Carry forward the spirit of "two", make new contributions in the new journey

  In 1954, Sichuan Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet Highway was completed.

This is a major achievement in the new China under the leadership of the party.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "in the process of construction and maintenance roads, the formation and carry forward one is not afraid of suffering, the second is not afraid of death, tenacious hard work, Gan Dang Lu, military and civilian, national unity ‘two" spirit ", stressed" Continue to carry forward the "two" spirit, raise the two roads, protect the smoothness, so that the Sichuan Tibet, the Qinghai-Tibet Highway has always become the road to the national unity, the road of Tibet civilization, the common prosperity of Tibetan compatriots. "

  Sichuan Tibet, the Qinghai-Tibet Highway is a historical monument in New China stands on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Before the peaceful liberation, Tibet is basically closed, and the modern transportation career is blank.

After Tibet Peace, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Sichuan and Qinghai and other peoples and engineers and technicians have formed 110,000 road towns, crossing the river, and climbing the mountains, and the surf, the more launched Kunlun. Averaged 4,000 meters of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an average of more than 4,000 meters, which has built the most difficult, topographic, the most challenging project construction in the world, and the total length of 4360 kilometers, the Qinghai-Tibet road is hard. The "金 桥" of civilized progress has created a miracle in the history of human construction in the "World Rail", achieving the history of Tibet Highway from the incompetence, ending into and out of the historion of the backstock.

Practice has proved that Sichuan Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet Highway is a monument of national unity, military and civilian unity, is a monument to developing frontiers and building Tibet, is a monument to jointly unity and struggle and common prosperity. Working on the plateau, the most scarce is oxygen, the most precious spirit is the spirit. The 110,000 road road is "let the mountain bowed, called the road to the road", the rumor, the ice and snow, fight the cold, defeat thousands of difficulties, "one is not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death", reflecting a revolutionary hero that is not afraid of difficulties Missing, showing the firm and loyalty to the ideal cause. Tang Gu Lushan "The First Class of the World", Sichuan Niuzhan Five Class, Chen Dehua and other major support workers, using youth and life, the entire year of the past, "stubborn hard, Gan Jiao Road,", reflecting the courage I dare to make a sense of aggressiveness and the spirit of the people, showing is willing to suffer, happy to dedicate.

More than 3,000 Britain of Britain in the beginning of the road, several decades came to unite and collaborate in decades, stick to Baolong, "Military and civilian, national unity", reflecting the blend of watermast, the bloody fish, and the bloody fish, showing equal equality Socialist National Relationship between Unity and Mutual Harmony. In the process of building and maintaining the road, the "two" spirit has been carried out, inheriting the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, highlighting the strong products of the Chinese people, is the vividness of the spirit of the great national spirit, is an important part of the Chinese Communists Component, always inspiring us to unity and struggle, constantly. Today, Tibet, the mileage of the road is 10,000 kilometers, the railway operation mileage is nearly 1400 kilometers, the international domestic route reaches 140, gradually constructs four-way high-grade comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and helps Tibet economic and social development. This is benefited from the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the people of the country strongly support and struggle with the people of Tibet, and hard work, especially a batch of communists to abandon ordinary people, give up the ordinary people, and rooted the Snow Plateau Hard fighting.

In 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction on the construction construction of Sichuan Tibet Railway, emphasized that "the highway builders must carry forward the ‘two" spirit and Qinghai-Tibet railway spirit, scientific construction, safety construction, green construction, high quality promotion project construction, A new contribution of building a socialist modernization country. Carry forward the spirit of "two roads", polish the ideal belief, stimulate the enthusiasm of the business, will bring together the strong cooperation of the new Tibet of socialist modernization of unity and rich civilization. Now, the Chinese Communist Party’s unity leads the Chinese people to set foot on the second hundred years of struggle.

We know, the more close to the national rejuvenation, the more it is smooth, the more full of risk challenges and even the waves.

Being forward to building a new socialist modern country in the new journey, we must carry forward the spirit of "two", forge "one is not afraid of bitterness, second is not afraid of death" heroes, not afraid of suffering, not afraid, not afraid, do not fear, with arm Responsibility; tempering "tenacious struggle, Gan Mangshi", in order to lower the difficulties, not being frustrated, struggle, to do a good job in the work of the people, to make a good job; carry forward "military and civilians An excellent tradition of a national unity, consolidating military and civilian unity, adhering to all ethnic groups together, shaite and prosperous development, and create a beautiful future of the Chinese nation, share the great glory of national rejuvenation. "Repair the road to Lhasa" "5000 meters above sea level, temperature -30 ° C, boiling boiling point 70 ° C, our morale 100 ° C" … Today, Sichuan Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet Highway Construction Man and the training workers are still touching deep I urge people. Struggling new era, hard work, continuing to carry forward the spirit of "two roads", mountain opening, encounter a water frame, dare to sacrifice, courage, we must bring together the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, constantly create new Performance, casting new glories.