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Lin Yang Energy (601222): Annual Report Meets Expected Results Steady Growth

Lin Yang Energy (601222): Annual Report Meets Expected Results Steady Growth

The event company recently announced its annual report and achieved revenue of 40 in 2018.

17 ppm, an increase of 11 in ten years.

94%, realized net profit attributable to mother 7.

61 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

86%, net profit of non-attributed mothers7.

44 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.

59%; At the same time, the first quarter report of 2019 was released to achieve revenue of 6.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

08%, realized net profit attributable to mother 1.

55 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

63%, realizing net profit deduction for non-attribution1.

49 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.


The smart power distribution business has developed steadily, grasping the potential of the ubiquitous industry. Smart segment revenue in 201814.

32 ppm, a decrease of 22 per year.

53%, mainly due to the bidding and reorganization of the State Grid, but the company ranked first in the number and amount of bids for the State Grid, South Grid, and local power.

30,000 yuan; the total amount of bids in the South Network is about 2.

6.8 billion yuan.

With regard to the development of overseas smart electricity business, it effectively promoted the strategy of major customers and comprehensively explored the global market. In 2018, it achieved overseas sales of US $ 38.05 million and orders in hand of US $ 48 million.

In 2019, the company will seize the ubiquitous industrial potential and develop a full range of applications including the integration of modular intelligent terminals, energy routers, energy controllers, and intelligent power distribution terminals in the field of distribution and power consumption, and build new intelligent terminals as the core.For the grid and user-side system solution provider, this year’s smart power distribution sector is worth looking forward to the stable operation of 杭州桑拿网 photovoltaic power stations. The EPC business has made a breakthrough and the company upgraded its installed capacity by about 1 at the end of 2018.

5 GW, realized electricity tariff income13.

30 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

16%. While independently developing, constructing and operating generators, the company has formed strategic partnerships with state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises such as CGNPC, China Power Construction, China Energy Construction, China Tongjian, Datang, Huawei, and State Grid E-commerce to promote internal photovoltaics.The close cooperation relationship between EPC and overseas photovoltaic business actively expands new business models and profit models.

At the core of the report, the company’s EPC system integration business achieved a breakthrough and achieved revenue10.

1.3 billion 杭州桑拿 in 2016, growing every year.

63%, it can be expected that in the future, the company will continue to provide more strategic large customers with targeted development, construction, and operation of classified photovoltaic power generation, comprehensively promote the company’s EPC system integration business at home and abroad, and promote continued growth in performance.

N-type battery module business improvement progress company, N-type battery business improvement progress, N-type high-efficiency battery mass production average conversion efficiency> 21.

8%, double-sided factor> 85%, first year attenuation rate is less than 1%, obtained product certifications such as TüV Rheinland and CQC, and has entered into state-owned enterprises such as CGNPC, CLP Power, Datang, and French ENGIE and Middle East ACWA, Singapore SUNSEAP and other qualified suppliers list.

The company has started the technology upgrade of N-type battery TopCON. After the upgrade, the average conversion efficiency of the battery can reach 23%, and the competitiveness of N-type battery modules will be enhanced.

Profit forecast and investment rating: The company’s 19-20 year performance was originally expected to be 10 respectively.

81, 12.

US $ 2.4 billion. Due to the longer-than-expected introduction of domestic photovoltaic electricity prices in 2019 or the impact on the domestic generator EPC business, the 19-21 year results are now adjusted to 10 respectively.

31, 12.

11, 14.

400,000 yuan, corresponding to 0 EPS.

58, 0.

69, 0.

82 yuan, the corresponding PE is 9 respectively.34, 7.

96, 6.

69 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Pan Wei Network (603039) Interim Review: The growth rate of advance receipts has improved, and the construction of marketing service system has accelerated

Pan Wei Network (603039) Interim Review: The growth rate of advance receipts has improved, and the construction of marketing service system has 北京夜网 accelerated

Core point of view: The company released its 19-year interim report: 19H1 total operating income of 5 trillion, long-term growth of 26.

0%; operating profit 4802.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 35.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 4919.

40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 35.

7%; net profit after deduction is 35.7 million yuan, an annual increase of 16.

4% by business: Software-e.

Biological income 2.

9 ‰, an increase of 18 per year.



Office income 907.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 24 per year.


Implementation of service income 1.

9 ‰, an increase of 40 per year.


The growth rate of implementation services is higher than that of software products, and the scale of revenue is gradually catching up with software products, reflecting the strong demand for 天津夜网 customization such as secondary development of customers, and product applications continue to deepen.

Sales expense settlement 70.

1%, increasing by 0 every year.

6 points.

The revenue share of the company and local service teams is included in sales expenses, and the overall sales expense ratio is relatively stable, reflecting that the company’s division ratio with local service teams is relatively stable.

Accounts received in advance 5.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

3%, a growth rate of 19 pct lower than the same period in 18 years, replacing 6 pct in 19Q1.

Presumably the reason may be that some of the company’s customers are cautious due to the downward pressure on their operating IT spending.

The accelerated growth of advance receipts may indicate that the growth rate of revenue in the third quarter is under pressure.

Although it may be under pressure in the short term, the company is a high-quality internal collaborative office software company, and the industry still has room for development.

The 19-21 results are expected to be 0.

96, 1.

25, 1.

65 yuan / share is expected to the company’s 19-year EPS is 0.

96 yuan / share, corresponding to 71 times PE.

The company is an internal collaborative office software head enterprise, and the downstream secondary development demand is strong.

Since the 18-year report and evaluation, comparable company UFIDA’s valuation has substantially improved, and UFIDA’s business has advanced faster. With reference to the company’s historical forecast center, we are still 74 times PE for the company in 19 years, with a reasonable value of 71.

04 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risks indicate that the expected decline in downstream expenditure will continue to affect revenue growth, the development of cloud products is not ideal, and the risk of industry closure.

Want to lose weight with fitness?Your body fat rate may not be accurate at all

Want to lose weight with fitness?Your body fat rate may not be accurate at all
In some of the most basic 上海夜网论坛 indicators of physical condition, the word “body fat rate” often appears, and in the gym, detecting the body fat rate is even more essential before exercising.So, what is the body fat rate?To what extent is it considered to meet health standards?What methods are used by body fat testers in the gym and on the market?Which is more accurate?With questions, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily interviewed Ge Qian, the chief member of the Clinical Nutrition Branch of the Shenzhen Nutrition Society and the chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Shenzhen People’s Hospital.Weight loss is fat reduction, not weight loss. Usually, we judge whether a person is obese from the body shape. It seems that the trace content of bloated body is high, and the trace content of a slender person is small. We also often find that two people weighIt ‘s quite the same. From the appearance, the difference in excessive weight overlaps with each other. Some people look very thin, and the overall examination found that the triglyceride is high, the plasma is high or the trace content is high. What is going on?”Actually, this is because they have different body fat rates.Body fat and muscle content can affect a person’s body. Body fat rate is the key to affecting body fat.”Ge Qian pointed out.Body fat percentage refers to the proportion of trace weight in the total weight of the human body, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of trace content in the human body.The normal range of body fat rate for adults is 20% -30% for women and 12% -20% for men.Athlete’s body fat percentage can be determined by the sport, generally 7% to 15% for male athletes and 12% to 25% for female athletes.Ge Qian said that one of the main indicators for judging overweight and obesity is the body fat rate, and losing weight also means losing the belly and body fat rate.The body fat rate of men is higher than 25%, and the rate of women higher than 35% is obese, which will affect the figure and affect health.If the body’s aunt exceeds the standard, a body fat rate of 32% or even 35% or more can be considered as severe obesity.Obesity increases the risk of suffering from various diseases.Such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and so on.”The first thing a high-fat person needs to do is reduce fat.Because, with the same weight of adults and muscles, adults are much larger than muscles.It can be said that the key to the success of weight loss is the management of body fat rate.”Ge Qian pointed out.”Weight loss is not fat loss, but for sports enthusiasts who are slimming and shaping, the blind pursuit of a low body fat rate can also be harmful to health.”” Qian Qian said that her aunt had protective effects on our body organs, but the low body fat rate actually caused the body’s normal metabolism to become confused.According to reports, the aunt of the human body can be divided into two parts, namely the subcutaneous uncle and the viscera, as the main energy storage substance in the human body.Aunts under the skin affect appearance, and visceral aunts often occur around internal organs. If too much, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and some chronic diseases.Different methods for measuring body fat rate vary widely. Generally, when you go to the gym or hospital, there will be a body composition analyzer that can measure the muscle, trace and moisture content in the body, but the same person will measure different values in different places.Which is more accurate?Ge Qian said that this is because the technical route adopted is different.In the gym, body testers, household health scales, etc. are commonly used in bioelectrical impedance analysis. The principle is that the bioelectrical impedance of different tissues of the human body is different.The specific process is: the scale body of the body fat scale introduces a weak current into the human body through the electrode sheet, the micro current enters the human body from one foot, and after implantation in the body, the data is transmitted to the electrode sheet under the other foot, the human body and the scaleThe body constitutes a closed AC circuit, so that an electrical impedance value is obtained, and then the electrical impedance value is combined with data such as height and weight to calculate the body fat rate.However, the accuracy of the measuring instrument and the measurement operation method will affect the measurement result.Household health scales generally only have the feet on the induction patch. Most of the testing equipment in the gym still need to hold the test handle with both hands.There are too many interfering factors in this test. The size of the contact surfaces of the feet and hands with the sensor patch, whether they have eaten or exercised before the test, and if urine is not discharged or is in a dehydrated state will also be affected.In addition, even one person may get different results on two different instruments, because different standards and calculation formulas may be used.Experts suggest that if you want to get more accurate body fat ratio, you can go to a specialized institution, such as a hospital, using CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to accurately analyze muscle and bone density.And amateur distribution.Ge Qian suggested that in order to control body fat usually, you need to take more exercise to increase your own metabolic rate; control the transformation in the diet and avoid intake of high-calorie foods; increase the absorption of fiber particles in the diet to improve satiety; maintain a goodRegular adjustment of life, regular exercise, diet and other aspects of adjustment, if necessary, go to a professional medical institution for help.(Reporter Hua Ling)

Wuliangye (000858): Solving two major problems, Second Entrepreneurship will welcome fruit

Wuliangye (000858): Solving two major problems, “Second Entrepreneurship” will welcome fruit

The company is working hard to solve two major problems, and the dawn is already here.

The company has changed from the liquor king to the second in the industry, and the main brand price has diverged from that of Maotai. In the past 10 years, differences have accumulated between the brand perceptions of high-end consumers. We believe that there are two problems in the expansion. First,It is because the brand story of Wuliangye was not told well during the transition from the “channel era” to the “brand era”. It contains four aspects of “craftsmanship, ingenuity, history, and culture”. At this stage, Maotai achieved the brand relying on quality to surpass Wuliangye.The price surpassed Wuliangye and also led the sales volume to keep ahead; the second is the relatively lagging evolution of channel model and channel management.

Since 2019, the company has 杭州桑拿 begun to focus on solving two major problems, channel reform and brand upgrade system engineering. We believe that the way out is determined by the way of thinking, and the improvement of implementation, the solution of the two major issues is optimistic.

Consolidate the level of Luzhou King, and strive for strength with a “second venture” pragmatic attitude.

Wuliangye has been in the leading position in the industry since the mid-1990s, and the inheritance of its strong fragrance king has continued to this day.

The concept of Wuliangye’s “Second Entrepreneurship” put forward by Li Shuguang after taking office in 2017 has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the marketing decision management system has been comprehensively improved. In 2018, leadership and employee incentives were successfully implemented, and a new chapter of “Politics, Harmony, and Harmony” was launched.The price has increased substantially, and the brand value has peaked again.

The impact of the epidemic is limited and the core is focused on long-term competition.

The outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia during the Spring Festival in 2020 will affect the sales of liquor in the peak season, but high-end liquors will have a smaller impact on sales during the peak season due to the advancement of payment and stock preparation. At present, the company’s Q1 progress is in line with expectations, and the overall impact is controllable.

The effective core focus of benign transformation of blue chips includes the long-term competition of “product, brand, channel” three forces: 1) Luzhou-flavor is still the highest proportion of aroma type, and the stock market is huge. Wuliangye Luzhou-flavor Liquor King is stable; 2) BrandThe power is second only to Maotai, and it is in the closing position of our “net fish model”, which continues to benefit from the consumption and upgrade of liquor; 3) leading the production capacity of high-quality wine, and continuously improving the storage capacity to enhance the protection of base liquor;Digital marketing management system leads the industry; 5) Solidarity and strong leadership with core leaders.

In 2020, the resolute landing plan will be gradually reformed to start growth.

The company’s reform ideas have taken shape, and have gradually begun to mainly be in Q4 2018. It has just been one year. The series of wine reforms marked by “three-in-one” began in June 20, 19, and it is still less than one year. We believe that 2020年 年是坚决落地执行,并更系统和细化的年份。
In 2019, the company completed the initial reform of the marketing organization (the marketing center became a theater), and initially promoted the change of the control and distribution model under digital empowerment, that is, the volume and price rose, and the benign development of channel inventory was achieved.The refinement gradually narrows down the forecast range and marketing resources, scientific and powerful reward and punishment mechanism, reduces the manufacturer’s game, and achieves better price-sale, which brings promising growth prospects.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the Buy-A investment rating, and consider the impact of the epidemic situation to fine-tune the 12-month target price of 158.

00 yuan, equivalent to 28 in 2020.

4x price-earnings ratio.

Risk Warning: The epidemic is higher than expected; demand forecast for high-end wine.

Construction Machinery (600984) Q3 Performance Evaluation: Profits Continue to Release Tower Crane Leasing Service Leader Enters High-speed Growth Period

Construction Machinery (600984) Q3 Performance Evaluation: Profits Continue to Release Tower Crane Leasing Service Leader Enters High-speed Growth Period

The event company released three quarterly reports, operating income for the first three quarters of 201922.

880,000 yuan, an increase of 47 in ten years.

07%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

82 million, an increase of 227 every year.


Brief comment on Q2, Q3 Pangyuan’s profits continued to be released, driving the company’s overall profit scale: ① The company announced in the previous period that it would return its net profit to its mother in 19H1.

8.8 billion, an increase of 218%; of which, Q2 single-quarter net profit attributable to the mother1.

6.6 billion, a single-quarter profit peak, mainly due to the profit contributed by the subsidiary Pangyuan Leasing.

The Q3 single quarter net profit attributable to the mother1.

94 million, again hitting a profit high in the next quarter; ② From the perspective of volume, the prosperity of the construction machinery rental market has continued to rise since 2018. In order to expand market share, the company continues to increase the purchase of rental equipment, which will increase in 2019.The purchase amount of leased equipment for the half year increased by about 70% compared with the same period of the previous year, and the purchase amount of leased equipment from January to September increased by about 74% from the same period of the previous year; ③ From the perspective of price, the lease price has increased compared with the same period of last year.Construction machinery rental income increased by 47 over the same period last year.


Construction Machinery Headquarters + Tiancheng’s operations have also improved, judging that listed companies have entered a period of high growth as a whole: ① Construction Machinery Headquarters is the same as Tiancheng’s military engineering machinery manufacturing business, mainly for tower crane manufacturing, and its downstream applications include real estate and infrastructure.

Beginning in 2018, benefiting from the recovery of the tower crane industry and the increase in the purchase scale of subsidiaries, the two operations have gradually entered a positive income channel; ② Transformation, the company has continued to handle historical baggage in recent years, and has acquired badwill on acquisition of goodwill and accounts receivable, etc.Make accruals, and judge that by the end of 2019, the historical problems left by the headquarters and Tiancheng will be basically resolved, and the profit side will gradually release flexibility.

The tower crane leasing boom continued in 19 years, and the new signing price index locks in profits this year and next: ① The domestic tower crane industry has experienced irrational growth in 2012-14 and the historical burden of digestion in 2015-17, and has entered a steady stage since 18Growth period.

Correspondingly, the market for tower crane leasing services has also resumed its vitality, and rents are in a stable channel.

According to the official website of Pangyuan Leasing, the new unit price index reflecting its tower crane rent gradually increased from around 1,000 at the beginning of 18 to around 1300 at the end of the year, and rose to around 1500 in the middle of 19 years. ② Considering the cycle from signing to equipment commissioning+ The actual usage cycle of the equipment, the company’s single redemption in the new millennium until the revenue exists 1-1.

Five-year time lag, so the current high rent will definitely lock in the profit situation of this year and next year; ③ Looking forward to the future, under the background that the prefabricated building trend is extending safety requirements, environmental protection policies, and tax regulations are becoming more severe, the overall industry price index is expected to maintainStable growth or shocks within a reasonable range. The industry leader represented by Pangyuan is based on its low financing costs, high asset size barriers, and continuous accumulated project service experience, etc., and its profitability promotes continuous enhancement.

In the long run, leasing services have both financial and service attributes. Pangyuan Leasing continues to expand its assets and expand its competitive advantages: ① Unlike traditional financial leasing and operating leases, the leasing service industry has both financial and service attributes.

In terms of financial attributes, its key competitiveness lies in the reasonable use of financing channels and leverage advantages to reduce its funds to expand its own asset scale and achieve income expansion; ② The current market for tower crane leasing exceeds 100 billion yuan, and Pangyuan’s market share is only3-4%, has given Pang Yuan enough space to expand.

We judge that Ponte Source will maintain a certain intensity of equipment procurement in the next few years to support the company’s long-term development. ③ From the perspective of financing channels, the listed company’s financial services agreement with Shaanxi Coal in the early stage will provide at least part of its deposit, Settlement, credit and other financial services, will help the company to expand financing channels, reduce financing costs and improve operating efficiency.

Investment suggestion: Considering the continuous increase in the scale of Pangyuan’s leased assets, the new unit price will remain high to lock in profits for the next two years, and the construction machinery headquarters + Tiancheng operation will improve significantly.

500 million, 43.

4 ppm and 55.

300 million; net profit attributable to mothers is 5.

2, 8.

1, 11.

At 4 四川耍耍网 trillion, the closing prices on October 29 correspond to P / E of 16 respectively.

5, 10.

6, 7.

6 times.

Maintain target price of 11.

76 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating.

Chengdu: Tianyi Yoga Studio

Chengdu: Tianyi Yoga Studio

Founded in 2004, Tianyi Yoga has established the Tianyi Yoga headquarters in Chengdu, Sichuan. With excellent teachers, effective courses, and natural environments, Tianyi Yoga has promoted many pure yoga projects such as Hatha Yoga and Flow Yoga nationwide.

  Introduction to the club: Founder Wu Jie, inspired by the profound and profound yoga culture of ancient India, established Tianyi Yoga Headquarters in Chengdu, Sichuan. With excellent teachers, effective courses and natural environments, he promoted pure yoga projects nationwide: HaHis yoga, flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, slimming yoga, health yoga, white-collar yoga, parent-child yoga, men’s yoga, high-temperature yoga and other professional yoga projects have become a set of yoga fitness, yoga chain joining, yoga training certification, yoga products inAn integrated yoga chain.

  Tianyi Yoga (China) is known for its authentic and mature teaching system and strong teaching team.

Honorary consultant (vedantin ping luo) has been teaching in the Mysore Patanji ___ Astanga Professional Yoga Club (Ten years of teaching in India) for ten years.


(Slyengar) Approved Astanga Professional Yoga Instructor.

Holder of International Sivananda vedanta center “yogasiromani” yogi qualification certificate.

He is also the Dean of the California Yoga Academy and a member of the American Yoga Federation Board. He also teaches at the Health Care and Physical Education Course at St. Nicholas Los Angeles Branch School of California State University. He is not only an educator, but alsoThe master of yoga and the doctor of yoga, the yoga practitioners trained by him have spread all over the world. He is known in the yoga world for his advanced yoga accomplishments, outstanding teaching, and natural image of a yoga person.

His operational experience in yoga will surely guarantee the systematic and distance pursuit of Tianyi Yoga (China) in teaching.

  Under the protection of the entire teaching system and teachers, the training of Tianyi Yoga (China) has a high reputation in China.

Since its inception, Tianyi Yoga (China) has successfully conducted primary, intermediate, and advanced yoga training courses in accordance with the concept of “promoting the culture of yoga”, and has sent hundreds of professional yoga instructors to the country.

Both ordinary scholars and yoga instructors have said that they have obtained true yoga enlightenment at Tianyi Yoga.

All scholars who have completed the training of Tianyi Yoga will receive the 200ryts International Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher Certificate submitted by Tianyi Yoga (China).

  In 2004, Tianyi Yoga faced a large number of people who love yoga. Its mass positioning provides a good platform for entrepreneurs who can easily enjoy distance yoga practice and have a yoga dream.

Tianyi Yoga’s first franchise Emei store opened in August 2004. After more than three years of franchise practice summary, a comprehensive chain franchise system has been established.

This will greatly increase the scale and stable development of the Tianyi Yoga (China) franchise business and ensure the success of the franchisee.

  At present, Tianyi Yoga (China) has become one of the well-known companies in the field of yoga in China, and is working hard to create a well-known brand in the field of yoga.

  Contact information: Consulting service: 028-85082148 Fax: 028-85082148 Complaint suggestion: 028-80925559 Join cooperation: 15328077206 7 * 24-hour franchise phone: 13350006131 Headquarters address: 326 Shuangnan Road, Chengdu Shuangnan Business Center 708-710

Teach you four-step professional weight loss exercise

Teach you four-step professional weight loss exercise

The four-step more professional weight-loss exercise makes it easy to lose weight.

  1. Increase the amount of exercise. At the beginning of the plan, you can take a 20-minute walk every day, and then gradually increase the amount, 25 minutes in the second week; increase to 30 minutes in the third week;; Walk for the 5th week, jogging.

And so on.

  2. Don’t make the intensity of the exercise test so strong that you can’t achieve your goal.

You can use the “speak” test.

If you can talk to people while you exercise, it means that your exercise intensity is still within your range.

  3. Climbing up and down and seeing quick results If you want to get exercise results quickly, you may wish to “climb up and down.”

This refers to climbing a slope.

Climb up the ramp at speed, turn around, and run down again.

Take a break when going downhill.

Doing seven or eight such climbs per unit will be very effective.

  4. The effect of strength training and strength training is also obvious.

Physiologists advise us to do 5-10 sets of exercises at the beginning of strength training, with or without weight, and repeat at least 8 times in each group.

Do it every other day.

When you can repeat 12 times without feeling tired, you should increase the weight by 2-3 pounds and start from 8 times.

Tips: 5 spring supplements to improve your baby’s immunity

Tips: 5 spring supplements to improve your baby’s immunity

Lotus seed lily can nourish the spleen and stomach, moisturize the lungs, and calm the mind.

Suitable for children to eat daily.

Use 15 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of dried lilies, 1 egg, and appropriate sugar.

Remove the lotus seeds, place them in a casserole with a hundred contracts, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook until the lotus seeds are rotten, then add eggs and sugar.

The eggs are ready to eat after they are cooked.

  Nanxing Runfei Decoction can nourish lung qi, moisturize lungs, relieve phlegm and relieve cough.

It is suitable for children who have cough in the dry weather or weak lungs, and can also be used to adjust the body during the recovery period of pneumonia.

Use 12 grams of southern apricots, 9 grams of northern apricots, 4 candied dates, and 200 grams of pork lungs.

Peel the southern apricot and northern apricot, wash the pig lungs and cut into small pieces. Stir thoroughly with some cooking oil in an iron pan, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, and put it in a casserole with candied dates.

  Zhishi catfish soup can nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and strengthen the kidney.

It is suitable for children or ordinary children who have weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, and irregular stools, and can enhance spleen and stomach function.

Use 15 grams of scallion, 15 grams of Huaishan in Henan, and 1 bonito (about 150 grams).

Sturgeon scales, gills and internal organs, fry in a wok with some cooking oil to a light yellow, then mix with casserole and Huaishan in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water for 1 hour, season with salt and serve.

  Floating wheat pig heart soup can strengthen the spleen and nourish the qi, calm the mind and calm the brain, and improve the brain.

25 grams of floating wheat, 5 jujubes, 1 pig heart and 6 grams of longan meat.

The pig’s heart is cut open to the opposite side, the blood is washed, and the jujube is pitted. Put the same ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 1 hour, season and serve.

  Shenzhu jujube soup can strengthen the spleen and qi, and is often used in children who are tired, have poor appetite, and have poor stools.

For children in general, the spleen can also be appetizing.

Choose 10 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of Yunling, 6 grams of Atractylodes, 5 jujubes, 1 fresh duck kidney.

Yunling is broken, the jujube is pitted, and the fresh duck kidneys are dissected. After washing the duck internal gold, put it in the pot with the feeding material, add an appropriate amount of water for 1 hour, season and eat.

Washing your face is an art that is not worth mentioning but has a good health effect!

Washing your face is an art that is not worth mentioning but has a good health effect!

Is soap suitable for washing your face?

What is your attention when washing your face?

For most of them, this is a way of health that is not worth mentioning, but don’t underestimate your face. Sometimes life is a good habit.

Washing your face is also a habit. Listening to Xiaofan Health will accompany you to talk about the presence of sweat glands and sebaceous glands in our skin. From it, it secretes substances that protect the skin and can sterilize and protect the skin.

When you have experience washing your face with soap, you should find that the skin is very clean and tidy for a short time, and the skin will be more oily after a few hours.

That is because the soap is alkaline, it is easy to stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oily substances, so the more you wash your face with soap, the easier your face will come out.

After listening to the effect of soap on the skin, let’s talk about whether the face is washed by hand or with a towel or washbasin.

I believe that some people are here, we have begun to have differences, because some people are used to washing their face with a basin of water, some people used to wash their faces with towels, and some people wash their faces directly with water.

If you wash your face with a washbasin, during the hand wash, the water in the washbasin will become more and more turbid, and the unclean things will be washed back to the face repeatedly. It is better to wash the face directly with water.

Washing your face with a wet towel is also a very common method of washing your face. In fact, a long-lasting wet towel is easy to breed bacteria, and continuing to wipe the face will increase the bacteria on the face.

Therefore, it is better to keep the towel dry, and choose to wash your face.

Wash your face with hot water. Although it can clean the skin quickly, it is easy to wash off the protective oil on the face, which makes the skin feel dry and tight.

Therefore, Xiaofan Health believes that the water temperature is very important when washing your face. Do not use too much water to wash your face. Even cold water wash your face also has the effect of exercising facial nerves and blood vessels, and it can also make people awake.

What are the main points of Qigong?

What are the main points of Qigong?

Wuhan male god teacher six pack abdominal muscles Wuhan male god teacher information photos were exposed, this legendary Wuhan male god teacher exactly who?

According to insiders, the Wuhan male god teacher Si Gao is now a physical education teacher at Hankou College.

The Wuhan male god teacher has many titles and was once the champion of the men’s team in the 2003 China Model Contest.

At the same time, Wuhan male god teacher is rich in family, is a typical high handsome.

No wonder many girls are so fascinated by the Wuhan male god teacher.

So how did he refine the tempting six pack abs?

I believe that many male friends would like to know, let’s take a look at the six-layer abdominal muscle refining technique of the male god teacher, so that you can get rid of the belly and achieve the abdominal muscles.

According to Hankou College students, Wuhan Male God Teacher is a sophomore physical education teacher who is currently married and has children.

He has a strong sense of line, is usually low-key, understands students very much, and has lost many students.

Seductive chest muscles, handsome face, beautiful outline, coupled with the smile of the dead, the image of Si Gaofeng was immediately popular on Weibo.

Some netizens called him “the handsome professor of Du Minjun” and called it “the best male god.”

What makes students scream is that Si Feng is still the “2003 World’s Best Model Contest China Finals Champion”. Si Gaoping often goes to the gym to do some strength exercises and practice his “tempting body”.

In addition to physical education courses, he will give students some weight-loss body-building programs, so that students will be more “love”.

How to practice a big belly belly into a six-pack abs. A sit-up aerobic exercise about sit-ups can not lose the abdomen, has been suffering.

Sit-ups are still in the abdomen. The abdomen thinks: Sit-ups can exercise the abdominal muscles, so you can practice a stomach that can be considered as a sit-up.

The opposite side believes that the alternative to being able to consume a small amount of energy is to be able to consume at least 20 minutes of anti-sport movement, so a few sit-ups in a minute can not reduce the basic movement of the abdominal crunches.

The correct way is: sit-ups aerobic exercise The main role of sit-ups is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, enhance abdominal muscles, sit-ups, mainly abdominal elasticity, no loose loose, can also protect the buttocks and improve posture.

The aerobic transport loosely decomposes the elastic elastic consumption and reduces the amount.

The choice of special care for the “middle section” of the heat consumption can be moved, recommend three items: table tennis: the action of swinging the racket is driven by the waist, abdominal muscles, table tennis swing action consumes 192 cards every 30 minutes.

Yoga: The sitting posture of yoga determines that your back and abdominal muscles can do the exercises in the buttocks and the abdomen, and consume 200 calories every 30 minutes.

Taekwondo: Kickboxing kicks will drive the waist, and the abdomen consumes taekwondo and consumes kicks, consuming 312 cards every 30 minutes.

Tip: How do you make sure your body just rises to a 45 degree angle?

There are three small ways to determine the body: 1 Generally speaking, when the line of sight is flattened, the normal angle between the body and the knee joint is 45 degrees; 2 can be practiced in the mirror;Slow, slowly feel, when you feel the most stressed movement of the abdomen rises to the abdomen, it is 45 degrees, and stops at this position.

It is recommended to recommend the third location.

The sit-ups in the instant physical education class are assessed as physical fitness exercises, and the more you do the sit-up physical fitness in one minute.

And all the sexy minutes of minute exercises, including sit-ups, as a sexy abdominal exercise must be slow!

A little bit of the feeling of the sit-up vibration of the abdomen.

Expert recommendation: 10 per minute?
15 for 1 group, do 2 for each exercise?
Minutes recommend 3 experts, each group rests about 1 minute.

Abdominal breathing and abdomen for a minute breathing massage at rest.

Perfect Breathing Perfect abdomen requires a perfect breath.

Not only is it necessary during the practice, but the usual perfect abdomen is also the same.

During the practice, the state of the beginning (force state) exhales, and the state of the force of withdrawal is forced to practice the gas.

In the static state, usually when the angle is maintained at 45 degrees, the normal chest cavity exhales from the normal chest area and does not hold your breath.

Under normal conditions – abdominal breathing, help to tighten the transverse abdominis.

Inhalation helps to feel the inward and upward lift of the abdominal cavity when it is tightened normally, and fully inhale and then exhale.

When you are fully seated, you can sit consciously, stand or walk, you can consciously breathe abdominally, and develop a conscious habit of walking.
The invention of using equipment and fitness equipment is to make our training safer, more effective and more safe. When we hate the “perfect” sit-up frame, please go to the gym to sit up in the gym and look for these three things: the rider(Bicycle fitness equipment); boat chair (longside with a 30-body bike on the ground looking for a degree chair, you can lie on it, lift your legs and hold for a few seconds, you can keep strong abdominal muscles above); fitness ball.

After the comprehensive evaluation of the effects of 13 kinds of abdominal fitness methods, the expert abdominal exercisers believe that the above are the most effective abdominal exercise equipment.
  The second step is to adjust and control the breathing to help adjust and stay calm.
The basic requirement is that the breathing should be “fine, quiet, uniform, and long” to gradually reach the situation of “silent, innocent, and dying.”
When you exercise, you should go with the flow, and you should not rush to seek success, so as to avoid deviation.
  The most commonly used one is the intention to keep breathing and the intention to keep “Dan Tian”.
The intention to keep breathing is to adjust the interest rate, and the intention to keep “Dan Tian” is to focus on the navel.
The 5-inch “qihai acupoint”, the combination of the two is called “gas dandan”.
  The method is abdominal breathing, that is, the diaphragm is lowered when inhaling, the lower abdomen is externally drumted, and then to “Dandian”, and the lower abdomen is retracted when exhaled.
  This method can exert a gentle massage effect on the internal organs of the chest and abdomen, improve the blood circulation of the internal organs, and strengthen the physiological activities.
  If there is abdominal distension and nausea after a meal, chest breathing can be carried out first, and the Qihai (the middle point) between the two breasts is intended to strengthen the heart and lung function and improve the bloating and nausea.
  Some people also like to guard the life of the door (fourteen vertebrae under the navel) to replenish the kidney.
When you start practicing, you can’t get into it very quickly. At this time, you can’t be impatient, and you will become proficient slowly.
  The third step is to adjust the body and maintain a certain posture to help calm down.
Maintaining a static posture for a long time can adjust the distribution of blood throughout the body.
  Qigong body adjustment generally includes five kinds of situations: walking, walking, sitting, lying, and doing five kinds of exercises, that is, five kinds of postures, and any posture should be coordinated with the heart and the interest rate.
  In other words, you can practice both “positional skills” and “walking skills”, and you can practice anytime, anywhere, depending on your conditions.
The principle is “taking nature as high and comfort as the law”.
  In short, the basic requirements of practice are: “The heart must be clear, the interest should be quiet, the body should be loose (relaxed)”, and flexible adjustment of movement, speed, and tightness.
  The method of three adjustments, the first person to practice is shallow, it must be “intentional adjustment”, at this time the intention is too much, but it consumes God.
  After practicing well, when the work is done naturally, it will transition to the stage of “unintentional adjustment”.
To sum it up is “positive, persevering, comfortable and natural, step by step.”