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Zhu Shiyao lowered her head shyly,Even though the body can no longer be honest,But I still insist on my stubbornness。

Xiangyang frowned,I don’t know if Zhu Shiyao has forgotten that there is a bad news waiting,I don’t know why Guo Enting came to Zhu Shiyao,Especially these words were said by Xiao Xiaoxiao confidently。
“Why did Guo Enting come to Yaoyao??If you really know it is wrong,Shouldn’t you apologize to Yaoyao??”
Xiangyang’s tone is a little puzzled,Obviously do not understand what Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao are communicating,The atmosphere at this time seems like an outsider。
“This is the bad news I want to say!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao looked at her two sisters,When opening,The tone is even more helpless,Looking at Zhu Shiyao and saying:“Because Principal Han got the Student Aid Foundation,Both my brother and your brother were opened to donate incense money!”
“Can help more people,This is a good thing!Besides, there is not much money。”
Zhu Shiyao looked at Xiao Xiaoxiao,This sister is not like someone who loves that little money,But when talking,What do you mean by such an embarrassed face?“It’s not money!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao sighed helplessly,Then time is running out,I’m not talking about Zhu Shiyao and Xiangyang either,Speak directly:“Xiao Ke and Zhu Zhengkang are coming,Want to eat with us。”
The voice falls,Xiang Yang and Zhu Shiyao froze for a while,Then start crazy touch up。
“How to do?How to do?”
Zhu Shiyao jumped anxiously,But the injury on the face,I can’t hide the traces no matter how much。
“Face reality!They are almost downstairs!”
Xiao Xiaoxiao’s heart hurts when she speaks。
First out of concern,Misinformed,And now it brings bad information,How to analyze,Xiao Xiaoxiao is a typical teaching material for fake girlfriends in TV series。
“I did not do it on purpose,I heard Xiao Ke tell me about the airport,I’ll tell you,I did not expect,Things will happen like this now!”
When Xiao Xiaoxiao was talking,The tone pauses a bit,But if you make a mistake, you have to admit it.,For this Xiao Xiaoxiao, I still don’t plan to escape。

sometimes,Kim So Yeon even suspected,What is the purpose of work?Is it just to pass the time,Do you make life more stressful??

Even the people in love don’t have time to stay together,So what is the purpose of living?
Last time,Jin Suyan for Lu Menglin,Almost ran away from home,Came to China alone,Almost in danger of kidnapping。
Then this time,Her self-esteem prevents her from doing things like that anymore,Love is mutual,She hoped that Lu Menglin would do something for herself,It’s not a question of love or not,This is attitude!
Two people walking side by side,Although I didn’t speak,But Lu Menglin knew exactly what she wanted to say。
The relationship between the two,Ambiguous and affectionate,But there is no time and space。
And Lu Menglin has always been on the slightly passive side,He can’t even figure it out,Is it true?、Unreservedly like Kim So Yeon。
Beauty which man doesn’t love?A superb beauty who fell in love with herself,Talented, capable and rich,Which man would refuse?
But Lu Menglin knows very well,Kim So Yeon must have a place in her heart,But she is not alone in my heart,Never been。
So in this extremely delicate situation,The more Kim So Yeon gave him,The more he feels a little weird,For fear of betraying the beauty。
most of the time,Lu Menglin didn’t want to promise too easily,Because he doesn’t want to say it and can’t do it,Hurt Kim So Yeon。
But because Kim So Yeon already had a failed marriage,Her heart is undoubtedly sensitive and weak,So Lu Menglin didn’t dare to mess around。
Maybe,This is the legendary concern, right?!
A blue taxi stopped slowly to the side of the road,It happened to stop between the child and Lu Menglin.。
Door open,A tall Korean man emerged from the car,The man first stuffed two banknotes through the window,I kindly told the driver that I don’t need to look for it,Then he straightened up,Standing in front of the two。
Kim So Yeon obviously knew this man,When I saw him,There was a surprised expression on his face。
Lu Menglin easily captured this detail,And feel a little alert。

Zhao Feng fell to the ground,Consciousness gradually dissipated……

This is Zhao Feng’s last thought before losing consciousness,In fact,Even if he is timid,But not afraid of death,Just because of loneliness,Have nothing to do with。
This life gave Zhao Feng two opportunities,Rebirth,A glimpse of the true meaning of Xiuxian,But still nothing,Pass away in ordinary,After death,No one will cry for it。
Nothing more,That’s it……
Consciousness completely dissipated,The residual temperature of the flesh is gradually eaten away by the cold。
In the deadly inner ice chamber,Suddenly there was a dull sound,Drumming,Long history、Across ancient and modern。
Take a closer look,The sound source is the bamboo tube beside Zhao Feng’s body,The black cloth covering one end of the bamboo tube bulges slightly,There seems to be a foreign body about to rush out……
Zhao Feng’s body suddenly moved!
The right hand suddenly grabbed the bamboo tube,Pause for a moment,Actually sat up!
Looks so cold that I don’t know what seven emotions and six desires are,I saw his left hand grabbing the red line,Jerked,Black cloth out of the bamboo tube,A scent of wine that permeates the soul flows out,Then head up and swig。
That posture,It is no different from what Zhao Feng had seen in his dream!
Nine mouths,He put down the bamboo tube,Recover the black cloth,Then my eyes closed,Sit cross-legged。
Take a breath,Contains turbidity、chill、Alcoholic、Lifeless,Exhausted,Reincarnation,How Xuan Yin!

Every time like this,In the mall、subway station,Including the appearance of salty pigs on the bus,While the majority of female friends are cautious about this,Still can’t resist the desire to show off a good figure。

I wear less is my thing,But this is not the reason for you to be a hooligan!Such a maxim of playing with fire is highly sought after,But it also makes some sense。
Besides, this society,The quality of most citizens has risen to a relatively high standard,While girls show themselves,The display environment is relatively safe。
But who would think,In a place like an amusement park, you will encounter things like salted pig hands?
The aunt turned back to catch the owner of the salted pig hand when she felt assaulted,See Mo Mo’s appearance,Auntie is pretty self-aware。This woman is obviously better than herself,Her man will never do anything in front of her。
Then look at Li Tianxing,A small diamond look,The most important thing is the distance of a shopping cart between two people,Although it’s okay to be molested by him,But after all, it’s not him。
So I set my eyes on the middle-aged man beside me,Breathing gradually becomes heavy…
Yu Baishao is a poison master,But his daily job is to treat illnesses and save people in the clinic。
Unless it is a shortage of funds,Otherwise, the white peony has never been shot,So in the underground world,Yu Baishao, the title of Breaking Bad, represents,Excellent professional quality。
&nbs If it weren’t for the Li family’s repeated invitations,Yu Baishao doesn’t plan to wade in today’s muddy water,After all, people who God can’t solve,It’s a waste of time for him to join in the fun。
But two hours ago,The Li family found themselves,If you can’t be a friend, you become an enemy,For Yu Baishao who has already taken root in the magic city,Is the reason for having to come。
I know this is called Xiang Chen.,In my own advice,Under the threat of the Li family,First there was a wave of people who took drugs and fell into the net,Then use Xiang Chen as a medium to transition to the woman next to him,And look at the position,Even if Li Tianxing was poisoned,Yu Baishao can also be treated as soon as possible。
Everything went according to Yu Baishao’s plan,Because of self-confidence,Xiang Chen hit his own cartilage fragrance,All that remains to be done is to rescue Li Tianxing。

It’s this stupid effort,Several consecutive screams awakened the people of Leng Yue Guild。

I just attacked just now,I didn’t pay attention to those attacks and hit the mobs,Successfully attracted hatred。
Although those mobs are notBOSS,Does not mean that their attack power is not strong enough。
For a time,Steeltooth spider desperately spit bullets,Moon Demon Spider Crazy Dance,Threw several fragile mages to the ground,Suddenly settled。
The monster’s hatred value is attracted,The pressure on Overlord Aotian’s side is drastically reduced,Because no monsters attack him。
Seeing Tyrant God Aotian standing on the body ring,Already unshakable。
The two Taoist priests crowded in the corner got out desperately,Fire amulet, red poison and green poison don’t need money and sprinkle on Tyrant God Aotian,It’s a pity that they couldn’t cause enough damage to him。
Watching time go by bit by bit,The protection time of the item falling is about to disappear,It seems that no one can stop Tyrant God Aotian from picking up this ring.。
at this time,The Warrior Tyrant Aotian made an unexpected move。
He moved!Without picking up the body ring,He actually moved。
I saw the overlord Aotian with a decisive force,Rushed aggressively towards the two Taoist priests in the corner,And typed and shouted over my head:“Wuhen you stand over!”
now,Leng Yue Wuhen and Leng Yuexue are still struggling to support Leng Yue Guild。
Seeing that the soldier moved,The two instinctively rushed to the body ring。
Lengyue Wuhen is the closest,Stood up first half a step。
The body ring is still on the ground,Was not picked up by her in the package,And on the screen of Lengyue Wuhen, there are always red letters indicating that items cannot be picked up。
Explain that the item protection time has not passed!

Not to mention,The power possessed by this Zuma leader,Far better than the statue life created by it。

Individually,Humans are weaker than statues,Then it means,If there is really a god in this world,Then the god who created mankind,It is also very likely to be weaker than the Zuma leader who created the life of the statue,Brother Lu struggles with beings stronger than gods,Can he really win?
Just in the spring day, Mingzi’s thoughts are totally lost,When I was almost completely desperate,Lu Menglin raised his arms flat,Put out the strongest trick since his debut,“Open Sky Slash!”
This formula“Slash”exactly,Not a martial art created by humans,But the martial arts of the Protoss in the alien space。
It was when Lu Menglin exploded the giant Horned Fly Lord,Unexpected secret of tricks。
He has only used this trick under normal conditions,I have never used this trick in the extreme state of the ghosts and gods.。
All the power in the body,Continuously pouring into the heart,Flow to the arm。
Including the potential of life hidden in the major acupuncture points of the body,And the precious mental power in the brain,All in one,All were melted into this knife。
“Open Sky Slash!”Lu Menglin gritted his teeth and roared at the same time,Use arm as knife,Without hesitation,The Zuma leader tangent to the front。
This moment,As if the whole space is frozen,Everything becomes static,Only the power of this knife is flowing,Flow forward,With a high degree of cohesion,Turn into a peerless edge,Kill everything。
Cut out,Discoloration of the world,Sun and moon,Even the light film covering the entire space trembled suddenly and sharply,Like a living thing,Want to escape from this cutting edge。
Next moment,The full length of the sword burst,Condensed in the void into a translucent giant blade,With a sword intent to destroy the world,Beheaded。
Hum!This ten-foot-long blade has turned into a gray line,Skimming in mid-air,Suddenly fell into the body of Lord Zuma。
After Lu Menglin cut this knife,Eyes wide open,Then fell on his back,Thump to the ground。
This knife opens the sky,He unreservedly exploded all the previously stored space energy in one breath,Just to maintain the stability of the structure of these space energy components,Almost exhausted all his energy。
Fortunately, there is a body guard,Otherwise just cut out this knife,Can suck Lu Menglin’s dignified alchemy martial artist alive。
This knife can be said to be desperate,It can also be said to be confident,Plan and move。
Anyway, Lu Menglin didn’t keep his hands at all,All space energy has been used up,No more capital to turn over,One cut,Not an enemy,I die!

“What’s inside?”

“Is it done??”
“Where’s Du Shaoping?”
Faced with these inquiries,And the ugly faces in front of you,Da Fei suddenly felt thatTMnausea。
“The one inside is not a bad guy!Du Shaoping wanted to bury Teacher Deng alive,He is a hero who saves people!”Big Phinees are bloody,Screamed fiercely。
The adults around were stunned,quickly,Those ugly faces became extremely hideous,Extremely cold。
“These gangsters are unreliable,They are in the same group as the person inside!”
“Grab it!Grab all!”
“did you see,All have guys on them,Not a good thing!”
The twelve youngsters are still trying to argue for the person inside,Their movements are so clumsy and ridiculous,Their words are so pale and weak。
Just because they are innocent punks,It’s rubbish in the eyes of adults,So no one believed what they said。
quickly,The Twelfth Young Master on Temple Street was controlled by the police,Cleared the customs and got into a van,Twelve lads huddled together,Don’t mention the sour taste。
“Dog day!Let me out!”
“Your mom!I’ll see you next time!”
“All not good!Let me out!I want to pee!”
The twelve young people shouted wildly,Kick the car door with your foot,Anyway, I want to make some noise。
“enough!Stop making noise!”Da Fei suddenly roared,Stopped the brothers’ movements。
“Wait and see!The gang of melon peels are going to catch Brother Nan,See how many hands they have to break!”
A word from Brother Dafei,All the twelve youths suddenly calmed down。
He was right!The people outside do not live or die,Go in and catch Nan Ge,I’m afraid there will be a good show in a while!

Misfortune never comes singly,Just when Korean Xiang turned around to sort the buttons,Yan Jun came in with a bouquet of flowers and pushed the door。

Then the three people at the door of the ward were stunned,Korean Xiangssha blushed,Xiang Chen doesn’t know how to explain the picture in the room now.,Yan Jun quietly gave Xiang Chen a thumbs up,This buddy is really awesome,I have only met a few times,When I brought someone here yesterday,This guy fell directly on Han Yuxiang’s chest,The injury is still not healed in the ward,Doing such a fragrant thing again。
Looking at Xiang Chen,Yan Jun suddenly realized that this lucky buddy might be the first one without legality,“Assault police”People who will not be held accountable。
Chapter Twenty Five Xiang Chen’s pain
There are only three people in the ward at this time,But three people have frozen the atmosphere in the ward。
The blush on Han Yuxiang’s face almost seeps out,Look around,But found that whether it is Xiang Chen or Yan Jun,There are extremely faint smiles on both faces,Only men can understand such a smile。
“You two,If you laugh again,I’ll let you lie here to be a patient!”
Korean Xianghan face,Gritted his teeth and said。
Xiang Chen naturally doesn’t take the words of Xiang in Korean to heart,The smile on my face,After listening to the threat of Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen has been very restrained,But still did not restrain,So I gave up。
But Yan Jun, who has a deep understanding of the tiger girl in Korean Xiang,But I kept restraining myself from wanting to laugh,However, the two of Xiang Chen and Xiang Chen kept communicating with their eyes。
“Xiang Chen!See if grandma won’t waste you!”
Xiang Chen smiled unscrupulously,Han Yuxiang was originally persuaded to retreat,It started to burn again,Climb to the hospital bed and fight Xiang Chen。
“I’m dead!Officer Han, please respect yourself!”
Xiang Chen hurriedly stopped the hungry tiger rushing towards his Korean Xiang,At the same time, I also reminded Korean Xiang with my eyes,There are other people nearby。
“Let you go today!”
Korean Xiang pretending to be fierce,Seeing the gauze on Xiang Chen’s forehead,Han Yuxiang finally moved her compassion,But I want to find out if Xiang Chen is the emotion of the mysterious person wearing a mask,Also very high。
“If you flirt, pay attention to the occasion!”
Yan Jun said helplessly。
You can count the number of meetings with Xiang Chen with one hand,But I didn’t expect the most beautiful police flower in the police force to be broken by this kid!God knows that if Xiangchen and Han Yuxiang’s affairs become public,,How crazy are those single boys in the police force。


text Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Two Battle of the Forbidden City
? As soon as Gu Gu from the Sports Association heard this,,Said quickly:“it is good,fair enough!Everyone, wait a moment,I’ll ask the leader for leave,I will testify to you。”
Soon,Three teams plus Director Liu of the Sports Association,Everyone came to the deep blue game city。
This game city deserves to be the largest in Beijing,It covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters alone,Three floors,Each floor can accommodate more than hundreds of people。Basically as long as it is the arcade type available on the market,Everything。
The first floor of Deep Blue Game City,Fully half of the country is the king of fighters97,There are more than 20 KOF machines,Line up,Players are playing against each other,There are frequent shouts,Looks quite imposing。
Lu Menglin and the child only stepped into this game city,Both of them have both eyes shining,Look left look right,The appearance of Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden。
Lu Menglin looked at the model and layout of this game city,At the same time secretly considering in my heart,At most two or three years,The country will issue a ban on renovating video game halls。
But the child was really shocked by such a big game city,To know,The biggest game hall in Liufang is Lu Menglin’s Street King Game,Less than 80 square meters,Ten machines only。
I heard that Cheng Long is the champion here,Can I really win him??A child who has never seen the world,I can’t help but shake my confidence。
While they are watching here,The bald boss is also watching them。
Because Cheng Long is the pillar of Deep Blue Game,He wants to bet against people in the old nest,The result must be won,Otherwise, he is not the only one affected。
The bald boss can open such a big game city,Can be said to read countless people,He could tell at a glance,That kid must have never seen the world,It is estimated that the time to play the game will not be too long,Very strange to such a place。
And another teenager,The fall of his eyes surprised the bald boss,Can’t help but move forward,Smiled:“Lu Xiaoge,Isn’t it okay with my store?”
“Ok,Good scale,But the fire protection is not good enough,Hidden danger,If i were you,Just put a few more machines,Widen the fire exit。It will be easier to deal with in future inspections。”Lu Menglin smiled honestly。
Lu Menglin’s words made everyone stunned.,Especially the bald boss,Put so much effort into my own game city,Of course he knows what the other party mentioned。
but,The business in the store is so good now,Fewer machines means less money,The bald boss must be unwilling。
Besides, this bald boss is a tyrant in Beijing.,Both black and white are delicious,Dealing with official inspections is just a small matter,Naturally, I don’t take these words to heart。

After a careful comparison, you can find,DBLPBonds are simplyMBSA copy of the bond,No wonder Qiao Tianyu looked atDBLPBonds are so familiar!

To know,Although in2008yearMBSBonds caused the financial crisis that swept the world,But it is undeniable,At the beginning of the 21st centuryMBSOnce the bond is launched,Indeed caused a sensation in the whole world。
becauseMBSBonds solve the problem that fixed investment cannot be changed weekly,So it was hailed as an epoch-making revolutionary financial product after its launch,Opened another door to financial product development。
First0461chapter Lost on Journey
But then again,sinceMBSBonds were not developed until the beginning of the 21st century six years later,That thisDBLPWhat’s the matter with bonds??
Who is so visionary and capable,Be able to in the early 1990s,prior toMBSBonds developed almost exactly the same in ten yearsDBLPBond,I’m afraid this is hard to imagine?
To know,The development of financial products relies on development concepts,The concept of financial product research and development is similar to that of natural science,It’s all gradual,Something with a clear mark of the times。
It’s like in an ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty“Unearthed”HuaweiMATE40Phone like,I guess no one will believe that HuaweiMATE40Mobile phones belong to the Tang Dynasty thousands of years ago。
Most people are more willing to believe that the phone must be something that a tomb thief accidentally left in the tomb.,Or it was brought back to the Tang Dynasty by the traveler。
The same reason,Under the constraints of the era background and development concept in the early 1990s,Suddenly someone developedDBLPBonds, which obviously do not belong to the advanced financial derivatives of that era,Naturally, it is hard to imagine。
So stop here,Qiao Tianyu thinks the most reasonable explanation,That isDBLPThe designer of is also a rebirth,He used the advantage of rebirth to replicate what happened many years laterMBSdesign concept,Designed ten years in advanceDBLPBond!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu had to look at Xu Jiahao again。
Because yesterday when studying the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,Qiao Tianyu has already analyzed the design principles of the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,With the previous life Qiao Tianyu and“Joe’s Four King Kong”The world’s investment risk prevention and control system carefully designed is exactly the same。
So Qiao Tianyu came to the conclusion that the designer of the pound exchange rate prevention and control system must be“Joe’s Four King Kong”one,And that person must be the same as Qiao Tianyu,Must be the conclusion of a reborn!
And after one pass analysis,Finally, Qiao Tianyu focused on Xu Jiahao’s body,Xu Jiahao is the designer of the new version of the pound exchange rate prevention and control system nine out of ten.!
same,After another analysis today,Qiao Tianyu also analyzedDBLPThe designer of is also a rebirth,And he is one of the financial product designers of Goldman Sachs Group。