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Skiing made me realize the necessity of fattening

Skiing made me realize the necessity of fattening

The aesthetic standards of today’s society are slim and beautiful, popular skinny beauty, go to the street, just look around, thin and thin legs and small waists are everywhere, but the friends who have not reached this fineness, each wants to recruitI want to narrow myself down to a fine enough size. Although I don’t have a perfect body, my weight has always been within the scope of the public’s aesthetic standards, and I have occasionally been used as a target for weight loss.

In fact, many years ago, I tried to increase my fat to add a little roughness to myself. I didn’t show off anything. I just thought that it’s not too good to be too thin. It’s just fine, especially when I heard a classmate who was studying medicine.It has been said that if girls have low levels of feces in their bodies, it will have an impact on the breeding of a series. Beauty is good, and health is more important.

But I don’t know if the digestive system is too good, or the digestive system is not good enough. Anyway, there is nothing to eat, and the weight is not long. Now I will recognize it and let it go.

However, this time the attack is too big, can write into my history of growth, I firmly believe that: fattening is necessary!

  Reason: Since I first stepped on the snowboard and sprinted from a height, I liked skiing. Although I came back with a painful leg every time, I was very keen. I didn’t make it for various reasons last year.I have been chanting this thing this year. Originally, Kobayashi planned to take me to Harbin to watch the ice lamp and ski. I was afraid of being cold and went to work before the winter. This plan will be gone, but the skiing is still going. It has been planned for a long time.Because of the laziness of my time and the delay, I finally set off with tickets and cars.

  When I went out in the morning, the weather was very good. It was a sunny day. I sat in the car and chatted along the way. I watched the bright sunshine outside the car. I didn’t hear the sound of the wind. I found the wind at the snow field. I just arrived at the door and was almostThe wind was rolled out, but it was good enough to bring the equipment, and it was not cold to take it seriously.

At the beginning, the snow field was not the same as it used to be. Other ski resorts usually pull people to the top of the slide, here is the conveyor belt.

  After walking around, I feel that this conveyor belt is good. Although I have to work hard before, but it is very easy to stand up, as long as I stand there, I will reach the top of the slide. Unlike traction, the whole process of being towed should be good.Pull the towed pole, but also pay attention to the foot. If it is not flat enough or the hand is not evenly loaded, there is a possibility of falling down, especially when pulling on, the two spans need a lot of strength, I can’t play every time.A few miles of railways will be sore and weak, and this conveyor belt will not have a pain in the surrounding area.

From this, I will open up the joy, climb one by one to the snowy road, the fun of my play, the wind is also booming, it seems that there is a growing trend, the biggest time from the intermediate road slip stationStraight body does not need to slow down and stop, but I have enough equipment, not afraid to blow, continue to climb.

  The cup was in the middle of the mind. When I stood on the conveyor belt again and watched the others fall on the snowy road, suddenly a wind blew, the wind was really big, the snow flakes were flying, and at the same timeThe volume of my call fell to the right side of the conveyor belt, and the snowboard was placed on the conveyor belt, and the person behind it was stopped horizontally. The girl standing behind me screamed, fearing that I did not fall out of the snowboard.She also stumbled. I quickly slammed my body and pulled the snowboarding feet out of the conveyor belt. At this time, I figured out that I was blown out by the wind!

I sit on the ground, it is called a sweat, it is estimated that there are various reasons for falling from the conveyor belt in the history of skiing, I was the first to be blown out by the wind.

It took a lot of effort to get up, only one feeling, that is, profoundly comprehend the fullness of fattening.

  Summary: The skiing fell a total of two, one of which was blown out of the conveyor belt by the wind, and the other was tripped by itself (it is estimated that the weight is too light, can not be suppressed), it can be seen that in addition to bringing enough warm equipment, skiingTo increase a certain weight, the fracture guarantees that when it takes a long time to stand on the conveyor belt, it is not scraped out by the sudden wind.

  Fertilizer plan: eat more every day, eat well, eat hard!

Anti-aging medicinal herbs for chestnut ingredients

Anti-aging medicinal herbs for chestnut ingredients

Composition: chestnut 10?
15 meters, previously 60g.

  Usage: Two flavors of boiled porridge, take morning and evening in moderation.

  Function: Strong waist and knee, anti-aging.

  Description: This party is from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the chestnut is sweet and sweet, and the kidney is strong.

When applying this method, you can add appropriate amount of sputum, or use 10 chestnuts to cook pork kidneys to supplement the kidney and strengthen the waist and resist aging.

  栗子桂圆可抗衰老  [组成]栗子10个(去壳用肉),桂圆肉15克,粳米50克,白糖少许。  [Methods and Usage]Cut the chestnuts into small pieces, and cook them into porridge. Add the cooked longan meat and add the sugar itself when eating.

Can be eaten early or at any time.

  [Efficacy and application]Nourishing yin and nourishing, eliminating chloasma and delaying skin aging.

Make up the heart and kidney, and benefit the waist and knee.

Any heart palpitations caused by insufficient blood and kidneys, no face, no sorrow, no sorrow, no sputum, can be used as a supplement.

  Note: chestnut salty temperature, Gong special supplement kidney kidney, strong waist and knee, strong bones, longan meat is longan meat, sweet and warm, nourishing the heart and blood, benefiting the spleen and beauty, treating thoughts and hurting the heart and spleen, so the two things riceTo make porridge, it can be used as a food for nourishing the heart and kidney.

  Sweet-scented osmanthus chestnut crisp[Category]Shanghai cuisine[cooking function]spleen appetizer conditioning oral ulcer conditioning delay aging conditioning osteoporosis conditioning[production materials]Ingredients: chestnut (fresh) (500 g) seasoning: white sugar (200 g) Sugar osmanthus (2 grams) lard (refining) (100 grams)[production process]1.

Pry the chestnuts, put them in the pot, add water, boil them, and remove them. Heat the chestnut shells and the red clothes inside. Place them on the wooden pier and press them into the chestnut mud for use.


Heat the wok, put 50 grams of lard, stir fry the chestnuts under the pot, then add the lard with warmth and fry, add sugar, and stir-fry, add sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus.

  [Dish taste]taste: sweet and rich flavor, sweet and delicate.

  [Recipe nutrition]chestnut (fresh): rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins contained in chestnuts, minerals, can prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases, is anti-aging, longevity and nourishmentGood quality; chestnuts sweet, warm, into the spleen, stomach, kidney; have the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the muscles, promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

  [Recipes with grams]chestnuts (fresh): chestnuts should not be eaten with beef, duck, and almonds.