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Drinking milk in this way is dangerous and can endanger your child’s health.

Drinking milk in this way is dangerous and can endanger your child’s health.

Do not drink milk heated in a microwave oven. I often hear that the new mother said that her baby can never drink milk. 150ml of milk should be drunk several times.

Every time I encounter this situation, the mothers don’t know if the remaining cold milk can be given to the baby, or can’t it be drunk?

If you can still drink, use a microwave to heat up and drink again.

In fact, the microwave oven heating principle is very simple, using microwave to trigger the vibration of the water molecules inside the milk, the water molecules are rubbed against each other to generate high temperature and high heat, so that the milk is heated.

As far as the heating principle is concerned, there is no significant change in nutrients, but it should be noted here that the heating time should not be too long.

For example, it is enough to put 250ml of milk for 1 minute.

Excessive heating time causes the protein in the milk to change from a sol state to a gel state, causing deposits to appear and affecting the quality of the milk.

At the same time, the longer the milk is heated, the higher the temperature, and the more serious the loss of nutrients.

Tips: Milk is the main source of energy for infants in infancy. It is recommended that mothers treat them with caution and try not to heat the milk in a microwave oven.

According to the baby’s food intake, the milk is adjusted, not enough to be adjusted again.

Try it once more, and the mothers will be able to grasp how much the baby’s food is.

Excessively thick milk should not be diluted. It is not thick and can not directly reflect the quality of milk. It cannot be considered that the thicker the milk, the better the milk powder.

Some mothers think that the more they eat, the healthier they are. So, increase the amount of milk powder so that the concentration of milk exceeds the normal ratio.

As everyone knows, babies who have eaten thick milk often cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and even refuse to eat.

After a long time, the baby’s weight can not only increase, in severe cases, it will cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis.

Weapons: The 0-1 year old baby is very delicate, can not afford the heavy burden and pressure, the milk powder is too strong, leading to an increase in the concentration of nutrients, beyond the absorption of its cumulative channel.
Therefore, remind the mothers to pay attention, to brew the milk for the baby, must be adjusted according to the proportion of the milk tank, the too little or too much will have a serious impact on the baby’s health.

Do not drink milk with juice. Generally, the baby can add juice at the beginning of 4 months. The amount of juice added at the beginning is very small. Therefore, some mothers add a small amount of juice to the milk and let the baby drink it together.It is unscientific to do.

80% of the protein in milk is casein, acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons and the like contain fruit acids, and when casein and fruit acids are combined, they will coagulate, which will affect the digestion and absorption of milk.

Tips: Add juice to your baby, don’t be lazy!

Still a small spoonful of a spoonful of feeding!

Both exercise the baby’s swallowing function, but also the baby to adapt to the spoon early.

Add calcium powder to the milk. Don’t drink some baby’s parents to save trouble. Put the calcium powder directly in the milk. It seems that the baby’s milk is also drunk, and the calcium is also added. Actually, it is not.

If you add calcium powder when drinking milk, too much calcium ions will combine with casein to make the milk solidify.

In addition, calcium will combine with other proteins in the milk to produce a precipitate, especially when heated.

Tips: Baby calcium powder, try not to add in milk.

General calcium powder supplements can be chosen to be more suitable for relocation in the afternoon and before dinner.

Do not drink milk with rice noodles. Baby likes to eat rice noodles. Mother mixes rice flour and milk in the bottle, so that both the milk and the rice noodles are eaten.

In fact, it is very incorrect.

Infant formula has its own special formula, it is best to use boiled boiled water, if you add other such as soup, rice noodles, will change its formula, reduce nutrients, which is equivalent to reducing the amount of milk.

Milk contains casein, which will reduce the baby’s absorption rate of protein in egg noodles.

Long-term adjustment of rice noodles in milk powder is also not conducive to the training of the baby’s swallowing function, which will become an obstacle to eating in the future.

Weapons: Mothers should make adjustments according to the instructions when preparing milk powder.

To add other foods, add them separately from the milk.

Another point worthy of my mother’s attention is that it is best to use a small spoon instead of feeding rice to the baby, because long-term use of the bottle may not be conducive to the training of the baby’s swallowing function.

Although it is a little troublesome to give the baby a spoon, the time is a little longer, but I believe that the mothers will definitely stick to it for the healthy development of the baby.

Adding medicine to the milk Don’t drink baby. Taking medicine is the most difficult problem for parents.

Some parents worry that the drug is too bitter to make it difficult for the baby to swallow. When the medicine is applied, the milk is split to improve the taste. The brakes make the baby eat smoothly. In fact, this is wrong. Milk will obviously affect the body’s absorption of the drug.There are many calcium and iron ions in milk, which can form stable conjugates or poorly soluble salts. Coagulation occurs, forming a cover film on the surface of the drug, making it difficult for the drug to be absorbed by the absorption channel. Some drugs may even be affected by these ions.damage.

If you use milk to take these drugs, it will greatly reduce the concentration of the drug in the blood, affecting the treatment effect.

Tips: When feeding your baby, you usually choose to feed the best half an hour to one hour before the meal. At this time, the baby’s stomach has been drained, which is good for drug absorption and avoiding vomiting after the baby takes the medicine.

However, drugs that have a strong stimulating effect on the stomach are taken one hour after the meal to prevent gastric mucosal damage.

As long as you drink water immediately after taking the medicine, the bitterness will gradually disappear, and it will also help the drug reach insulin as soon as possible and absorb it early.

Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Old people need to be wary of affection in summer

Core Tip: In the hot summer, about 10% of people will have emotional, psychological and behavioral abnormalities, especially in the elderly.

Therefore, medical health experts remind middle-aged and elderly people – to prevent emotional disorders in the summer.

  The middle-aged and elderly people with summer affective disorder mainly have the following symptoms: 1. Emotional irritability, confusion of thinking, irritability, and good temper, often arguing over some small things and accounting.

The patient feels hot and dry, his mind is unclear, he can’t calmly think about problems and forgetfulness.

  2, low mood, lack of interest, indifference to people and things around, lack of enthusiasm.

The mood is better in the morning and worse in the afternoon and evening.

  3, the behavior is weird, patients often stubbornly repeat some behavioral actions, such as repeated washing, washing hands, bathing, and even others to do this; otherwise they will lose their temper, do not eat, do not sleep.

  Summer emotional disorders in middle-aged and elderly people are mainly caused by high temperature, sweating, lack of sleep, and improper diet.

Because, in the summer heat, the elderly sleep late in the night, poor appetite, eating less, plus sweating, the body’s calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron and other absorption metabolism disorders, affecting the brain nervous systemFunctional activity; robes produce abnormalities such as mood, mood and behavior.

  Medical experts have found that when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the sunshine time is too long, the emotional disorder of the middle-aged and elderly people increases significantly.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to nap during the summer to supplement their sleep time; when the temperature is high, they will not exercise vigorously to prevent physical exertion; scientific diet, supplement water and sodium salt to prevent absorption of metabolic disorders.