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Sexual three inertia climax minefield

Sexual three inertia climax minefield

Habit 1: There is a fixed point of sensitive love. It is a pleasure and brings passion and vitality. Just like football, its charm is manifested in its unpredictability.

  Maybe you can barely agree to make love for a week without more than a period of time, but you can’t make love on a few nights a week, let alone stipulate that you can only make love in the room.

  By the same token, there is no way to climax.

All the tricks and movements are all ways to help each other enjoy sex. If you stubbornly think that posture, change, and habits of sensitive touch will make both people satisfied, and strive to abide by the agreed habits, they will inevitably lose their enjoyment.Fun, adding too much inexplicable pressure and norms.

  Expert advice: The sensitive points in people are different every day. It changes the mindset, physical condition and environment. Therefore, every process of making love is a process of creation, discovery and exploration, but also contains some kind ofchance.

Therefore, the best way is to find the most sensitive part of sex, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.


hzh {display: none; }  习惯二:只有高潮才美好   有资料表明,每10个美国妇女中就有4个性高潮出现障碍,对于这些女性来说,这种阴影影响到她们的整体优越感和健康.
Therefore, the climax is good, but it is not that there are there, especially when we deliberately pursue it, but often hard to ask for.

  Generally speaking, if you have tried the goodness and satisfaction of sex life, you can’t help but have a desire for every one-time love, but often when you only need a little bit to reach the peak, the other personIf you don’t go down, you will lose money.

Sometimes, no matter how hard the other party works, your own body is asleep and unresponsive, making people unable to enjoy themselves.

So, let’s go, is the climax really so important?

  Expert advice: In fact, sex is a holistic concept, and the climax is only a part of it. If you regard the climax as the only goal, you will lose the beautiful part of sex.

At the same time, the lack of orgasm is also one of the types of sexual disorders, does not hinder to see the reasons for their own orgasm, such as whether the psychological aspect is depressed, whether there has been sexual indulgence, tension with the couple and poor physical image, etc.Whether there are menopausal vaginal atrophy, nerve damage, high blood pressure, smoking and obesity.

For the above reasons, you may wish to consult a doctor and take medication.

  Habit 3: Men like bed ladies have made an interesting experiment: randomly selected 136 men, speculated that four kinds of sex life, two of them are neither men and women take the initiative, the other two are taking turns to take the initiative.
It turns out that the traditional model in which men take the initiative is not welcome, and men react strongly to the woman’s active model.

Men are more willing to play a leading role in the sex life, because it can awaken men’s potential desires and free men from the responsibility of taking on the protagonist of sex.

A soft and shy image can indeed make a man show a strong side, but pretending to hold it will make his desires lose.

  Expert advice: Proactively express your love for sex, and tell him your thoughts about sex, how you like him, boldly confide in his ear, he will be psychologically satisfied, and will meet your requirements.
  In fact, as long as you change your senseless persistence in sex, and enjoy each one-time love with boldness and enthusiasm, your life will have a lot of surprises.


hzh {display: none; }  性是生活的一部分,也是与伴侣维系感情的桥梁,如果出现错误的“性爱习惯”,便会影响生活和感情,因此,我们应该了解正确的性爱知识,才可以令Both sides have a happy and happy sex life.

The climax is the most fascinating, but not every time.

However, according to the Taiwanese version of “Ruili” magazine recently reported, if you can “get through” the eight “love points” of your partner, you can climb the ladder of the climax with the other side.

  The ear is depressed.

The ear is one of the important sexy belts for women. Except for “light bite”, it does not hinder the massage, knead the ear, or gently put your fingers into the ear. The teasing effect is quite good.


It is recommended to use acupressure to slowly extend from the locking root to the clavicle and slowly squat with your thumb.

With a bite of teeth, you can also successfully ignite each other’s desires.

  First class rear.

Suitable for thumb massage, or light touch and honing.

This method is especially suitable for sedentary “office workers”.

  The top end of the front end is raised.

Because the chest and the genitals are connected, the doctor will also be irritated by the stimulation.

The pain in this part is relatively slow, and the force can be larger when pressed.

  Navel veins.

When you massage, you should adjust the strength at any time according to the expression of the other party.The first is to promote blood circulation in the body and let the partner’s body gradually become excited.

  Between the two breasts.

It is suitable to press with your thumb and press it to your wife’s brow to wrinkle slightly.

This trick also has the effect of breast enhancement.

  Between the shoulder blade and the vertebrae.

Using finger pressure can promote blood circulation and ignite the fire.


Some important nerves will pass here, and with a finger touch or a tongue licking, accompanied by a gentle touch, you can get a keen pleasure.

  Between the big toe and the toe of the foot.

The nerve trunk, which has a great connection with sexual feeling, passes through here and is an excellent sexy belt.

When pressing with your fingers, use a little force to enhance your pleasure.

Counting wild chrysanthemum soaking water 6 categories of taboos

Counting wild chrysanthemum soaking water 6 categories of taboos

Wild chrysanthemum is one of the more common medicinal materials. We usually use wild chrysanthemums to soak in water, which is of certain benefit to our body. However, we must use it carefully when we use this medicinal material. Some people are not suitable.Eat, let’s take a look at the taboo crowd of wild chrysanthemum soaking water!

  First of all: pregnant women should not drink wild chrysanthemum tea pregnant women need to pay attention to not taking continuous chrysanthemum tea, will hurt the pregnant woman’s body, is not conducive to the health of pregnant women, because wild chrysanthemum cold, although after taking the treatment of constipation and the effect of getting angry, but pregnant womenThe body’s own resistance is relatively poor, and the spleen and stomach will be weaker. If you take the wild chrysanthemum at this time, the damage to the body is relatively large.

Wild chrysanthemum will stimulate the stomach after entering the body, leading to stomach pain or diarrhea, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

  Second: cold constitutional patients should not drink wild chrysanthemum tea wild chrysanthemum is also cold, so people with cold constitution are best not to wild chrysanthemum tea, will affect the health of the body, wild chrysanthemum cold, if the cold body physique patients take the wildChrysanthemum, this will lead to a worse physique of this type of patient, both the spleen and stomach will be worse, and the immunity will be reduced, which is not conducive to good health.

Many people don’t know what is cold sex. In life, if the body has cold hands and feet in the summer, stomach upset and easy to get sick, it is generally a cold constitution, not suitable for taking wild chrysanthemums.

  Third: Allergic patients are not suitable for taking wild chrysanthemum allergies. These people need to pay attention not to drink wild chrysanthemum tea. Some people in the life also have allergies after taking wild chrysanthemums. The specific symptoms are skin.Redness and even rash, accompanied by ulcerative itching, serious problems and fainting.

Therefore, if you are allergic to wild chrysanthemum, do not touch this medicine to avoid health.

  Fourth: During the typhoid fever, do not soak wild chrysanthemum soaked in cold water. Patients with typhoid fever should not be with wild chrysanthemum tea, which will affect the recovery of the disease, leading to aggravation of the disease. Patients with typhoid fever should not take this medicine.

Although wild chrysanthemum has a certain role in correcting the cold, it does not include colds and colds.

The general cold and cold are caused by the cold. If you take the cold wild chrysanthemum at this time, it will easily lead to aggravation.

  Fifth: the elderly and children should take the appropriate amount of wild chrysanthemum. The resistance of the elderly and children is relatively poor, so the elderly and children also need to take the appropriate amount of wild chrysanthemum tea, wild chrysanthemum has a certain blood pressure lowering effect, and for a variety of heartsThe effects of vascular diseases are good, but it is prudent for the elderly to take this medicine.

Because the digestive function will decline after the age, the spleen and stomach will be more weak, and taking wild chrysanthemum will increase the possibility of stomach disease.

The child’s body is developing, and the yang contained in the body is relatively strong. Taking wild chrysanthemums causes damage to yang, so children are not suitable for taking wild chrysanthemums.

  Sixth: patients with pharyngitis should not take wild chrysanthemum pharyngitis patients need to pay more attention, it is best not to take wild chrysanthemum tea, is not conducive to good health, why patients with pharyngitis can not take wild chrysanthemums, first because the body if cough and laryngitisIt is accompanied by a cold, and patients with cold and cold are not suitable for taking wild chrysanthemums; in addition, wild chrysanthemums will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid after entering the body, so that the symptoms of pharyngitis will be aggravated, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

  Although wild chrysanthemum tea has certain benefits to our body, we must pay attention to the above six types of people. It is not suitable for drinking wild chrysanthemum tea. We must pay attention to it. Otherwise, it may bring our body a comparison after drinking tea.Great hurt, I wish you a happy life!

Can practicing Qigong be quick?

Can practicing Qigong be quick?

There are two facts about traditional sacred cultivation: First, the various ancestors of various factions have explored many magical methods of blessing skills; second, the practice of martial arts cannot be completed.

  At first glance, there is a contradiction between the two.

In fact, the real road is in the unity of contradictions.

  Here, quick-forward refers to immediate success.

In the monastic practice, even if Master has blessed the advanced energy, you can’t succeed immediately, because the Tao must be self-cultivated and self-fulfilled, and it cannot be realized by Master.

  However, blessing is not useless, but has a great effect.

Through the teacher’s blessing, the first step is to help you standardize the path of cultivation. The energy evolves according to the established direction, not the kind of cultivation without characteristics.

Then, through blessing, give you an external driving force, which will speed up your internal repair, even several times faster than when there is no blessing.

  Blessing is an external cause, and self-study is an internal cause.

External causes must work through internal factors.

If you don’t practice hard yourself, then the teacher will bless more energy and will soon disappear after you put it on you.

  Therefore, traditional cultivation does have blessings, but those who do not understand must not take it for granted that blessing is an instant.

The quick story is deceptive.

The traditional cultivation says that “the monk is like a cow, and the person who has the Tao is like a horn”, the sentence itself has already taken into account the factors of blessing.

However, the Nei Jing, the law is only Zhongjing, from the Treatise on Febrile Diseases to see the use of traditional Chinese medicine

However, the “Nei Jing”, the law is only Zhongjing, from the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” to see the use of traditional Chinese medicine

Guizhi I, application: 1.

Treating heart palpitations, gas rushing, etc., Guizhi can be flushed and reversed, often used with licorice, such as Guizhi licorice soup.

2.Treating sweating.

Khan is the heart of the liquid, more people with more sweat, Guizhi can warm the heart and yang.

3.Medicine card Guizhi tongue: the tongue is reddish, the tongue is soft, the tongue is moist, and the tongue is white.

Guizhi physique: “Lin Yuyu.”

Second, the amount of “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” with Guizhi has three dose segments: small dose (2 two): more compatibility with ephedra to treat body pain, no sweat and asthma.

Medium dose (3-4 two): treatment of abdominal pain or body pain; large dose (5 two): treatment of heart palpitations, porpoise, etc.; therefore, cassia twigs for heart disease, must be large, available 12-15g, evenUp to 30g.

Third, experience compatibility 1.

Guizhi licorice is the main medicine for Pingchong.

Guizhi licorice is the cockroach; Guizhi licorice ginseng yam is imaginary; Guizhi licorice keel oyster is convulsion; Guizhi licorice Schisandra is cough and sputum.

2.Treating spontaneous sweating.

Guizhi soup cures weak self-sweating; Guizhi plus yellow-brown soup cures body swelling and spontaneous sweat; Guizhi plus aconite cures body pain and sweats.

Drug one, application: 1.
Peony licorice soup is in charge of “foot rush”, and the effect of relieving muscle spasm is very obvious.
Peony can be used as a constipation.

2.In the case of abdominal pain, “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” must use peony.

5.Paeoniflorin is the main gastrointestinal motility agent for abdominal pain constipation, which is equivalent to western medicine horse porphyrin.

6.Peony and atractylodes sinensis is a water-reducing agent.

Third, the dosage: “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” with two dose stages of peony: use a small amount: 2-3 two.

A large number: 4-6 two, the consequences of the main documents of the acute pain in the abdomen.

The original dosage of the drug licorice soup is 4 two.

Later generations range from 12:1 to 3:1.

Licorice I, application: 1.
Used for thin people.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” carries licorice to “long muscles.”

2.Sore throat, more licorice.

3.Licorice is used for oral mucosal diseases.

Cough is also a mucosal disease.

Second, experience: 1.
Licorice 6g, Campanulaceae 3g.

For the throat.

2.Licorice 6g, Guizhi 12g.

To determine the side.

Fangzhong Guizhi changed to use cinnamon 10g.

3.Licorice 12g, dried ginger 6g.

In order to spit and not thirsty, moss slip is characterized.
Jujube one, application: 1.
The most common use of jujube in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” is the same as ginger and licorice.

From the clinical point of view, those who are sturdy, visceral, multi-shaped and thin, thin tongue and fine veins, so the use of jujube, licorice-based prescription.

3.”Treatise on Febrile Diseases” is often used in large numbers of patients with weak constitutional physique. The maximum amount is 30. Because jujube is sweet and has a large sugar content, it can be used as an energy supplement.

Second, the use of attention: jujube is generally not compatible with ephedra.

Ephedra one, application: 1.
Ephedra is mostly used for non-sweat certificates.
2.Ephedra with jaundice: attending joint pain, sweating and heavy and swollen.

3.The cough and the ephedra of the yellow swollen person are most suitable.

4.”Treatise on Febrile Diseases” uses large doses of ephedra to highlight the pulse, such as the pulse of Daqinglong Tang syndrome is floating.

Second, the amount of 1.
The amount of ephedra used has multiple stages.

2.The poisoning amount of ephedra is 30-45g.

“Treatise on Febrile Diseases” uses ephedra to fry the first foam.

Aconite one, application 1.
The aversion to the cold of the Mahuang Tangzheng or Guizhi Tang syndrome can be corrected after sweating. If the aversion to cold can not be solved, it is more serious than before. This kind of situation often occurs in patients with yang deficiency syndrome, and the cold is often accompanied by sweat.The body is wet and cold, and the spirit is wilting. At this time, it is convenient to use the aconite.

3.Fuzi is the main symptom of Shen Shen and pain.

2.Large doses of aconite are often used for pain syndrome.

4.The performance of “Aconite pulse”: Shaoyin is sick, the pulse is fine, but wants to be paralyzed.

6.”Treatise on Febrile Diseases” uses aconite: the pain is more than the use of asarum; Wenyang diarrhea and the same use of dried ginger; with ginseng treatment of large diarrhea and no pulse; with rhubarb treatment of abdominal pain and stool can not communicate with AtractylodesThen Lishui; used with ephedra medicinal herbs and licorice to treat body pain.

Second, the amount: “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” with aconite has two dose stages: 1-2 pieces of Huiyangsheng; 3-5 pieces of painkiller.

Third, the use of attention: toxic, must be fried for a long time.

Aconite poisoning, ancient times with licorice, berberine, cinnamon, mung bean, black bean soup solution.

Modern multi-injection of atropine, procaine and so on.

Oral tea also has a detoxifying effect, the purpose is to precipitate alkaloids.

Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Core Tip: In the hot summer, about 10% of people will have emotional, psychological and behavioral abnormalities, especially in the elderly.

Therefore, medical health experts remind middle-aged and elderly people – to prevent emotional disorders in the summer.

  The middle-aged and elderly people with summer affective disorder mainly have the following symptoms: 1. Emotional irritability, confusion of thinking, irritability, and good temper, often arguing over some small things and accounting.

The patient feels hot and dry, his mind is unclear, he can’t calmly think about problems and forgetfulness.

  2, low mood, lack of interest, indifference to people and things around, lack of enthusiasm.

The mood is better in the morning and worse in the afternoon and evening.

  3, the behavior is weird, patients often stubbornly repeat some behavioral actions, such as repeated washing, washing hands, bathing, and even others to do this; otherwise they will lose their temper, do not eat, do not sleep.

  Summer emotional disorders in middle-aged and elderly people are mainly caused by high temperature, sweating, lack of sleep, and improper diet.

Because, in the summer heat, the elderly sleep late in the night, poor appetite, eating less, plus sweating, the body’s calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron and other absorption metabolism disorders, affecting the brain nervous systemFunctional activity; robes produce abnormalities such as mood, mood and behavior.

  Medical experts have found that when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the sunshine time is too long, the emotional disorder of the middle-aged and elderly people increases significantly.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to nap during the summer to supplement their sleep time; when the temperature is high, they will not exercise vigorously to prevent physical exertion; scientific diet, supplement water and sodium salt to prevent absorption of metabolic disorders.

Four nursing methods for bacterial vaginitis

Four nursing methods for bacterial vaginitis

Bacterial vaginitis is mainly caused by vaginal Gartner vaginitis, mainly manifested by increased vaginal secretions, thin or homogeneous or thin paste, grayish or grayish yellow, with fishy smell, with lightDegree itching.

How to care for patients with bacterial vaginosis?

Here are four references to the introduction of bacterial vaginosis.

4 big care methods for bacterial vaginitis How to care for bacterial vaginosis?

There are the following points: 1. Mental health The positive and optimistic mental state is an excellent way to resist disease. On weekdays, you should learn to decompress properly, learn to talk, and don’t squeeze bad emotions, so as not to provide opportunities for the disease.

2, diet care eat more antioxidant foods, help to enhance the body’s immunity, anti-infection, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and trace elements zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, etc. are antioxidants; there are grapes, bell peppersFoods such as bitter gourd, tomatoes and broccoli, as well as herbs such as turmeric and ginkgo, contain bioflavonoids, lycopene, etc., which have a very strong antioxidant effect.

Eat more cinnamon and garlic juice as a seasoning to fight infection and kill Candida albicans that cause urinary tract infections.

3, exercise care to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, more sun, aerobic exercise, etc., can reduce the chance of bacterial infection and growth.

4, health care pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry; pH4 weak acid formula female care solution is more suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Wash your underwear frequently, do not share bath towels, bath tubs, and do not wear nylon or similar underwear. Bath towels and underwear that have been used during illness should be boiled and disinfected.

Tips: For patients with bacterial vaginitis, don’t be afraid, do daily nursing work, plus drug treatment will be good, I wish you a healthy recovery soon!