with indignation,All yelled,It’s like boiling a pot in the side hall,Very noisy。
“quiet!quiet!”The silver-clothed instructor who spoke first growled。
His roar,Like thunder,Immediately suppressed all the voices。
Wei Xiaoxing winked at He Bu,Both are on guard,Entered a state of battle。
Because they didn’t forget,This is oriental country,It’s the site of Songzheng School,Nothing else,Just the two silver instructors standing in front of you,I’m not waiting。
As long as they are as strong as yesterday’s Oshima Chang,Can easily subdue everyone present。
Wei Xiaoxing took this into consideration,Only then desperately winked at He Bu,In case the situation changes,Only relying on Hebu’s light pattern ability to activate can save the field。
Just when everyone inevitably feels a little nervous,A person walked in from outside the side hall,It surprised everyone secretly。
Because the person who walked in is also a silver instructor,And also a one-armed man,It’s the Dazechang from yesterday。
Dazechang came to the side hall,My eyes swept across the crowd,It finally fell on Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan。
Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu suddenly jumped up,Two teenagers said nothing,Qi Qi stood in front of the two sisters。
“What do you want?”Wei Xiaoxing immediately shouted and asked。
Daze Chang glanced at these two defeated men,Can’t help but laugh twice,Shook his head,Sneered:“What do you think i will do?This is the sacred Songzhengju headquarters,Any violence that is not allowed will be punished。”
Listen to him,Everyone breathed a sigh of relief。
Lu Menglin is not here,If this fanatic wants to commit a crime,Really
No one can stop him!Although He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing are brave and good at fighting,But after all, he is too young,Kung Fu didn’t get home,Can’t be Dazechang’s opponent。
“so!I came to watch,See your teacher Lu was defeated by the master,When you idiots leave Songzheng School,I naturally have a way to clean up you。”