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How to tell if your baby is crying or hungry or sick

How to tell if your baby is crying or hungry or sick

Crying is a manifestation of a baby’s pain, discomfort, or demand.

Baby crying is divided into physiological crying and pathological crying.

  (1) Physiological crying: “Crying” is a child’s instinctual response. Normal children cry loudly, strong, uniform, and moderate. There are certain rules: When a baby is crying, newborn crying may occur and touch with his fingers.At the corner of the mouth, the child will turn his head to look for a teat, and stop crying after feeding. After feeding, he can fall asleep after being satisfied.

  The baby is crying irregularly, and the cry is loud. Suddenly, when carefully checking for no pathological conditions, you can consider inappropriate rejection, discomfort in the lying position, wet diapers, red hips and sticky skin, insect bites, or intestinal peristalsis.In this case, you should look for the cause carefully. After eliminating the cause, you can stop crying and fall asleep quietly.

  (2) Pathological crying: Crying caused by physical discomfort or pain in children is called pathological crying.

  Central nervous system infection.

Intracranial hemorrhage and other diseases are crying, high pitched, crying screams with brain, accompanied by fever, headache, vomiting, etc., you should immediately ask your doctor for further treatment.

  Acute abdomen, crying with intestinal folds, and howling uneasy, pale and sweaty.

  Intestinal bleeding abdominal pain, weak crying, sometimes hidden, and paroxysmal aggravation, more cold irritation or inducement of throat infection.

  Crying in children at night, irritability, panic, sweating, can occur in maggots or low-calcium hand and foot drowning.

  Nutritional diseases, malnutrition, etc., children cry, weak, irritable, wasted, weak constitution.

  Crying caused by fever, irritability in children, red ears and red ears, touching the child’s head or body with a hand feels hot.

  Certain infectious diseases, such as otitis media, subcutaneous gangrene, skin infections, etc., are abnormal, regular, and changeable in children. If you cannot find the cause, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  In short, there must be a reason for the baby to cry, and the cause of the cry should be ruled out in time.

If the cause is eliminated, the crying stops and the baby calms down.

If you still cried and couldn’t find the cause of the cry, you should go to the hospital for a doctor’s examination.

The reasons for crying are complicated, and the causes of crying are different for each child. Careful analysis should be made according to each child’s situation.

The most basic dietary advice for genital herpes

The most basic dietary advice for genital herpes

Suffering from genital herpes, it will not only endure the harm caused by the disease, it will cause serious stress on your own psychology, and even worse, it will affect your family life.

According to experts, in addition to active treatment, genital herpes should pay more attention to the most common diet.

So what good dietary advice are there for genital herpes patients?

Dietary recommendations for genital herpes 1. Take honey or royal jelly to enhance your resistance and immunity.

Recurrence of genital herpes often occurs when resistance is low.

2, before and after treatment of genital herpes, should quit smoking, alcohol.

Each cigarette can cause the body to lose about 3 to 5 milligrams of VC, and VC is an important vitamin to enhance immunity.

Drinking more often, drinking can cause the disease to recur, aggravating the symptoms of the disease.

3, should pay attention to avoid or eat spicy food.

4, eat less seafood.

Eat more vitamins, protein foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and milk, eggs, etc., and exercise at the same time.

Three ways to prevent genital herpes 1 To prevent infection In real life, be sure to avoid using other people’s underwear, swimwear and bath tub; do not wash the pond in the public bath, advocate shower, do not sit directly in the bath seat after bathingTry to use a squat toilet in a public toilet; wash your hands with soap before going to the toilet; swim in a pool that is dense and disinfected.

2, to prevent sexual disorder through clinical statistics, found that 60% of patients are infected through sexual contact.

One of the family members is infected from the society, and the spouse is transmitted through sexual life. It is also possible to pass on to other people in the family through close contact with the family. This brings about physical pain, family disharmony, and mental stress.

Therefore, improving sexual ethics and not taking extramarital sex is an important aspect to prevent the occurrence of genital warts.

3, personal hygiene attention and human health plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of the disease.

Wash the vulva daily, change the underwear, and clean the underwear separately.

Even family members should be able to make one person and one basin, and the towels should be used.

In fact, as long as we are seriously treated when we are suffering from the disease, the disease will not deteriorate so easily and then harm our health.

Relationship between oral health and oral cancer

Relationship between oral health and oral cancer

Oral cancer accounts for about 3% -4% of systemic cancer. The factors related to the incidence of oral cancer are mainly the following: tobacco and alcohol addiction, tobacco carcinogenesis, and especially oral and lung cancer have been recognized.

Drinking alcohol can increase the relative risk of oral cancer. It is appropriate to pay attention to those who have both tobacco and alcohol addiction, and their chances of oral cancer are more.

Ultraviolet rays and ionizing radiation. Mild lip cancers mostly occur in people who work under long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays. People who smoke or smoke cigars are more likely to occur.

The occurrence of oral cancer is also related to fungal infections, nutritional factors and liver dysfunction, and low body immune function.

  In addition to the above reasons, oral health status is a very important factor in the development of oral cancer. Some surveys have shown that in the comparison of oral health status of oral cancer patients with non-oral cancer patients, oral health status of oral cancer patients is significantly higher.Poor, people have long found that there are sharp pits, residual roots caused by “worm teeth” and slight dentures, and the corresponding parts of tooth malformations. After long-term chronic stimulation, there is cancer, especially in tongue cancer.

Taking tooth deformity as an example, it not only affects the aesthetics, but also affects the chewing of the mouth appropriately. In this case, deformed teeth are not related to the occurrence of gastric cancer.

Relevant medical experts have found that the continuous resistance of teeth to the tongue is one of the causes of tongue squamous cell carcinoma.

Poor oral health is often accompanied by chronic tongue diseases, long-term chronic inflammatory stimuli coupled with sharp dentition, residual roots, prosthetic complications, and mechanical damage to deformed teeth.factor.

  Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene habits is one of the important measures to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer. In order to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer, we must especially encourage smoking cessation among adolescents, promote the need for nutrition and the harmfulness of tobacco and alcohol;Oral hygiene that eliminates chronic irritants.

Including not eating too hot or irritating food; quit smoking, inhaling alcohol and other bad habits, timely treatment of residual roots, residual crowns, misaligned teeth, correction of deformed teeth, smoothing of sharp tooth tips, removal of bad restorations; pay attention toCorrect alternatives for young children to correct bad habits such as sucking fingers, biting their fingers, and breathing with their mouths.

  If there are white spots, erythema, reticular white spots (defective moss) in the oral mucosa, submucosal lumps and papilloma, especially incurable ulcers on the outer edge of the tongue, you must be vigilant and go to the hospital for treatment.

Generally speaking, as long as oral cancer is detected early, early diagnosis and early treatment are effective.

Some fitness methods should not be persisted for a long time

Some fitness methods should not be persisted for a long time

In life, some people are accustomed to performing according to their own fitness methods, and they are accustomed to hovering between two fitness methods, but according to research, some fitness methods are not good for different people’s health, especially for a long timeFitness way.

  How about drinking salt water?

  Physiological research suggests that breathing, sweating, and other physiological activities are still ongoing and consume a lot of water.

When you get up in the morning, the blood is concentrated. Drinking salt water will increase hypertonic dehydration and make people feel dry.

At the same time, early morning is the first peak of blood pressure in the human body. Drinking salt water will lower blood pressure and increase health, which is not good for health.

Experts suggest that drinking boiled water in the morning is the best choice. It can not only replenish lost water, but also effectively replace blood.

  Can you take a deep breath?

  At the remote end, scientific research and clinical observations have found that in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease, excessive deep breathing can induce cardiac and cerebral vasoconstriction, which is fatal. Myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and other accidents are directly or indirectly related to deep breathing.

Therefore, experts suggest that it is best not to carry out deep breathing exercises for patients with arteriosclerosis, especially hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Can you step back?

  Stepping back or running back can stimulate muscles that do not move often and improve the balance of the human body. Therefore, many elderly people like to step back during morning training.

Because the elderly’s cardiovascular reserve capacity is diminished, walking or running backwards can cause cardiovascular overload.

  At the same time, it causes a turn, which results in compression of the carotid artery, narrowing of the lumen, and reduced blood flow, resulting in reduced blood supply to the brain, hypoxia in the brain, and may even faint when the neck is turned.

For the elderly, stepping back once in a while will not hinder health, but it should not be done often.

Dragon Boat Festival Piao Xiang delicious delicious Mo greedy

Dragon Boat Festival Piao Xiang delicious delicious Mo greedy

The Dragon Boat Festival evolved, and the fragrant dumplings went on the market.

However, health experts warn that dumplings are delicious but don’t be greedy. People who have troubled by eating dumplings in the past are not uncommon.

  Uncle Zhang, 63, lives in Tiedong District, Anshan City. He ate 4 uncles in a row a few days ago and felt stomach discomfort not long before, and then vomited.

Due to the serious situation, the old man was taken to the hospital by his family.

After diagnosis, the patient had an acute gastric dilation due to eating dilated dumplings, and must be rescued immediately.

  Song Fujia, director of the emergency department of the Third Hospital of Anshan City, Liaoning Province, said that patients like Uncle Zhang who have problems eating zongzi have recently appeared. The Third Hospital has admitted more than 20 similar patients in the past week.

Song Fujia said that the main raw material of rice dumplings is glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest. If they eat too much, it will easily cause bloating.

Therefore, normal people can eat less each time. When eating dumplings, they can be accompanied with vegetables and fruits to help the intestines and stomach move and avoid indigestion.

  Doctors recommend that certain groups of people are better off eating zongzi, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and coronary heart disease.

Many dumplings now add bacon, egg yolk, etc. to become auntie, high protein food, which is not good for these patients.

  In addition, ordinary people should avoid eating zongzi on an empty stomach.

Song Fujia said that some people eat rice dumplings for breakfast or supper, so that glutinous rice will stay in the stomach for a long time, stimulate gastric acid secretion, and may cause chronic gastritis and esophagitis patients to relapse.

Some people like to put dumplings in the refrigerator and eat them. Such dumplings are hard and cold. For people with stomach problems, it should be worse, so it is best to take them out and heat them to become soft before eating.

Nourishing face and freckle diet: black fungus and red date soup to eliminate dark spots

Nourishing face and freckle diet: black fungus and red date soup to eliminate dark spots

Have you tried many ways to deal with annoying facial spots?

In fact, drinking fruit juice can help you “drink” the spots.

  Tomato Juice-Freckles drink 1 cup of tomato juice per day or eat tomatoes often, which has a better effect on complications of freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

  Rice Cucumber Porridge-freckle moisturizing take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of salt, 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the fire on top, add rice, ginger, and wuhuo to boil, and then use gentle heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add the cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick and season with salt.

Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

  Lemon Rock Sugar Juice-Light spots, whitening and skin rejuvenation. Squeeze the lemon and ingest the appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only make the skin white and tender, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate skin pigmentation spots, but also have cardiovascular sclerosis.

  Black Fungus and Red Date Soup-Remove black spots and take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.

Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.

Every morning and after dinner.

If you take it regularly, you can take care of your skin, dispel skin, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots.

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See your psychological secret in a blink of an eye

See your psychological secret in a blink of an eye

Each of us has a blink phenomenon, and blink has a certain relationship with mental activity.

Blinks are fast or slow, sometimes “impassive” and sometimes “flickering.”

In fact, in addition to objective factors such as air humidity, the speed of blinking is also closely related to mood.

Blinking is a simple action, but it represents what you think in your heart.

  The careful thinking of seeing you in the blink of an eye is generally believed that there are three kinds of blinking, one is random blinking; the second is protective, such as when people encounter potentially harmful visual stimuli such as strong light, they will blink;The third is the blink that occurs spontaneously.

According to related research, the third blinking is about 15,000 times a day.

  Blinking frequency prolonged: The expression of contempt blinking frequency is the action of people’s subconscious control. If a person and the other person’s personality appear in an unreal posture, annoying emotions, and uninteresting, he will close in two blinks?
3 seconds or even longer, this is his subconscious desire for the other party to disappear into his sight.

If a person’s eyes remain closed, it means that he doesn’t want to see each other at all, and their personality can be stopped.

  Speed of blinking: The sign of attention blinks, indicating that he is interested in the dialogue between you.

At a company meeting, the leaders are passionately bound, and the employees below are listening attentively, but how many people are focusing on the topic of leadership?

Are employees interested in the topic of leadership?

We can look at the blink frequency of the listener and then determine in advance.

  Seeing from the blinking frequency that he is lying in a normal and relaxed state, people’s eyes blink every 6 minutes?
Eight times, the eyes are closed for only 1/10 of a second with each blink.

But when people lie, people blink more often, and people close their eyes for 1/10 second longer than normal.

  Relevant experts conducted further research. They divided the subjects into two groups: the first group of people freely moved for 10 minutes, and the content of the activity was simple, so that the 10 minutes did not cause anything to cover up;People are told where to put the questions and answers for a while, so they can use them when testing.

The researchers then asked the subjects to wear a special device that can test the blink frequency when answering questions.

  It turns out that people who tell the truth blink slightly more often than usual, which is because they are afraid of anxiety caused by poor answers (it seems that they can also be heard from their tone); andFor liars, their blinking frequency changes are very obvious, and they decrease slightly first, reflecting that the subjects are thinking about how to lie without leaving a trace if asked, so they comfort themselves to keep calm, and then after they lied, theyThe frequency of blinking increased sharply. At this time, the blinking behavior was unconscious, and the lies were exposed.

  Editor’s note: It’s worth noting that if a person always likes to “eyebrow and wink” no matter what the situation is, then he should worry about whether he has any diseases such as “tic disorder”, it is best to go to the relevant hospital to check.

Spend some time on the bed

Spend some time on the bed

As soon as you get up in the morning, you open your eyes and start exercising immediately. You can open and open many important parts of your body to achieve a slimming effect.

  After opening your eyes, lie on your back in bed and move forward for about ten seconds without holding your breath.

  When supine, the feet should be contracted as much as possible. The upper right is bent at a 90-degree angle to the vertical waist, and the left hand follows.

  Sit on the bed, lean your upper body forward, and perform a contraction motion of your back. Insert your hands into your head and insert them forward for about 10 seconds.

  Stand up, bend your left elbow to the back of your head, grab your left elbow with your right hand, and try to tilt to the right with this movement, about 10 seconds, doing a left-right swap.

  Before going to bed, bed exercise before bed can help to lose weight while going to bed. Gently moving the body before bed can strengthen the sympathetic nerves, and it has a slight effect of inhibiting absorption while sleeping.

  Pay attention to the posture, insert the elbows into the back of the head, clamp the pillow with both hands, and try to bend the wrist 20 times.

  It will reach a 90-degree bending state. Clamp the pillow between the insertions to reduce abdominal tightening and have the effect of lifting the hips. Slowly return to the original position and lift it again for 20 times.

  Press the pillow under the abdomen, fracture the hand, lift your right hand and left foot about 90 cm, and do 90 rounds of back and forth.

Winter foot bath and health

Winter foot bath and health

A folk proverb says: “Washing your feet in the spring, the sun is lifted off; washing your feet in the summer, you can get rid of the dampness; washing your feet in the fall, moisturizing your intestines; washing your feet in the winter, Dantian is warm.

“Trivial Records” cloud: “Foot is the bottom of the person, wash once a night.

Lu You, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, also has a foot bath poem that says “the old man is not going back to farming and mulberry, and the chickens and dolphins are not forgotten. Washing his feet and going to bed is fast, and his body is gradually declining the soup.” It can be seen that washing feet is only a good way to treat diseases.It is also an important means for health promotion and longevity.

  The foot is also called the “second heart”. In the autumn and winter seasons, the ground temperature is low, the feet are far from the heart, the blood flow is slow, and the feet are easily cold, which causes the temperature of the upper respiratory tract and abdominal cavity to decrease, which weakens people’s resistance and causes the respiratory tract.Infection, gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases, if you can adhere to foot bath, heat can stimulate the rich nerve endings of the feet, reflect to the cerebral cortex, to promote blood circulation throughout the body, adjust the functions of tissues and organs, so as to warm the feet and completely prevent diseaseTherapeutic effect.

After foot bath, massage Yongquan, Chengshan, Zusanli and other points with both hands alternately to enhance the effect of foot bath.

  The author used the following foot bath recipes: 20 grams of cinnamon sticks, ephedra, cricket live, 15 grams each of solitary live, safflower, asarum, 10 grams each of artemisia syringae, fry the juice from the top, pour it into a basin, cash in an appropriate amount of warm water, and put both feetImmerse. After the temperature of the water drops, mix it with hot water appropriately. Wash and knead until the water is added above the joints, your feet are warm, and your skin becomes red. Once a night, each dose can be used for 3 days.

  Foot bath can alleviate and eliminate the pathological abnormalities of local capillaries, improve the blood circulation of tissues, eliminate the inflammation, sensitivity, and swelling of airway tissues, and make the airway unobstructed, thereby preventing the effects of colds, coughs, and stomachaches.

After the elderly people take a foot bath, their sleep is stable, their appetite increases, and their symptoms such as dizziness and limb numbness disappear.

Those who are interested may wish to give it a try.

Recipes for treating cervical disease

Recipes for treating cervical disease

Formula 1[composition]50g of fresh Scutellaria barbata, 30g of Baiying, 15g of silver flower

  [Usage]Decoction, substitute tea.

  Square 2[composition]3 hollyhocks, 3 longan, 1 egg.

  [Usage]Cook, remove residue, eat eggs and longan, drink soup, 1 dose daily.

  Square 3[composition]White flower Hedyotis 30?

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 dose a day.

  Square 4[composition]Dragon Sunflower 30?

  [Usage]Decoction, 3 times a day, 1 dose daily.

  Recipe 5[Composition]30g white ying and 10 jujubes.

  〔Usage〕 Shuijianbi, once a day.

   Square 6[composition]30g Hedyotis diffusa, 30g creeper.

  〔Usage〕 Shuijianbi.

  Square 7[composition]30g of Dragon Sunflower, 30g of Shu Yangquan, 15g of Snake Berry.

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 dose a day.