Month: March 2001

“Oh!”A open door sounds from behind,Then Fremeya and Flanda have come in.,Two people’s face is very serious。

“How is it??”See the wind,Flancad can not rely on two people,Hurriedly asked,“what did the doctor say?”
“Doctors say no worry,She is much better.,Just haven’t woke up yet。”The bed is once again a headache.,“But it is your head,Check for four weeks??”
“Check out。”Freelia opened,The delicate voice is still worried.,“But,Although the country of the independent country is close to,But four weeks still have traces of Russian soldiers,I worry”
“I am very sure of that。”The face is exhausted,“After all, no one wants to be died in the chest when you are fighting.?And I just seemed to see the traces of tank crawler on the side of the road.”
“Then you turn them off!”Flannda said with murderous,“Wait for me, I will arrange some bombs.”
“That’s probably it is difficult to completely protect this village.。”After the 理 理 后 理 轻 轻 了 轻,“but,As long as you don’t touch Russia’s mess,Such protection should be enough。”
Hear this,There is no talk on Binzhi.,Just low head,The headache scratched the brain。
Original“leader”Is it so difficult??Some distressed thinking,Maybe this is not a result of leaders.,But after that, the girl who can lead himself and some people fall.,It’s so difficult to get in her position.?
Suddenly,The pasta seems to have returned to that time.。
one day ago。
“砥 砥!”Looking at the girl who suddenly falls,Everyone is shocked,In a few seconds,Actually no one makes any reaction。
“Oh no!”Is the Farnda reaction fastest,Jumped up,I put it in the winding of the ground.,Can watch the girl close their eyes,When the face is not normal, it is not normal.,Everyone’s heart is still sinking。
“very hot。”Take a while,The bed is calm down.,He squatted,Gently touch the forehead of the touch,It’s ugly when your face suddenly came.,“Franda,Temperature meter or ear temperature gun?”
“Oh oh,Have!”Franda suddenly realized,I am rushing to talk in my own pocket.,Last shoot,This takes an electronic thermometer to the past.。
“396Spend。”After reading the number on the thermometer,The face of the face is more difficult to read a few points.,“This is troublesome。”
Everyone is silent,In this minus ten degrees of weather,In the wild, high fever means any natural self-evident,Don’t look at most of the event is the power,But in this case,Once you launched a high fever,The powerful and ordinary people have no differences。
“Franda,Do you have anything a thing of the drug??”After connecting the three no girls, the face also raised anxious.,“Or insulation?”
“No!”Franida is crying,Holdless hands roll in the space,“I was particularly urgent when I came out of the school city.,We only have to listen to the request of the letter and the request to return to the base to take the big guy.,Others have not come and bring it.!”
“That big guy?What is it exactly?”
“It is said that the brother of the Qing Dynasty was leaving to the things that left.,But the specific thing is only a letter.”
“All right!”When a few people are noisy, I am crying.,Rheney shout,Suddenly shocked the remaining people,“Not saying this now!”
“If you believe in me,”The past is deeply sucking,“Now Beravulate Miss Sick,Just temporarily take you away.!”
“after all,Now I am only a man.。”Look at some people look at themselves without reactions,The buddle is helpless laugh,“I think,If you areleaderQing Palace is here,He will also make the same choice.?”
Several people are still silent,Binzhi is standing in front of a few people,Face with fearless expressions,No one is noticed,A drop of sweat is quietly flowing from his extent。
“good!”When there is a little desperate,I saw that Franda biting his teeth.,“That `s a deal!No matter how,I will give you this life.!As long as you can bring your peace to a safe place!”
“I listen to my sister.!”Freeliya sees my sister,Also don’t hesitate,The petite face is full of strength.。
Although she is a minimum middle age,But the experience has always made her have a firm inner heart of the same age.,Although this difficulty is facing this,She is not afraid,This also makes a slight surprised after the next side。
“I support the past。”Surprised Fuffmeia’s maturation,After the 理 理 后 is still smile,Looking at the bottom of the past,“I have been doing this to do so.。”
“what,Be right。”Several people’s eyes make the eyes of the past slightly,But soon he firmly,Therefore, it is a long laugh.,“How can we stop here??”
“I have to live well.!”
after that
“Look,We seem to have a safe place.。”
A sudden weak voice interrupted the memories of the past,The oppressive feelings of the temples have made a strange look at the face.,But just see your loved people, the pot is wide.,怔怔 怔怔 向 向,not moving at all,And when the bottom is curious,Also stayed in an instant。
Not just one of them,Even the Sisters of Flanda is instantly stunned.,next moment,A few people are slightly moist in their eyes.。
“砥 砥!”
“I lost my awareness before I lost my consciousness.,It should be in a wild。”Whenever I don’t know when I opened my eyes,It is struggling to sit up,Although her face is still weak and weak,But the corner of your mouth has a faint smile.,“Can bring my patient from the situation to this situation here,It’s troublesome.——”

Li Ming’s consciousness,Like a drop of water,Swimming in the ocean of the origin of the law,I can feel the fluctuation of the origin of the law all the time。

“Babata!”Li Ming barely separates a trace of consciousness,Talking with Babata。
“Babata,What’s the situation now,do you know?”Li Ming asked。
“do not know,I’m just judging,A very weak world power emerges from your body,Seems to swallow the energy essence in this black egg。”Babata Question and Answer:“Li Ming, your body and soul are okay right now!”
“no problem,My body feels good,And there is a feeling that the level of life is improving and changing。”
“It feels the same as when I stepped from a star to a constant star,It’s just that this transformation seems to be faster!”
“Did you step into the universe level?!”Babata is also a little surprised,Scan with auxiliary light brain:“No,You are still the fifth rank of the constant star!”
“Babata,My consciousness seems to blend into a very special environment naturally。Fluctuation induction to the origin of the law has increased thousands of times。”
“and many more!”Babata surprised:“You said that your consciousness naturally blends into a special environment,You picture!?”
“Ok,Big here,Very empty,no one。”
“Li Ming,Say the point!”
“Feels like a continent,It’s just that this continent seems to be completely composed of the origin of laws,I can easily feel the fluctuations of the origin of various laws,Of course, the fundamental fluctuations of the law of gold are clearest。”
“This。。。”Babata was a little surprised:“You are the place where consciousness is integrated into the origin of the law,This is something the realm master can do。”
“The place of origin?!”