Month: January 2001

Our province helps 17 key points to help counties to accelerate "catch up"

Xingye Industry supplemented the shortcomings for a while to send a long way to send a long way to help the province to help the county to accelerate the "catch up" "If everyone would not help me find a sales, this melon may be bad.

"In the past few days, Huang Jian, a poverty alleviation household in Guilin Village, Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County, Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County. The greenhouse melon is the main source of income from Huang Jian’s family. It should have been listed in March, but due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia. The dilemma of coming to the village or melon cannot be sold.

After the town and village leaders learned about the situation, they became salesmen to actively tap the consumer needs of merchants and individuals in the town, and helped Lao Huang solve problems. In the new journey of implementing the strategy of rural rejuvenation, we must not only keep the bottom line of individuals like Huang Jian who do not return to poverty, but also focus on weak poverty alleviation counties, adhere to the "support of the horse to send a journey", and continue to shorten the gap between regional economic development. In this context, our province has identified 17 key support counties including Kangping County, Jianping County, and Jianchang County, and introduced a series of assistance policies to promote the significant level of development in these regions. Over the past year, our province has adhered to "industry, stabilizing employment, and strengthening the bottom", and has achieved significant results to 17 assistance counties to increase policy and funds. The narrowing development gap between concentrated power is the year of consolidating and expanding the results of the effective connection of the same rural revitalization of poverty alleviation.

For areas and the masses that have just got rid of poverty, they are not only facing the pressure of consolidating existing results, but also a reality of weak development foundation.

  Based on this status quo, in accordance with the requirements of the "four non -picking", our province considers factors such as the size of the poor, the risk of returning poverty, infrastructure and public service conditions. Concentrated strengths make up for shortcomings and help, and the gap between these counties and other areas is reduced.

  Opening this list, 17 assistance counties involved 8 cities. Among them, 15 counties including Kangping County, Chaoyang County, Yixian County are former provincial poverty alleviation and development key counties. , The traffic is relatively occluded and the task of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation is heavy. "Most of these counties have been out of poverty, the foundation of poverty alleviation is unstable, and the risk of poverty alleviation is high. The backward infrastructure and public services are the prominent shortcomings of comprehensive rejuvenation in the countryside.

"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau said that if these shortcomings are not supplemented, it will not only bring hidden risks to consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation, but also affect the overall situation of the province’s comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization.

  The "Liaoning Province Supporting the Implementation Plan for the Industry Revitalization of Rural Revitalization" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which was introduced in November last year, proposed that by 2025, the province’s key help counties can achieve a more stable foundation for poverty alleviation, and the results of poverty alleviation are more sustainable. The level of regional development has reached the general county standards of our province, which has clearly narrowed the development gap with other counties (cities) districts. It has caught up in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the new journey of agricultural and rural modernization to ensure that the team cannot be lost. "Fourteen Five -Year Plan" is a critical period for the development of comprehensive revitalization in Liaoning. Revitalization is not only the revitalization of industry and cities, but also the revitalization of agriculture and rural areas. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the shortcomings of agricultural and rural development, take the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the starting point, strive to create a new situation of agricultural rural modernization, and provide strong support for the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning old industrial bases. After the completion of the historic tasks of poverty alleviation in the province’s income growth of the farmers, the "agriculture and farmers" work entered a new stage of development of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization. This is a new historical positioning of agricultural and rural development.

  For help counties, the foundation of development is to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and strictly adhere to the bottom line that does not return to poverty. Our province put forward the goal of "two higher than" to ensure that the growth rate of income from poverty alleviation is higher than the growth rate of local farmers ‘income; ensuring the growth rate of farmers in the province’s farmers’ income in key help counties.

  Last year, all parts of our province and departments insisted on setting the results of consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation in the prominent position, actively preventing and resolving various potential risks and signs of signs, tendencies, and doing solid work to ensure that the scale of scale is not returned to poverty. Then let the lives of poverty alleviation go to the next level. Monitoring data shows that the poverty alleviation population in our province exceeded 10,000 yuan for the first time last year, reaching 11,070 yuan, a year -on -year increase of%, which is a percentage point higher than the average annual income of rural residents in the province. The biggest resources in poverty alleviation counties are agricultural and rural areas. The advantage of using this resource, vigorously develop the rural industry, and strengthen the scale of the industrial scale. It is an important support for promoting the increase in the income of rural population in the county and the development of county economic development. Last year, Jianping County invested 60.53 million yuan in funds, built 33 industrial projects, and continued to consolidate household projects, and continued to develop the "courtyard economy" and "five small" projects.

This year, the county intends to coordinate the use of 48.31 million yuan of funds above the province, focusing on the implementation of projects with strong poverty in the facility agriculture, miscellaneous grain industry, and photovoltaic photovoltaic industry, build a rural revitalization industrial system, and realize the transformation from industrial poverty alleviation to industrial revitalization.

  In terms of funding support, the rural revitalization of our province began to tilt towards assisting the county. Last year, the province’s%of the province’s fiscal connection funds were invested in 17 assistance counties, and the support was much higher than other counties.

This year, as the state proposed to increase its support for the county’s key support counties, our province will further increase the proportion of connection funds to focusing on assisting counties.

  17 counties are both the object of assistance and the main body of the implementation of concentrated support policies. The "Plan" also puts forward specific requirements for work mechanisms and guarantee measures, including strengthening organizational leadership, implementation of departmental responsibilities, and strengthening monitoring and evaluation, in order to implement detailed policies, promote the "acceleration" of rural revitalization in the province and achieve practical results. (Reporter Hu Hailin) ??+1.

“Means of,This is what you got.?”At this moment,A cold voice came from the two people,Two people return to the head,Beautiful piano, full of frost, is standing there,The forehead flashes a blue white arc from time to time.,“Repeated use of homologue experiments,What do you think of us??”

“hateful!”Chengnan Dynasty roared,I took a thing from the pocket.,Throw it to the top,next moment,Not waiting for everyone to react,That object suddenly exploded!
“Flash bomb!”Black is only coming and yelling,I suddenly suddenly,Tearful,I can’t see anything.。
Not far from the river embankment,Qing Palace brow slightly wrinkled,I can’t help but pull the ear.,Going back to a direction not far away。
“Where is there?”Looking at the rest of the river embankment,That stayed in black,Wearing girls in gatechuan middle school uniform,The Qing Dynasty can’t help but laugh。
His hand,A trace of orange golden rays。
“I am actually now.!”Chengnan Dynasty came with a whisper,I ran away from the alleys,“hateful!”
“What should I do next?”The face of the city is difficult to dispel in the face,For the consequences of this kind of thing,She is a researcher in the original long point.,It’s clear that it is clear.,“Um?”Sudden,Her eyes running to the river embankment come out of a hint,“Good luck!”
At the end of her eyes,A speedboat is stopping next to the river embankment!
“First spring”Unable to keep the black son on the wall,“Chengnan Dynasty has a flash bomb,We temporarily lose your eyesight and listening.,So please,Be sure to catch her!”
“Do not worry,Baijing classmate!”In the early spring, I said it is firmly.,On the side of your fingers crazy on the keyboard,“I’m ready,She can’t fall,And Sakan?”Didn’t finish,Suddenly I suddenly,Subsequently,Silent。
Hezi temporarily caught things,I don’t know what the first spring said.,But if someone is in front of the first spring,There will be someone,At this time, this head with a floral girl,Face became very quirky。
Cause no,In her view of her monitoring camera,A white windbreaker,Teenager with a chestnut fine side glasses,Standing on the bridge on the river embankment。
Wilmish gold flame shape,The freedom is jumping on his finger。
(This chapter is over)
NS103chapter It’s raining.
River,A speedboat is crazy to Mercedes,Round a large piece of water,Huge roar,Students near the river have frowned,Can be seen when seeing the speedboat driver,When the police officer unique,Have a low head,No longer。
“Good luck。”Chengnan Dynasty,Can’t help but happiness,“They haven’t chased it yet,Very good!”
She knows that she has ever done.,I also know what the consequences will be.,If only a few ordinary students are still calculated,The key is,She is inexplicably distorted psychology,Leading her hand stretching to the third place in the urban city city of the electric power。
She is very clear,I am a trump card,‘Electromagnetic gun’Convinced,It is a slightly short person who is slightly insignificant.,Not being now,Maybe she can bring some troubles to that bit,But,After everything is exposed,The consequence is not what she can imagine.。
“As long as the status is maintained,Walk out the urban city,Waiting for this thing over again,I will not have something to do.?”Just out,The city of Chengnan, who was originally opened, suddenly。
Cause no,Positive on her bridge,A figure is quietly looking at yourself。
The teenager of the white standing on the bridge,The corner of the mouth with a silk smile,Looking at yourself,But,The Chengnan Dynasty can feel,This teenager looks to her gaze,Not without“laugh”This meaning is contained therein!
Waiting for the Northern Dynasty,This teenager seems to have seen it.?
That day,The park herself was also the third place seen that day.,This teenager seems to
“‘Electromagnetic gun’Boyfriend?!”Chengnan Dynasty screamed,Sound with a desperate,“Why are you here?!”
“Are you a boyfriend that said Meiqin??”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Turn over from the bridge,Jump down,“I am not.。”
In his feet in touch with the river,The city is originally thought that he will fall into the water.,But it is unexpected.,The teenager did not like the way.,Instead, stand firmly.。

Foreign pilots sneak shot women in South Korea to save a large number of victims of victims arrested mobile phones

Original title: Foreign pilots sneaked in South Korea to sneak a woman’s arrested mobile phones to save a large number of victims. Overseas Network, May 30th. According to the Yonhap News Agency, on the 30th local time, in the park in Mapu District, Seoul, local time, a foreign pilot wasSuspected of sneak photography of Korean women was arrested on the spot.

  It is reported that passers -by discovered the suspect who sneaked in a woman who sneaked in a bench and reported the case. In the face of police investigations, the suspect at the beginning said he was shooting the scenery, but he was found a large number of photos of the victims in the mobile phone.

Subsequently, the police arrested the suspect on the spot on the grounds of suspected violation of the Special Case of Sexual violence.South Korean police said the case is currently investigating and has not disclosed detailed information such as the suspect’s nationality.(Overseas Network Liu Qiang) → → (Responsible editor: Shen Yuhuan, Wu Sanye).

Originally said that the lace took off、Nang Ge, who is bent back, there is now under the table at this time.,Seriously thinking about his laces into the table leg,And this girl hits all dead knots,Play another one。

There is no expression in the world,Shake。
“I want to go out.。”
Nan Ge looked up and opposed him,Expression of dullness。
Zhouzhi more speechless,Slowly say slowly:“First,My eyes have been restored.,second,Even if you don’t recover,Also see you。”
“I secretly。”
“I missed it.。”
Nan Ge is completely unacceptable,Continue to finish the dead knot,This is taking the hand,Returned to leave the table,Stand up。
Looking at her expression,He didn’t expect her to help her mean.,So I only have my own kneel down to solve the lace.,During this process, the brother bent and watched him from one blink.,Also complained that he was so happy。
“childish!” “boring!”
“Small than the group psychological age!”
Wellness under the circumstances,Go out,Going to the door hesitated,He also got Zheng Yalan’s horse。
Horse’s weekly, the star and season white,He hopes that they come to the same way as he thinks.,But the completion is still calm:“Star,Season white adult,Good morning。”
“Good morning,Zhou。”
“Good morning。”
Both people express polite。
Zhouzhi looked up and watch the sky:“Today’s weather is a bit hot,It’s so hot in the morning.,You come over hard.,Especially the monarch,I will give you a horse.,You can ride。”
“I’m so good.,Not too tired。”The smile on the white face is significantly more。
“Two people are coming today……”
“Oh!Is such that!”Star,“In the past few days, we went back to discuss,First, the environment is really good.,Rare good,Second, we are also old now.,It is really not like younger.,I will find a place to settle down.。”
“We see a lot of houses here.。”Siki also said。
“It turned out to be like this。”
I still don’t move on the surface,Just say:“There is no one in the house here.,You can pick one or two things you like.。”
He taught him.,Voice:“But these houses have been lost for a long time.,I am afraid I need to refurbishment.……”
“Is this refurbished。”
“Can live well,We are not afraid of trouble。”

List of members of the 13th Committee of Guizhou Province of the Communist Party of China

Ding Xiongjun Marema Ningyu Wang Zhenyi (Dai) Yin Hengbin Deng Zhaotao (female, Dai) Deng Guo Chao Petrochemical (Buyi) Lu Yongzheng Tian Mausong Shiqi Jilin (Buyi) Pi Guihuai Zhu Guiyun (female) Xiang Zhongxiong (Tujia) Liu Xiaokai (Miao) An Jiuxiong (Dai) Sun Han Xinyang Xiang Dong Li Gang Li Jian (Tu Family) Li Rui Li Wei Li Yuanping Li Zaiyong (Gelao) Li Jianjun Li Bingjun Yang Hui (Female, Miao) Yang Changpeng (Tu Family) Yang Xiaoman (female, Buyi tribe ) Xiao Kailin Shi Yubao Time Wu Qiang (Dai) Wu Jing (female, Miao) Wu Donglai Wu Gangping Wu Shenghua (Buyi) Zou Lianke (Buyi) Zhang Tao Zhang Dingzhang Ji Ji Chen Cheng Shaobo (Tu Family) Chen Changxu Shao Xun Luo (Miao) Zhou Wen (Miao) Zhou Wen ( Female) Zhou Hongwen Zhou Jianzhang Zhou Dengtang (Tu Family) Zhao Deming (Yao) Hu Zhongxiong Zhong Yang (female, Buyi), Xu Ruimin, Guo Ruimin, Tang Dezhi, Huang Wei Huang Wenwen Huang Xingwen (Biyi) 琴 (female, Bai) Peng Yan Han Deyang Fu Xinping Xie Nian Lan Shao Mu Degui Cai Chao Lin Guan Quan Liao Fei (Miao) Tan Jiong Pan Rong, Mu Li Kun, Wei Shwang (Responsible: Li Yongxin, Chen Kangqing) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

“Lord Leo?Is the White Beard II you mentioned a six or seven meters tall?,A man with a beard like a white beard?”

Leo was overjoyed,Unexpectedly, someone knew Weibull。
“Yes!You know where that person is?”
Shook his head:“I just met that Weibull,Strong in his twenties,It’s estimated to kill me in one shot!It just doesn’t look good!”
Leo took a deep breath,Seems to be the same。
“it’s him,Just find him,No need to shoot him!”
to be frank,Leo doesn’t know how strong Weibull is now,But conservative will not be lower than 85th level。
After all, even if Zefa’s strength regresses, he has the strength close to the general.,Someone who can beat him to some extent,Strength will never be too weak。
Everyone nodded,It’s easy to know who to find,As for the subordinate reminding Leo that he is not an opponent,That’s for Leo’s good。
Leo didn’t let them shoot,Just find someone and no one will object。
Finished the task,Leo and Green Bull sat quietly on the chairs。
He took a lot of effort to take over the Moses Union just for convenience.,These men can still be used to inquire about some news。
As for the future business of the Chamber of Commerce,This Leo really didn’t lie to these people,Because he did find a great way。
“Ha ha,It seems that I want to bring some fun to this world!”
First41chapter The improvement will not stop(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Leo and Lu Niu stayed in the Foge Chamber of Commerce for a while, after eating something, they came to the beach。
“Green Bull,anytime,Can’t exercise less,There must be no slack before reaching the top!”

Super long pre -sale period, only smart customer service … These are named by the China Consumers Association

  In addition, some platform net red "grass planting" soft text floods, false marketing misleading consumers; using the randomness and hidden nature of blind boxes to do false and illegal promotions, such as selling dated or expired products through blind box sales, etc. The probability is unknown, or unknown restrictions are superimposed to induce players to recharge repeatedly.

  Some network platforms use algorithms and technical profits reports that some operators also pay attention to consumers’ "money bags" and set up suits through network algorithms and new technologies. For example, use the intelligent product software to "upgrade" to collect the non -explicit costs; some online platforms use algorithms to implement "price discrimination" for groups of different consumer habits. For example, online shopping platforms call members to enjoy discounts. , Membership paid is not affordable; some network platforms have set up automatic renewal traps. If the automatic renewal deduction does not sign a significant prompt, it is difficult to find or cancel the passage or unsuccessful, and the automatic renewal of the automatic renewal, the trial is easy to cancel the difficulty.

  In addition, some "heads of the group" use the social platform applet to carry out "community group purchase" and "dragon group purchase", or use fan rice circles to set up scam circles to run. The unfair format terms are frequent, and some merchants set up ultra -long pre -sale reports that some network format contracts are not easy to read online and implies all kinds of unfair content. Consumer equity issues are even more prominent.

  The main manifestations are the lengthy professional, obscure, and hidden traps on the online format contract; the content of the contract terms of each platform format is generally the same, making it difficult for consumers to choose, which exacerbates consumers’ unfavorable position "either accept or leave", restricted restrictions The right to negotiate consumers.

  In addition, some network platform operators do not indicate the release and change time of the format contract, so that they can change the core terms at will, and it is difficult for consumers to know. At the same time, some network platforms have excluded format terms and restricted the rights of consumers to choose the lawsuit of the court to increase the difficulty of defending consumer rights in disguise and increase their cost of rights protection.

  Some network operators also use unfair format terms to reduce their obligations and responsibilities, and increase consumer responsibilities.

For example, some online merchants set up an ultra -long pre -sale period for pre -sale products, while setting up unfair format clauses such as pre -sale products without refunding and not refunding prepaid funds. The supporting services are lacking. Some online platforms only set up smart customer service reports that with the development of new consumption models and new formats, the demand for after -sales service of goods has changed greatly, which has also triggered various new problems. Some Internet companies are lacking in supporting services, no artificial customer service, or multiple options for customer service telephones, which are not good or difficult.

Some online platforms only have smart customer service, and their programmatic settings are not asked, they cannot meet consumer needs, and they are suspected of pushing the after -sales service liability that should be assumed in disguise.

  In addition, there are still business knowledge and capabilities of enterprise after -sales service and maintenance personnel that cannot keep up with demand; some online games have not been consumed after operating without consumer virtual currency, no compensation or compensation measures are unreasonable; consumer evaluation rights have been exercised for exercise. Restrictions or interference, some network platforms deliberately hide consumer evaluations, and some businesses even implement personality insults and personal threats to consumers of bad reviews.

  There are many problems with intelligent products. New energy vehicles have also shown that in recent years, in recent years, the degree of intelligence in domestic appliances, home vehicles and other products has increased rapidly, and it has gradually become a new trend of consumption. Smart appliances and new energy vehicles have become new hotspots of complaints.

  The main manifestation is that the quality of smart home appliances is uneven; some smart home appliances lack corresponding standards, and interconnection between different brand products is limited; smart products and smart network cars have frequently upgraded, and some products have decreased due to upgrade. During the driving of energy vehicles, suddenly black screens, power off, brake out of control, spontaneous vehicle ignition, autonomous driving failure, etc. Some even caused traffic accidents; battery life shrinkage, long charging time, damage to battery modules, etc Information presence is leaked or risk of illegal utilization.


Escape the curse,Shangshan Hong is still in the hospital for a long time,See the high progress,Dangang Hong Kong is an ominous place,Far like neon security。

Don’t say anything else,At least the neon bathroom lives with a flower,Can you talk to a boring in the middle of the night?。
Gaojin 闻 probably guess what,Laugh, not to explain,Take the shoulders of the mountain macro,I wish him a big difficultness, there will be。
Indeed,If the mountain macro is not coma in male,The body is already in the sea.。
Compared to below,Just hanging two bottles of water,Blood。
“Mr. Gao,I heard that you have to receive an apprentice.?”
Liao Wenjie,The latter can be in this villa,It is definitely because it is highly accepted him.。
Gao Jin smiles and shakes the head,It is indeed receiving,But there is also a one for helplessness.,Can only be said to be good deeds。
Remember,It is a difficult brother’s brother.,Odor,The cerebral cave is always a good idea to get rich.。
Chen Xiaoji because of the high progress,All winning gambling,Take out95For charity。
Zuo Yu star is even more miserable,Special features win money can not be messy,if not,First time,Second street,The third time,There is no possibility of bargaining。
Brother two,Zuo Yu won the money to lose to Chen Xiaozhan,As a poor, he can receive the charity relief from Chen Xiaozhan.。
Thus,Your money is my money.,My money is your money.,Brothers don’t divide each other,Cooperate。
If it is not heard too much,That’s more perfect。
The gambling god almost killed by these two unrestrained stuff,Just right left, stars, come and claim,He one,The situation has led this apprentice,Treatment,So from two people to make a moth。
Is home ugly,The specific situation is not explained.,Invited Liao Wenjie to go to the living room,I have a smile.。
“Gamble,Still thank you Mr. Liao to help,I am not too much to say thank you.,can only say,Enwo high incorporate,Some rewards。”
“no,I have made a lot of gambling numbers.,It should be that I thank the two gods.。”Liao Wenjie smiled and swayed,Loosing 2 million HK $,Harvesting 20 million knives,Celebration is a business trading。
Dragon nine,The gamble gains HK $ 10,000,Dragon Five does not have to marry her dowry.。
Talking about Long Five,This is the ice mountain face relies on the horizon of the living room.,During the Dracigo Liao Wenjie to complex sight。
After the ship,He contact organization,To get all the information from Liao Wenjie within ten minutes,Especially in terms of interpersonal relationships,I want to know how many girls have been cheated.。
The resulting reply is insufficient,Liao Wenjie’s file is sealed,Column as a special confidential,Dragon Fifth is transferred to this file,Also called the head of the phone, I have asked someone.。
The boss’s concealed mention,Some people are related to national defense safety and the country’s future,And what he related,One is not allowed to intervene。
Long fifty is not very understanding,The boss gave him a bit more,Converse,Roughly。
before,Because Liao Wenjie is a brother,So Liao Wenjie’s identity boat is high。
Now,Because the sky is the brothers of Liao Wenjie,So the same amount of the sky is high
The same reason,Because Liao Wenjie and Long Jiu’s relationship,Long Fif’s identity boat,You can always return to Guangdong to,Promotion,Same collar a special department。
at last,Boss warns,International competition is quite fierce,If the dragon is five great,Or some words don’t say,Leading Longjiu is excluded from the competition,Its harsh behavior is infinitely equal to the treason。
Dragon five:(?_?)
His hanging on the phone is a full half day,A few meanings,Don’t let your sister are slag,How to hook the treason?
Besides,What is the meaning of international competition?,This slag man is still transnational.?
at last,What can be recited back to Guangdong?,returntPromotion?
Realistic brutal, Dragon May 1st belly,The more you look at the grades, the more you feel unhappy.,It is clearly a slag,But so many people as a treasure,Old God is really jealous。

Employment service at Litong District to the door of the house

"Our enterprise needs to recruit 90 employees this year. I did not expect that the Human Resources and Social Security Department took the initiative to provide services and helped us release recruitment information for free." Recently, Cheng Fengzhen, manager of Ningxia Tomorrow Industrial Co., Ltd. (Wuzhong National Fanzhuang). Since the beginning of this year, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuzhong City has strengthened policy leadership, implemented accurate services, established a list of corporate positions and employment services, and established labor service services in 134 villages (communities) in key poverty alleviation villages and immigrant villages Stations, encourage intermediary organizations and labor agents to enter the field to promote employment policies, carry out employment guidance, organize rural leisure labor forces to transfer employment nearby; carry out online and offline online and offline such as "Employment Aid Month" Special recruitment, 183 companies offer more than 6,900 jobs, reaching 414 employment intentions. Wu Guomei, a villager in Liujiawan Village, Guojiaqiao Township, successfully found a job with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan through the labor service service station set up in the village. "Being able to work in front of the house, stable income, and take care of the elderly and children, it’s too happy!" Wu Guomei said.

In order to allow the workers to have a skill to achieve stable employment, Litong District organizes the establishment of a vocational skills training alliance, penetrates the training requirements for training in enterprises and the masses, and guides the training institutions to develop the market for the lack of vocational training in the market. Complete training to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the employment capabilities of the masses. At present, 10 training institutions have joined the training alliance. "We must continuously improve the quality of service, accurately understand the employment needs of labor, and accurately carry out employment recommendations, send employment services to the door of the masses, and send employment positions to the hearts of the masses." The relevant person in charge of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Litong District said. (Reporter Ma Zhaogang) (Responsible editor: Yan Mengjie, Jia Ru) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

“I’m very good,I am busy too。”

Moon laughs and responds,Just the delicate face,A flash。
She is afraid that the summer is noticeable.,Immediately transferred topics,“Brother,Recently rumored,Xia Ayi……”
Summer launching car,At the same time,“True,My mother is not falling.,She has come back……Why do you know this??”
“I have been paying attention to the news of the ancient martial arts.。”
Moon smile,Immediately reveal,“Since the news is true,Then have you seen Xia Ayi??”
“Have seen it。”
“then you……”The moon is careful,“You don’t quarrel?After all, she……”
Summer laughing,“Why do you think so?,I am not a child.。”
“Oh,That’s good。”
Finish,The moon is silent.。
A moment,She turned her eyes and she was in the summer.,Want to say。
“You have a heart?”
Summer laughing,“Although there is no more than half a year,Feeling that you have a life,Any difficult is to tell me。”
“Not,I have no difficulty。”
Moon,road,“Brother,Since Xia Ayi is still alive,You said Xia Uncle Xia……Uh,Uncle Uncle will not……”
Summer smile,“I also hope that he is still alive.,But……”
He shook his head,Looks like a look。
Ming people are killed by Lingtian,Ling Tianxia himself admitted,What can he hold?。
Moon opened the window,Autumn wind into the car,Flying her long hair blowing。
She will blow to the forehead of the forehead,Say,“I remember you and I told me.,We met,Every morning run,Station often at the school gate,The person who saw it,Uncle Ming Uncle,Right。”
Summary between the summer look。
He is often accompanied by the moon.,And the mind also often appears at the station。
The whole person seems to be lost,Gather,I have been waiting for the car。
The two also ended their heads,Guess each other’s occupation。
The moon said that the other party is a Beijing drifting workman.,And it is very unbearable。
Summer speculates that the other party is not a science dog,It is the order。
Later, I met,They have met each time,Also tell the master,Occasionally, it will stop saying a few words.。
“Um,It’s him。How do you think of this??”
The moon is deeply exhaled,Whisper,“Time,I am dining in Qinghai and a customer.,After eating,We drive back to my company,Preferences,On the way back,I saw a person who is extremely similar to him.。”
Summer driving,Face change,Under the context stepped on the brake,Fortunately, he responded very fast,The car is just over,move on。
“Extremely similar?You didn’t see it wrong?”Summer face is quite dignified,“To know,This has been nearly ten years.,So distant memories,You can still remember the face?”
The moon is also smirk,“I also think that I have seen a mistake.,The uncle’s uncle should be easy.,The appearance is also very common,But his sidebrows are outstanding.,Do you remember。”
Summer is of course remember。
And he can determine,The Ming people at that time were not with easy mask.。
And the same as him,Use the appearance of the unintention change。