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These six kinds of foods are all treasures, they are all thrown away as garbage, knowing that people use them early for health.

These six kinds of foods are all treasures, they are all thrown away as garbage, knowing that people use them early for health.

We eat a lot of food every day, grains, fruits and vegetables.

For a lot of food, we remove some skin, roots and the like, and only eat edible parts.

Everyone thinks about it. Is it thrown away when you eat something that you feel is useless?

In fact, many things that we throw away are edible values, and some are quite nutritious.

This kind of good thing was thrown away by you as garbage. Orange tangerine is the white whiskey after the orange peeling. Most people think that the orange is badly eaten. After peeling off, eat the orange petals and clean the

In fact, the orange complex contains a kind of vitamin called “Lu Ding”, which can maintain the normal elasticity and density of human blood vessels.

For those who may have hardening of the arteries, they should eat more than the benefits of the orange complex.

2, pepper leaves and pepper leaves, everyone must eat very little.

I don’t know that it is rich in calcium, carotene and all kinds of vitamins and other nutrients.

And the pepper leaves are fresh and taste good.

Regular consumption of pepper leaves can drive the cold and warm the stomach, and nourish the liver and improve eyesight.

Appropriate amount of pepper leaves can also promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite. It is good for indigestion, weak stomach and flatulence.

3, bean curd consumption of bean dregs, can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, but also reduce the consumption of excessive intake of diabetes, the bean curd residue is rich in dietary fiber, also has the effect of weight loss, can prevent intestinal cancer, soIt is said that tofu is now regarded as a new source of health food.

4, watermelon skin watermelon skin contains amino acids, citrulline and other ingredients, can help you increase the speed of blood flow, keep blood circulation smooth.

Put the watermelon and melon together in a blender and stir into a juice.

5, fish scales scale contains a large amount of lecithin, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, but also contains a variety of minerals, especially calcium, high phosphorus content, is a special health care products.

It enhances human memory, delays brain cell aging, reduces the deposition of hypertension in the blood vessel wall, promotes blood circulation, and prevents hypertension and cardiovascular effects.

In addition, it can prevent rickets in children, osteoporosis and fractures in the elderly.

(Fried and eats very well.

6. There are not many people who need to make full use of corn whiskers. Many people know that corn must be diuretic, swollen, daring, clearing heat, and very good for the liver. If people have hepatitis, they can use corn whiskers.Drowning.

To be outstanding, the corn must be a medicinal herb in Chinese medicine. The corn must be called the dragon’s whisker in Chinese medicine. People with athlete’s foot should drink more corn water, which can relieve the symptoms very well.

Everyone hastened to use the waste, these are all treasures!

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Maternal love is speechless

Maternal love is speechless

I have heard two stories about my mother.

  One happened between a wanderer and a mother.

When the visitor left the hometown, the mother sent him to the station.

At the station, the son’s sling of the travel bag was squeezed.

Seeing that it was time to start, the mother hurriedly untied the waistband from her body and wrapped her son’s travel.

When she untied her waistband, she turned her face red because of her eagerness and strength.

The son asked the mother how to go home?

Mother said, don’t worry, walk slowly.

For many years, my son has kept the mother’s waistband in his arms.

For many years, my son has been thinking about how his mother did not have a belt belt to go back home a few miles away.

  Another story happened between a prisoner and a mother. On the day of visiting the prison, a mother from a poor mountainous area went through a bus ride, a car and a train, and visited the son who served her sentence.

The old mother took out the sunflower seeds wrapped in white cloth.

The old mother of sunflower seeds is all right.

There is no shell, white flowers like a dense tongue.

  The son who served the sentence took the sunflower and the hand began to shake.

The mother also had no words, and she wore tears in her clothes.

She visited her son thousands of miles, sold eggs and piglets, and saved a lot of money to make up the toll. Before the day, after the daytime work, I licked the seeds under the kerosene lamp at night.

Put the good melon seeds together and watch them grow like a little bit of hills, not willing to eat one.

More than ten pounds of melon seeds have been smashed for many nights.

The son who served his sentence lowered his head.

As a strong young man, when he was raising his mother, he could not.

  Among all the visitors, his mother’s dress is the most embarrassing.

The mother’s sip of melon seeds contains a thousand words.

The son “splashed” to his mother, he regretted.

  Once, a friend of the same age who was married soon disappointed her mother, saying that she did not open her cultural thoughts and said that she could not do anything but love her.

So, I will tell these two stories to him.

After listening, he was tearful and speechless.