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Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276) Q3 2019 Quarterly Report Review: The Company’s Performance Exceeds Expected Revenue and Accelerates Chain Performance

Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276) Q3 2019 Quarterly Report Review: The Company’s Performance Exceeds Expected Revenue and Accelerates Chain Performance

Company performance Today, the company announced the 2019 third quarter report, revenue exceeded expectations, the volume of new drugs in line with expectations, and generic drugs accelerated slightly.

Realized income 169.

500 million, 36% a year; net profit attributable to mother is 37.

4 trillion, about 28 a year.

3%; deduction for non-return to mother 35.

4 ‰, 27 per year.

3%; budget benefit is about 0.

84 yuan.

  Opinions The company’s performance exceeded expectations, its revenue accelerated over the previous quarter, and its Q3 single-quarter performance was impressive. Newly approved tumor types and contrast agent varieties were rapidly increasing: the company achieved an increase in revenue of approximately 36%.

01%, Q3 quarterly revenue growth rate of about 47% per quarter, we expect to be related to the sales of new batches of tumors, contrast agents, some generic drugs, new batches of tumors such as PD-1, pirlotinib, 19K, albuminPaclitaxel, etc.

  In addition, the contrast media segment is expected to grow rapidly in the first three quarters (previously expected to exceed 40%).

As a result, other varieties as a whole have maintained steady growth. It is expected that apatinib will be the same as last year, and dexmedetomidine will receive a slight decline in the impact of volume purchases.

The gross profit margin is about 87.

2%, a year rose 0.

6%; sales expense ratio is about 36.

4%, about 0 in a year.

9%; R & D expenses are about 28.

9.9 billion, a previous growth rate of about 武汉夜生活 66.


  When this round of innovative pharmaceutical and medical insurance negotiations breaks through, it is expected that the company will have heavy varieties in the catalogue: this round of medical insurance negotiations is expected to replace more than 150 varieties, and it is expected that preliminary results will be announced in November.

The company, pirlotinib, 19K is expected to become a potential transitional alternative, and is expected to negotiate a price cut into the medical insurance catalog.

The current monthly amount of pirlotinib is about 2.

50,000 yuan, the donation policy is the “3 + 3” plan; the price of a single 19K winning bid is the lowest in the country at about 3680 yuan per support.

After the negotiated price reduction is classified as medical insurance, the performance is expected to grow rapidly next year, especially 19K is a long-acting dosage form instead of a short-acting dosage form, and the growth rate is expected to be higher.

  R & D costs continue to increase, and early clinical potential varieties and overseas clinics are worth looking forward to: R & D expenses in the first three quarters are about 28.

9.9 billion yuan, accounting for 17.

1%, 67% a year.

The proportion of R & D expenditure increased, and Q1 / Q2 / Q3 supplemented about 6.

6 billion, 8.

200 million, 14 billion.

Recently, the company’s SHR0302 has been approved by the FDA clinical, SHR1702, SHR1701 and other clinical approvals have been obtained. PD-1 combined with apatinib FDA has entered phase III clinical trials. PD-L1 combined with IL-15 has received CDE clinical approval.

We expect that there will be no shortage of new drugs in the new clinical varieties. It is recommended to pay attention to the clinical progress of new drugs such as IL-17, PD-L1 / TGFβ in domestic clinical practice, and the progress of first-line clinical programs of PD-1 combined with apatinib liver cancer overseas.

  Earnings forecast and investment recommendations take into account the company ‘s concentrated listing and sales contribution of innovative drugs, and domestic and international high-quality generic drugs have been approved, and the performance has grown steadily. We maintain the company ‘s “Buy” rating.

We expect EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.



00 yuan, the corresponding PE is 69.


5 times.

  Risks suggest uncertainty in the procurement of generic drugs.

There is uncertainty in the progress of subsequent development of innovative drugs.

There is uncertainty about the clinical and approval of overseas generic drugs and innovative drugs.

The impact of zero tariff on anticancer drugs entering China is uncertain.

There are uncertainties in changes in items such as prepayment, investment income, and non-operating expenses.

Livzon Group (000513): Shareholding Plan and Shareholder Return Announcement Help Long-term Growth

Livzon Group (000513): Shareholding Plan 杭州夜网论坛 and Shareholder Return Announcement Help Long-term Growth

This report reads: The company’s innovation and transformation path is clear. Recently, the “Announcement of the Medium- and Long-term Business Partner’s Shareholding Plan (Draft)” and the “2019-2021 Shareholders’ Income Plan” have helped its long-term development and maintain its overweight rating.

Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight rating.

The company’s innovation and transformation path is clear, maintaining the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.



00 yuan, taking into account the improvement of long-term incentives, clear shareholder returns, raise the target price to 39.

5 yuan (+4.

7 yuan), corresponding to PE 25X in 2020, maintain the overweight rating.

Improve long-term incentives and motivate employees.

The company intends to exercise distribution incentives for core managers serving in the company that have an important role in overall performance and mid- and long-term development. The incentive fund will be based on the deduction of non-attributed net profit in 2018 as the base, and will be assessed on an annual basis (2019-2028).The realized net profit composite indicator is used as the implementation of the nuclear indicator, and the excess progressive accrual of each period of reward funds is implemented. The composite progressive strength of 15% or more of the excess progressive accrual ratio is 0 (composite strength ≤ 15%), 25% (15%) 20%).

This is conducive to the long-term incentives and constraints of the core management team, motivates employees and ensures the realization of long-term business goals.

Clarify shareholder returns and demonstrate development confidence.

The company’s plan for 2019-2021 actively adopts cash distribution of profits, and the annual cash distribution of profits exceeds 80% of the distributable profits realized in the current year, which fully reflects the 杭州夜网论坛 confidence in future development.

Ap injections are expected to accelerate the volume.

Ipraprazole injections entered the medical insurance negotiations, and the medical insurance payment standard was 156 yuan, a price reduction of about 39%, which was in line with expectations.

Since it was approved for production in January 2018, according to IQIVA data, it has 1081 every year in 2018.

910,000 yuan, 5684 in the first three quarters of 2019.

100,000 yuan, a rapid growth.

Coming soon to enter medical insurance, it is expected to further accelerate the volume, promote the increase of chemical medicine revenue, and continue to improve the product structure.

Risk reminder: the risk of fluctuations in drug prices; the risk of uncertainty in the development of new drugs

Guangyuyuan (600771) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Continue to maintain rapid growth and improve the quality of operations as the next stage of focus

Guangyuyuan (600771) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Continue to maintain rapid growth and improve the quality of operations as the next stage of focus

The report guide company released the 2018 annual report.

Main points of investment: The main business has grown rapidly, and the companies that reported collective outbreaks of core products achieved operating income.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 38.

51%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

74 trillion, the same increase of 57.

98%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother 3.

7.6 billion, an increase of 81.

43%, achieving EPS1.

06 yuan, with an increase of 58.

twenty one%.

By quarter, Q4 company achieved operating income5.

9.7 billion, an increase of 38.

57%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

4.8 billion, an increase of 11.

2%, net profit after returning to mother 1.

5.3 billion, an increase of 35.


In terms of different products, the company’s main varieties, Ding Kun Dan Shui Mi Wan, An Gong Niu Huang Wan, and Niu Huang Qing Xin Wan each grew at a rate of 107.

61%, 153.

96%, 196.

01%, both achieved more than double the growth, the high growth momentum is expected to continue, Turtle Age set due to prescription drug restrictions for long-term growth.

76%, through the promotion of health wine in the future, the growth rate of turtle age set is expected to increase again.

The health wine sales model has taken shape, and has begun to focus on promoting the company’s development strategy of “taking food and beverage as the core, commercial supermarkets, and pharmacies as the two wings”, insisting on focusing on the high-end healthy wine market, and has been completed in Shanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and FujianChannel layout, rapid replication of the successful experience of the model market, close integration between online and offline, differentiated marketing around key areas and target consumer groups, and cooperation with retail platforms such as Tmall and online to continuously accumulate consumer groups,Reported that the company’s health wine sales reached 52.55 million yuan, an annual increase of 106.


The next 3-5 years is expected to become the outbreak of the company’s health wine business.

The improvement of operating quality is the key goal of the next stage. Due to the high unit price of the company’s products, the weak brand power in the early stage of development, the bargaining power of relative channel vendors is limited, and the terminal expansion speed is rapid. Since the launch of the OTC strategy in 2016, hospitals above the second levelThe number of terminals increased from 1,498 at the end of 2015 to more than 6,000 at the end of the reporting period, and the number of OTC terminals increased from 20,000 at the end of 2015 to nearly 150,000 at the end of the reporting period. As a result, accounts receivable continued to increase, affecting the health of financial indicators.

The company sets its 夜来香体验网 operating target for 2019 to be “revenue 2 billion and net profit 4”.

200 million “, we believe that this year the company hopes to ensure stable growth in performance while continuously optimizing the structure, improving the quality of operations, and solving the problems left over from the previous period.

With the continuous improvement of the company’s brand power and the increasing number of consumer groups, we believe that it is expected to complete the improvement of operating quality during the year.

Profit forecast and estimation We believe that the company’s brand has a long history, excellent product quality, a broad industry space, a clear direction for the company’s development, a good start, and continued high-speed growth in the future is a high probability event.

We predict that the company’s 杭州桑拿网 operating revenue for 2019-2021 will be 22 respectively.

340,000 yuan, 30.

8.1 billion and 43.

5.7 billion, with annual growth of 38.

01%, 37.

94% and 41.

39%; net profit attributable to parent company is 4, respectively.

2.5 billion, 6.200 million and 9.

21 ppm, an increase of 13 per year.

67%, 45.

82% and 48.

54%; corresponding EPS is 1.

21 yuan, 1.

76 yuan and 2.

61 yuan, corresponding to the current PE is 29 times, 20 times and 14 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risks suggest that terminal sales expansion is not smooth.

The progress of health wine promotion was not up to expectations.

The rate of selling expenses remains high.

Accounts receivable cannot be recovered.

Zoomlion (000157) 2019 first quarter performance forecast comment: first quarter performance exceeded expectations 2019 main business advantage is obvious

Zoomlion (000157) 2019 first quarter performance forecast comment: first quarter performance exceeded expectations 2019 main business advantage is obvious

The first quarter of 2019 exceeded expectations.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers.


5 ppm, with an expected increase of 125 in ten years.

6% -178.

7%, an increase of 18.

1% -45.

8%; expected expected return of 0.


13 yuan.

Benefiting from the continued strong recovery of the construction machinery industry and the 杭州桑拿网 company’s continuous increase in the market share of its products, the company’s operating performance has significantly improved, and its first-quarter performance has achieved unexpected growth.

The total revenue of cranes and concrete machinery accounts for nearly 80%. In 2019, the post-cycle recycling of construction machinery ushers in a peak period.

In the construction sequence and update rhythm, cranes and concrete machinery lag behind excavators, and it is expected to usher in a peak period of replacement in 2019-2020.

In 2019, cranes and concrete machinery are also expected to officially form a relay excavator to become a driving force for the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry.

In 2018, the company divested its environmental business. The main business of construction machinery achieved rapid growth, and concrete machinery / lifting machinery respectively achieved revenue of 101.


7 trillion, an increase of 38 each year.

6% / 83.

3%, accounting for 35% of revenue.

4% / 43.


The company’s domestic market share of hoisting machinery and concrete machinery continues to maintain the top two positions, among which construction hoisting machinery and concrete long boom pump trucks remain the first in the industry.

The company’s main products continued to boom in production and sales, both volume and price went up, the average down payment ratio reached 40%, and asset quality improved significantly.

The recovery of cranes and concrete machinery is expected to drive the rapid growth of the company’s performance. The company’s main business advantage is obvious, and its operating performance in 2019 is expected to go one step further.

Profitability has been continuously enhanced, and operating cash flow has reached the best level in history.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company paid more attention to long-term growth and continued to advance4.

0 Product engineering, product sales structure has further improved, and profitability has continued to increase.

In 2018, the company’s gross profit margin reached 27.

1%, an increase of 5 per year.

7 points; net margin is 6.

8%, increase by 1 every year.

5pct; sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio / financial expense ratio are reduced by 2.




In 2018, the company’s gross profit margin showed a trend of increasing quarter by quarter, and its profitability increased quarter by quarter. In 2019, it will continue to increase.

In 2018, the company’s operating cash flow reached 50.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 77 in ten years.6%, the company’s sales repayment ability has been greatly improved, and its cash flow situation has improved significantly. In 2018, operating cash flow reached the best level in history.

In 2019, the recovery of the construction machinery industry is expected to continue, the company’s operating quality is expected to further improve, and the financial statement repair will continue to advance.

Investment suggestion: The company is one of the leading companies in the construction machinery industry in developing countries.

We expect the company’s expected earnings in 2019/2020 to be 0.


50 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding 武汉夜网论坛 PE is 12 respectively.


1x, giving the company a “Recommended” rating.

Risk reminders: macroeconomic growth rate; decline in industry prosperity; vicious market competition; deterioration of overseas trade environment; performance is less than expected.

Fire Communication (600498): 3Q Net Profit Growth Accelerates 5G Bearer Network Bidding Is Expected

Fire Communication (600498): 3Q Net Profit Growth Accelerates 5G Bearer Network Bidding Is Expected

Event: On October 30, Fiberhome Communications released three quarterly reports. The company’s revenue in the first three quarters was 17.8 billion (twice).

32%), net profit attributable to mother 6.

20,000 yuan (one year -1.

86%), gross margin of 21.

93% (year -1.


In the third quarter, the income was 580,000 yuan (ten years -6.

28%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

9.2 billion (+16.

88%), gross margin of 24.

78% (decade +1.


Expense control continued to advance, and profit was released.

The company’s selling expenses for the first three quarters11.

3.3 billion yuan (11% a year), management costs 2.

2 billion yuan (-12% a year), financial expenses1.

2.8 billion yuan (-13% a year), research and development costs 19.

4.4 billion yuan (one year + 11%).

Single third quarter selling expenses 4.

0.3 billion yuan (-11% a year), and the management costs are zero.

7.4 billion yuan (-12% a year), financial expenses 0.

9.6 billion yuan (+ 154% a year), R & D expenses 7.

4.7 billion yuan (+ 7% per year).

Under the active control of expenses, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for Q1-Q3 in 2009 was 1, respectively.

670,000 yuan (+ 20% a year), 2.

6.1 billion yuan (-20% a year) and 1.

9.2 billion yuan (one year + 17%), the growth of net profit attributable to mothers accelerated in the third quarter.

The gross profit margin rebounded, and the capital increase was boosted overseas.

Since 2019, the price of fiber optic cables has continued to reduce the pressure on the industry’s net profit. FiberHome’s gross profit margins for Q1-Q3 in 19 were 24.

68% (decade-3.

32PCT), 17.

72% (twice -2.

67PCT) and 24.

78% (decade +1.

59PCT), the company’s gross profit margin showed a positive trend in a single quarter.

On October 30, the company announced that it intends to increase its capital in Fiberhome International with its own funds of 120 million, further promote the company’s internationalization strategy, and provide strong support for international business.

China Mobile’s centralized bidding team won the bid and looks forward to the development of the bearer network.

Recently, China Mobile intensively issued relevant bid announcements. Fiberhome Communications was the first candidate in the centralized procurement of butterfly fiber optic cable products from 杭州夜网论坛 2019 to 2020. The company in the centralized procurement of new GPON equipment in 2020 was the first candidate. 2019 to 2020In the centralized purchase of PC servers in the year, Fiberhome Communications was the second candidate in the first bid package and the second candidate in the fifth bid package.We believe that with the 5G business, domestic 5G bearer network bidding is expected to start quickly and effectively promote the company’s net profit growth.

profit prediction.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 10 in 2019-2021.

1.3 billion, 11.

820,000 yuan, 14.

66 ppm; corresponding EPS is 0.

87 yuan, 1.

01 yuan and 1.

25 yuan.

Considering the strong demand for information security in the industry, the demand for transmission network construction accelerated in the second 杭州桑拿 half of the year, and the company’s comprehensive benefit was obvious; the dynamic price-earnings ratio for 2019 was 35-45 times, which is equivalent to a reasonable value range of 30.

45 yuan?

15 yuan, given the “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

The development of ICT business was lower than expected, and the Sino-US trade friction escalated.

The more sleep, the more tired it is, the pillow is at work.

The more sleep, the more tired it is, the pillow is at work.

If you wake up and find that your neck can’t move, and you have a backache and tiredness, then it is necessary to consider whether the pillow is at play.

  A selection of ergonomically designed pillows, in addition to the cervical vertebrae, is also beneficial to the physiological curvature of the entire spine and the muscles of the spine.

The source of all diseases starts from the spine, and the spine is often health care to maintain good health. The role of the pillow is to ensure that the physiological curvature of the human body does not deform during sleep.

  According to experts, the cervical vertebra is located at the uppermost end of the human spine and is wrapped in the neck and consists of 7 vertebrae.

  The so-called physiological curvature is a smooth, forward-facing arc formed by the seven vertebrae. The role of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve.

How to maintain a normal physiological curvature, it is necessary to see if you are really clear in choosing the height and hardness of the pillow.

  Poor choice of pillows directly affects people’s sleep.

French scientists have found that insomnia can even have an impact on people’s sexual life.

  So what kind of pillow is right?

The old saying that “sit back and relax” is actually not scientific.

The pillow is too high. No matter what position you sleep, you can’t maintain the normal lordosis of the cervical spine, which will increase the burden on the cervical spine and may cause the stiff neck.

If you have blood pressure, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, etc., or if you sleep and sleep halfway and feel numb, it may be that your pillow is too high; the pillow is too low and the head is congested, which is easy to causeEyelids and face edema, and the lower jaw will rise upwards, easy to breathe, and snoring.

If you feel sore after waking up with your shoulders, it is that the pillow is too low, not because the pillow or pillow is too soft.

  Experts pointed out that it is best to choose a pillow that can maintain a normal physiological curvature regardless of sleep and sleep.

Adults should have a height of 15-20 cm when lying on their back and a height of about 20-15 cm when sleeping on the side.

  Because each person’s cervical vertebra is different, tailoring different healthy pillows may be our best choice.

It takes some time to choose the pillow that suits you. A good pillow adds a worry-free condition.

Overcoming Fear in Public

Overcoming Fear in Public

Steve was promoted to a new job, but he was worried.

At 52, he was appointed Media Director for Madison.

The Wisconsin Insurance Company serves and introduces to other departments and external groups.

  ”I’ve been sweating and became very nervous, stuttering while standing on the podium.

I can’t concentrate and feel like the whole person is about to collapse.

“He said.

  Most of us feel a little unnatural on the podium, but for some, the fear is to make them more vulnerable.

Estimates show that more than 35% of Americans tremble when speaking in public, and more than 13% have serious social concerns.

  The embarrassment seems to be a reaction of the brain system to the excessive sensitivity of modern life.

When you see danger-a snake or a room full of people, the tonsils (areas of the emotional response process in the brain) go into alert.

It releases the stress hormones mondol and adrenaline, making you ready to escape or fight.

This is what causes sweat and tremors.

  You can learn to train your tonsils not to overreact.

By repeatedly predicting itself in dire situations and reducing any negative consequences, the tonsil knows that fear is inappropriate.

For short-term soothing, beta-relieves your feelings of worry by blocking the effects of adrenaline.

Researchers are testing a substance called D-cycloserine to alleviate feelings of uneasiness in severe cases.

  Public Speaking Tips: The Secrets to Calming Your Emotions Overcome Unrest.

Speech coach Doug Stevenson told his lecturer that he would do a 15-minute aerobic exercise one to two hours before the lecture.

The extra oxygen rebuilds the functioning of the neurons and improves your ability to concentrate.

  love yourself.

This may sound cliché, but self-affirmation can reduce your response to stress.

Research at the University of California, Los Angeles has shown that ad hoc speakers stick to their political and spiritual credo, and their leather alcohol levels are high.

  Get support.

Toastmaster, a non-state organization that lets you practice in small informal support groups.

See your psychological secret in a blink of an eye

See your psychological secret in a blink of an eye

Each of us has a blink phenomenon, and blink has a certain relationship with mental activity.

Blinks are fast or slow, sometimes “impassive” and sometimes “flickering.”

In fact, in addition to objective factors such as air humidity, the speed of blinking is also closely related to mood.

Blinking is a simple action, but it represents what you think in your heart.

  The careful thinking of seeing you in the blink of an eye is generally believed that there are three kinds of blinking, one is random blinking; the second is protective, such as when people encounter potentially harmful visual stimuli such as strong light, they will blink;The third is the blink that occurs spontaneously.

According to related research, the third blinking is about 15,000 times a day.

  Blinking frequency prolonged: The expression of contempt blinking frequency is the action of people’s subconscious control. If a person and the other person’s personality appear in an unreal posture, annoying emotions, and uninteresting, he will close in two blinks?
3 seconds or even longer, this is his subconscious desire for the other party to disappear into his sight.

If a person’s eyes remain closed, it means that he doesn’t want to see each other at all, and their personality can be stopped.

  Speed of blinking: The sign of attention blinks, indicating that he is interested in the dialogue between you.

At a company meeting, the leaders are passionately bound, and the employees below are listening attentively, but how many people are focusing on the topic of leadership?

Are employees interested in the topic of leadership?

We can look at the blink frequency of the listener and then determine in advance.

  Seeing from the blinking frequency that he is lying in a normal and relaxed state, people’s eyes blink every 6 minutes?
Eight times, the eyes are closed for only 1/10 of a second with each blink.

But when people lie, people blink more often, and people close their eyes for 1/10 second longer than normal.

  Relevant experts conducted further research. They divided the subjects into two groups: the first group of people freely moved for 10 minutes, and the content of the activity was simple, so that the 10 minutes did not cause anything to cover up;People are told where to put the questions and answers for a while, so they can use them when testing.

The researchers then asked the subjects to wear a special device that can test the blink frequency when answering questions.

  It turns out that people who tell the truth blink slightly more often than usual, which is because they are afraid of anxiety caused by poor answers (it seems that they can also be heard from their tone); andFor liars, their blinking frequency changes are very obvious, and they decrease slightly first, reflecting that the subjects are thinking about how to lie without leaving a trace if asked, so they comfort themselves to keep calm, and then after they lied, theyThe frequency of blinking increased sharply. At this time, the blinking behavior was unconscious, and the lies were exposed.

  Editor’s note: It’s worth noting that if a person always likes to “eyebrow and wink” no matter what the situation is, then he should worry about whether he has any diseases such as “tic disorder”, it is best to go to the relevant hospital to check.

The kind of woman who makes men remember

The kind of woman who makes men remember

There is a certain woman who is always the winner in love, and they have a big market no matter what age they are.

They have a deadly appeal to men.

Look at the characteristics of women to a large extent, and see why they have seduced many men.

  (1) A woman who is elegant and quiet, and knows to show the subtle beauty of a woman: Men like subtle women, and subtle women in the minds of men represent a kind of cultivation, a taste, and an extraordinary excellence that shows charm in silence.

The implicit woman contains a kind of shyness to be shy in silence, and shyness is exactly one of the most traits of a woman. It obviously represents a woman with less experience and inexperience.Unobtrusive and astringent nature.

Therefore, marrying a woman who understands implicit beauty is a big dream that many men can’t wait for.

  (2) A woman who insists on ego and no one else follows the current: There are too many popular things and trends nowadays.

It really makes people feel dizzy.

And many women were completely stunned in this rolling trend.

Practice yoga today, learn to swim tomorrow, and do plastic surgery the day after tomorrow.

When it came time later, it seemed that he couldn’t find anything.

  In fact, everyone is born with a certain nature of what they like.

You don’t need to be swayed by something popular all the time.

Men like women who have their own personality and can persist.

Because, when the streets are full of Korean-style beauties, there is a single-eyelid wife who has not had a knife. It is so happy.

  (3) Women who have their own business, but know how to coquettishly in front of men: In the past, many men were afraid to mention strong women.

Because strong women represent toughness and strength in their hearts.

This is indeed what makes men who always take the conquest of women afraid and unable to face.

However, now, the image of men and women has been completely changed. (4) Mei Ruominghua, a woman who uses coquettish flirtatiousness to play the right role: remember that a women’s magazine said that if a woman is unfortunate, she has nothing.Looks like, when San doesn’t want to be a good cook, he must be coquettish.

The word coquettishness was originally very derogatory.

Speaking of coquettishness is like mentioning sloppy romance and charm.

  But now, in the hearts of many new men.

The women who make them enthusiastic must have a little bit of coquettishness and charming.

Because such a woman is a truly innate stunner, careless every move, a smile can trigger a fatal temptation to a man.

Therefore, when a man meets a woman whose typical appearance is not astonishing, but charming and bright, will be just the right flirtatious woman, he usually bows down willingly.

Successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program

Successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program

First, what factors will make your face FAT?

  1 adult: excessive facial muscles, too little exercise, easy to fat face; 2 skin bones: “big bones”, “big face” can not change the big face; 3 muscle: teeth chewing muscle developed; 4 edema: before the end of menstruationTwo days, there are still neglected diet, poor diet, high salt, spicy food, etc., edema will always lick you.

  Second, the self-test face: pinch method: pull up the face skin thickness more than 1CM, then more than 0.

5CM, the face has already exceeded the standard.

  Third, from the beginning of eating: three meals can eat more swollen wet fruits and vegetables, such as melon, bananas, etc.; face large please refuse chewing gum, sugar cane and other chewing food.

  Fourth, massage articles: 1.

Tibial massage (1 time each morning and evening) 1 Point the middle finger to the humerus, gently massage for 3 to 4 minutes in a circular motion, then relax the muscles of the tibia; 2 Massage the humerus with the middle finger to relax all the muscles of the face;3 The right hand is subjected to the tibia, and the pressure is applied with force for 20 seconds.

At the same time, in the back of the right wrist to support the head, by the pressure to make the humerus smaller, take turns massage on both sides.

  4 Press the outside of the cheekbones with both hands and gently apply force to the back for 30 seconds, taking turns on both sides.


Cotton cellulite massage (early and evening) 1 Use two fingers to insert into the middle of the forehead, gently pull to the hairline on both sides, repeat 10 times; 2 Insert the finger into the eye bag position, slowly move from the middle finger to the outside, do 5 times.

  3 Press the hand for two seconds, extend the loop 10 times, and then circle it 10 times inward; 4 Press the temple with your finger for 10 to 15 seconds.


Reduce the excess flesh of the cheeks. After applying the massage cream, pull the excess in the short bones and stretch them out. Then slowly move them down to the nose for about 5 seconds for one minute.

  2 Put your hands on your cheeks, focusing on smoothing the fine lines of the wrinkled nose of the nasolabial fold.) The skin is pulled laterally, and the palm is pushed from the inside to the outline.
3 seconds for 1 minute.


Drainage and swelling massage: 1 Use the palm to push forward from the center of the center of the face to the front of the ear, repeat the movement 10 times; 2 replace the back of the hand with the bottom and top tap, repeat the movement 10 times.

  Five, successful case recommendation: all-day face-lifting program 1.

In the morning: face cooling 1 choose cool cleansing products, apply warm water to face after cleansing for about 1 minute; 2 after washing your face, use shrink water to tighten the skin, then moisturize the cream; 3 especially in the eyeFirming cream, massage a little.


Noon: Relax facial muscles 1 Use facial expressions to exercise skin muscles; 2 Contact the English letters “aeiou” every day to achieve the effect of modifying the contour lines.


At night: face weight loss exercise 1 with the middle finger and ring finger of the fingertips, from the forehead edge to the position of the temple push; 2 with the middle finger and ring finger alternately tap the nose piece, repeat several times, then from the lower jaw often both sides of the earPush, finally use the middle finger to spiral up from the bottom up to massage the double sputum; 3 thumb and index finger pinch the middle of the lower jaw, while gently squatting the outline of the squat on both sides, repeated repeatedly; 4 hands alternately from the bottom to the top to the lower jaw, soIt will make the double chin disappear!

  Six, magic face-lifting makeup: 1.

Facial facial features become small makeup: 1 lips are noticeable: thick pink gathers the line of sight, makes the face stand out, and uses a bright lip gloss to slightly reconcile with the lip color. First, apply the lip color to the center of the lips with your fingers to make the lip peaks stand out.The mouth character is light pink, and the lip color applied to the center of the lips is gently spread to the vertical direction with the fingers, so that the lip shape is rich in three-dimensional feeling, and the lip brush is applied to the middle of the lips by using the lip brush, and the natural three-dimensional lip shape isNewborn; 2 fat face is small: adding yellow coral pink effect is best.

The teaching uses shadow cream to create a three-dimensional effect, and finally finishes with a pale green eye shadow matched with pink.

The blush is applied obliquely below the tibia, and the blush should be evenly spread up and down.

Gently brush the brush onto the paper towel and mix it with the cheeks.


Small-faced beauty eye makeup: After applying the powder, a whitening cream with a highlight effect on the cheekbones is applied. The skin around the eyes is brightened to spread the contours of the eyes, below the eyes.Focus on the glue and severely rough shadow cream, and gently pry open, apply a shadow cream that produces high gloss effect on the eyelids and corners of the eyes, and quickly sweep.

  1 Eye shadow is evenly opened from the middle to the middle. In order to achieve balance, some bright colors should be applied to the corner of the eye. Eye shadow should be applied next to the upper and lower eyelids, so that the corners of the eyes are not left blank; 2 eyeliner is hooked on the eyeliner with a green eye shadow pen, from the top of the eyeballUse the fingertips to spread the color below the 1/2 point, and then draw the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to 1/3.

When you increase the brightness, your eyes will become more flexible. If the eyeliner is too thick, align it with a cotton swab to ensure that the makeup is natural and beautiful.

  Seven, clothing matching: 1.

Color: Choose dark or pink clothing (white and pink are best to wear less)2.

Style: The clothes with collars, the ones who like to wear high-necked sweaters replace the large lapel sweaters, the lower body with long skirts, which makes the whole body vision have an inverse triangle effect, and the face looks more delicate.

For white and pink clothes, you must choose a V-neck top, or a neckline with a bow-tie shirt on your chest. This also has the effect of lengthening and refining the face.

Material: Looks light and light, like a silky or sarong-like top.

Pattern: Avoid two or more patterns (skirts) 5.

Lower body with: upper (fit) down (long skirt or small flared pants)