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Summer Spray 8 Tips to Reappear Skin

Can I enjoy showering too?

of course!

Before bathing, massage the scalp and limbs with essential oils for a few minutes. Even the peripheral circulation accelerates, the most prone to dryness in spring and summer is immediately relieved.

If there is no essential oil in the house, at least use a dry bath brush to dry the body. It can also activate blood circulation and make the skin under pressure reappear.

  1. Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil to the watering can in Xiangman bathroom, and spray it in each corner of the bathroom, which can produce the effect of “aroma therapy”, or use aromatherapy, the effect is similar.

  2. Before drying the whole body, use a soft-bristled bath brush to brush the whole body before taking a shower to promote exfoliation and blood circulation. Pay attention to the movement from the limbs to the heart for two minutes.

  3, first take off the feet to take off the shower, first shower your feet, Su Huo circulate throughout the body.

Then wet the whole body with warm water for 3 minutes.

  4. Low-temperature shampoo Wash your hair with water that feels warm but not hot, which can enhance the scalp resistance and reduce the stimulation of hair follicles.

It is especially suitable for easy hair loss and freshly dyed hair.

  5. Sprinkle your favorite bath milk on a bath towel or ball, rub it thoroughly, make a foam, and gently massage your skin.

  6. When flushing with water pressure massage, do a “water column” massage while raising the temperature of the water on the body where the body feels sore and uncomfortable.

By repeatedly rinsing with the pressure and heat of water, the stagnation pain can be resolved.

This method works for shoulders, neck, calves and waist.

  7, temperature difference firming and flushing shower milk, by controlling the amount of water, lower the water temperature and rinse for 15 seconds, then increase the rinse time for 15 seconds, repeatedly adjust the water temperature and water pressure 3-4 times, can promote blood circulation and increase skinelasticity.

  8. The fragrant knot wraps the body with a large soft towel and enjoys the feeling of being “embraced”.

Put on moisturizing body lotion as soon as possible, or your favorite perfume series body lotion, let the mood “fly”.