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The most direct and convenient way to exercise

The most direct and convenient way to exercise

Seeing the various ways to lose weight on the Internet, are you cautious always suspicious?

Today, I will bring you the simplest and most direct fitness methods-you can not do this, but what I want to specifically state is that it will not cost you much time at all!

  First, as long as you work backwards to lose weight, you will not only have the effect of losing weight, but also promote blood circulation.

Because the exercise load of oblique contraction walking backwards increases, it is easy to cause damage to the joints.

Therefore, the exercise time should not be too long, walking at about 15 minutes at a speed of 120 steps per minute.

It may be a bit uncomfortable and tiring when you first do it, but as long as you keep doing it, you will naturally adapt.

  Point: Can both lose weight and correct bad posture.

Exercise time should be appropriate, and you must work hard to continue.

  Second, dumbbell weight-loss dumbbell type is a very convenient device to use.

Sit down with the dumbbells in your hands, and then lean forward with your upper body.

You can lose too much weight by doing about 30 times a day.

For those muscles and muscles, people with excess meat can also increase muscle mass.

Not only can you lose weight, but you can also build a healthy muscle curve.

Especially effective for those with a lot of upper body aunts.

  Point: It can reduce the weight and reduce the effect of abdomen.

The key is to keep practicing every day.

Especially effective for those with obese upper body.

  Third, walking to lose weight can be reduced by 1 or 2 days?
2kg of body weight.

If you can do it for a walk, it’s easy to lose it halfway because you feel bored.

If you like shopping, then go shopping!

This will not feel boring and boring, but also can achieve the purpose of walking to lose weight.

At first, you may feel tired and puffy, but there will be no major hindrance when you increase your physical strength.

The smaller the abdominal and leg movements, the better the weight loss effect, but don’t force yourself too much.

  Point: effective.

Even if you feel thirsty or hungry while walking, you should never drink cold drinks or snacks, and pay attention to control not to become a shopaholic.

  Fourth, running to lose weight Running is definitely the most effective aerobic whole body exercise, which can enhance the ability of all aspects of the body while losing weight, so that you are both thin and full of spirit.

However, friends who choose this method of weight loss should pay attention to controlling exercise intensity according to their own conditions, and don’t cause excessive damage to the body!

  Point: Aerobic exercise is a very vertical exercise.

You can get good results in a short time, but often excessive exercise will cause a lot of repetition.

For example, it will bring a sharp burden on various organs of the human body.

The side effects of baby products on your baby’s health

The “side effects” of baby products on your baby’s health

After using a pacifier, my baby’s belly swells and he uses a walker, but he always wrestles . In the past few days, reporters have received calls from some parents, reflecting the “side effects” of using baby products on their babies.
What kind of harm can improper use of baby products cause to baby?
How do I use these things?
Urine is not wet and covers the baby’s buttocks. Ms. Yanagiu is a new mother.
Before her daughter was born, her mother-in-law, who lived in the countryside, brought a lot of old autumn trousers to Ms. Liu, saying that she would make diapers for her children.
“Which age is it, who still uses this, others use urine not to wet .” Ms. Liu dismissed it and tossed her old autumn pants aside.
  After her daughter was born, despite her mother’s and mother-in-law’s objections, Ms. Liu wore urine to her child throughout the day and changed it every five hours.
A week later, the very obedient daughter started crying, crying more and more fiercely.
After careful inspection, Ms. Liu found that the child’s buttocks became red and red like inflammation, and even began to pus.
  The doctor said that Ms. Liu’s daughter had a “red buttock” that is relatively easy for newborns, because she wore urine for a long time and “covered it.”
Wash your butt and rub your lotion regularly every day . After more than a month of treatment, her daughter’s “red butt” was healed.
Regretfully, Ms. Liu still used the old autumn trousers sent by her mother-in-law.
  Experts recommend: It is best to use cotton diapers. If you use “urine not wet”, you must buy products made by regular manufacturers, pay attention to the use method and use period, and try to shorten the child’s “urine wet” time if possible.After the child defecates, the perineum should be cleaned in time and the “urine not wet” should be replaced in time.
At the same time, children should be formed as early as possible to reflect the condition of urine and develop a good habit of regular defecation.
The culprit of the child’s bloating was actually to comfort the pacifier Ms. Li, an employee of a bank in the provincial capital.
“I bought my child a pacifier to prevent him from crying at night.
Ms. Li said that her son had been using a pacifier for more than 3 months.
Before that, my son always had trouble sleeping at night. He woke up after a short sleep and kept crying when he woke up.
  Later, Ms. Li watched a friend’s child using a pacifier, so she bought one for her son, and the effect was really good.
  Ms. Li recalled that since then, her son has often had a bloated stomach.
At first, Ms. Li thought her son was breathing cold, so she often applied her son with a hot water bottle.
Who knows, the frequency of his son’s stomach bulging is getting higher and higher, and his belly is swollen round at the worst.
Ms. Li quickly took her son to the hospital for examination, and all indicators were normal.
“Did you give your child a pacifier? You go back to check and check, there must be air holes in the pacifier.
Sure enough, according to the doctor, Ms. Li found a small hole in the side of the pacifier to comfort him.
  Expert suggestions: Experts introduced, “Although pacifiers can satisfy children’s tactile stimuli, they must not make children addicted to these products.
“If your baby sucks and comforts the pacifier, it will promote the continuous secretion of saliva, causing a lot of digestive enzymes to be lost.
In addition, sucking and comforting a pacifier can cause vomiting and bloating.
This will affect the growth and development of the child’s mouth and jaw system for a long time.
When your child is seven or eight months old, try to throw away the bottle; by the age of one or one and a half years, you should learn to drink from a cup.
Too often wrestling can cause trouble for toddlers. For the problem that his son always wrestles, Ms. Zhang’s son Xiaoxing is 15 years old and is in third grade of junior high school.
  Xiaoxing is the only seedling in the family and won the favor of the family.
When Xiaoxing was small, the walker was a new game and the price was not cheap.
In order for Xiaoxing to learn to walk early, when Xiaoxing was about to learn to crawl in 8 months, Ms. Zhang spent nearly 1,000 yuan to buy a walker for Xiaoxing.
As a result, Xiaoxing learned to walk in the walker in a rampage.  Ms. Zhang soon discovered that Xiaoxing loves to fall more than children of the same age.

The same smooth road, other children are fine when walking, Xiaoxing smashed as soon as he left.

At first, Ms. Zhang thought it was her son who was not careful, and she would be fine when she grew up.

Who knows, the number of times Xiaoxing crashed didn’t decrease by the age.

Until now, as long as Xiaoxing ran two steps quickly, he would inevitably fall.

Because of wrestling, Xiaoxing’s uniform was covered with large and small wounds.

  Ms. Zhang took Xiaoxing to many hospitals, and the doctor’s response was very consistent: Because she used the walker too early and did not learn to climb, Xiaoxing’s balance ability was too poor.

  Experts advise: “Many parents don’t have time to look after their children, and put their children in the walker at the age of July, even earlier.

This is very bad for the child’s physical development. Usually this period is the key period for the baby to fully grasp the crawling. If he does not learn to crawl in the car all day, it will cause the baby to lose many opportunities for improvement.At this stage, if you are in the car all day, walking will be reorganized in the future, which is not conducive to the overall development of the body.

“Experts said,” From the perspective of intellectual development, we do not encourage the use of walkers.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, your liver may have problems.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, your liver may have problems.

Getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror can reveal a lot of health problems. The liver is an important organ of the human body. If the deformation is aggravated, it will manifest itself in all aspects of the body.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, it is likely to warn you that there is a big problem in your liver.

1, morning urine, such as tea, normal urine is pale yellow, if it gets angry, the yellow will deepen.

However, complications in the liver affect the metabolism of bilirubin, which causes the bilirubin to enter the bloodstream. It is increased by the urine excretion, so the urine color is deepened.

The yellower the color of the urine, the heavier the damage of the liver cells. If the urine is really yellow and thick, it may indicate deformation of the liver.

2, early bleeding gum bleeding bleeding is divided into local causes and systemic causes.

Local causes are mostly caused by oral and disease, and systemic causes are associated with major diseases.

If the liver has lesions, the liver’s function of producing coagulation factors is reduced after hepatocyte injury, and then the coagulation mechanism is impeded.

People with liver disease often brush their teeth in the morning, find their own gums or nose bleeding when washing their face, and sometimes find blood on the bitten food.

This type of bleeding is particularly prevalent in patients with chronic hepatitis, and bleeding in patients with severe hepatitis is more severe.

3, early right upper quadrant pain If the liver has complications, it will cause liver enlargement, so that the tension of the liver capsule is increased, the patient has a feeling of pain in the liver area.

The degree of pain varies, and some patients with hepatitis have pain, shortness of pain or acupuncture-like pain, which is exacerbated during activities and varies in time.

Sometimes it causes pain relief when lying down, and the pain increases when you wake up in the morning.

4, early toe edema caused by edema liver disease called hepatogenic edema, the liver is severe when severe.

Hepatogenic edema and nephrogenic edema are different. Dry round edema often occurs on the toes. There are often no edema on the sides and upper limbs. If edema is found early, it means the liver is very serious.

Special attention: When you get up in the morning, you should pay attention to these problems. Liver disease is a chronic disease. There are few obvious symptoms. Generally, obvious symptoms are usually very serious. It is recommended to take precautions on a daily basis.Measures to protect the liver.

Related recommendations: Want to grow older than age?

Keeping the liver, the heart is the key!

Do not eat grapefruit with it, hurt the liver and hurt the lungs!

90% of people don’t know!

Beating here for 5 minutes, called “the first method of protecting the liver”, the old Chinese medicine does not pass the secret!

301 Hospital and 70+ hospitals jointly promote active health management

301 Hospital and 70+ hospitals jointly promote active health management

On January 19, 2019, the Heart Health Research Atrial Fibrillation Risk Screening and Integrated Management Researchers Meeting was held at the International Conference Center of the PLA General Hospital.
Heart health research uses intelligent terminal devices to achieve risk screening for arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation, etc.) in the population, and to integrate management of atrial fibrillation and cardiovascular risk factors, realize early risk awareness, early warning of adverse events, and effective interventions, thereby reducing the cardiovascular and cerebrovascularThe event is an exploration of the implementation of an active health management program based on intelligent terminal innovation technology and various physiological indicators.
  Heart health and atrial fibrillation risk screening and integrated management research was launched on October 26, 2018. Based on Huawei’s smart wearable device’s photoelectric volume pulse wave (PPG) technology, it was detected in real-time in the population, and the room was automatically screened through the “Heart Health Research”People who are at high risk of arrhythmia such as fibrillation, and manage and follow-up the Integrated Management Platform for Heart Health and Atrial Fibrillation (MAFAIII).
The project is supported by the National Institute for Atrial Fibrillation Management (NIHR) and the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).
At the researcher meeting, Professor Guo Yutao of 301 Hospital introduced the progress of the project and the new iteration function of MAFAIII. Dr. Wenjuan Chen of Huawei Consumer BG (Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd.) introduced active health research based on smart terminals. More than 70 hospitals nationwideMore than 140 people participated in the meeting.
  301医院房颤风险筛查及整合管理研究者会  据中国心血管病报告统计,心血管疾病(CVD)占城乡居民总死亡原因的40%以上,高于肿瘤和其他,是威胁中国居民健康的Number one killer and the number of patients has reached 2.
900 million.
  The main cause of death of urban and rural residents in China in 2015 (%) Arrhythmia (such as atrial fibrillation), as the most common cardiovascular disease, can affect many aspects of the body, such as the blood supply of organs such as the brain, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract.However, the early manifestations are often mild palpitation, palpitations, chest tightness, etc., which are easily ignored. If not intervened in time, it will significantly increase the risk of stroke (stroke), cause heart failure, and cause sudden death.
According to the National Cardiovascular Center, the total number of sudden cardiac deaths in China is as high as 54.
40,000 / year, more than 80% of which are caused by malignant arrhythmias.
  However, cardiovascular diseases generally have low awareness rates, including hypertension and dyslipidemia. The overall awareness rate is less than 50%. In addition, most arrhythmias have no obvious symptoms, irregular attacks, and the duration of attacks is short.Therefore, users’ proactive prevention and consultation are even more difficult.
  Professor Guo Yutao, the chief physician of Cardiology Department of 301 Hospital, introduced the project and its implementation progress. Of course, with the improvement of medical technology, the development of smart wearable products, mobile phones and other smart terminals and Internet technology, home, fast, and long-range independent testing has become possible.
According to Professor Guo Yutao, there are many wearable devices at present, but the accessibility and accuracy of the population need to be considered. The 301 Heart Health Research Project team conducted rigorous AF screening technology development and clinical verification based on Huawei smart wearable devices.In the hospital, data collection, modeling optimization, and community real-time risk monitoring were completed for 2 weeks. It was confirmed that the accuracy and sensitivity of the technology for screening AF were above 96%. On this basis,On October 26, 2018, the AF screening study using this technology was officially launched.
At present, the research work on the first stage of AF screening technology has been accepted by international authoritative journals and recognized by international peers.
  Professor Guo Yutao introduced, “The project started nearly three months ago. At present, nearly 60,000 people have registered for heart health research. Nearly 40,000 people are using Huawei smart devices to participate in heart health research. Screening of suspected AF patients, 91% of them were 301The AFFA Integrated Management Platform (MAFA) ‘s collaborative hospital has confirmed the diagnosis of AF. Among them, about 37% are young people aged 18-50, and 75% of the suspected AF patients are screened by “automatic measurement”.Discovered, and related to the length of time wearing smart devices. ”
“This also reminds us that young and middle-aged people are likely to ignore their potential heart risk, but the” automatic measurement “method of smart devices can continuously monitor heart risk, so it is recommended that everyone stick to wearing Huawei smart devices for at least 14 days.”
  The specific implementation of cardiac health risk screening and integrated management research is: through the “Heart Health Research” and “MAFA Heart Health” APP to provide users with arrhythmia screening, personalized guidance, appointment appointments and integrated management services for AF.
  Heart health research app and wearable device Heart health research app——autonomous arrhythmia screening The heart health research app works with Huawei smart wearable devices to meet the measurement needs of users in different scenarios.
When measuring, you can start spontaneously on the APP homepage, and the result will be available in 45s. Of course, you can also set up automatic measurement through the APP. When the user is in a quiet state, the wearable device will automatically start the detection and synchronize the detection result to the APP.For easy viewing.
  At present, the Heart Health Research APP has fully supported HUAWEIWATCHGT, Honor Watch Magic / Fantasy Series and Honor Bracelet 4. As long as you are 18 years old and have a Huawei / Honor phone and a supported wearable device, you can screen for arrhythmia risk.
  In addition, the heart health research directly interfaces with the 301 hospital AF management platform MAFA, intelligently recommends MAFA hospitals for high-risk populations, and provides free priority appointments and follow-up services to help the project group more accurately assess heart health and conduct selfHealth management.
  MAFA Heart Health-Integrated Management of Atrial Fibrillation: This researcher will release MAFAIII.
As a specialized disease management platform, MAFA Heart Health has experienced MAFAI, MAFAII, and developed to MAFAIII.
MAFAI confirms the feasibility of mHealth technology for the management of atrial fibrillation, MAFAII updates the integrated management path of AF, MAFAIII connects with cutting-edge AF screening technology, and iteratively renews the management of AF and cardiovascular risk factors to build a community-centerThe hospital’s two-way management model helps achieve AF-screening-prevention-treatment.
  In addition to MAFAIII’s health records, doctor-patient communication and other functions, the clinical decision support system is more intelligent, and matches the guidelines and standardized treatments to achieve dynamic risk assessment and risk early warning to help doctors and patients better manage disease; In addition, MAFAIII also hasDynamic monitoring of the safety of anticoagulation therapy, management of symptoms after ablation, and cardiovascular disease risk management functions such as hypertension, angina pectoris, and heart failure.
  Under the guidance of the NIHR Birmingham research team in the UK, the Heart Health Research AF Screening and Integrated Management Project Team invited community doctors to understand AF management issues in the form of Focusgroup for the first time in the country. Currently, the Focusgroup survey has been completed in 5 communities in Beijing and Shanxi.
It was found that in addition to common factors such as lack of knowledge of AF and poor adherence to guidelines, system support such as doctor-patient relationship, drug access, equipment access, and staffing ratio are also the status quo facing the community.
Therefore, MAFAIII will implement a community-central hospital two-way management model, give full play to the advantages of central hospitals and community hospitals, and complement each other in various aspects such as professional knowledge, medical environment, medical resources, and patient radiation scope to achieve hierarchical management of risks.
  Moving the threshold of atrial fibrillation treatment forward is a meaningful attempt to change cardiovascular disease from passive treatment to active prevention by combining intelligent terminal equipment with specialized disease management pathways.
  华为全场景智慧生活  未来,301医院也将会继续与华为深入合作,基于智能终端的创新技术,共同探索更多的健康管理方案,帮助更多人建立主动健康的生活方式,降低疾病的发生概率.
  Heart health research APP download, please search for “heart health research” in the Huawei app market 市场 or click the link to quickly download: https: // appgallery.
com / grey / uowap / index.
html # / detailApp / C100406325?
source = appshare & subsource = C100406325 MAFA Heart Health Download, please search for “MAFA Heart Health” on the app treasure or click the link to quickly download: https: // android.
com / myapp / detail.htm?
apkName = com.
health & ADTAG = mobile This article only represents the author’s point of view, and does not represent the point of view of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

Successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program

Successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program

First, what factors will make your face FAT?

  1 adult: excessive facial muscles, too little exercise, easy to fat face; 2 skin bones: “big bones”, “big face” can not change the big face; 3 muscle: teeth chewing muscle developed; 4 edema: before the end of menstruationTwo days, there are still neglected diet, poor diet, high salt, spicy food, etc., edema will always lick you.

  Second, the self-test face: pinch method: pull up the face skin thickness more than 1CM, then more than 0.

5CM, the face has already exceeded the standard.

  Third, from the beginning of eating: three meals can eat more swollen wet fruits and vegetables, such as melon, bananas, etc.; face large please refuse chewing gum, sugar cane and other chewing food.

  Fourth, massage articles: 1.

Tibial massage (1 time each morning and evening) 1 Point the middle finger to the humerus, gently massage for 3 to 4 minutes in a circular motion, then relax the muscles of the tibia; 2 Massage the humerus with the middle finger to relax all the muscles of the face;3 The right hand is subjected to the tibia, and the pressure is applied with force for 20 seconds.

At the same time, in the back of the right wrist to support the head, by the pressure to make the humerus smaller, take turns massage on both sides.

  4 Press the outside of the cheekbones with both hands and gently apply force to the back for 30 seconds, taking turns on both sides.


Cotton cellulite massage (early and evening) 1 Use two fingers to insert into the middle of the forehead, gently pull to the hairline on both sides, repeat 10 times; 2 Insert the finger into the eye bag position, slowly move from the middle finger to the outside, do 5 times.

  3 Press the hand for two seconds, extend the loop 10 times, and then circle it 10 times inward; 4 Press the temple with your finger for 10 to 15 seconds.


Reduce the excess flesh of the cheeks. After applying the massage cream, pull the excess in the short bones and stretch them out. Then slowly move them down to the nose for about 5 seconds for one minute.

  2 Put your hands on your cheeks, focusing on smoothing the fine lines of the wrinkled nose of the nasolabial fold.) The skin is pulled laterally, and the palm is pushed from the inside to the outline.
3 seconds for 1 minute.


Drainage and swelling massage: 1 Use the palm to push forward from the center of the center of the face to the front of the ear, repeat the movement 10 times; 2 replace the back of the hand with the bottom and top tap, repeat the movement 10 times.

  Five, successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program 1.

In the morning: face cooling 1 choose cool cleansing products, apply warm water to face after cleansing for about 1 minute; 2 after washing your face, use shrink water to tighten the skin, then moisturize the cream; 3 especially in the eyeFirming cream, massage a little.


Noon: Relax facial muscles 1 Use facial expressions to exercise skin muscles; 2 Contact the English letters “aeiou” every day to achieve the effect of modifying the contour lines.


At night: face weight loss exercise 1 with the middle finger and ring finger of the fingertips, from the forehead edge to the position of the temple push; 2 with the middle finger and ring finger alternately tap the nose piece, repeat several times, then from the lower jaw often both sides of the earPush, finally use the middle finger to spiral up from the bottom up to massage the double sputum; 3 thumb and index finger pinch the middle of the lower jaw, while gently squatting the outline of the squat on both sides, repeated repeatedly; 4 hands alternately from the bottom to the top to the lower jaw, soIt will make the double chin disappear!

  Six, magic face-lifting makeup: 1.

Facial facial features become small makeup: 1 lips are noticeable: thick pink gathers the line of sight, makes the face stand out, and uses a bright lip gloss to slightly reconcile with the lip color. First, apply the lip color to the center of the lips with your fingers to make the lip peaks stand out.The mouth character is light pink, and the lip color applied to the center of the lips is gently spread to the vertical direction with the fingers, so that the lip shape is rich in three-dimensional feeling, and the lip brush is applied to the middle of the lips by using the lip brush, and the natural three-dimensional lip shape isNewborn; 2 fat face is small: adding yellow coral pink effect is best.

The teaching uses shadow cream to create a three-dimensional effect, and finally finishes with a pale green eye shadow matched with pink.

The blush is applied obliquely below the tibia, and the blush should be evenly spread up and down.

Gently brush the brush onto the paper towel and mix it with the cheeks.


Small-faced beauty eye makeup: After applying the powder, a whitening cream with a highlight effect on the cheekbones is applied. The skin around the eyes is brightened to spread the contours of the eyes, below the eyes.Focus on the glue and severely rough shadow cream, and gently pry open, apply a shadow cream that produces high gloss effect on the eyelids and corners of the eyes, and quickly sweep.

  1 Eye shadow is evenly opened from the middle to the middle. In order to achieve balance, some bright colors should be applied to the corner of the eye. Eye shadow should be applied next to the upper and lower eyelids, so that the corners of the eyes are not left blank; 2 eyeliner is hooked on the eyeliner with a green eye shadow pen, from the top of the eyeballUse the fingertips to spread the color below the 1/2 point, and then draw the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to 1/3.

When you increase the brightness, your eyes will become more flexible. If the eyeliner is too thick, align it with a cotton swab to ensure that the makeup is natural and beautiful.

  Seven, clothing matching: 1.

Color: Choose dark or pink clothing (white and pink are best to wear less)2.

Style: The clothes with collars, the ones who like to wear high-necked sweaters replace the large lapel sweaters, the lower body with long skirts, which makes the whole body vision have an inverse triangle effect, and the face looks more delicate.

For white and pink clothes, you must choose a V-neck top, or a neckline with a bow-tie shirt on your chest. This also has the effect of lengthening and refining the face.

Material: Looks light and light, like a silky or sarong-like top.

Pattern: Avoid two or more patterns (skirts) 5.

Lower body with: upper (fit) down (long skirt or small flared pants)

Home Taste Fungus Chicken Soup

Home Taste Fungus Chicken Soup

Ingredients: Chicken: 1 agaric: 1 hand (about 15 grams) Ginger: 4 slices of water: 8 bowls of hot chicken soup, the aroma that lingers is more warm memories of the home: when you grow your body,Parents will boil a bowl of chicken soup for us; when they have a cold, parents also hold a bowl of chicken soup for us . Chicken soup is rich in nutrition and delicious, and it is a home tonic.

The fungus-cooking chicken introduced in this issue has health-building and nutrition-detoxifying effects.

  Practice: 1.

Soak the fungus in warm water for half an hour, wash and remove the pedicle, and tear it into a medium-sized block; 2.

Chickens are slaughtered in the market in advance and washed at home. They can be chopped into large pieces or not chopped.

Boil water, boil the chicken for 20 minutes on high heat, add edible fungus, and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. Season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: This soup raises the body, strengthens qi deficiency, and improves the immune function of the human body.

Chicken soup can also effectively alleviate cold symptoms, because it can effectively suppress inflammation in the human body and excessive production of mucus, thereby reducing nasal blockage and throat pain.

But chickens are warm tonic, so people with wind-heat and cold should not eat them.

  ● Gourmet Academy chicken has a high protein content, 24 grams of protein per 100 grams of peeled chicken, 0.

7 grams of lipids are high-protein foods that contain almost no aunts.

Chicken also contains a variety of phospholipids, which are essential nutrients for human growth and development.

  The nutritional effects of chicken tonic should have been known for a long time.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effects of warming and invigorating qi, filling deficiency and filling essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation, strengthening muscles and bones, especially those with malnutrition, chills and cold, fatigue, fatigue, and anemia.

  The chicken soup made by adding different Chinese herbal medicines has different degrees of medicinal and food effects for different groups of people: White-collar workers: The wolfberry, chicken, and lily are added to the chicken soup, which has a health-care and anti-fatigue effect.Elderly people: add Huaishan, Cuscuta, Eucommia ulmoides in chicken soup, which has the effect of nourishing kidney and anti-aging; young women: add Yuzhu, Cuscuta, Ligustrum lucidum in chicken soup, has the function of beauty skin care, beauty; weak constitutionCrowd: Astragalus, Astragalus and Atractylodes in chicken soup, which has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing lungs, regulating immunity, and preventing colds; Obese people: These people are usually afraid to drink chicken soup and are afraid that chicken soup will cause symptoms to worsen, so this partWhen eating chicken soup tonic, the crowd can add some traditional Chinese medicine to lower blood lipids in the chicken soup, such as hawthorn, Shouwu, etc., so as to soften blood vessels and reduce lipid health.

  Black fungus black fungus is extremely rich in nutrients, containing a large number of nutrients such as glucose, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamins, etc., containing 375 mg of calcium per 100 grams, which is equivalent to 7 times of catfish; 185 mg of iron,It is equivalent to 70 times of catfish.

Black fungus has a variety of medicinal value and is a precious medicinal material.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, recorded that the fungus is Ganping, which treats Qi and no cure, and has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing the lungs and brain, and promoting blood circulation and bleeding.

  Modern medical research has found that black fungus can reduce blood viscosity, prevent or dissolve blood clots, and ease coronary atherosclerosis; black fungus is rich in cellulose and a special kind of plant collagen, which can promoteGastrointestinal peristalsis promotes the excretion of trace amounts of food in the body, reduces the absorption of trace amounts of food, thereby preventing obesity; at the same time, because these two substances can promote peristalsis and prevent constipation, it is conducive to the timely removal and discharge of toxic substances in the body stool;The fungus also has a certain effect on calculus dissolution. The fermentation and phytoalkali contained in it have the characteristics of promoting the secretion of various glands of the digestive tract and urinary tract, and cooperate with these secretions to catalyze stones, smoothen the pipeline, and replace the stones.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

There is a layer of clear chicken oil on the surface of the cooked chicken soup. Most of them are saturated fatty acids. If it is high blood pressure, high blood lipids and people with biliary diseases, it is best to skim the oil and drink it.

You can also ask the person who slaughtered the chicken to peel off the chicken skin and use the chicken to make soup.


The old chicken can be used for soup. The old chicken can warm the spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood, and nourish kidney and essence.

The three dishes that must be eaten for detoxification are not too late!

The three dishes that must be eaten for detoxification are not too late!

Click to buy Have you recently had mouth ulcers?

Feces less and less?

Tiny bumps growing on the skin?

This is the body reminding you: it’s “detoxification”!

Recommend a few effective “detox foods” today, come and try it out!

  The first detox dish-cold vinegar fungus people’s body is prone to heat poisoning and irritating. If the residual toxins are more and more, it will exceed the burden of the body’s excretory function, and it will become a health disorder.

  Known as the “human scavenger”, fungus can help expel toxins from the body.

Its potential incremental fibers can promote perfusion and avoid constipation.

However, fungus is easy to adulterate, pay attention to choose a moderate size when buying, the surface is clean, flat, crisp and easily broken.

  The second dish, pork blood stewed tofu, the blood plasma protein is decomposed by the gastric acid in the human body, which produces a detoxification, cleansing intestines, easily promotes metabolic peristalsis and replaces excess feces, thereby achieving detoxification.
Pig blood contains many proteins, hemoglobin, which can promote protein metabolism.

Its lack of iron content also has certain benefits for people with anemia.

  When buying pig blood, be sure to choose a smooth, elastic surface, bright red, and no odor.

If it’s easy to get angry, you can choose duck blood, because duck blood is cold.

People with gout and hyperuricemia cannot eat more.

  Method: Cut pig blood and tofu into small pieces, and add some Chinese cabbage and salt. Add a few drops of sesame oil when it comes out of the pot.

  The third dish, kelp winter melon soup, is producing toxins all the time, such as breathing, metabolism, digestion and absorption.

Poor detoxification may cause symptoms such as constipation and fracture sores. It is also necessary to pay attention to detoxification in the diet.

There are actually two main ways to detox food: kidneys and intermediates.

Foods with diuretic effects can promote the body’s metabolism of toxins to achieve the purpose of detoxification; foods capable of laxative and laxative can expel toxins in the stool by promoting peristalsis inhaled.

  Recommendation: Kelp Winter Melon Soup.

The microglia components in kelp are not absorbed by the body’s inherent digestion and can absorb harmful substances and toxins in the coupling.

Winter melon is a food that clears heat, dampness and diuresis.

This combination not only eliminates wetness, but also diuresis and laxative, and has a good detoxification effect.

Don’t drink cold drinks in these 7 categories in the summer.

Don’t drink cold drinks in these 7 categories in the summer.

The hot summer drink is the most unpleasant, but the cold drink can temporarily cool off, but the natural cold, easy to hurt the body’s yang, and the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, do not want to be too happy to be overdone.

Special attention should be paid to the following seven groups of people. It is best not to drink or drink cold drinks.

  1, children.

Children who are in the growth stage should pay special attention.

According to some surveys, children in Guangdong who have the habit of drinking herbal tea have a lower growth curve than children who do not have the habit of drinking herbal tea.

  2, the elderly.

With the increase of age, the digestive function of the spleen and stomach of the elderly is becoming weaker. When eating cold drinks, there will be stomach cramps, cold, not wanting to eat, sometimes diarrhea and other symptoms.

  3, stomach patients.

Patients with chronic gastritis, stomach, duodenal ulcer should also avoid eating cold drinks, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

  4, yang physique.

Yang deficiency constitution refers to the lack of yang, characterized by cold limbs.

Its characteristics are that the body is white and fat, the muscles are not strong, usually the hands and feet are cold, the tongue is fat and there are scallops on the sides, it is easy to sweat, the stool is thin, and the urine is long.

The function of yang is to warm the body, and cold drinks are easy to damage yang, which makes people lose their warmth.

  5, bloody constitution.

Congestive physique refers to a state of physique in which blood runs poorly.

It is characterized by thin body, dull complexion, prone to ecchymosis, prone to pain, dull or purple lips, dark tongue or ecchymosis, dark eyes, easy to hair loss, dry skin.

The specific performance is that women are prone to dysmenorrhea during the physiological period, and the male body has more bruises.

People who eat cold drinks cause poor blood flow and increase congestion.

  6, menstrual period.

Menstrual period should avoid cold food, otherwise the blood will be stagnation when the cold is cold, and the blood can not be smooth, causing irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other issues.

  7, pregnancy.

If you eat cold drinks during pregnancy, it may damage the spleen and stomach yang, make the cold endogenous, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

The fetus will be restless in the womb and the fetal movement will become more and more.

What are the main points of Qigong?

What are the main points of Qigong?

Wuhan male god teacher six pack abdominal muscles Wuhan male god teacher information photos were exposed, this legendary Wuhan male god teacher exactly who?

According to insiders, the Wuhan male god teacher Si Gao is now a physical education teacher at Hankou College.

The Wuhan male god teacher has many titles and was once the champion of the men’s team in the 2003 China Model Contest.

At the same time, Wuhan male god teacher is rich in family, is a typical high handsome.

No wonder many girls are so fascinated by the Wuhan male god teacher.

So how did he refine the tempting six pack abs?

I believe that many male friends would like to know, let’s take a look at the six-layer abdominal muscle refining technique of the male god teacher, so that you can get rid of the belly and achieve the abdominal muscles.

According to Hankou College students, Wuhan Male God Teacher is a sophomore physical education teacher who is currently married and has children.

He has a strong sense of line, is usually low-key, understands students very much, and has lost many students.

Seductive chest muscles, handsome face, beautiful outline, coupled with the smile of the dead, the image of Si Gaofeng was immediately popular on Weibo.

Some netizens called him “the handsome professor of Du Minjun” and called it “the best male god.”

What makes students scream is that Si Feng is still the “2003 World’s Best Model Contest China Finals Champion”. Si Gaoping often goes to the gym to do some strength exercises and practice his “tempting body”.

In addition to physical education courses, he will give students some weight-loss body-building programs, so that students will be more “love”.

How to practice a big belly belly into a six-pack abs. A sit-up aerobic exercise about sit-ups can not lose the abdomen, has been suffering.

Sit-ups are still in the abdomen. The abdomen thinks: Sit-ups can exercise the abdominal muscles, so you can practice a stomach that can be considered as a sit-up.

The opposite side believes that the alternative to being able to consume a small amount of energy is to be able to consume at least 20 minutes of anti-sport movement, so a few sit-ups in a minute can not reduce the basic movement of the abdominal crunches.

The correct way is: sit-ups aerobic exercise The main role of sit-ups is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, enhance abdominal muscles, sit-ups, mainly abdominal elasticity, no loose loose, can also protect the buttocks and improve posture.

The aerobic transport loosely decomposes the elastic elastic consumption and reduces the amount.

The choice of special care for the “middle section” of the heat consumption can be moved, recommend three items: table tennis: the action of swinging the racket is driven by the waist, abdominal muscles, table tennis swing action consumes 192 cards every 30 minutes.

Yoga: The sitting posture of yoga determines that your back and abdominal muscles can do the exercises in the buttocks and the abdomen, and consume 200 calories every 30 minutes.

Taekwondo: Kickboxing kicks will drive the waist, and the abdomen consumes taekwondo and consumes kicks, consuming 312 cards every 30 minutes.

Tip: How do you make sure your body just rises to a 45 degree angle?

There are three small ways to determine the body: 1 Generally speaking, when the line of sight is flattened, the normal angle between the body and the knee joint is 45 degrees; 2 can be practiced in the mirror;Slow, slowly feel, when you feel the most stressed movement of the abdomen rises to the abdomen, it is 45 degrees, and stops at this position.

It is recommended to recommend the third location.

The sit-ups in the instant physical education class are assessed as physical fitness exercises, and the more you do the sit-up physical fitness in one minute.

And all the sexy minutes of minute exercises, including sit-ups, as a sexy abdominal exercise must be slow!

A little bit of the feeling of the sit-up vibration of the abdomen.

Expert recommendation: 10 per minute?
15 for 1 group, do 2 for each exercise?
Minutes recommend 3 experts, each group rests about 1 minute.

Abdominal breathing and abdomen for a minute breathing massage at rest.

Perfect Breathing Perfect abdomen requires a perfect breath.

Not only is it necessary during the practice, but the usual perfect abdomen is also the same.

During the practice, the state of the beginning (force state) exhales, and the state of the force of withdrawal is forced to practice the gas.

In the static state, usually when the angle is maintained at 45 degrees, the normal chest cavity exhales from the normal chest area and does not hold your breath.

Under normal conditions – abdominal breathing, help to tighten the transverse abdominis.

Inhalation helps to feel the inward and upward lift of the abdominal cavity when it is tightened normally, and fully inhale and then exhale.

When you are fully seated, you can sit consciously, stand or walk, you can consciously breathe abdominally, and develop a conscious habit of walking.
The invention of using equipment and fitness equipment is to make our training safer, more effective and more safe. When we hate the “perfect” sit-up frame, please go to the gym to sit up in the gym and look for these three things: the rider(Bicycle fitness equipment); boat chair (longside with a 30-body bike on the ground looking for a degree chair, you can lie on it, lift your legs and hold for a few seconds, you can keep strong abdominal muscles above); fitness ball.

After the comprehensive evaluation of the effects of 13 kinds of abdominal fitness methods, the expert abdominal exercisers believe that the above are the most effective abdominal exercise equipment.
  The second step is to adjust and control the breathing to help adjust and stay calm.
The basic requirement is that the breathing should be “fine, quiet, uniform, and long” to gradually reach the situation of “silent, innocent, and dying.”
When you exercise, you should go with the flow, and you should not rush to seek success, so as to avoid deviation.
  The most commonly used one is the intention to keep breathing and the intention to keep “Dan Tian”.
The intention to keep breathing is to adjust the interest rate, and the intention to keep “Dan Tian” is to focus on the navel.
The 5-inch “qihai acupoint”, the combination of the two is called “gas dandan”.
  The method is abdominal breathing, that is, the diaphragm is lowered when inhaling, the lower abdomen is externally drumted, and then to “Dandian”, and the lower abdomen is retracted when exhaled.
  This method can exert a gentle massage effect on the internal organs of the chest and abdomen, improve the blood circulation of the internal organs, and strengthen the physiological activities.
  If there is abdominal distension and nausea after a meal, chest breathing can be carried out first, and the Qihai (the middle point) between the two breasts is intended to strengthen the heart and lung function and improve the bloating and nausea.
  Some people also like to guard the life of the door (fourteen vertebrae under the navel) to replenish the kidney.
When you start practicing, you can’t get into it very quickly. At this time, you can’t be impatient, and you will become proficient slowly.
  The third step is to adjust the body and maintain a certain posture to help calm down.
Maintaining a static posture for a long time can adjust the distribution of blood throughout the body.
  Qigong body adjustment generally includes five kinds of situations: walking, walking, sitting, lying, and doing five kinds of exercises, that is, five kinds of postures, and any posture should be coordinated with the heart and the interest rate.
  In other words, you can practice both “positional skills” and “walking skills”, and you can practice anytime, anywhere, depending on your conditions.
The principle is “taking nature as high and comfort as the law”.
  In short, the basic requirements of practice are: “The heart must be clear, the interest should be quiet, the body should be loose (relaxed)”, and flexible adjustment of movement, speed, and tightness.
  The method of three adjustments, the first person to practice is shallow, it must be “intentional adjustment”, at this time the intention is too much, but it consumes God.
  After practicing well, when the work is done naturally, it will transition to the stage of “unintentional adjustment”.
To sum it up is “positive, persevering, comfortable and natural, step by step.”

Teach you a few bathing tips to wash out a healthy life

Teach you a few bathing tips to wash out a healthy life

It’s a relaxing thing to wash your comfortable bathtub after going home. But do you know that some kind of temperature is most beneficial to your body? Don’t hinder to see our advice to you, let you enjoy your own.Healthy bathing!

  The elderly bathe 35 ° C — healthy longevity elderly bathing if the water temperature is too high, it will cause the heartbeat to accelerate the rise of blood pressure.

However, due to the decline in blood pressure due to systemic vasodilation, a large amount of blood is retained in the branch vessels, reducing the blood supply to vital organs such as the brain and heart.

This change in blood pressure and blood distribution is extremely dangerous for the elderly and is highly prone to accidents.

Therefore, it is most suitable for the elderly to bathe, which is slightly lower than the body temperature of 35.

  Pregnant women bathe 36 ° C— eugenics and pregnant women after pregnancy, due to changes in the body’s secretion, metabolism gradually increased, sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion will also be strong, therefore, pregnancy needs more bathing than ordinary people to ensure skin clean and prevent skin urinary tractInfection, etc. According to modern medical research, excessive temperature can damage the central nervous system of compensation, and the fetus may develop mental retardation after birth, and may even form a deformity.

In general, the temperature of the water rises, and the longer the duration, the heavier the damage.

Therefore, the temperature of the water during pregnancy and bathing should be at 36 °C close to the body temperature, and the bathing time should be controlled within 20 minutes.

  Girl bathing 38 ° C — weight loss new party girl metabolism is strong, water temperature can be hot, this can effectively promote metabolism, completely replace the body sweat.

Every kilogram of sweat that the human body emits can take away 540 calories.

In the summer, bathing in 38 hot water for about 10 minutes, you can consume 200 calories!

Lose weight in a relaxing bath.

  Bathing in the summer 28 ° C—maintaining water The temperature of the bath in the summer is slightly lower than the body temperature, about 28 ° C, the time should not be too long, and quickly dry the whole body after the water, which can effectively prevent the loss of water in the body.