Month: February 2001

Just when Xia Jianzheng was standing on the side of the road and looking around,A blue Cadillac squeaked and stopped behind him,Xia Jian couldn’t help but turned around。

The window glass is down,A woman’s head stretched out:“Hey!Don’t pretend you don’t know each other!Get in the car!“
Xia Jian took a closer look,Could not help but scream:“Sister Cheng!“
“Ha ha!It seems President Xia still knows me!Get in the car and talk!”Cheng Huiling in the car laughed and said。Xia Jian hesitated for a while and pulled the car door and got in。
Cheng Huiling drove the car onto the highway,Smiled and said:“We are really destined!You want to hide from me。I saw you like you from afar,Wait a closer look,Really you。When did you comeGZ,Why not say hello,I’m afraid that my half-old milf will stick to you!”
“Sister Cheng can really joke,What half old milfs,Is simply a beauty”Xia Jian said,Haha laughed。
Cheng Huiling heard Xia Jian say this,Could not help but smile:“People are getting older,But it looks pretty good。I’m still confident at this point。Where do you want to go?Can’t you find someone to play with you??Where’s Miss Gu??”
“I came here suddenly this time,So there is no contact with anyone。Gu Yue went to America,Seems to stay a long time!”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。He doesn’t know why he always feels stressed in his heart,And this pressure is not small。
Cheng Huiling couldn’t help but shook her head and said:“You just look down on people,You can call me if Gu Yue is not there!Eat, live and play,Sister Cheng can still come out“
“Ha ha!Sister Cheng seems to have misunderstood。After i leave here,Lost the phone,So all the phone numbers of my friends here are gone。Otherwise I will really call you,Where are you going!Why don’t you drive me away without saying a word“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Cheng Huiling smiled and said:“Do not worry!Can’t buy you。My friend opened a bath center,I heard it’s so cool,I will take you to play“
Cheng Huiling just finished,The car turned into a trail,And then entered a villa area。It seems that Cheng Huiling went to a high-end club again。The enjoyment of the rich is different。
Park the car,Cheng Huiling took Xia Jian in。Because Cheng Huizhen brought her from a friendVIPVIP card,So she took Xia Jian along the way。
Entered a room,Cheng Huiling opened the closet,said laughingly:“Undress!“
“what!I have to be naked!“Xia Jian was joking on purpose,It’s not that he hasn’t been here before。In fact, they are all similar,Not much difference。
Cheng Huiling undressed,Said with a smile:“up to you,Anyway, this is a single room,I don’t care“
Xia Jian said very generously,In fact, he also has his own bottom line。
Push the door open,Turns out this is not an ordinary bath,But the hot spring。From below the corner,Spit out a stream of steaming water,The water temperature has been treated and controlled,Just suitable for people to take a bath in it。
Leaning on the edge of the pool,Made a recliner very humane,So that people can lie on it and soak in hot springs,Really comfortable。Soon there were drinks served by the waiter,And snacks。
“All right,No greeting,No one is allowed in“Cheng Huiling said to the waiter。The waiter responded,Then backed out and walked out。

Chen Riyuan will also speak the color,He saw the horse big babohed in the corner, took out his mobile phone.,I know that Ma Baobo may have a heart.!

“The most important thing to learn is precipitation,Cannot be impetuous,Look at a few times,Many things are to explore themselves.。”
Chen Riyuan has no named surname。
But it is apparent that this is to say to Ma Bo.。
After all, Sun Jun and Hu Yan,Advise them to learn,It is a bit meaningless.。
Light is clinical experience,These two old guys are decades to measure。
Chen Riyuan’s words, although the heart is serious,All is a good idea,But Nai Horse Boxing can’t hear the ear.。
He lightly“Um”A sentence,Put down your phone,Continue to watch electronic medical records,But the grievance value in my heart is soaring!
If the high pressure pot carries three atmospheric pressure, it will be fried.,The anger value of Na Ma Baofeng can crush the high-pressure stock.。
At this time, Sun Jun still didn’t forget to add oil and vinegar.:“Like our little,He likes to see cases very much.,See a ten times,Not annoying,Big wave,Although you are a graduate student,But this point you still have to learn.,”
“Three people must have my teacher,Although Xiawu um,But he is definitely a potential stock。”
After Sun Jun said,Ma Baobang is even more reluctant to bite.。
“He?He De?”He hated in his heart。
at this time,Doctor’s three white figure in the long gallery is moving towards the doctor’s office.。
White protective clothing into the disease,It is integrated as if it is integrated with a rigorous atmosphere around it.。
“I am a problem with my goggles.,How is it all water mist?!Wow,I can’t see the road.。”
One person in the three white figures suddenly stopped,Pointing at your goggles some complaints。
And this is what is Yu Shiya。
Two people around her are Luo Bing and Zhou Ye.。
“sky,my little princess,Don’t delay here again.,Directors are waiting for,You should not be able to move your eye.。”
Zhou Ye listens to two women talking,A gas feeling in the chest feels more pliable.,He wants to be qi embolism。
This is the fate of his Zhou Jiwu。
Take a short while,Zhou Ye has two newcomers to doctors office.。
“Can be calculated。”Sun Jun started to warmly welcome the mode from them.。
“Yo,Where is the little girl is really aqueous。”
“This is also a little girl.,So lovely!”
“Everyone has protective clothing,Where did you see them look good??”
“The big eyes of this water,Absolutely a beautiful embryo。”
Zhou Ye I listen to Sun Jun and Hu Yan’s dialogue,Hey,Feel helpless。
He inadvertently looked at the horse big wave of the side.,Suddenly feel a terrible murderous!
Goggles and protective clothing can cover the owner,But can’t cover your eyes.。

The two people’s dialogue will have a small sound.,Didn’t let other students listened to the metaphysics。

When Bai Directs know that the book is not in a person who is unidentified,,She is worried about it。
She still remembers the feelings of the day and the Qing Mashes.,Very painful,As if there is any super natural factor in practice。
Although Yesterday, I said that I will teach Qingma.,But she can think that this is not as easy as he said.。
“Miss Qing Island,That stone heart,do you know?”White dream。
“Not a matter of knowing it.,Just knowing him”
“Then he is a good man??”
“This is a good person.,At least, it will not be a bad thing.。”
“That’s good,I thought he had to go to some very dangerous chess.,Just like him before,For me to challenge the boss of the black square。”Bai Mengong tone。
“Do not worry,Absolutely fine——”Yue Island is suddenly a card,Turn up and down, you have a white dream body and the value。
噔 心 心。
——It means that he has to go to the bureau before heaven.,Is for you?!
Means of,He took my folding fan yesterday.,Is to save another girl?
This is the reason why he has had to go?
——Be evil,I will return to your folding fan on me.!
Barbecue top floor,Is a near Balance and the wind,That is, the space of nearly 100 tatami,Also connected to the sunview balcony,It is a luxury space called。
Central center,Kohong and that career woman sitting in the chessboard,In addition to this extra empty,This should be placed in the central number of long tables that have been moved out.。 As if dreams,The ancient chess sanctuary,First quietly,Reward style,Waiting for the emotions, in place, then fall。
Women put a walkshooting,It should be that there should be that there should be that Shi Xin himself in Xuanji Temple.,Remotely indicating her chess by this walkie-talkie。
Do not see others,But see the opponent of our chess。
Although I can’t see himself,But the oppressive power that is close to his back is back that day.。
Corporate is still moving quietly,Adjust breathing and heartbeat,This is this female instruction,I hope he can adjust the status to the best,This expensive and wind is also existing for this。
“Be。”Boarding is a general meditation,Open your eyes。
“This is the rules of the bureau,No rule。”Female says。
“Means of,I can take a whole day.。”Corona。
Liu Nan is so rushed away by the river。
“I will according to the meaning of the Master Master.,As the situation is called stop,Please cherish this opportunity,Don’t play smart。”Female is cold,Perfectly enter the role of the toolman。
“You need a few children。”Women ask for a long time。
Her tone has already said,Is if the science of the science,Then she immediately turned away.。
I am afraid that I will take a bill for use in this room to his face.。
Hold the idea of the skin,Science is lightly open:“Two sons。”

Representatives of all major bronze forces have looked at this beautiful and strange figure.,This figure gives them extremely dangerous feelings,Next, two congratulations,Repair natural deeper。 “it is good,God of God,This battle is handed over。”Li Wei god heard the shadow directly,His figure came to Lin Feng’s side.。
Bei Xueyin 言 微 点,Her figure is still moving forward,Black airflow is lingering,Gradually wrapped her figure,Her figure is more likely。
“who are you?”Zuo Taiwanese dead staring at Bei Xue Yin to show a bilky:“How can you I am a high-spirited to high magic?!”
“Step by step Black Lotus is not a day,But belongs to the world’s magic,The magic is only a big force of the magic.,Now the Tiandou will only belong to a small forion of the magic.。”Bei Xue Yin’s backup is faint to look at the left too magic。
“who are you?”Left too magic face is gloomy。
“Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Becue is indifferent to the left too magic,Her body is more powerful,The black lotus under the pace is more strange。
“Become black lotus!”Lin Feng looked at the back of Bei Xueyin frowning。
“Not,She needs vent to vent some power。”At this time, Tang Yao is looking at Lin Feng whispered soft road.:“She will be fine,Yitianjian is also in her hand。”
“This is good。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,When you look at the center of the Qinglong battlefield。
“court death!”
A rookie sound,Left Taiwanese figure strides to go to Bei Xue Yin,I don’t know why,He was angered by Becue Ying at this moment.,The heart seems to kill the woman in front of him.。
The figure is like a black lightning.,The appearance in front of Bechang Yin,A sword stab,Temper Sword Sword,Jian Ming’s voice sounded。
Directly kill the skull of Bei Xue Yin。
But the figure of Beckham is disappeared.,Her figure appears in another place,Her face with indifferent murder,The eyes are sharp, staring at Zuo Taiwanese。
Left Taiwanese killing,A sword stab,The Tianmark Sword seems to have the same,Airtight magic sound,The horrible sword swept the figure of Beech Yin。
Bechang’s figure disappeared again。
Left Taiwanese figure Thunder,The Tianmark Sword has come up with more and more horrible magic.,Then, in order to have a horrible sword to flock to the figure of Beckham,However, there is no exception of the Bechang Yin’s figure.,Like evaporating。
“It seems to have a power of lightning lightning。”Wang Chao Road。
“Her step by step is like not pure。”Mysteriestism,Backward:“However, those magic sneaked to her body.。”
“good,This woman’s magic work is terror!”Tang Shen Magic Road。
“There is a black lotine in the step by step.。”The Master of Japan suddenly gotten:“I think she is condense this trick.。”
Everyone hessen。
“clank!”The voice of swords is constantly sounding,Magic,Left too much magic,A sword is a sword thorn out,The figure of Bei Xueyin is like a ghost, and the left too magic attack.。
The whole of the Qinglong battlefield,Magical fog,Sweep around,Horror,There are many swords on the ground.,Some are broken by the Sky of the Sky。
Just at this time, the figure of the left Taijie suddenly stopped the cold.:“A taste dodge,Is this fighting method still going??”
“You want to fight,Can!”Bechang ice cold voice,Her whole people stand in the magical mist,Beautiful scorpion flashes with a strange ray。

Soon discovered the truth。

Just on the front of the valley,Sitting in five high burly shaped。
These guys are only sitting there,There are more than two meters high。
Exposed flesh of the flesh,Huge head,Two curved horns。
In the summer, I recognized their identity.。
But this is not important。
Important,Five-dimensional disk sitting orientation,Similar is a array。
And in their center,Floating a group of white mango。
Summer eyes。
All things!
He didn’t expect,I originally want to find a closed closure.,I have encountered everything again.。
And look like,This group of all things have been captured by five magic。
They seem to be refined with some kind of secret。
Ports of each person,Two energy sides are condensed,It is connected to the mother。
Summer sinking half,Decide to retreat,Look for him。
These magic all have a complete level of breath,He is not afraid,But there is no need to provoke each other。
He experience so much,Persears I have already deposited,Can divide the owner。
Everything is rare,But what he is lacking now is not a battle。
But to improve your strength as soon as possible。
Think here,When you are going back。
However, he still underestimated these Moi Beast-like keen。
Just just have a move,What did the five Mozi have aware of it?,I’m brushing back in an instant。
A pair of pair of copper tones,Scarlet,Fully violent,Hope to hide the summer。
Energy wire convergence on a magic horns,A little low,Tap,Legacy,Agile such as cheetah。
When he plunded half the air,Seems to be a hill,A shadow。
Summer brows。
Thunder,I have a decision。
Stretching out a grip,Black god bow。
Bowling,Long arrow。
Taking his current battle,Even without Tongtian Mu law,When the arrow feathers are broken,It is also as if it’s a void,Open a passage。

Two semi-circular pit cavities appear on both sides of the wall in the channel。

Nilin, who has not completely held the ability of the law, has been panting.,She is disgusted from Patrick just now.。
Why is yourself is a victim?,What kind of revenge that I touched is wrong.,Dark choice。
Do you have a consequence of the results when you choose an experiment?,Do you have to deprive the orphans to live in this world??
Xilin sticks out the right hand,Push the Patrick lightly。
It is clear that it is empty,Nothing at all。
The next moment Patrick is hit,Blood blood appears in the corner,The weapon is dropped on the ground.。
Seeing Xilin injured,Qi Yan opened his pistol insurance。
Anytitquise hand, what is wrong,It can be repaired with the destiny technology.,Since Niro has hurt people,Let her first let her down.。
Han Jiang ran to Patrick,Patrick climbed from the ground,Just invisible,She has no preparation,At home, it is not good to fight with intelligence.,Let her lose the ability to fight。
Han Jiang’s power of the rhythm,Even if Xilin is still completely capable“Newborns”Have such a powerful attack。
Chapter 419 Some subconscious things
On the other hand, Xilin and Qiana have already played together.,Qi Yana huge yellow cat claws have a pit on the wall。
Come on the other party is a little girl,So she still left。
Xilin is full,It is already used to use the ability.,Let her have already eaten。
“Hurry up,What we will not do for you?!”
After the turn of the two moved to the outside of the channel,Qi Yana is still constantly saying。
Even if it is a fight,Xilin still thinks that Qi Yana will kill her.,Take advantage of our best to fight against Qiana。
Sudden,A spear appeared in front of the front of Qi Yana,Getting her neck。
Fortunately,Otherwise, Qiaa is not dead.。
When Zi Yanna turned to see Xilin,Xilin has disappeared。
“hurry up,Notice De Lisa,The little girl named Xilin is mentioned in the mission.‘it’!”
Patrick’s difficulties and opened their own communicator。
“She disappeared。”
Qi Yana is rushing to rushing from the channel.,Hanjiang said。
“Gone?”Patrick’s question。
Qi Ya nod,“Disappeared in air,She will pay a spear,I almost hurt it.。”
“Are you OK?”
Han Jiang is worried about,This is hurt,What should I do if I left a shadow?。
Qi Ya shook his head,Wavy fist,“fine,After seeing her next time,I must defeat him personally.!”
Babylon laboratory,Think about huge collision。
De Lisa anxious voice sounds in everyone’s communication,“Oh no,A large number of collapse beasts in Babylona laboratory,I will save the children first.,You hurry away here.。”
“I want to help myself.……Go to Guide Lisa。”
Han Jiang thought it,“good,Be careful。”
“Do not worry,I will not be hurt by these small bugs.!”Qi Yana said,Run to the children of the children。
Han Jiang is going to the laboratory of Patrick,Haven’t taken two steps yet,Five collapse of the beast blocked the way two。
Wales, Hanjiang,The collapse of the beast in front of the two is not attacking but there is no attack.,The body is still retreating from being uncontrolled,Like a small iron nail that has seen the magnet。

Han Jiang wants to say:“You are a unique existence in this world.,No one can replace your existence。”

Shier slowly lifted his head,Slowly twisting to Hanjiang,Human:“You said that I am a unique existence.,Can no one can replace it??”
As can be seen,Higer is very touched by this passage of Hanjiang.,The heart is very vibration。
Because the other is telling her to her.,Trusted person,And she is here in Hanjiang,Independent alternative。
Inner vibration,Hi Jier is not to see the two people’s feelings on Hanjiang.,Han Rong can not know,I am deceiving her here.?
The armored car suddenly braked,Then quickly return to normal speed。
“Cough!”Hanjiang strikes,“Different,Different,You are different from them.!”
“I am not the same for your feelings.,Can’t put together。”
“Oh?”Hi Lier narrowed his eyes stared at Hanjiang。
“I am not lie here.,You are my partner,I will contain a lot of things.。”
“Hey,I am also not empty, white teeth, what is the big holiday?,Your existence is also quite important to me.,In short, you can’t disappear。”
Higer put his finger on the lips,Founcing:“My existence is quite important to you.?”
Han Jiang, who is waiting for Hanjiang explained, panic。
“In short,The female Wu of the ship,Can’t be less。”Han Jiang has a sentence,“Can only have more,Do not have fewer。”
This is the obsession of Hanjiang heart.,As a captain,How can I watch a small person on the ship?。
If there is really disappearing in Guys,Higer will be sad,Han Jiang will also have a sadness。
“what?”Xier is staring at Hanjiang, I have to ask.,“What is the women’s waters on board??”
Han Jiang’s face has a red,Put your own“fantasy”Hueburyan said out。
I am a captain.,With many female martial arts,Co-implement various tasks,Experience what kind of risky。
After listening to the fantasy of Hanjiang,Hi Lier’s face is slightly hot。 After all, these female martial arts,But there is her existence,And it is not to share a body with Hirs.,But it is completely separated from two people.。
Although His Lier can understand the fantasy of boys boring,But I have become part of a personal fantasy,Especially the person is around,This feeling
After you,Hi Lier suddenly calmly,Ask:“You won’t be a presence of being cheated.?”
“Although I am very reluctant,But if you can see people’s thoughts,You can dig my brain and look at it.,I swear with my life.,Absolutely true,Otherwise, the five thunders!”
According to the statistics,There are 95% of boys fantasy, and all kinds of beautiful girls are not shameless.,There is also a fifth percent of the mouth hard,deny。
“Means of,You have known my existence very early.?”Xier suddenly asked。
“Hey, I don’t say it.,I will know when I see the first side of the quantum.,But that time thought it was a double personality,I didn’t expect you to be two souls.”
Hi Lier suddenly held a seat with half a body and looked at Hanjiang.,Gossip:“Then how do you think of Qi Yana and a bud??”
“I”Han Jiang language is unknown,“They are different from them.”
“Why is it different?,You said.,Why is it different??”
Gossip is the common fun of the girl,Especially in this regard。
“They are not the same!”Han Jiang waved his right hand,Then seriously said:“it’s good now,You also know some of my things.,We are flattering。”
“Evened out,Refers to me know your existence,If you and Hibis want to show up in front of everyone,Recognize your existence,Then you are not allowed to tell them about me.。”
“call,You are still very interesting.。”Xier smiled:“Then just say it.,What small secrets have,I have to tell me.。”
Sudden,Hiier gathered a smile,Asked in Hanjiang:“You don’t have excessive things to me in your fantasy.!?”
Han Jiang raises three fingers,“I swear,Absolutely no。”
“You have been to San Fu Jiasch for several years.?”

This location is late to fall.。

Tianshengjun,It is also to find a retreat to yourself.。Therefore, the last time the Arctic San Sheng didn’t care about Yang Wei and others.,Later, I was very simply。
No weaker water,The Taoist has begun to refine the rest of the Tianhe Water.,He conciliated with Dafa Forces,Yu Xia Tianhe Water will practice three hundred and sixty five drops of water,Every drop is like a mountain,Hand in hand,Needless to use,Directly。
People watch just water drops,Certainly not pay too much attention,Top more thought to poison or other mysterious,But you won’t think that water drops are heavy water.,Attack power is on the water。
Even protection,Can also be dripped by water drops,Hurt the flesh and soul。
It can be said,This heavy water hurts people,Don’t talk about any reason。
This world,Only him of such a big law,Can you control heavy water。
After practicing heavy water,Flexion,More than three years。
Yang Wei encountered a big trouble during this period.,It turned out a singer.,As with Yang Wei, three eyes,This person is in charge of the Thunder,And there is a god in the hand,Ghosts,Outterfart、Yin and yang,All aspects are not inferior to ginger teeth and Yang Wei。
With his help,Xiqi also found the country title,Is also a week。
Xizhen is the west,Yang Wei is North Zhou。
Two weeks and Yin Shang three-pointed world。
As for Yin Shang, Shen Gala and Donghai Dragon Assistant,Today also retro。And the Shenfanta recruits many different people.,Among them, Luofu Cave Zhao Gongming、Qiu Mingshan Fire Spirit of the Virgin, such as the ancient cactus,Hearing that behind these ancient cactures, there is a great person.。
Taoist is in a great trend of the world,Too B real people。
“Yang Wei,Not so happy to come to tea。”
“I will go this.。”
Taoist people welcome。
The two are each sitting,I played an audience each other。
Taoist laughs,“Looking for the teacher ahead of the lotus root,Haven’t come yet。”
“Some small things,Insufficient hanging teeth。Brother,I am coming today.,Looking for you another thing。”
“Teacher but said。”
“I have a death enemy,Name,It is a dedicated fairy in the Xuanhuang period.,Zeng worship under the Golden Islands,Come to,I am going to hide in the West.,Under Douyuan Jun,I am going to have a cause with her.。Just to successfully complete this,Do you have to help me to stop one person。”
“Teacher, please take me,It seems that this person is very,It’s hard to do three eyes as I am asked.?”
Too boss shook his head,“This three-eyed man is not good,But the decision is not in the eyes of the brothers.,What do you mean, which is enough to stop him for a while.,But what I said is a bit related to him.,This person calls the Millenaria,It is the master of the three eyes。”
“I am like listening,This person is also under the door of Jinlu Islands.?”
“The brother said it is,But there is a one-point joint,Teachers are afraid I don’t know,This person is Dou Yuanjun,The discussion is over your high half.。But the front brother and a palm of the brothers,I am slightly smelling the younger brother.,I am already full of my brothers.,Not afraid,Helping the younger brother to drag this Mhali,Fair。The younger brother is not a brother to help this busy.,Waiting for me,Everything in Qianyuan Mountain is owned by the brothers,In addition, there is also a roll of Netcourts.,Since the brother is not going,I will want to have a six reincarnation,This item is free to use。”
太 真 真人 娓娓。
Taoist heart,He knows that Yuan Shi Tianzun,I have left precious things to each disciple.,He got the Yuan Sang Tibet to promote the performance of nine turn,More than half of the live people are more than half of this。
Legend has three books in this world,Heaven、Open、曰 曰。
Scriptures may return to Yu Huangtian respect,The book is in Wanshou Shanzhuang,But this view is not easy to go,Almost leave this world earlier。People’s book should be a quiet incident。
certainly,This is the small border that is a large-capable deduction of the robbery,Just as his joyous Xuan intention is not genuine、Yang Wei is the same as the Lotus Lantern.,The Netherlands is likely to be the original version。
Although it is,But you can let him see this mystery。
Taoist smile,“Then I will help the brother will fight Mao Yuanjun.。”

Just when Xia Jianzheng remembered the past。Wang Youcai laughed and walked out of his door。Wang Youcai in the light looks red,A look like a wealth。Chen Gui is behind him,Not a bit of man’s vigor。

Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youcai,He said with a cold smile:“You are so wicked,I drove over from Bucheon and just came in,Haven’t even eaten rice……”
“Damn!President Xia,Isn’t it just a meal??If you don’t eat, you won’t be hungry.。It’s the bastard’s family affairs that could kill you。You are a powerful man,Since I’m back, I have to help Chen Gui deal with his housework!”
Wang Youcai interrupted Xia Jian,I walked to Xia Jian’s side in two steps。
Xia Jian glared at Wang Youcai and said:“Don’t wear high hats for me。Isn’t Chen Gui your brother?Now he is in trouble, there is no problem with you。Moreover,Deal with things like this,You should be more experienced than me。So you have to take care of this matter”
“Hi hi hi!Who doesn’t know that you Xia Jian is ten times eight times stronger than mine。So don’t refuse this one,Let’s join hands,Treat this plum,Otherwise, she really thought that there was no one in Xiping Village”
Wang Youcai laughed,Pushing Xia Jian from behind to walk towards Chen Gui’s house。
Xiping Village at this time,Street lights are all on,Feels like daytime。A group of children,Chase and play in the alley,Xia Jian suddenly thought about his childhood。
The gate of Chen Gui’s house is wide open,The upper door and west door are both lit,But there is no sound。in the past,If the upper room lights up,At least I can hear the laughter of a few children。
“What’s going on?Is there no one in the family??”
Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Chen Gui choked and said:“All in。My mom fell asleep,The two kids are sensible,When I heard her mother was leaving,So scared that he didn’t even dare to say anything。You said,How do i live?”
“Are you going to be good at this point??Won’t you cut her with a kitchen knife??do not worry,If you go in,I’ll help you raise your family。I don’t believe that he can’t be a woman”
Wang Youcai stands in the middle of the courtyard,Deliberately yelled。He deliberately told Meizi。
Xia Jian walked to Chen Gui in two steps,Whispered:“You want a man in a while,Wang Youcai is rude,But sometimes it works。Even if we don’t do it like this,But you should scare him!”
Chen Gui nodded towards Xia Jian in the dark。
The three of them walked into the Westinghouse where Chen Gui lived。I saw on the big kang of Westinghouse,Plum dressing up,Her back against the wall,Knocked melon seeds in your mouth,Looks very leisurely。Especially the scarlet smeared big mouth,There is no beauty,It’s annoying。
“Your mother’s crazy?It’s like a ghost at night,For whom?Is it for ghosts??”
Wang Youcai came in,Furious,He pointed at Meizi and cursed。
I didn’t expect Meizi to be scared at all,She snorted:“I can show it to anyone I like,Are you in charge of you?Which onion are you?”

”bad,I feel like a balloon that can’t be filled,If this continues, it will be broken!”

And the power in Yuanjing is still pouring in continuously,There is no sign of stopping。
”How to be good!”
Chen Xiu was in a hurry and had to transport the route of Jiu Zhuan Xiu Xian Jue,Dispatching the zhenqi in the dantian to the meridians,Let the true qi nourish the cells of the body、skeleton。
Zhen Qi is originally the transformation of human nutrients,Return to nature with true spirit at this time,Those cells are absorbing the true energy violently,Make yourself weak。
In this way, the qi under the dantian is slightly emptied,It’s just that Yuanjing’s infuriating energy can’t stop pouring back into the dantian,Filled up soon。
Chen Xiu’s urgent operation of infuriating energy nourishes his body,But the whole body’s cells can’t help swallowing true qi and gradually become like a fat man who has been eating up。
”No way,Keep going,Not only my Dantian was broken,The cells of the whole body will be burst!”
”How to do……How to do!”
Chen Xiu is very anxious,I want to get rid of Yuanjing several times,But his arm doesn’t listen to him at all,It’s so good that I can’t move。
Chen Xiu’s chest is unbearable,The influx of more and more true energy in the dantian makes it more uncomfortable,I thought it was about to be crushed,The wisps of blue Ninth-Rank zhenqi under the monomer suddenly began to crazily absorb those colorless and invisible zhenqi,Let him relax。
The Ninth-Rank’s true energy can’t help but absorb the true energy in the dantian,I started to slowly become more。
”correct,The power of Ninth-Rank Zhenqi is powerful because its quality is stronger than ordinary Zhenqi.,A wisp of Ninth-Rank True Qi is quite ten times normal,As long as I refine these excess zhenqi into 9th grade zhenqi, I won’t be afraid that it will squeeze the dantian!”
Under Chen Xiu’s intentional guidance,The real qi under the pubic area is constantly squeezed、Concentrated and blended together,Slowly it became the Ninth Pin Zhenqi,Ten strands of ordinary zhenqi is refined into a wisp of ninth-grade zhenqi,The pressure under the pubic area gradually decreases。
I don’t know how long has passed,All the true qi under the dantian is refined into the blue nine-grade true qi,Chen Xiu is overjoyed,But he hasn’t been happy yet,Immediately he was sad again。
The energy in Yuanjing seems to be endless,Still an endless stream of integration into the Dantian。
”I rely on,Endless,When is the end!”
”Is this forcing me to refine the Ninth-Rank True Qi to the 8-Rank True Qi?!”
At this moment, Chen Xiu still has a little splash,Enduring joyfully, forcing him to refine the eighth-grade zhenqi,But when he spent more time refining a wisp of eighth grade true energy,The pubic area is about to bulge to the brink of explosion。