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Tongling Nonferrous (000630) Company’s 2018 Annual Report Comments: Sulfuric acid significantly boosted performance and product structure steadily upgraded

Tongling Nonferrous (000630) Company’s 2018 Annual Report Comments: Sulfuric acid significantly boosted performance and product structure steadily upgraded
This report reads: The company’s annual performance is in line with expectations, and the rise in the volume and price of sulfuric acid has significantly boosted the performance; the company’s high-end lithium foil will continue to be released in the future, and the company’s product structure upgrade is worth looking forward to. Key points of investment: The annual report performance is in line with expectations, maintaining an overweight rating.2018 preliminary revenue was 845.89 ‰, +2 for ten years.62%; net profit attributable to mother 7.09 million yuan, +31 a year.99%; deduct non-attributed net profit 5.1.8 billion, +17 a year.62%; Q4 company revenue was 232.2.7 billion per year 6.69%; net profit attributable to mother 0.470,000 yuan, at least -67.16%, deducting non-attributed net profit -1.3.7 billion.Taking into account the mismatch of copper mine and smelter expansion cycle, smelting fees have a long-term trend, the company’s 2019/2020 EPS forecast is lowered to zero.09/0.10 yuan (previous value was 0.13/0.16 yuan), the new forecast for 2021 is 0.10 yuan, taking into account the company’s product structure upgrade, given 2020 EPS32 estimates, lower the target price to 3.2 yuan / share (previous 武汉夜网论坛 value was 3.47 yuan / share), the current space 17.6%, maintain overweight rating. The sulfuric acid sector significantly boosted expected performance.In 2018, the company’s copper chloride / copper concentrate / gold / silver / copper production was 132.86/5.37 averages / 9.55 tons / 342.07 tons / 422.28 Initially, the company’s sulfuric acid volume and price rose, and the gross profit of chemical products was +3 for two years.7 ppm; It is estimated that the production of lithium foil will be completed for nearly one year. The copper smelting fee will become a conversion trend in 2018, and the company’s copper product gross profit will be 31.200,000 yuan, at least -1.3.6 billion.In terms of impairment, the company accrued 7 in 2018.05 million assets impairment loss; due to accumulated RMB appreciation, the company’s net 佛山桑拿网 exchange loss2.93 trillion, financial expenses +5 every six months.1.3 billion. The products are becoming more advanced, and the recovery of the RMB has helped the company’s performance to rebound.The company’s lithium foil production capacity is expected to reach 1 at the end of 2019.75 For the first time, the impact of the reduction of halogen copper smelting fees was hedged.Under the stricter environmental protection, the company’s sulfuric acid profit is expected to remain high.The company plans to produce 139/5 halogen copper / copper concentrate in 2019.44 cobalt and 39 copper.18 For the first time, the company’s exchange loss will be narrowed by the consolidation of the RMB exchange rate, which is optimistic about the company’s steady development. Catalyst: Accelerated production capacity launch, approval of the listing of the subsidiary’s science and technology board Risk prompt: Acceleration of smelting charges

Do rehabilitation training to prevent toe sprains

Do rehabilitation training to prevent toe sprains
For those who like running and wearing high heels, the most common situation is sprained feet.A toe sprain is actually a toe that connects the leg and toe bones, and the tendon that eventually connects to the foot is strained or torn.It is said that the rehabilitation therapist, Sun Yan, therapist of the Medical Sports Training Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Henan Province, said that timely and effective first aid 杭州桑拿 measures are very important for accelerating recovery.Patients with severe sprains should go to the hospital in time.Exclude the presence of fractures, the need for crutches or cast braces, and medication.A specialist will guide the relevant treatment.However, the risk of another sprain following a coaxial sprain is increased by 40%?70%, therefore, cross-joint functional rehabilitation exercises after the acute phase will not only cause sprains in treatment, but also prevent re-sprains.Sun Yan said that functional rehabilitation exercises should be followed in a gradual manner.Action 1: Lifting weight by weight Purpose: Training the muscles on the back side of the joint. Points: Find a step, with the feet and feet touching the heels, and lift the healthy side foot behind the affected leg.At this time, the calf muscle of the affected side lifts the heel and slowly recovers.Group of 10, 4 each day?6 groups.Action 2: Walking on the heel Purpose: Train the front muscles of the joints. Points: Lift the toes of both feet upward hard, the heels touch the ground, and alternately move the feet.Move 10 meters in groups of 4 a day?6 groups.Action three: One leg Expected purpose: To enhance the stability of the telescopic joints. Key points: One leg is contracted, and the body is required to maintain uprightness.Advanced training can close your eyes for 10 seconds.4 every day?6 groups.”Here we remind you that you must do adequate warm-ups and stretching before the exercise. When you are doing more intense exercise, you can reduce the probability of injury by adding protective gear.”” Sun Yan reminded that people who like to wear high heels should minimize the number of times they wear high heels after complications of joint sprains.(Reporter Lin Hui Correspondent Hao Zihua Xiao Jingjing)

Guizhou Moutai (600519): Sales plan exceeds expectations and no quarterly or quarterly change is required

Guizhou Moutai (600519): Sales plan exceeds expectations and no quarterly or quarterly change is required
Comment event: On December 27, Guizhou Moutai announced that the 2020 Moutai liquor sales plan is 3.45 inches.  On January 2, the company announced production and operation data, and the production of Moutai base wine in 2019 was about 4.In the 1999s, the series of liquor-based wines was about 2.51 budget; realized total operating income of 88.5 billion US dollars, an increase of about 15%; realized net profit attributable to mothers, 40.5 billion yuan, an increase of about 15%; total operating income growth guidance for 2020 is 10%.  First, the sales plan next year exceeded expectations, and began to gradually increase the volume. The rising cycle continued in 2019, and the sales plan for Moutai was 3.About 1 in comparison, next year’s sales plan is significantly increased by 3,500 tons, up by 11 every other increase.29%.Considering the long-term supply-demand gap in recent years, unplanned releases are more common.Planned volume for 2018 2.8 for the first time, actual placement 3.25 is the highest; the actual investment in 2019 is expected to be the same as in 2018, still 3.25 ounces.  Based on this judgment, real sales are expected to exceed 3 in 2020.5 is the lowest, the highest increase is a large number, slightly more than expected.The 2020 annual sales plan exceeded expectations and dispelled the market’s doubts about the lack of growth momentum in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” year-end. Moutai base wines will gradually increase in 2021, and the sales volume of Moutai wines is expected to enter the volume phase. Moutai in the post-100 billion era will riseThe cycle will continue.  Second, the Pfeiffer ex-factory price is raised by storage variables, the direct sales ratio is increased, and the comprehensive tonnage price is considered. Considering the deepening reform of the marketing system, combined with the 2020 sales plan and revenue indicators, whether there will be a variable increase in the Pfeiffer ex-factory price next year.The company leaders stated at the dealer conference that after the Spring Festival, they will study and set up new self-operated e-commerce; according to the “integrated” ideas and requirements, arrange business plans, e-commerce, and group purchase plans; focus on the development of self-operated scale in the future.It should grow exponentially in principle.We judge: 1. Through the adjustment of channels and the increase in the proportion of direct sales, as well as the increase in the proportion of non-standard Moutai, the comprehensive replacement of Moutai wine will significantly increase.2. The sales plan of Moutai exceeded expectations. Against the background of high certainty of future volume and price increases, Pfeiffer will directly increase the ex-factory price and storage variables next year, reducing the necessity.3. In the short-term, increase the average ex-factory price through channel adjustments and product structure upgrades, delay the price increase rhythm, and prioritize the reform of the marketing system. The pace of continuous growth will be more solid.  Third, the short-term imbalance between supply and demand and distorted consumption structure makes it difficult to lower the price of Moutai. The wholesale price and terminal price of Moutai have remained high in the past two years. The essential reason is that the adjustment of channels and sales models has caused the market and consumer structure of Moutaidistortion.A large number of dealers were confiscated, which led to the shrinking of quotas for group buying channels such as traditional dealers, the expansion of channels that real consumers can purchase, and the difficulty of purchasing increased.In addition, most ordinary people are not consumers of Moutai, and the increase in channels such as e-commerce has reduced Moutai, resulting in non-real demand such as rush buying, arbitrage, and stockpiling.The imbalance between supply and demand and the distortion of the consumption structure have led to the price of Moutai being maintained at a high level for a long time.According to the information passed by the dealer conference, 7,500 tons of Moutai will be released before the Spring Festival in 2020, of which at least 6,000 tons will be invested in social channels.  淡水桑拿网This stabilized the quota expectation of traditional dealers, but the overall quota was still excessive.We judge that during the transitional phase of the reform, the peak season will meet the demand of traditional channels, the channel reform will be deepened in the off-season, and the real landing and the real volume of Moutai will gradually be realized, and the price may return to a reasonable level.  Fourth, the fourth quarter profit compression adjustment, quarterly growth does not change and continued growth According to operating data, if the net profit gradually returns to only about 405, the net profit attributable to the mother in the fourth quarter alone is about 100.4.5 billion, down 4% a year.In the case of sales volume and revenue in line with expectations, no change in ex-factory price, and increase in the direct 武汉夜网论坛 sales ratio to drive the comprehensive range, it is not normal for net profit to decrease and net interest rate to decline significantly.Conjectures: 1. In the same period last year, the volume of boutique Moutai products increased, and the base value of the average ton price increased slightly; 2. The expenses and expenses confirmed in the fourth quarter of this year may be adjusted by means of fee supplementation to reduce the single-quarter and alternative profit levels.We don’t think it is necessary to extend the quarterly quarter without excessive volume and price.As long as the production and operation conditions are good, profits will eventually be released.In the future, there is still plenty of room to increase the volume and price of Moutai, and continued growth is expected.  Earnings forecast and rating: According to the latest operating data and sales plan, adjust the revenue growth rate for 2019-2021 to be 15%, 16%, 20%, and the net profit growth rate is 15%, 20%, 26%, corresponding to EPS Respectively 32.29, 38.87, 48.84 yuan.  Taking into account the leading premium and potential long-term performance growth space, maintain a target price of 1,325 yuan, corresponding to an estimated EPS of 34 times PE in 2020.Maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk reminder: If the future ex-factory price increase or the comprehensive sales price is lower than expected, the profit forecast and EPS in an optimistic situation may not meet expectations.

Jiahua Energy (600273) in-depth report: Taking hydrogen energy and sulfonation as two-wing energy faucet is about to take off

Jiahua Energy (600273) in-depth report: Taking hydrogen energy and sulfonation as two-wing energy faucet is about to take off

Key points of investment: The company’s energy and energy leader with combined heat and power as its core and diversified industrial integration layout.

Based on the combined heat and power unit, the company has derived steam, chlor-alkali, sulfonated medicine, trace alcohol (acid) and sulfuric acid to build a complete circular economy industrial chain.

At present, the company is the only steam supplier in the Jiaxing Port area. The internal and external circulation model is the company’s core competitiveness.

In terms of internal circulation, the company has basically achieved the power and raw materials required for the upstream and downstream production processes of various chemical plants.

In terms of external circulation, a benign circular industrial chain of resources-products-renewable resources has been formed with chemical companies in the park.

At present, the company has formed a long-term development direction based on energy-based business and high-value-added hay and sulfonated pharmaceutical business.

  Regional chemical leader with outstanding advantages in subdivided fields.

One of the main costs of the chlor-alkali industry is electrolytic power. The company has a cogeneration unit to produce its own power generation equipment, which has obvious cost advantages.

The company plans to build a new PVC production capacity for 30 months. Chlorine is used to produce PVC, and the industrial chain is further extended.

Sulfuric acid downstream of chlor-alkali, caustic soda is an important raw material of dilute alcohol (acid), which forms an industrial integration advantage. At the same time, the company invests in the construction of multi-variety dilute alcohol (acid) product projects, which have outstanding scale effects.

In terms of sulfuric acid, we have cooperated with BASF to build an electronic-grade sulfuric acid production base, and the profitability of sulfuric acid business has improved significantly. The transfer of BASF’s electronic-grade products will continue to increase the market launch, and the company’s sulfuric acid project will fully benefit.

  The long-term space for downstream demand for sulfonated drug intermediates opens up, and the company leads the market as a leader.

  PTSC (p-formaldehyde sulfuryl chloride) as a raw material medicine: tenofovir, is currently a specific medicine for cancer and hepatitis B.

Tenofovir was monopolized by Gilead’s family in 2012-2014. In 2018, Geely’s patents in Germany were invalidated, and the market share of domestic brands increased. The purchase of domestically produced tenofovir resulted in lower prices and explosive sales.The growth has driven the prices of upstream companies’ PTSC products up.

It is expected that the domestic market share of Norfovir will increase in the future, thereby driving demand for PTSC products.

Traditional pesticides such as paraquat and glyphosate have entered the end of the life cycle due to policy bans. The world’s leading pesticides have turned to mesotrione herbicides, BA and thus herbicide intermediates, welcoming long-term development opportunities.

The company is the only company in the first class to adopt liquid sulphur trioxide continuous sulfonation pipeline reaction technology. The technology is world-leading.

8 The initial TA project was put into operation, and the proportion of high value-added derivative products of the sulfonated pharmaceutical industry was increasing, which brought about an increase in the profitability of sulfonated products.

  Give full play to the advantages of hydrogen sources, improve the layout of the hydrogen energy industry, and liquid hydrogen leads the transformation of the industrial chain.

  The company has made use of the advantages of traditional chlor-alkali by-product hydrogen production resources to forge ahead into the field of hydrogen energy.

The company has cooperated with many parties in the industry and has established multiple industries: 1) The company signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with American Air Products and Sanjiang Chemical to make full use of the company’s by-product gas advantages and reduce industrial liquid nitrogen in the park, and introduce advanced liquid hydrogen production technologyIt can realize the preparation and transportation of huge gas phase.

  2) The company and Furui Hydrogen (hydrogen storage tank, leading hydrogen station equipment), Shanghai Remodeling (fuel cell system leader) invested in the establishment of Jiangsu Jiahua Hydrogen, the first phase of planning to build 3 hydrogen stations in Zhangjiagang and ChangshuDeploy important alternatives in the industrial chain of hydrogen production, storage, and hydrogenation.

The company’s Jiangsu Jiahua Hydrogen Port City hydrogen refueling station project is expected to reach 1,000 kg / day after completion.

  3) The company and Zhejiang Energy Group established the first domestic commercial liquid hydrogen plant.

Through technical renovation of the chlor-alkali plant in the Jiahua Energy Plant, a gas-phase purification and liquefaction plant was constructed.

  4) Strategic cooperation framework agreement between the company and Zhejiang Dongheng Petrochemical for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen supply for hydrogen refueling stations. Both parties will arrange hydrogen refueling stations in the Jiaxing area and explore a deeper hydrogen energy development cooperation model. The company uses by-products.Advantages of aerodynamics, strong entry into the fuel cell industry chain, increase and increase added value, the upstream layout of the fuel cell industry chain introduction period, the first to propose the direction of liquid hydrogen, integration, the complete layout of liquid hydrogen, hydrogenation stations, will be built in the futureA powerful hydrogen energy cycle system directly benefits from the long-term development of the hydrogen energy industry.

  Investment suggestion: We believe that 1) the company, as a traditional energy and chemical leader, has built an internal and external circulation industry chain based on combined heat and power, with obvious integration advantages; 2) downstream demand for sulfurized products has opened up downstream demand space and shifted production capacity,The company, as a leader in the sulphurization drug industry, has entered a long-term profit improvement channel; 3) The company uses the advantages of hydrogen sources 武汉夜网论坛 and cooperates with various parties in the industry to strongly lay out the complete layout of the upstream, integration, liquid hydrogen, and hydrogenation stations of the fuel cell industry.A powerful hydrogen energy cycle system benefits from the long-term development of the hydrogen energy industry.

  Net profit is expected to be 12 in 2019-2021.



1 ‰, corresponding PE is 12/10/8 times, respectively, covering for the first time, giving a “buy” rating.

  Risk reminders: policy fluctuation risk; original growth risk; sulphonation downstream demand is lower than expected; fuel cell industry development is lower than expected.

2 stunts to go to decree farewell

2 stunts to go to decree farewell

The decree lines are two lines that extend down the side of the nose, which is one of the skin problems that is very easy for people to age.

Now, not only the older MMs have decree patterns, but some young MMs also have decree patterns.

How to prevent and eliminate decree lines?

The following editors recommend some methods and daily attention points to help everyone go to the law.

  Decrees cause magic that interferes with age, and its appearance can give people the feeling of rapid aging.

If you want to keep your youth and stay young, you must find ways to prevent and eliminate the decree.

Decree lines can be prevented or even eliminated through some simple treatments and attention to daily, skincare habits.

  One of the tricks to remove the decree pattern: Raise the massage method to gently press your hands for two seconds, extend the circle 10 times, and then circle inward 10 times.

It works well when applying cream.

Keep doing it, and it will be effective in about 30 days.

  Coup two: prepare items with hot and cold peppermint care method: hot and cold towels, 10 drops of peppermint oil.

  Nursing steps: stepl: put two cold water basins and one hot water basin, put a towel in each basin, the temperature of the hot water is about 50 seconds;Extend and apply the face for 2 minutes; step3: After the skin becomes red, apply a layer of peppermint oil; step4: wipe off this layer of oil after 15 minutes, then boil it with a cold towel for 2 minutes.

Do care twice a week.

This keeps the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and lubricity, thus preventing wrinkles.

  Removal of the decree lines Tips1: When washing your face daily, massage the shoulders in a circular manner. Pay attention to the road gently.

Otherwise, not only the desired effect will not be achieved, but a lot of wrinkles will appear directly on the ends.

  Tips2: When sleeping, lie on your back and not on your side.

Lying on your back will not make the facial muscles tense, but you will see a lot of wrinkles on your side. When you sleep, you can look in the mirror to see if these two methods cause wrinkles.

  Tip3: Pay attention to the moisture of the nose to the corner of the mouth.

If it is a mixed-type oily skin type, you cannot use moisturizing milk.

  You can use a cream and massage to remove the wrinkles.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions commonly used for prostatitis


Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions commonly used for prostatitis

Indications for chronic bacterial prostatitis commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions: Xiexie, Wang Buliu, 20g each of Astragalus membranaceus, Salvia miltiorrhizae, 30g each of Psyllium seed, Red medicine, Raw land, Bupleurum, 10g each, Achyranthes bidentata15g, pangolin 10g, licorice 10g.

  Recipe 2: Sophora flavescens, safflower, Yuanhu, Chuanxiong, Jihu, 20g each of Guizhi, Chuanjiao, Artemisia spp., Osteochrysis spp., Euglenia spp., 30g each of Herba Poria, Salvia miltiorrhizae, 9g each of Poria, 15g each of Yam, Cork, Astragalus, 12g of habitat, 60g of White Flower Snake, Tonguegrass, Jianfu Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis prescription: Chuancao Xie, wild chrysanthemum, dodder, wolfberry,15g each of purple salvia, orange kernel, Wang Buliu, litchi kernel, nocturne kernel, psyllium seed, 10g each, panax notoginseng powder 3g, 30g houttuynia cordata, 6g taiwu medicine, decoction.

  Formula 2: Angelica, Lycium barbarum, Honeysuckle 20g each, Huaishancao, Yunfuling saponin 15g each, Raw Astragalus, Psyllium, Eucommia ulmoides, Polygonum cuspidatum 3g each, 10g mangosteen tablets, 2 coriander, Jianfu

  Recipe 3: Poria, Psyllium, Astragalus, 10g each, Rhubarb, 6g each of raw hemp, 20g of nootropic kernel, 15g of Wang Bu Liu Xing, Jianfu.

  In clinical practice, traditional Chinese medicine often uses hot water sitz bath, massage acupuncture, qigong and other methods. These methods can be used as assistants under the guidance of doctors.

Nourishing face and freckle diet: black fungus and red date soup to eliminate dark spots

Nourishing face and freckle diet: black fungus and red date soup to eliminate dark spots

Have you tried many ways to deal with annoying facial spots?

In fact, drinking fruit juice can help you “drink” the spots.

  Tomato Juice-Freckles drink 1 cup of tomato juice per day or eat tomatoes often, which has a better effect on complications of freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

  Rice Cucumber Porridge-freckle moisturizing take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of salt, 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the fire on top, add rice, ginger, and wuhuo to boil, and then use gentle heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add the cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick and season with salt.

Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

  Lemon Rock Sugar Juice-Light spots, whitening and skin rejuvenation. Squeeze the lemon and ingest the appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only make the skin white and tender, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate skin pigmentation spots, but also have cardiovascular sclerosis.

  Black Fungus and Red Date Soup-Remove black spots and take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.

Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.

Every morning and after dinner.

If you take it regularly, you can take care of your skin, dispel skin, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots.

Recommended old Chinese medicine freckle king: http: // www.


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How to eat turtles

How to eat turtles

Turtle is a very common aquatic product. Because of the high nutritional value of turtles, turtles are very popular.

So, what do turtles eat?

  The nutritional value of soft-shelled turtles.

  Soft-shelled turtles are rich in nutrients. They contain a variety of nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, vitamins and minerals. They have good nourishing effects and can improve the immune function of the human body.

In the ancient times, turtles were often used to treat diseases such as fatigue, athlete’s foot, nocturnal emission, lumps, and long-term unhealed diseases: modern times, it is often used as an adjuvant treatment for patients with tuberculosis, hepatosplenomegaly and cancer.

  Soft-shelled turtles are cold meats, which are longer than tonic fluid, and deplete heat.

“Daily Materia Medica” says that turtles can “make up for the deficiency of yin.”

“Sui Xi Ju Dietary Spectrum” also said: “Zi Yin of the liver and kidneys, clear the heat of exhaustion.

“Thus, those who are thin, usually afraid of heat, dry oropharynx, who have constipation, and who suffer from constipation, yin deficiency, upset and insomnia, yin deficiency, fire, flushing, and those who have low fever in the afternoon should eat turtle.
  Turtle protein protein and aunt, especially its marginal meat skirt part also contains animal gum, which is not easy to digest and absorb.

If you eat most of them at one time, you will easily lose your stomach and affect your digestive function.

Especially for those with weak spleen and stomach, they should not eat more, or they will often make people lose their diet, bloat, and even cause diarrhea.

  There are many ways to eat turtles. Turtles can be steamed, stewed, and delicious.

The ancient medicinal book “Compendium of Materia Medica” introduced that the soft-boiled turtle with stewed sugar was used to treat Yin deficiency.

Turtle with longan stew is commonly used in modern times.

Because longan can strengthen the spleen, nourish blood, and is mild in temperature, stewed with soft-shelled turtles can not only strengthen the tonic effect, but also replace the coldness of soft-shelled turtles, so as not to reduce the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.Introduction of value.

Since turtles are such a good thing, everyone does not prevent them from sharing well with their families, and it is the goal of health care.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, your liver may have problems.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, your liver may have problems.

Getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror can reveal a lot of health problems. The liver is an important organ of the human body. If the deformation is aggravated, it will manifest itself in all aspects of the body.

Getting up in the morning, if there are four obvious symptoms, it is likely to warn you that there is a big problem in your liver.

1, morning urine, such as tea, normal urine is pale yellow, if it gets angry, the yellow will deepen.

However, complications in the liver affect the metabolism of bilirubin, which causes the bilirubin to enter the bloodstream. It is increased by the urine excretion, so the urine color is deepened.

The yellower the color of the urine, the heavier the damage of the liver cells. If the urine is really yellow and thick, it may indicate deformation of the liver.

2, early bleeding gum bleeding bleeding is divided into local causes and systemic causes.

Local causes are mostly caused by oral and disease, and systemic causes are associated with major diseases.

If the liver has lesions, the liver’s function of producing coagulation factors is reduced after hepatocyte injury, and then the coagulation mechanism is impeded.

People with liver disease often brush their teeth in the morning, find their own gums or nose bleeding when washing their face, and sometimes find blood on the bitten food.

This type of bleeding is particularly prevalent in patients with chronic hepatitis, and bleeding in patients with severe hepatitis is more severe.

3, early right upper quadrant pain If the liver has complications, it will cause liver enlargement, so that the tension of the liver capsule is increased, the patient has a feeling of pain in the liver area.

The degree of pain varies, and some patients with hepatitis have pain, shortness of pain or acupuncture-like pain, which is exacerbated during activities and varies in time.

Sometimes it causes pain relief when lying down, and the pain increases when you wake up in the morning.

4, early toe edema caused by edema liver disease called hepatogenic edema, the liver is severe when severe.

Hepatogenic edema and nephrogenic edema are different. Dry round edema often occurs on the toes. There are often no edema on the sides and upper limbs. If edema is found early, it means the liver is very serious.

Special attention: When you get up in the morning, you should pay attention to these problems. Liver disease is a chronic disease. There are few obvious symptoms. Generally, obvious symptoms are usually very serious. It is recommended to take precautions on a daily basis.Measures to protect the liver.

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Keeping the liver, the heart is the key!

Do not eat grapefruit with it, hurt the liver and hurt the lungs!

90% of people don’t know!

Beating here for 5 minutes, called “the first method of protecting the liver”, the old Chinese medicine does not pass the secret!

18 home cheats that make you healthy

18 home cheats that make you healthy

The furniture samples are placed in the air for a long time. The release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene is relatively thorough; the samples are mostly made of real materials, and some manufacturers will carry out aldehyde removal treatment.

Are you still trying your best to think about health care?

It is essential to do a good job in the home environment first.

  1, the bathroom is too hot and easy to get sick, the bathroom is easy to breed, breed, induce respiratory diseases.

Therefore, the wet mop should be dried and then added to the bathroom; keep the sewer open; diligently open the exhaust fan.

  2, in addition to the home smell odor sprinkle some yam water, the pot is mixed with some fresh orange peel, closet, flip a set of dried tea slag, put a small amount of vinegar in the wok, heat evaporation, can remove odor.
  3, the house spends more eyes and tired plants indoors to be less and fine.

Too much will damage the overall sense of the environment, unable to continuously adjust the mood, will cause visual fatigue.

  4, choose a pair of curtains to sleep well, flocking fabric curtains are long and thick, sound absorption, good shading effect; replace the red, black matching curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible.

  5, shower room, all tempered glass is the safest use of semi-tempered glass or hot-bent glass, when hot water in winter or cold water in summer, it may burst, the safety of tempered glass is higher.

  6, household tiles, too bright and white, metal color tiles reflective distortion, may lead to myopia and cataract, not suitable for large-area use.

When decorating, it is best to choose matt bricks.

  7, the balcony as a kitchen, dangerous to put the stove to the balcony, the winter is easy to freeze the cracked pipeline, causing a safety accident; spring and summer windy season, easy to blow out the fire, causing gas leakage.

  8, buy furniture, samples of the most environmentally friendly furniture samples in the air time, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances released more thoroughly; samples used more real materials, some manufacturers carry out aldehyde treatment.

  9, decorative room, less oil painting oil paint contains a certain amount of soluble sputum, toluene, bismuth, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements, if replaced by the human body, it will endanger health.

  10, the mattress does not sleep on the old side of the mattress, it is easy to cause the spring to deform, the mattress is sunken, the new mattress is best to change the front and back and the direction of the orientation after 2-3 months.

  11, toilet brush, half a year to change the toilet brush with a long time the bristles will be replaced, easy to hide dirt, it is best to change for half a year.

If placed in an airtight container, it is also easy to breed bacteria.

  12, pet hair, use the end of the tea to drain the leftover tea leaves, sprinkle on the floor, and then use the broom to clean, it is easy to take away the pet’s hair, but it is best to use tea to brew many times.

  13, there is a range hood to open the window hood, although it can pump away the fumes, but can not take away the exhaust gas generated when the gas is burned, the size of the gas harm to the human body.

  14, furniture long worms, painted with a bit of pepper on the end of the wooden furniture, can be peppered or pepper into the end, stuffed into the insect hole, and then spread paraffin oil, can be removed for 10 days.

  15, select floor drain, stainless steel good cast iron, cast copper floor drain surface is rough, easy to wear, and the displacement is small, the volume is slow; PVC floor drain anti-aging performance is poor, it is easy to deform when exposed to heat.

  16, wallpaper, only a wall paper itself and adhesive will release volatile organic compounds, so it does not hinder the use of visual walls such as decorative TV walls, theme walls.

  17, the color of the room can also cure orange can induce appetite, Ding blue can help alleviate the pain after surgery, purple can calm the nerves, eliminate tension.

  18, sweating more, with the porous structure of bamboo charcoal mattress bamboo charcoal, so that the mattress can absorb carbon dioxide, ammonia and high-humidity sweat from the skin, to keep the body comfortable when sleeping.