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Long Mang Baili (002601): 1Q19 Titanium Dioxide Sales Innovative High Chlorination Project Helps Performance Growth

Long Mang Baili (002601): 1Q19 Titanium Dioxide Sales Innovative High Chlorination Project Helps Performance Growth
The company’s recent situation Longman Baili released titanium dioxide sales data. It is expected that in March 2019, the sales volume of titanium dioxide will be 73,546 tons, which will continue to increase by 607 tons.In March, 160,596 tons of titanium dioxide were gradually sold, an increase of 14,742 tons per year, and an annual increase of 10.11%. Comment on the high operating rate and better demand, the sales of titanium dioxide in 1Q19 continued to increase by 10.1%.Affected by the peak production of industrial enterprises in autumn and winter, from November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018, the company’s Jiaozuo base sulfuric acid titanium dioxide production line limited production by 30%, resulting in a decrease in 1Q18 titanium dioxide production;High, coupled with better downstream demand, pushed up sales in 1Q19 by 10.11% to 16.06. Low inventory replenishment orders increased, pushing the price of titanium dioxide to rebound.Due to the decrease in the demand for titanium dioxide prices in the off-season in 4Q18, the company’s and downstream customers’ titanium dioxide inventories are at low levels after the Spring Festival. With the recovery of downstream stocking demand, titanium dioxide prices have ushered in a rebound. Since the Spring Festival, the company has raised the titanium dioxide prices twice, of whichThe price of titanium dioxide with sulfuric acid method is gradually increased by RMB 1,000 / ton for domestic customers and gradually increased by USD 200 / ton for international customers.According to Baichuan Information, the company’s current titanium dioxide market price is 16,800 yuan / ton, which is 6 higher than the bottom price before the Spring Festival.3%, but prices are still down 6 from the same period last year.7%.At present, the company’s inventory is still low, and demand season is expected to continue to support the price of titanium dioxide. 20 The initial production of chlorinated titanium dioxide will contribute to the increase in profits.The company 20 expects the chlorinated titanium dioxide project to progress steadily and is expected to be put into production in 2Q19. The expansion of the production capacity of chlorinated titanium dioxide 南京桑拿网 will optimize the company’s product structure and enhance competitiveness. At the same time, increasing the production capacity release will help the company’s performance growth.The company plans to use the titanium concentrate resources in the Panxi area to build a 30 titanium chloride slag project, which can fully meet the second phase of 20 titanium chloride white powder production. The construction of the titanium chloride slag project will further improve the company’s industrial chain and reduce production costs. It is estimated to maintain the 2019/20 profit forecast1.26/1.41 yuan / share.As the industry estimates the hub moves upwards, the target price is raised by 13.6% to 20 yuan, compared with 21 previously.5% growth space, target price corresponding to 16/14 times 2019/20 P / E ratio, maintain the recommended rating. Risk: The price of titanium dioxide has dropped, and the progress of the 20-ton chloride titanium dioxide project has been lower than expected.

This identifies the cancerous signal of the kidney

This identifies the cancerous signal of the kidney
Moles are the products of melanin accumulation.There are “melanocytes” in the skin, which secrete melanin, which fills our skin with color. The more melanin secreted by melanocytes, the darker the skin color.Sometimes the melanocytes are unevenly distributed and come together, turning this small piece of skin into a particularly dark color, which is called a mole.  Newly grown moles are affected by UV and genetic factors.Melanin is affected not only by genetics, but also by UV rays.If the skin is always exposed to ultraviolet rays, the skin will secrete a large amount of melanin in order to protect itself, and if they happen to come together, new moles will grow.  The skin consists of the outermost protective epidermal layer and the deep dermal layer, which 成都桑拿网 layer the retina is on, and it has a great connection with no danger of canceration.  Most of the nails brought in the mother’s womb are “junction moles”. Its edges are clear and smooth, and most of them are brown or black plaques, or they are slightly raised on the skin, and the diameter is larger than 0.6 cm?0.Within 8cm, it is generally round or oval, and no hair will grow on it.However, there is a certain possibility of canceration in the “junction ulcer” on the soles of the feet, palms, and external genitalia.  The new ones are basically “intradermal moles”.These moles are generally semi-spherical and less than 1 cm in diameter. Sometimes one or several hairs can be seen in the middle, which is basically not cancerous.  Crime suddenly started, is it a sign of cancer?It may just be that the mole is “moving” in the skin.After puberty, there will be a part of the “junction mole” brought by the mother’s womb. It crosses the junction and enters the dermis layer. It becomes a relatively safe “intradermal mole”.  When the “junction mole” has not yet entered the skin, it retains both the characteristics of the “junction mole” (black, with a smooth halo on the outside) and part of the “intradermal mole” (replacement). We call it”Mixed mole”.This type of crime is generally not at risk for cancer, but it needs to be carefully monitored.  Whether the color of the crime is dark or light has little to do with malignancy, but the color of the nails is uneven, the shades are different, and some of them are deep in the middle and light in the side, which may be malignant.  Greater than 0.The volume of a 6cm mole or ulcer rapidly expands on the original basis, the color suddenly deepens or becomes uneven, many small warts appear around the large diameter, or symptoms such as bleeding, ulceration, itching, and pain appear. Beware of cancerIf possible, seek medical treatment in a timely manner.  (Lin Li, Deputy Chief Physician, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou 杭州桑拿 Medical University)

Changan Automobile (000625): Ford Ruiji officially goes public and welcomes marginal improvement

Changan Automobile (000625): Ford Ruiji officially goes public and welcomes marginal improvement
Ford 2.ESCAPE, the first aircraft under the 0 era, was officially launched.On December 19, 2019, the new four-wheel-drive pioneer SUV, the new Ford Sharp ESCAPE, was officially launched in Hangzhou, with a total of 2 new vehicles released.0T four drive enjoyment (trend), 2.0T four-wheel drive Jiaxiang (titanium) and 2.0T four-wheel drive enjoys three ST-LINE models, size 18.98-21.880,000 yuan.The new car is equipped with the fourth-generation EcoBoost 2.The 0-liter twin-turbo turbocharged engine and the new generation 8AT gearbox are powerful.We judged that the Razor ESCAPE as Ford 2.The first model in the 0 era, which has market competitiveness in the high-end market of the 200,000-class mid-size four-wheel drive SUV, will contribute to Changan Ford’s sales in 2020. Benefiting from the volume of new cars, Changan autonomously ushered in marginal improvement.1) Benefiting from the hot sales of new models, Changan’s independent sales volume has continued to grow since the second half of 19th, achieving wholesale sales in November.30,000 vehicles, +23% / + 10%.In terms of specific models, the CS75 achieved sales of 2.70,000 vehicles, + 126% / + 8% from the same month / month, of which CS75 PLUS achieved sales of 1.90,000 vehicles, + 11% MoM; CS55 achieved sales of 1.10,000 vehicles, + 52% month-on-month, of which CS55 PLUS achieved sales of 1 in the first month of listing.10,000 vehicles.2) Since 19Q2, Changan’s independent profitability has continued to improve month-on-month, and the gross margins of Changan Automobile in the quarters of 19Q1-3 were 5 respectively.02%, 11.92% and 18.78%, we judge that it is mainly the optimization of Changan’s independent product structure and the new model of Blue Whale Power to help save costs. New energy technology companies broke their watch and the “Shangri-La Plan” 杭州夜网论坛 began to accelerate.On December 4, 2019, the company issued a related announcement regarding the wholly-owned subsidiary of New Energy Technology to increase its share capital through public listing and the company to abandon its capital subscription right to increase its share capital. After the capital increase is completed, Changan Automobile Holdings New Energy TechnologyThe stock ratio decreased from 100% to 48.95%, loss of control, the impact of the waiver of rights on the consolidated statement is expected to increase net profit22.9.1 billion.The value-added budget accelerates the implementation of the “Shangri-La Plan” to meet the company’s long-term development needs. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be -12.81/27.05/47.67 ppm, EPS is -0.27/0.56/0.99 yuan, net assets are 9 respectively.31/9.71/10.49 yuan, referring to the estimated level of comparable companies and taking into account the company’s higher performance flexibility, given it 20201.1-1.2 PB, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 10.68-11.65 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating. risk warning.New model sales fell short of expectations; Lincoln’s localization progress fell short of expectations; fierce price wars intensified.

CPIC (601601) 2019 Interim Results Pre-increasing Comment: Net profit growth in line with expectations due to settlement and settlement growth in 2018

CPIC (601601) 2019 Interim Results Pre-increasing Comment: Net profit growth in line with expectations due to settlement and settlement growth in 2018

CPIC issued an announcement on the 2019 interim results increase.

The initial net profit attributable to mothers increased by 79.

500 million to 16.2 billion US dollars, an increase of about 96% per year; net profit after deduction is expected to be 11.3 billion US dollars, exceeding + 38%.

Comment: Interim net profit has increased by nearly double.

China Pacific Insurance’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 79 in the middle of 2019.

From 500 million to 16.2 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of about 96%; net profit attributable to non-attributed mothers increased by 38% annually to 11.3 billion US dollars.

Among them, the first quarter contributed 54 to the net profit of the mother.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 46 in ten years.

1%; Contribution 107 in the second quarter.

2 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.

38 times.

The 2018 settlement and repayment of income tax expenses contributed profits.

Under the new rules for 西安耍耍网 deduction of program fees and commissions, the return of fees and charges in 2018 affected the net profit attributable to mothers at around £ 48, which contributed 59 in the second quarter after excluding this effect.

2 ‰, +31 a year.

5%; Net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers in mid-2019 is expected to be 11.3 billion, an increase of 38%.

Excluding the impact of settlement and settlement in 2018, the growth rate of interim profits fell slightly in the first quarter, but in line with expectations.

The upward contribution of the growth of the equity market in the first quarter contributed additional investment income, while the second quarter’s flat debt investment income grew faster in the first quarter, but still increased compared to the same period last year when the fair value change in the same period was negative.the amount.

In addition, the 北京桑拿洗浴保健 reserve discount rate is expected to have a positive contribution to the upside, but due to the close increase from the same period last year, the impact is relatively small.

Investment suggestion: CPIC has transitioned earlier and has formed a relatively large and stable debt-end structure, with multi-level and diversified product categories, and its operating performance has remained stable.

CPI, which performed poorly on the debt side in Q1, has performed the best in the performance of its new orders since the second quarter. It is expected that the new business value rate will increase to a certain extent in the first half of the year, and NBV is expected to narrow to about -10% in the medium term.The minimum expected pressure is relatively small.

In addition, CPIC Group is more balanced in its property insurance resources, and its profit contribution is relatively large. The profit improvement of the property insurance business is expected to boost estimates.

We maintain our projected EPS for 2019-2021.



41 yuan / share; BPS is 18.



4 yuan / share.

It is expected that the EV growth rate in 2019 will be 15% -20%, with a double dynamic PEV and maintaining a price range of 42.


5 yuan / share, maintain the “recommended” level.

Risk warning: Interim results are below expectations, new business growth is below expectations, the equity market is volatile, and downward economic pressure is increasing.

The nine major dangers of obesity

The nine major dangers of obesity
“One hides all ugliness, and one fat destroys everything.”But it’s not just a mantra for beauty lovers.In particular, this “obesity”, from a health perspective, does “destroy” not only its appearance, but also cause a lot of serious harm to the body.Experts from the Health Education Institute of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came to “expose” these nine health hazards caused by obesity, covering almost all of the senile diseases.Impact on life expectancy The degree of obesity is closely related to the mortality rate, that is, as the degree of obesity rises, the mortality rate also rises 北京夜生活网 significantly.When the body mass index[BMI = body weight (kg) / height 2 (meters)]exceeds 35, the case fatality rate increases by 30% -40% compared with the average person.According to scientific data, obesity can reduce life expectancy by 6-7 years.Even more frightening is that if you are severely obese, men with a BMI greater than 40 will lose 20 years of life.Impact on blood pressure In adulthood, especially in the 40-50 age group, obese people are 50% more likely to develop hypertension than the average person.The effect on the heart is not a secondary hypertension or coronary heart disease, but a direct effect on heart function.Due to obesity, fat will adhere to the surface of the heart, reducing the contractile function of the heart, leading to a large increase in the proportion of heart failure.Cerebrovascular disease In China, the incidence of cerebrovascular disease is very high. Ischemic cerebral infarction is very high due to arteriosclerosis and the formation of thrombi, as well as obesity and dyslipidemia.Diabetes Obesity is accompanied by diabetes just like a shadow. The incidence of diabetes in obese people is 4 times higher than ordinary people.Ninety percent of newly diagnosed diabetic patients are obese, and few are not obese.According to research, when the body mass index is 22-23, the risk of diabetes is actually very low; while from 23-31, the risk of developing diabetes becomes 40%, a 10-fold increase; when the body mass index is 35, women developThe risk of diabetes is 93.2%!So diabetes is very closely related to obesity.Fatty liver and dyslipidemia Fatty liver and dyslipidemia have a very high incidence in China, and we often don’t know. In fact, about 10% of patients with fatty liver will progress to steatohepatitis, leading to cirrhosis or liver cancer.Snoring We call it obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.Don’t underestimate snoring, this disease is very common in obese people, and it is also very harmful.The incidence of this disease is as high as 50% -70% in obese people, but only 2% -4% in the general population.Some obese people doze during the day or sleep at night, and there is obvious hypoxia and certain brain damage. It is very common for these patients to experience sudden cardiac death.Tumors Obesity is closely related to some tumors. In women, it is ovarian, endometrial, bladder, and breast cancer; in men, it is prostate cancer.Obesity will lead to a significant increase in the incidence of these diseases, and the incidence of rectal cancer will increase significantly after obesity, regardless of gender.Some of these cancers have achieved good results in the treatment of prostate cancer, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and rectal cancer.But like ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, endometrial cancer, the survival rate of patients with these cancers over 5 years is still relatively low.The incidence of osteoarthritis has risen sharply. As we get older, our joints are gradually aging. Stress will undoubtedly promote joint disease. Coupled with the disorders of glucose and purine metabolism, the incidence of these diseases has increased significantly.Text / Reporter Li Jie

The best choice for low-power sunscreen beauty OL

The best choice for low-power sunscreen beauty OL

Do not think that the ultraviolet rays in the room are gentler than the outside.

Ultraviolet rays are diffused into the office, and the damage to the skin is not reduced.

In other words, the office OL sitting in the office does not absorb less ultraviolet light than the field OL traveling outside.

Therefore, sunscreen is also one of the homework OL’s negligible homework OL sunscreen tips: However, OL does not need sunscreen with a high SPF index.

Because the SPF index is a multiple of the time that the skin resists UVB blocking, the skin of the average yellow person can resist blocking the sun for an average of 15 minutes.

So it’s not that the index increases, the better the sun protection effect.

If you want to perfect your own sunscreen work, it is best to replace the sunscreen with a low multiple and apply it multiple times.

1. M & B Suntan Water-Locking Lotion has a high-efficiency sunscreen effect, which can prevent UVAUVB from damaging the skin. It also has moisturizing and whitening, and resists oxidation.


hzh {display: none; }  FANCL防晒隔离乳 FANCL防晒隔离乳12号全方位为肌肤筑起高密度及高效反射防晒圈,全面阻挡UVA及UVB。It is usually mild and suitable for temporary (6 months or older) and fragile skin.

Contains continuous moisturizing, anti-oxidant and skin care ingredients, making it creamy and smooth, keeping skin healthy and healthy.

  BOBBIBROWN Isolating Sunscreen BOBBIBROWN Isolating Sunscreen is a light and oil-free sunscreen formula that can resist UVA, UVB and ultraviolet rays at the same time.

Vitamin E and chamomile formula are more rich in moisturizing and moisturizing functions.

Suitable for all skin types.

  Avene’s refreshing sunscreen Avene’s new patented MPI technology and stable organic sunscreen ingredients prevent sun damage to the skin.

More adequate Avene spring water has soothing, anti-irritant effects, and is transparent, transparent and light, suitable for application and more comfortable to use.

Fragrance-free, pigment-free, water- and sweat-resistant, non-shine, and acne-free formula.

  Yves Rocher YvesRocher Whitening Protective Milky Emulsion Cover provides a hydrating powdery texture throughout the day. SPF25 formula provides long-lasting protection against UV rays.

Protect, whiten, moisturize in one step.

Dryness, dullness and other problems are effectively improved. The skin is not afraid of sunlight, and the skin is hydrated and smooth to make the skin look brighter and fairer.

  Biotherm Deep Sea Source Extraction Whitening Cream Isolation Cream Biotherm’s professional word-of-mouth star products have received numerous praises since the day of birth, and they have been consecutive winners of major beauty awards.

Newly upgraded in 2009, 5 new colors to meet the needs of different skin tones, repair and polish, instantly brighten skin tone, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin found its own perfect color.

What are the benefits of drinking black tea regularly?

What are the benefits of drinking black tea regularly?

Refreshing the caffeine in the tired black tea stimulates the nerve center by stimulating the cerebral cortex, promotes refreshment, concentrates thinking, makes the thinking reaction more acute, and enhances memory; it also has excitatory effects on the vascular system and heart, strengthening the heart beat, thusRapid blood circulation to promote metabolism, while promoting sweating and diuresis, becoming a two-pronged approach to accelerate the excretion of lactic acid (the substance that makes the muscles feel tired) and other old waste materials in the body, to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, Shengjin Qingre, drinking black tea in summer can quench the thirst,It is because polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectins in tea react with saliva, and stimulate saliva secretion, causing the mouth to feel moist and produce a refreshing sensation; at the same time, the caffeine controls the body temperature center of the hypothalamus.Regulates body temperature, it also stimulates the kidneys to promote transformation and excretion of dirt, maintaining physiological balance in the body.

Diuretic combined with the caffeine and aromatic substances in black tea, increase the blood flow of the kidney, increase the glomerular filtration rate, expand the renal microvessels, and inhibit the reabsorption of water by the renal tubules, thus promoting an increase in urine output.

This is good for removing lactic acid from the body, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to high blood pressure), harmful substances, and edema caused by high blood pressure or nephritis.

The polyphenolic compounds in anti-inflammatory and sterilized black tea have anti-inflammatory effects, and it has been found through experiments that catechins can bind to single-cell bacteria to coagulate and precipitate proteins, thereby inhibiting and eliminating pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, bacterial cankers and food poisoning patients drink black tea is quite beneficial, folks also have common strong tea coated wounds, wound sores and Hong Kong feet.

The tea polyalcohol in detoxifying black tea can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids and precipitate and decompose. This is a boon for modern people who drink water and food industrial pollution.

Strong bones On May 13, 2002, the American Medical Association published a survey of 497 males and 540 females over 10 years. It pointed out that black tea has strong bones, and polyphenols in black tea (also in green tea) have inhibited the destruction of bone cell substances.Vitality.

In order to prevent osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day for a few years.

For example, adding lemon to black tea, strong bones, the effect is stronger, can also add a variety of fruits in black tea, can play a synergistic role.

Anti-Aging In the past five years, the US government has funded more than 150 studies on green tea and black tea and their chemical composition. The results show that antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the chemical path of chemicals in polymers.

Murray, director of cardiovascular epidemiology at Boston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical?

Dr. Mitterman said: “The effect of black tea and green tea is roughly the same, but the antioxidant of black tea is much more complicated than green tea, especially for the heart.”

American magazines report that black tea has stronger anti-aging effects than garlic head, broccoli and carrots.

The stomach and stomach protector who sleeps green tea when they are not eating will feel uncomfortable in the stomach. This is because tea polyphenols, which are important substances in tea, have astringent properties and have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach.The next irritating is stronger.

Black tea is different.

It is made by fermentation baking.

Black tea will never hurt the stomach, but will be able to raise the stomach.

Regular consumption of black tea with added sugar and milk can reduce inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa. It also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers.

Diastolic blood vessels A study in the American medical community is related to black tea.

The study found that heart disease patients drink 4 cups of black tea a day, vasodilatation can be increased from 6% to 10%.

When the average person is stimulated, the diastolicity will increase by 13%.

Relationship between oral health and oral cancer

Relationship between oral health and oral cancer

Oral cancer accounts for about 3% -4% of systemic cancer. The factors related to the incidence of oral cancer are mainly the following: tobacco and alcohol addiction, tobacco carcinogenesis, and especially oral and lung cancer have been recognized.

Drinking alcohol can increase the relative risk of oral cancer. It is appropriate to pay attention to those who have both tobacco and alcohol addiction, and their chances of oral cancer are more.

Ultraviolet rays and ionizing radiation. Mild lip cancers mostly occur in people who work under long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays. People who smoke or smoke cigars are more likely to occur.

The occurrence of oral cancer is also related to fungal infections, nutritional factors and liver dysfunction, and low body immune function.

  In addition to the above reasons, oral health status is a very important factor in the development of oral cancer. Some surveys have shown that in the comparison of oral health status of oral cancer patients with non-oral cancer patients, oral health status of oral cancer patients is significantly higher.Poor, people have long found that there are sharp pits, residual roots caused by “worm teeth” and slight dentures, and the corresponding parts of tooth malformations. After long-term chronic stimulation, there is cancer, especially in tongue cancer.

Taking tooth deformity as an example, it not only affects the aesthetics, but also affects the chewing of the mouth appropriately. In this case, deformed teeth are not related to the occurrence of gastric cancer.

Relevant medical experts have found that the continuous resistance of teeth to the tongue is one of the causes of tongue squamous cell carcinoma.

Poor oral health is often accompanied by chronic tongue diseases, long-term chronic inflammatory stimuli coupled with sharp dentition, residual roots, prosthetic complications, and mechanical damage to deformed teeth.factor.

  Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene habits is one of the important measures to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer. In order to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer, we must especially encourage smoking cessation among adolescents, promote the need for nutrition and the harmfulness of tobacco and alcohol;Oral hygiene that eliminates chronic irritants.

Including not eating too hot or irritating food; quit smoking, inhaling alcohol and other bad habits, timely treatment of residual roots, residual crowns, misaligned teeth, correction of deformed teeth, smoothing of sharp tooth tips, removal of bad restorations; pay attention toCorrect alternatives for young children to correct bad habits such as sucking fingers, biting their fingers, and breathing with their mouths.

  If there are white spots, erythema, reticular white spots (defective moss) in the oral mucosa, submucosal lumps and papilloma, especially incurable ulcers on the outer edge of the tongue, you must be vigilant and go to the hospital for treatment.

Generally speaking, as long as oral cancer is detected early, early diagnosis and early treatment are effective.

Who you are most willing to talk to from dreaming

Who you are most willing to talk to from dreaming

Sleeping is a very important rest, but if nightmares are entangled in nightmares, it will make people sleep more and more tired.

Who are you most afraid of seeing in your dreams?

  A, a harsh teacher B, a policeman with a fierce look, and an old lover D, who is not happy, analysis of the shameful creditor: A: Choose “Strict and harsh teacher” When you encounter setbacks, you willHurry up and find the person you want to talk to, and you also have a few trusted friends around you who can share your sadness and joy and all your thoughts.

So you can be a happy person, and your emotions will soon calm down. This is thanks to the friends who accompanied you.

However, sometimes it also brings some happy news. Don’t let everyone often immerse yourself in your misery!

  B: Choose “Vicious-looking policeman”. When you want to find someone to spit bitter water, you will choose the timing and the target first, and you will only tell your heart when you are sure that you will not disturb others.

Because of your intimateness, others will not think that listening to your complaints will be a nasty job, but will be willing to share your sorrow.

And you also know deeply the nature of this kind of spiritual support. When your friends need help, they will resonate in time and be a good listener.

  C: Choose “Old and Unhappy Lover” You are a more slender and sensitive person, and will be sad for a few unintentional words.

But you don’t want to disturb others, so you may keep things in your heart until you meet the person you think can be poured safely, and it will be like a dam to open the gate and release it easily.

Therefore, friends who are usually in love cannot understand your inner pain, and only the closest ones will know how you really feel.

  D: You choose to be “a shameful creditor”. You are very face-saving. If someone embarrasses you in front of you, it’s an extraordinary event.

But your self-esteem is very strong, and you will definitely not have any reaction before the crowd, and the overlapping emotions will be suppressed and brought home. When you are not in the moment, slowly observe your wound.

No one has ever seen your fragile side because you always hide well.

The three dishes that must be eaten for detoxification are not too late!

The three dishes that must be eaten for detoxification are not too late!

Click to buy Have you recently had mouth ulcers?

Feces less and less?

Tiny bumps growing on the skin?

This is the body reminding you: it’s “detoxification”!

Recommend a few effective “detox foods” today, come and try it out!

  The first detox dish-cold vinegar fungus people’s body is prone to heat poisoning and irritating. If the residual toxins are more and more, it will exceed the burden of the body’s excretory function, and it will become a health disorder.

  Known as the “human scavenger”, fungus can help expel toxins from the body.

Its potential incremental fibers can promote perfusion and avoid constipation.

However, fungus is easy to adulterate, pay attention to choose a moderate size when buying, the surface is clean, flat, crisp and easily broken.

  The second dish, pork blood stewed tofu, the blood plasma protein is decomposed by the gastric acid in the human body, which produces a detoxification, cleansing intestines, easily promotes metabolic peristalsis and replaces excess feces, thereby achieving detoxification.
Pig blood contains many proteins, hemoglobin, which can promote protein metabolism.

Its lack of iron content also has certain benefits for people with anemia.

  When buying pig blood, be sure to choose a smooth, elastic surface, bright red, and no odor.

If it’s easy to get angry, you can choose duck blood, because duck blood is cold.

People with gout and hyperuricemia cannot eat more.

  Method: Cut pig blood and tofu into small pieces, and add some Chinese cabbage and salt. Add a few drops of sesame oil when it comes out of the pot.

  The third dish, kelp winter melon soup, is producing toxins all the time, such as breathing, metabolism, digestion and absorption.

Poor detoxification may cause symptoms such as constipation and fracture sores. It is also necessary to pay attention to detoxification in the diet.

There are actually two main ways to detox food: kidneys and intermediates.

Foods with diuretic effects can promote the body’s metabolism of toxins to achieve the purpose of detoxification; foods capable of laxative and laxative can expel toxins in the stool by promoting peristalsis inhaled.

  Recommendation: Kelp Winter Melon Soup.

The microglia components in kelp are not absorbed by the body’s inherent digestion and can absorb harmful substances and toxins in the coupling.

Winter melon is a food that clears heat, dampness and diuresis.

This combination not only eliminates wetness, but also diuresis and laxative, and has a good detoxification effect.